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AMC Theatres Complaints & Reviews

AMC Theatres / Harrasment from Manager

Reviewer41886 on 2016-02-20
A few employees file a complaint with the AMC Theatres HR Department and they told us they are doing the investigation after two months they told us actions will be taken and noting happen after 30 days these employees are still working there the GM told the Managers no one is getting...

AMC Theatre - New Jersey, West Orange / Promotions

Reviewer98481 on 2016-01-12
I know someone who has recently gotten terminated because while they were bartending they had a secret shopper visit the facility and their ID was not checked which is an automatic termination that's understood but, when you get promotes to a new position you are supposed to be...

Amc Theaters / Employment/Pricing

Reviewer63246 on 2015-12-27
Where do I start? I have been working for AMC for years, and, I love it there. I really do. But, I feel as though the staff is underappreciated. Let me tell you why. First of all. We still get paid minimum wage. On a slow day, we deal with a minimum of 2, 000 to 3, 000 people. And, that i...

Amc Theaters - Nevada, Las Vegas / Closed Caption

Reviewer32922 on 2015-12-19
11/27/15 12/03/15 12/19/15 I have the movie ticket receipts Closed Caption Device Each time we went to the movies and the closed caption device never work. We had to leave each time and we're so disappointed. Wasting our gas and the cost of the food we bought. We love the AMC Theater and...

Amc Theaters / Not being served a drink

marathon mom on 2015-09-13
I went in with my kids to see a movie --- the day before I hiked Pikes Peak in Colorado for spinal cord injuries to raise funds. My ID was left in my backpack - when I went to the bar to order a drink they asked for my ID and I said "darn it - must have left in my backpack from hike...

Amctheaters.com / Don’t renew, because I can’t log into my account

gghost on 2015-07-15
I subscribed for the website www.amctheaters.com one year ago. It worked great, but each year I needed to renew the subscription. I went to the website and pressed “renew”, but after this the access to my account was cancelled. The website showed that the user name or password...

Amc Theater - Massachusetts, Framingham / No preparedness in an emergency

R. Yzaguirre on 2014-03-17
The purpose of this letter is to inform you of some serious and concerning gaps in your theaters’ emergency management procedures. On Monday, March 10, 2014, I took my family to your Framingham, Massachusetts theater to see the movie “Peabody and Mr. Sherman”. About 40 minute...

Amc Theater - New York, Bronxville / Attitude

KailynFernandez on 2013-07-19
My sister and I were waiting on a long line to see the "Conjuring" and I as we approached the window we were provided with the assistants of "Keyshawna" and I haven't even stepped to the window and already was given a dirty look, my sister and I approached with a smile ! Then, we told...

AMC Theatre Clearview - Louisiana, Metarie / Movie interrupted/ poor customer service

Glenika Dollis on 2013-05-05
My husband and I brought our 2 kids to see Ironman 3 and the movie was interrupted twice. After the first interruption we decided to stay and give the theatre another shot but once the movie was interrupted again we decided to take the refund that was offered by the theaters employee...

Amc Theater Merchants Crossings 16 - Florida, N. Ft. Myers / Rude manager and no apology

tmisky on 2013-02-01
My wife and I went to a movie (The Life Of Pi) for an 11:15 am showing on Feb. 1, 2013. Approximately 10 other people there. The movie was delayed and someone came in and said they didn't have the key to start the movie but it should be starting soon. They came back in several more time...

Amc Theaters - Missouri, St. Louis / Pay

Kmkwade on 2013-01-31
Hello my name is Katie Kovac I have been working for amc for a short period of time but have already experienced a bunch of shady things that go on there. I am a server at a d.i.t. ( dine in theatre) and this first thing that happened was my paycheck I did not get my first check until a...

Amc Theaters - Pennsylvania, pittsburgh (homestead) / bad ticket sale policy

rd350c on 2013-01-17
Last night I attempted to get tickets for the Oscar Showcase event at the Loews AMC Theater in Homestead, PA. Like many repeat attendees, I had called customer relations repeatedly until I was told that they would go on sale at “6:00pm on January 16.” When I got to the theater...

Amc Theaters - Georgia, Duluth / Giving out the wrong ticket - repeatedly

Kblake123 on 2013-01-01
Over the last several days AMC theaters have been handing out the wrong ticket stubs. You walk up to the window, tell them the movie and time. They give you your total, you pay, get your tickets and walk away. Only to discover that you received tickets for "The Hobbit". This has been...

Amc Theater- Stub Rewards - California, Long Beach / Did not honor rewards

AMC does not honor rewards! I earned rewards and went to use them the ticket cashier said there were no rewards available. I called the 800 number and was sent to the website to file a complaint. I received an email stating the rewards had expired. I tried to reply to the email stating...

AMC Theatres - Maryland, White Marsh md / harassment by maanager

andrew ginn on 2012-05-25
was harassed by night mgr james about charging my phones i go to movies there a lot resented being hassled and then by balt county police while i was still removing charging my phones shouldnt have been big deal on fri may 25 midnight noone ever said anything before have gone to thatre...

AMC Theatre - California, Burbank / Rodents

Former AMC Theatre Fan on 2012-05-23
On Monday, 5/21, I sat in the last top row of the movie theatre enjoying the movie. As I was watching the movie I became terrified when a mouse dropped down on top of my head and got caught in my hair clamp, struggled out and dropped down and ran. I am reporting this horrific incident on...

Amc Theaters - Florida, Orlando / Amc greed loses over $77 to save $14

Liz Sully on 2012-05-09
May 1, 2012 - AMC GREED LOSES OVER $77 TO SAVE $14 We have a paraplegic and profoundly mentally disabled daughter in a wheelchair that we take everywhere we go. If she can’t go we don’t go. She cannot watch the movie but my husband, son and I wanted to see The Hunger Games so I called AMC...

Amc Theaters - New Jersey / Cost and stubs rewards charge

CROD on 2012-04-23
We (My wife and myself) frequent your theater's almost on a weekly basis, and for many years. I must tell you that we enjoy most of your theater's, some more than others. And we both feel that with the rise in ticket prices. We need to find deals when ever possible. So we joined...

Amc Theaters- Bay Plaza - New York, Bronx / Worst first experience!

RyanbxD on 2011-10-23
So today I decided that my cousin and I would go to the theaters to watch Paranormal Activity three. In the area where we live, you need an ID to watch a movie that's rated R. Which is understandable. So with that in mind, since I am old enough to go to the theaters, we went to the...

Amc Theaters / Rude service

PS1234 on 2011-07-27
I'd like to share an incident at your Arcadia location last night. My friend had a major surgery on his leg a couple of weeks ago and is still wearing a cast. For his birthday, we went to dinner and planned to see a movie at your theaters in Arcadia. Since his leg is in a cast and ha...

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