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Canadian Tire / Customer service and customer relations

Ramanan Arul on Jan 19, 2017
Dear sir / madame And CEO of Canadian Tire Stores; I am writing to you because the last few times I have visited your Canadian Tire Stores I was not treated fairly or with respect. As a result I am debating on visiting your stores again in the future, and I also thinking about taking the...

Canadian Tire / Hunting goods

Mark Awan on Jan 19, 2017
Just picked out a duck call and was on my way to the check out. I decided to give the call a try and the sporting goods manager came out and got angry for blowing a call I already decided to buy. Even the girl at the cash register thought he was strange. All the other canadian tire store...

Canadian Tire Corporation / Fraudulent front end alignment, lost $140 + costs

Mr B F on Jan 12, 2017
Mr. g. tarling, c. tech. 1301 main st., P. o. box 23018, Penticton, b. c. v2a 8l7, Email mr7bf7@gmail.com Telephone no. 2504603210 Canadian tire auto sevice Dishonest and bad service, Report - invoice#20069500014299 i am hereby reporting on the dishonest and bad practice of canadian...

Canadian Tire / Vehicle battery

Chris Vlog on Jan 9, 2017
Purchased a battery in 2015 had this crv since new(2007). Less than 2 years later, this Canadian tire brand battery completely froze over the weekend. I removed the battery went to another Canadian tire store and was told it's not warranty because it's frozen, that I left a light on the...

Canadian Tire / Automotive

Marie SpanoGreco on Jan 9, 2017
I came in today (#653 ) to get my battery replaced, as I was at the cash about to pay I see the gentleman backing my car out with the garage door not fully open. He continued to back out and my intena ripped right off! I came in for a simple battery change and they damaged my car! Maybe...

Canadian Tire / Tumble train

user1624087 on Jan 4, 2017
My brother got my son a tumble train which he loved for the 10 mins it worked. Took it back to the store to exchange and they would not exchange it for me as we didn't have receipt (my brother lost it). I understand you need a receipt to return all I wanted was another one. They said I...

Canadian Tire / Christmas return policy

miss_wournell on Jan 3, 2017
I purchased a Christmas LED light for outside my home. Within a few days it stopped working. Every time I would go in to return it the line was incredibly long so since my receipt says I have 90 days for a refund I figured I would just wait until after the holidays. When I went it today...

Canadian Tire / Return policy on ceramic heater

Hannah Holmes on Dec 31, 2016
On December 28 we purchased a Honeywell ceramic space heater. When we got it home, we plugged it in for about 30 seconds and realized that it was too loud. We packed it up immediately and the next day, we took it back to return it. The person at the returns desk told us we could not return...

Canadian Tire / Selling product with wrong tags and then not honouring gift receipt

Ezgwn on Dec 30, 2016
Hello. My sister bought me a pair of slippers at Canadian tire for Christmas gift and she said they were not in a box and the tag was stuffed in the toe. She had bee searching for what she thought was my size. They were not my size and I did not need slippers anymore so she gave me the gift...

Canadian Tire / Extremely rude service

A.b on Dec 28, 2016
On Friday December 23 I went in to purchase a light bulb for my vehicle, I was a little confused about what the screen was saying so I went to the desk to get the man to help me. When I went to change my light bulb I realized he had given me the wrong bulb, it wasn't for my car. I...

Canadian Tire / Horrible customer service

vampslayer on Dec 15, 2016
The email below was drafted for Canadian Tire and details the entire events. I would hope they could provide me with some sort of refund or discount on my items as resolution the this whole ordeal. Good Day; I am writing to address some serious concerns regarding the service I received...

Canadian Tire / Tire department

Jas.d. on Dec 14, 2016
I had a tire change apppintment today. When I arrived at the tires centre, I checked in and I was told that it would be an "hour and half" before I get my car back so I decided to wait in the waiting area. When it was coming to 2 hours of me waiting in the waiting area, I decided to...

Canadian Tire / Unethical behavior

Hung Ngo on Dec 9, 2016
Dear Sir or Madam: I bought item 058-9295-8 mc400PC SOCKET on November 03, 2016 at 2625B Weston Road, Canadian Tire. Today December 09, I returned it. After checking, the Manager told me he couldn't since 4 pieces missing in one of the 5 small boxes. I explained I bought it and return as i...

Canadian Tire / Unethical behavior

Angusnbetty on Dec 7, 2016
I bring my van in to exchange the tires for winter. I get a call that I need all new brakes front and back and that they had some pricing for me. No thanks I will do myself. They show me the most expensive parts. $127 per rotor and $90 each for the pads. Come on! After stating the obviou...

Canadian Tire - Aurora / Auto service incompetence

Thatguymike on Dec 3, 2016
I took my car in on Saturday Nov 26 to change over to winter tires. I purchased 4 Good Year Nordic winter tires + rims. This is what was on the work order (20018900086750). After keeping my car for 2 days, they called me on Monday to tell me that they were short two tires. Either the person...

Canadian Tire / Poor customer service

salome1234 on Nov 30, 2016
My mother and I went to Canadian tire on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. She was helping me buy a toaster and a garbage bin for my new apartment. The toaster I picked out was on sale, but when I checked it out on the self-service checkout, it registered as the normal price ($50). We then both had...

Canadian Tire / The public women's washroom

TinaDem on Nov 30, 2016
On Tuesday November 29th I visited Canadian tire with my husband. I went to use the ladies room only to find absoule filth! The door to enter the ladies room was black filthy. The walls inside has splatter marks of who knows what ! The smell was atrocious. The child's tabe was left open and...

Canadian Tire / Return/exchange

John Qaimari on Nov 27, 2016
I purchased tire chains 3 days ago. Before the purchase I asked the person attending the section what the return policy was and he informed me within 3 days. I then proceed to checkout and ask the same question to the cashier who didn't know and called on someone to assist me. That person...

Canadian Tire: Trinity Commons, Brampton / Poor customer support

Frustrated with the store on Nov 15, 2016
The employees are great, the management and owner need to learn some communication skills. They managed to turn a question into an argument with their offer of buy it or not. Don't ask to speak to the manger, they are in meetings and the owner has his Tim Horton's coffee so he too is too...

Canadian Tire / 1.5 hour shuttle,

Jayson85 on Nov 14, 2016
Currently waiting for a shuttle to pick up my car after having winter tires put on. After confirming at 12pm that's I will be picked up at 5pm at my work, I am still waiting to be picked up at 6:34pm. After numerous calls and being told there is a driver change, ... to it's on its way, ...

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