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Don Luc / Dreamland Jewelry.com

Jaydonone on Dec 9, 2016
I'm not complaining about this company but rather, the person who wrote the scathing report against them. On the evening of 12/6/2016, I ordered 2 Sterling Silver rings on line from Dreamland Jewelry. This is the 2nd (but not my last) time I've ordered something from this company. The 1st......

Comcast / Xfinity / History Channel

street sign on Dec 9, 2016
The History Channel shows too many reruns. It shows the same shows over and over again. Comcast suggested I submit my complaint to you since you are contracted with them. I am sure that other complaints has been filed. We are not paying an extremely high bill each month to watch reruns! We......

Award Notication Commission / Certified award and provision of payment

2Sickofit on Dec 9, 2016
I thought I won too, until I saw the 12.99 payment, I figured why are they asking me for money they should take out of my check, after all 2, 000, 000 should cover those fee, or do a C.O.D oh well I got on the googler and found that I was not the only one. Although 12.99 didn't seam like a......

Malaysia Airlines / Dirty marketting tactic by M'sia airlines (over sold ticket)

Kj Chang on Dec 9, 2016
I bought a ticket to Philippine on Sept2016 and fully paid via online. received travel itinerary confirmation from M'sia airline on 4Sept2016. again, confirmation to check-in on 7Dec2016. My surprise came when i wanted to Check-in at the Counter on 9Dec2016 morning (4 hours before ETD). i......

WigSis / This is my 4th.

Franklin Hilda on Dec 9, 2016
I ordered the wig in 27B for a change (I usually have color 7A). I am glad I went for the new colour it is lovely and so natural looking. Only one thing would improve the wig and that is to have a mono crown/parting. It comes with perma tease at the crown and that sometimes can look quite......

Fedex Ground - Shame On You!!! / Delivery

Vincent Paracuelle on Dec 9, 2016
Product not delivered as scheduled. Upon checking the tracking number it was noted delivery exception due to customer not available. I've been waiting all day for the package and never left home since the package required direct signature. My security camera system didn't even show a fedex......

Justin M. Jackson | The Jackson Law Firm / Family law Attorney, Lawyer, Cedar Park, TX

Kkristie Kelly on Dec 9, 2016
This guy who wants his clients to call him "Mr. Jackson" is a walking money sucker machine. He handled my divorce in 2009 in Williamson County so poorly that it's hard to know where to start. Communication was terrible. The lack of professionalism was shocking. Calls and emails not......

Dollar General / Service

Leah6699 on Dec 9, 2016
I went into dollar general and yes it was last minute but I still had 10 minutes before they were closing the guy that rang me up tonight did not look happy to be there did not say one word to me until I asked if I could grab one more thing to add to my purchase mind you it didn't even......

Fitness Repair Parts / Replacement Fitness parts Horrible Experience

WARNING!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They treated me SO poorly. They sent me the wrong part and when I returned it, they waited 2 months before returning only "some" of my money. They called it a restocking fee. They are thieves, pure and simple. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! THEY HAVE VERY......

Celcom / Celcompay

Khanafy on Dec 9, 2016
I'm buying online (Amaunt : RM42.99) via googlestore on 3/12/2016.. and i'm using Celcompay as payment method.. At the moment i'm puchasing item at googlestore, my transaction at googlestore had been cancel due error of line..unfortunately the payment still accepted on celcompay side and......

Sams Club / Sams Club Store Manager Lies To My Manager with Advantage Solutions

99x on Dec 9, 2016
1 or 2 Sams Club Managers were rude to me at my station and told my Advantage Solutions manager in the store that I had taken a sample of a product at the station (which was correct : I am not sure whether this is actually prohibited or not) and that I was not wearing gloves at the time......

Lincare / service

sulzer on Dec 9, 2016
I'm complaining about the service I'm getting from lincare. I called in my order for my oxygen that was suppose to be delivered on thusday but they didn't bring so i called an said they would bring friday??? will this is friday and i called and now i have to wait tell monday or tuesday......

H&R Block / Taxes

Stoypet on Dec 9, 2016
They did my 2015 taxes, and I got $4200 back. Then 3 months after found out I was being audited, then shortly after was told I couldn't claim my child because I paid support for her in the tax year. I'm pretty sure this is something that should've been obvious to a professional tax......

