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Days Inn - Ohio, Conneaut / Bad Staff

Pissed off wife84 on 2016-02-04
My husband travels to New York a lot on company business and frequently stays at your Conneaut Ohio location if weather is bad or he gets tired during his drive. I use to wonder why he was staying so often then I found out that one of your staff members was secretly having an affair with my husband. And they have been intimate and meeting together out of there.This just blew my mind and has caused severe problems within our marriage and children. This place is nothing but a brothel an you need to better check your staff for there whorish needs to destroy a family. I will recommend to everyone I know that if you are married stay away from this place because it is nothing but a brothel for nasty staff members.

Days Inn - Minnesota, Monticello / Writing down credit card number on a piece of paper

Reviewer60945 on 2016-01-30
I went in to pay for a relative of mine and handed her my credit card and noticed she was writing something down. I asked her for the piece of paper and she become all irrate and started yelling at me. She did give me the piece of paper and she handwritten down my credit card number. I left with unbelievers that 1 she had the nerve to write my credit card number down, but to also treat me with disrespect as a customer.

Days Inn - South Carolina, Mount Pleasant / Housekeeping and Customer Service Front Desk

Dean Dix on 2015-11-07
Folio # 38883. Conf #72587611 There were two girls working the desk on 10/23 and 10/24, and they traded a name tag that said Cheniqua on it. One would wear it when she was behind the desk, and the other would wear it when she was. Returning to our room 10/24 evening, we found that one of the beds had not been made. Wet towels that should have been replaced were left. No attempt to straighten the quarters was made. When I called the front desk to advise them of this, "Cheniqua" asked me if there had been anything left on the bed that wasn't made. I told her no. Then she asked me if...

Days Inn - Mississippi, McComb / Extremely disappointed

Hggjr on 2015-10-17
We stayed at Days Inn in McComb MS and we were extremely disappointed. The room has not been updated in probably 20 years. The vanity top is worn thin, the tub is nasty, and in general, just not comfortable. There was no remote to the TV so had to call front desk for that and it was delivered. This is a large hotel but we were placed in a very back, remote location. The place was no where near full. We stay in Days Inn frequently but this is not up to your standards. The outside of the building is also very worn out. Someone from the head office needs to visit that location and bring in the...

Days Inn / Totally not satisfied

Charles Riggs on 2015-08-19
We booked a stay at the Days Inn in Kittery ME. Unfortunately we booked for two nights. We stayed at Days Inn many times and never had a concern. however this time will most likely be our last. When we arrived there were plastic utensils left on the floor form someone else's visit. We could see them housekeeping couldn't?? The trim from the head board was off left on top with the sticky glue substance running down the headboard. Lack of outlets so few we had to move everything to plug something in. The bathroom was so tiny the door hit the toilet when opened, had to slide around the...

Days Inn - Arkansas, Marianna / room in bad condition

days inn marianna fl on 2015-06-25
Light between bed was broken---tv knob was broken off---light on wall was broken- tub knob was broken off. Had to call office 3 times to get through the night. one girl on call--She was very nice to come down all times. It was not a good night. we stop at hwy 71 and interstate 10 twice a year. First time we tried Days Inn at Marianna, florida

Days Inn / Rude Staff at Night

Swami Rajendran on 2015-05-19
Actually I wanted to contact Days Inn for Complaining about the Counter Staff. I booked to hotel from NY on 16th at 11:00 AM and gave my credit card number around 2 PM. I arrived with my family of 6 at the hotel around 11:45 PM at night for check in. The reservation software application is not showing correctly. I wanted 2 Rooms and 6 persons. 3 in each room. It did not booked correctly. Upon arrival, the counter person one Indian guy doesn't know how to behave with customer started talking in broken English. He was arguing with me for 45 minutes. He told me that policy is 2 adults per...

Days Inn - California, Gilroy / Racist

Willie wilson on 2015-03-15
Hi I was their last night in Hilton ca I stop by the days inn I went inside I ask the desk clerk do they have in the parking lot was not full this was about 9pm at night the desk clerk and the other one in their language tell him it's full so I want stay there the parking lot was not full I didn't nothing wrong why did they said that I just wanted the room only one night I think they was wrong

Days Inn - Tennessee, Lenoir City / all of the above to many to list

annettebrewinton on 2015-02-23
dirty bathroom elect. shortage standing water on heater, couldn't use dryer do to elec. problem spliced wired to dryer put in outlet major fire issues no towels filthy carpets didn't salt walks or parking area did not use safety gloves for food set up and fixed non of the problems i want this fixed someone is going to get trapped in a fire problem call me please 989-340-0551 very rude workers had to clean the bath myself and the towel i used turnd black from cleaning thats unexceptable standards we have photos on our phone we will send when you contact us

Days Inn / Took two transaction with authoration

Brenda S Black on 2015-01-28
I was charged 45.71 twice when in fact I wasn't even there to hand my card to them they also charged my husband card also which was for 27-28 of January so my card should not have been charged I am being charged for 29-29 of January and I am not even there and in fact did not give my card to them to charge so they are taking money without my authorization

Days Inn / room

Robert Gonzalez on 2014-09-03
Went to Gainsville Tx on labor day weekend for the PBR rodeo at Winstar casino. All hotels aroung were booked solid my family and i drove over 4 hrs to the hotel, checked in unpacked the truck, wife says lets check out room before we settle down and low in behold she is searching the bed and find bed bugs. i immediately call the front desk and she says oh i'm sorry are you gonna check out? really!!! i was pissed, i even called the 1-800-days inn and she said the same thing, so we wentr to the rodeo, with no luck of finding another room we had to drive 4hrs home after the rodeo was over...

