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Aarons - Speed

Posted: 2015-05-18 by    wolfbreath
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I special ordered a mattress 8 weeks ago. The employees said it would bs 6-8 weeks to deliver the order. I call and go up there constantly, all I get is bs stories on how they lost my order, there never was an order, ec. I'm so tired of waiting but there is no other shop in town that sells mattresses. I'm never going back to this store and they will be lucky if I even pay for the mattress on order due to the time it is taking to bet it her. Today they told me the order will have to be retaken and put on rush order, but they don't know how long it will take....

Aarons - False Contracts

Posted: 2015-04-07 by    Michael Harrington
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Stay Far Far Away from this company, They tell you that you will be paying 120 days same as cash. I had one payment left to make 160 and the account would be paid off. I called in to make the payment today and now I have 8 Months worth of payments with a new buy out of $560.00 cause they stated that I did not pay it off with in 120 days. I asked if it was running out why did the kid that I made payment to last month tell me so I would have paid the 160 than and been free and clear, the managers response was " Its not our problem to remind you that it is running out and your payment will jump,...

Aarons - appliances

Posted: 2015-03-21 by    ilovemybirds
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first of all aarons is a big rip off i have had tv computers from them and now a washer and dryer my dryer is having issues squealing they said they cant find anything wrong with it i looked inside the dryer and they have it TAPED with maksing tape this is supposed to be like new but its used they cant fix anything there stuff is crap i also had a laptop that i had to get a computer man to fix then the harddrive went out less then a year i have 3 more paymenst on my washer and dryer and i have a bed from them iam not getting anymore stuff after this...

Aarons - Virginia, Salem - furniture can not be fixed because its not made anymore. I want them to come get it. not paying for something that can't be fixed!!

Posted: 2014-01-15 by    bobbie farris
Complaint Rating:  14 % with 7 votes
I have a sectional I'm still paying on. I have been waiting since October for them to fix the cushions. Karen Williams the manager has informed me that they can't get the cushions because they no longer make my furniture. I'm not gonna finish paying for something that can't be fixed. I want them to come get the sectional. I will keep the lamps & tables for my copinsation. I would appreciate this problem resolved. I'm tired of waiting and tired of paying for Junk!!...

Aarons - Mississippi, Pontotoc - Regional Manager

Posted: 2013-09-17 by    alliej0225
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I received (rent to own) a HP laptop in May 2013 from Aarons in Tupelo, MS. In August of 2013, the keys started to stick and you could not use it to type. I took the laptop to Aarons and they said just to clean it and it would be fine. I brought the laptop back to the house and a friend and myself cleaned it. But the keys were still sticking. I took the laptop back in on Monday, August 26, 2013 for them to send it off to be fixed. It did not leave the store until a week later. They said I got there too late on the 26th for it to get on the truck. I received it back on September 9, 2013. I was busy...

Aarons - Rental Washer & Dryer

Posted: 2013-02-20 by    izzy112711
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I have been leasing from Aarons in my apartment a washer & Dryer from them for now 20 months the last 6 months I have been late all most every month and I got 1 or 2 months a exstension or skipped a month so I know that by July it should be paid off, And I have been sick in the hospital with the flu and now they are wanting my washer and dryer back, I paid them $100. in January late and I owed them $198. and now i do owe for Feb. plus the balance of Febuary and they have been harrasing me I am coming home from the hospital tomorrow, And I am tired they want the full pay off amount or nothing at...

Aarons - Tennessee, Clarksville - RUDE UNPROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES

Posted: 2013-02-16 by    critterkitty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
This place houses the rudest employee's. If you get behind the slightest amount they will harass you continually. Not to mention home visits where they will try and push past a family member in a wheelchair. They will not provide you with any information that you ask for including what you owe or management information to file a formal complaint. If you complain or call them out on their lies they will threaten to retrieve their items that you have on a contract thus making you lose thousands of dollars that you have already spent on the merchandise. Their business practices are unethical and...

Aarons - Texas, Copperas Cove - payments

Posted: 2012-08-29 by    mark gresko
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Yes I'm purchasing a TV from Aaron's and are payment arguments were once a month and the supervisor is saying I made a contract for bi weekly payments which I I'd not make with them and they are so rude to there own staff as well taking there sales from as well.They need to read the contract before trying to make the customer pay twice a month.I signed a contract for one payment a month....

Aarons - Alabama - furniture charges

Posted: 2011-11-14 by    julia62
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
this same thing happened to me

Lawsuit Filed Against Aaron’s, Inc. Regarding Alleged Improper Practices

Lawsuit claims that Aaron’s, Inc. repeatedly breaches rent-to-own contracts, violates state usury laws, and engages in unfair business practices.

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) November 11, 2011

Atlanta law firm Webb, Klase & Lemond, LLC has filed a class action lawsuit against Aaron’s, Inc., one of America’s leading rent-to-own companies with over 1, 900 total stores. Aaron’s leases furniture, appliances, and...

Aarons - Missouri, Ferguson - My Experience with Aarons

Posted: 2011-09-11 by    ShawnTwaun
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My Experience with Aarons

7/28/2011- I contacted and Aarons and asked if they had any specials that included a living room, and bedroom, and a big screen television so that I could furnish my new home that I was about to move into; I was informed that they do, and that they cost about $250/month, and that they are the Managers Special, so I told them that I would be in the next day to set up an agreement.