My Handy360 / Myhandy 360 drones and chargers.

C.Dallaire on Dec 9, 2016
Ordered two drones and two chargers Sept 19, 2016 directly from the company on my WALMART mastercard. Got an email October 5th saying they (support@myhandy360.com) could not fulfil the order as PAYPAL had decided to close their account. Emailed many times...contacted my credit card company......

FlightHub / Customer Serivce

nicole95 on Dec 9, 2016
I booked a flight on FlightHub for a trip from London to Montreal. I realized that I wouldn't be able to make the flight and I called back to cancel the flight. When I called back I told by customer service representative that it would cost $75 per ticket to cancel the flight but that I......

GENERAL MOTORS / 2007 tahoe ls "engine light " problem AND DEALER SERVICE

required on Dec 9, 2016
Bought 2014 yukon in 2014 at Bob King Dealer, Wilmington N.C. This unfortunately was not a pleasant experience either. Wanted to continue relationship after bad start because of location We decided to let Bob King provide maintenance / service for our 2007 Tahoe LS, purchased in 2007 from Ru......

Kimberly Blake / Cox Communications

Kimberlymb77 on Dec 9, 2016
To whom it may concern, Much to my dismay, I am having to utilize Cox Communications for my phone, internet, and cable provider as Verizon Fios does not service the area in which we are moving to. I was once a customer with Cox and switched to Verizon 3 years ago due to increased charge......

American Girl Dolls / Online order

Rosy 1994 on Dec 9, 2016
What a bad customer service, first I called to check the status of my order they ket me in the phone 32 minutes, later a very unhelpful ladie answered and then she don't even know how to check the status then she told me you just ordered I say no I ordered 4 days ago then she say well you......

Wish / 2016 women's warm fur lined snow boots casual short boots

Sharon heiman on Dec 9, 2016
The price on the picture is $6 and the price when I pay for them is $17. Why is there a price difference? THIS IS NOT THE ONLY PRICE DIFFERENCE I HAVE SEEN. I have seen 2 different prices on a couple of other things that I want to purchase. I'm not going to purchase the items if I'm......

Krogers / Fired unjustly

Josephpem on Dec 9, 2016
I was hired on at the new krogers in my town, once other managers learned of past work experience they wanted me in other depts, I obviously chose the one that best suited me, but literally the day I was supposed to start that position I was called to the office by a manager (christie......

TeeChip / Black coffee cat mugs

Michelle Chaney on Dec 9, 2016
My order number is 92514932 I had ordered two cat mugs one for me and one for a gift. I was charged 45 dollars and only received one mug. I'm very disappointed in the fact that a company does this to make money. I expect my other coffee mug to be shipped at same time. Just like I had......

Bobbie Jordan / Coca Cola van driver

Bobbie jordan on Dec 9, 2016
On december 9th on the Interstate 30 frontage road in Benton arkansas a van driver was driving dangerously. The driver changed lanes without signaling, or regard to the distance between his vehicle and ours. We barely able to avoid a collision by running onto the shoulder of the road. The......

Safeway2764 / Consistent wrong prices and store will not honor wrong pricing policy.

Harry Burcham on Dec 9, 2016
Safeway Store 2764 consistently rings up the wrong price at the register. This occurs just about every shopping trip to the store. It just happened again today, Friday, Dec.9, 2016, 2:57 PM. Avocado's priced at 4 for 5$, ringed up at register for 1.99$ each. They were not organic......

Empire Parking Services (EPS) / My car was wrongfully booted

I care on Dec 9, 2016
I stepped away from my car to use the ATM machine at SunTrust which is located at the back of the building after hours. My car was parked in front of SunTrust. When I returned, my car was booted. I was told I was gone for 20 minutes. I was told that SunTrust has a parking deck for clients. I......

Usenet.nl / Fraud of subscription, lack of response from customer team

William Au on Dec 9, 2016
09/12/2016 customer id 7457551 invoice number 9620857 I have only registered for this service's trial because I wanted to download some violin pieces. After I found out that the amount of content on the site is useless then I have decided to cancel the service. During the trial, I have......
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