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Canadian Tire / Poor customer service

salome1234 on Nov 30, 2016
My mother and I went to Canadian tire on Tuesday, November 29, 2016. She was helping me buy a toaster and a garbage bin for my new apartment. The toaster I picked out was on sale, but when I checked it out on the self-service checkout, it registered as the normal price ($50). We then both had...

Canadian Tire / The public women's washroom

TinaDem on Nov 30, 2016
On Tuesday November 29th I visited Canadian tire with my husband. I went to use the ladies room only to find absoule filth! The door to enter the ladies room was black filthy. The walls inside has splatter marks of who knows what ! The smell was atrocious. The child's tabe was left open and...

Canadian Tire / Return/exchange

John Qaimari on Nov 27, 2016
I purchased tire chains 3 days ago. Before the purchase I asked the person attending the section what the return policy was and he informed me within 3 days. I then proceed to checkout and ask the same question to the cashier who didn't know and called on someone to assist me. That person...

Canadian Tire: Trinity Commons, Brampton / Poor customer support

Frustrated with the store on Nov 15, 2016
The employees are great, the management and owner need to learn some communication skills. They managed to turn a question into an argument with their offer of buy it or not. Don't ask to speak to the manger, they are in meetings and the owner has his Tim Horton's coffee so he too is too...

Canadian Tire / 1.5 hour shuttle,

Jayson85 on Nov 14, 2016
Currently waiting for a shuttle to pick up my car after having winter tires put on. After confirming at 12pm that's I will be picked up at 5pm at my work, I am still waiting to be picked up at 6:34pm. After numerous calls and being told there is a driver change, ... to it's on its way, ...

Canadian Tire / Buying winter tires

Cher905 on Nov 11, 2016
I ordered 4 winter tires online from the Canadian Tire website. I got my order confirmation email right away and it said that it was in progress and I had an expected delivery date for a few days after I placed the order. After that I heard nothing. It took them about 2 weeks (just under...

Yardworks (Canadian Tire) / Substandard service

Lawrence68 on Oct 11, 2016
Yardworks (should be "doesn't work") Hedge Trimmer 22" Model 060-3014-6. I broke the plastic handle, guilty! However, 20 or so days ago I called their Customer Service and ordered the replacement. (866-523-5218) Part $5.00, shipping $15.00. Gave them all my info along with credit card. They...

Canadian Tire / Magellan 2525 LM

David Dickinson on Oct 2, 2016
Bought the Magellan GPS 2525LM at Canadian Tire brought it home and opened it up. After charging it up I tried to input an address, when I needed to put in the postal code I couldn't as it only accepts a zip code also when I entered a city (Pickering) all that would come up was Pickering...

Canadian Tire Gas Bar / Gas pumps.

horsecarriage on Aug 23, 2016
Several of your gas pumps are not accurate leading to customers receiving less gas than they are actually paying for. We have tested several of the pumps by filling up the same gas can each time and getting less gas than we are charged for. The pumps in question are the ones at Lansdowne...

Canadian Tire / Auto service centre

Vipin Das on Jul 21, 2016
Hi I received a bad customer service from Canadian Tire @ 2850 Kingston Road, I work in London and I came to Scarborough buy a car and done safety at Canadian tire @ kingston road, The wrote a wrong VIN number in my safety certificate and ministry asked me to re submit asap, I called...

Canadian Tire / Rude Unethical Behavior of a Customer Service Rep/Manager

RedVelvet24 on Jul 14, 2016
Canadian Tire #280 - Stouffville ON - Complaint Rude Unethical Behavior of a Customer Service Rep/Manager REG #: 61 07/08/2016 08:18:15 TRANS #:3 Operator #1020 Float: 001 ORIG TRN ID# 0028016070741012000000010155 On July 8, 2016 at 8:18AM, Friday I went in to Stouffville Canadian Tire...

Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. / Garden Shed 60-0173-4 (Flyer price not honoured)

Amber3521 on Jun 14, 2016
I found this garden shed 60-0173-4 on sale in the Canadian tire flyer on sale for $547.99 regular $649.99. I called and searched CDN tire's to make sure they had it in stock because in the flyer you can see it says "please allow 2 weeks for availibilty in some stores" I talk to...

Canadian Tire / Automobile Service

Porfirio on May 5, 2016
lack of honesty and professionalism of canadian tire crew. Lack of professionalism: -The breaks are still not working and your experts have been working twice/two days on my van. -Few months ago, when I changed front tires, when your team returned my van the front tires had 1 point...

Canadian Tire / Flyers and repairs

disgruntled renter on Apr 22, 2016
The flyers say 25.00 gift card with 100.00 purchase. That is a lie. I received 2 cards at cash for a 200.00 purchase that promotional day. When it came to the vehicle repair bill, I received nothing. It's been a year. Today they have 50.00 gift card with a 200.00 purchase except for...

Canadian Tire / Store Layout

gasnarek2 on Apr 1, 2016
The new owner of the only canadian tire store has ruined the store for most customers. We are unable to move around in the store as he has made he isles too small for 2 people to walk by let alone a cart. The large items are on display 20ft from ground level so you cant gauge size or...

Canadian Tire / Hickory axe handles

bulldogg evony on Mar 10, 2016
in january of 2016 i purchased BRAND NEW from canadian tire in perth ontario a YARDWORKS splitting axe with a 4 1/2lb head with a hickory handle.i took said product home and after half a dozen pieces splitting, imagine my amazement when the handle did the same thing. thinking i may have...

Canadian Tire / False rebate ?

Reviewer34583 on Dec 27, 2015
The Black and Decker Blender Fusion Pro is sold since November 2015 at 50% rebate (119, 99$) . Never be able to see it at the full price since (239, 99$) When I bought it end of october 2015, the pricing tag indicated that the rebate will end after 2 weeks, but this price is still active...

Canadian Tire / 2005 Acura EL wheel bearing install

Average_Joe2 on May 25, 2015
Long story short, the Canadian Tire on Scott Road in Surrey BC installed a set (drivers & passengers) of wheel bearings that I had bought elsewhere into my 2005 Acura EL -BACKWARDS! An EL is basically a rebadged Honda Civic which is a VERY COMMON car out here in BC. If they can't...

Canadian Tire / Charge for Wrong Auto Parts

RRBSF on Apr 4, 2015
Wow, they sell you the wrong auto part and then charge you 20% restocking fee to correct THIER mistake. We are not even talking about some rare part on a forgotten model long since obsolete. We are talking about the front rotors for a Ford F150 one of the most popular vehicles in Canada...

Canadian Tire / Damage to Car

MelissaDD on Mar 16, 2015
December 27, 2014 my father took my car into Canadian Tire (2510 50 Ave Red Deer) in order to install my new winter tires on the front wheels. They told him it would take forty-five minutes to install. An hour and a half later he was told that they were having troubles removing the tire...

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