7/29/2011- I went into Aarons and I picked out furniture for my new home and then I was unable to get a TV as I had wanted because they said that the amount...

Aarons - How they treat their employees and customers

Posted: 2011-05-04 by    Greatguy
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I beleive that Aarons needs to shape up. They treat the customers like trash. They do not want to help them. They seem like the product is not important. They just want a sale. They do not know how the product works. They sale people anything; even things that do not work. Wakeup. Watch out for bedbugs on boxsprings and mattress. They also treat the employees bad. Wander why nobody wants to work there....

Aarons - Newfoundland and Labrador - payment missing

Posted: 2011-04-26 by    kellytom
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
i had signed agreement with aarons in sept, payment number 1, furniture did not arrive until Oct 26, made 2nd payment Oct 20, i have made 7 payment up to date they say i have only made 6, i really need some help and guidance if anyone can help??? I had a yelling match with one of the clerks and when he went in back room my car key was on counter when i turned my back waiting for him to finish what he was doing my car key magically disappeared, i had to get my car towed home these people are nothing but liars and i would not trust them, i have 5 payments left and will have to take them to court because...

Aarons - Florida - Treated Poorly

Posted: 2011-02-25 by    Bugzbee
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have leased a Toshiba laptop from Aarons and Ive had it for about 2 months now. This was my christmas present from my boyfriend. I am a single mom and this computer is my only way of keeping in contact with doctors and my family in case my 21 month old gets sick. I dont have a cell phone like most people in the world. Aarons calls me non stop about a payment for the computer. What they dont understand is I have no transportation right now because I was just in rear end collision and I cant get any where to do anything...I have constantly told Aarons my situation and its like they dont have a heart...

Aarons - Stay away

Posted: 2011-02-21 by    Laila
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Aarons Aarons Overpriced, contract set to rip you off Buford, Georgia

We went to Aarons looking for a TV. We did not have a lot of cash at the time, or we would have purchased one at a local store cash. We found a model we liked, and had it for 2 months. We returned it after 2 months and canceled the contract because we could now get a TV cash. The store did not give me anything stating the contract was now void, or tell me if I owed anything more. I got a statement asking for 116.56 for the remainder of a 6 month lease. Now I have to pay for more than a new TV and I don't even...

Aarons - Georgia, Smyrna - What should have been new

Posted: 2011-02-02 by    Ujones
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Ordered living room suite under the impression it was a brand new suit. upon delivery the bottom of the love seat was torn away, the sofa legs were missing the studs to mount them. I was promised that they would take care of this issue its been over a month, I haven't seen anyone. I have gone to the store several times to resolve this issue, and to my suprize nothing has been done. I have asked the manager to get me a new suite again they refuse to do that even though this is "a new suite " ....

Aarons - Oregon, Salem - due dates/payoffs

Posted: 2011-01-05 by    gary winkler
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
my payment wasnt due until 1/15/2011, aarons called me on 1/3/2011 and wanted to know when i was going to make my payment
it mad me mad they were call almost 2 weeks early, so i decided to pay off bill even tho they gave me 50.00 credits i had comming
this was add bac into my payoff so i ended up paying some one an extra 200.00 i have purchased many item from arrons and had just purchased the last three items i paid off, the manager todd told me thats just the way it is, is this really how you do buisness wow.guess you lost me as a custermer and i have purchased about 10 items from...

Aarons - New Jersey, Perth Amboy - Scam

Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
You have to be born to be a scam artist, this isn’t something you learn. I wouldn’t be able to work with people who act this way towards other people. They act as if they can treat anyone any type of way because you leased from them. Where is the store manager at most of the time? I think he hides when it comes to confrontation. He has his puppets running around doing his dirty work over a three day late payment. What happens when we stop renting and leasing? They will be stacked up in the unemployment office collecting $500 bi-weekly. I guess this is why they take their job so seriously....

Aarons - Montana, Miles City - rent to own

Posted:    christopherd
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
we got a couch love seat fridge an coffee table with end tables weve been paying we missed one payment so we thought an they started calling an harrassing my wife at her work even the payment wasnt even do it was do the very next day the mannager/ owner who ever he is went to my wifes work place an started harrasing her there where she is a mannager now the guy called my wife a crazy bitch she was trying to get him out quietly when he started calling her velgur names they want to take all there stuff back BUT they refuse to send us an ittemmised statement how do we know what weve payed was for our...

Aarons - Unproffessional

Posted:    Kaila
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I recently moved to fayetteville nc from alabama. Now i had

furniture from the aarons there and paid for and recieved amazing

customer service. now the first time i went into the aarons here it is

on pamalee dr in fayetteville nc, my husband and i walked out because

we were never greeted to begin with. I called back and the young lady

named tabitha answered, i questioned her about the bedroom set and her

answer was well i dont know because the sets get moved around. I then

asked who would know...

Aarons - Washington, Chehalis - put chip in computer didnt tell me

Posted:    ciginaaa
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
been renting from aarons for many years took my laptop to be fixed i got it back from aaron s like 3 weeks later then had made a payment arrangement with an employee they didnt tell the other employee next thing you know they had disconnected my computer from there store without telling me they had put a chip in there without my knowledge so anytime they feel like it they just turn my computer off so i cant use it mind you been paying on this used computer winch seems like forever dont rent from aarons got to be something illegal about it makes me think they can see everything on there as well if...

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