Days Inn / No hot water / attitude

Jo beckingham on 2013-11-11
I booked 2 rooms as a stop over on our way to the scottish highlands. We slept well but the following morning it became clear that both the rooms had no hot water. My son went and asked about the hot water in his room and was told the whole hotel was without hot water, my partner also went and asked and was told the same - there was no gas in the whole hotel and so no hot water. He asked when it would be put back on, at this point the receptionist got the manager on the phone - my partner insisted on speaking with him...the manager told us what the receptionist said and that he was no willing...

Days Inn - Ohio, Bellville / hotel room

richard ozuk on 2013-09-17
the lobby was filthy.one of the doors in the lobby had enough grime around the push plate it looked as if a greasy handed auto mechanic had been using the door for years.the room was no better.cob webs, inch thick dust on the exhaust fan, dirty indoor-outdoor carpeting, a toilet that wouldn`t flush, and a tub that would not drain.went to front desk to complain, they said they would take care of it, which they did not.the munsters house was more appealing from the road.the biggest dump i have ever been in, let alone slept in.

Days Inn / Terrible

Few wobble on 2013-07-15
There is no nightlight in my bedroom. Terrible. There is no waffles or pancakes in the breakfast room. Terrible. No Disney Channel on the television . I wanted a flat screen Tv. Terrible.

Days Inn - North Carolina, Southern Pines / nasty

mindyr on 2013-07-09
My husband and I checked in on the second to a hotel that looked nothing like the photos online. First the place was hard to get to as there was road construction and there was no signage to direct us where to go. When I called to ask for directions nobody even said hello upon picking up the phone. They proceded to talk to someone who was there at the hotel and told me to hold on. Again when we got there the hotel does not look like the online pictures. It is dark inside dingy it smells like mildew/mold and middle eastern food. When we got to our room it also smelled and had mildew in the...

Days Inn - Maryland, Lexington Park / IGNORANCE

Joseph is my name! on 2013-05-13
I am a homeless man who spent over $2100 on rooms. I ways already off about the fact that when I went to reclaim my day with Wynham, they tell me that this location does not recognize that offer when on the sight I fully quality Then today, I walk with my girl from her room here. They had the nerve to ask me if I was staying when I am visiting my dam girl here. I live in a tent myself. They said:"We want to make sure we get paid for it" I did not have to give them my money given I would have been bought my new tent and instead. I still did not get my free day at that. If I had serious power in this nation, this place would no longer operate.

Days Inn / Rip Off and Poor Management at Days Inn

Frinte on 2012-09-05
Two weeks before my visit to Lansing, Mich. I made a reservation at Days Inn on Saginaw, in West Lansing. A couple of days late I called to cancel by reservation and was told that it was cancelled. A couple of days later I doubled-check on the cancellation and was told by the desk clerk that she couldn’t find my name on the reservation sheet so mine had to be cancelled. I returned from my trip in Lansing to find out that I had been charged 62.71 by Days Inn. I called and talked with a individual, who I found out later was the manager, and explained the situation. He ask me for my phone...

Days Inn - Ontario / Charged in error

Urban_Runner on 2012-07-09
In February, I booked two rooms online at the Days Inn in Niagara Falls as I was attending the half marathon in early June. The reservation, for 2 rooms, had only ONE reservation number. A friend used her discount at another hotel so I cancelled the reservation, quoting the ONLY number I was provided when I made the reservation. I thought all would be ok and didn't worry about it. After all, you only get one number, you cancel THAT reservation correct? Well, not when it comes to Days Inn. After the early June weekend, I received a "hope you enjoyed your stay, please rate us" email from...

Days Inn - Mississippi, Grenada / Fraudulent advertising

Cynthia Caldwell on 2012-06-20
Made reservations on line after browsing internet thru Discoverourtown.com - WHICH INCLUDED $5.99 non -refundable fee. Booked room for four adults (two of which are 18 year olds) for June 16 - June 17th. Billed $88.29 plus the $5.99. Once in Grenada, the locals mentioned that that hotel had burned down and wasn't anything. Therefore, we left Grenada Lake during a family reunion to go check in or rather check it out. When we arrived we inquired. We specified when reserving that we wanted a pool, etc. This hotel advertised that it had indoor pool, sauna, hot tub, restaurant, lounge, hot...

Days Inn - Tennessee, Jackson / Horrible service and room conditions

tncandy on 2012-05-02
I stayed there recently because my young son had a ball tournament in Jackson. I will never make the mistake of staying at this hotel again! Our room and bathroom was dirty. The bedspreads were dirty, and they only provided us less than 1/2 a roll of toilet paper for the entire room. Oh and it got much worse.My youngest son opened up the bottom drawer to the dresser and screamed for me to come look. The dresser drawer was filled with tons of porn dvds and magazines! I immediately went to speak to the person on duty working at the front desk and it really didn't seem to bother him at all.I...
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