Women for Women OB/GYNsurgical procedure scheduling

T Nov 04, 2019

I signed a NYS consent form for an LSC bilateral salpingectomy On May 2nd at the office before giving birth to my son. In July when I went for my 6week check up Lisa told me she would be in touch with a date for my surgery. A month later I finally received a call with my appointment date 10/30/2019. A week before my surgery Lisa called me to reschedule my appointment for 11/4/2019. After going through all pre-surgical process and being admitted for the surgery I was informed by one of the nurse that my consent form had expired as of 10/29/2019. After all that they were unable to perform the procedure and no one from the office had the courtesy to call me and at least excuse themselves for the error. I planned ahead for this procedure and made arrangements for my children and with my employer. Not to mention I took a day off work for nothing. The professionalism is a disgrace in this facility because this is not the first time they loose or mess up on my paperwork. They are very unprofessional and irresponsible.

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