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Update.. Rcp brought back their main facebook (right choice pools & spas, inc.) for some reason recently, take a look for all documents and pictures. Update 12/13/17... Another lawsuit from another victim in broward county case number: cace17022438. Several this year alone! I suggest all right choice pools & spas victims post legitimate grievances here on google for the benefit of all google users and community. Google right choice pools reviews if you value your time, peace and hard-earned may 2015, I hired right choice pools to construct a luxury pool and grotto. The contract specified that the project was to be completed 18 weeks from the start of excavation. I was told then by rcp that I would receive a discount if I posted a positive review online (before the pool was completed). After close to 2 years, my pool was still not complete, and the work that was done had multiple defects, was not compliant with plans, and failed numerous inspections.
After dealing with this nightmare for nearly 2 years and after trying to be flexible just to get this project done, I was finally forced to terminate my contract and hire another company to correct and finish the job,, and this is after we have already paid rcp over $100, 000. Basically my family was left with a bare pool shell, incomplete water tile, coping and bad plumbing. The new company we hired had to tear out most of the plumbing, passed 100% of inspections the first time, and finished the pool and grotto with waterfall and slide in a few short months. We have been forced to file a lawsuit in miami dade county fl over this my experience, the owner, uses every excuse in the book to justify delays and defects in his performance. I am not the only one to have this experience.

I have read numerous reviews/complaints posted by other victims of this company with similar situations. I have also read rcp responses to them, and have seen how he likes to claim the bad reviews are either fake and written by competitors, or that the person is lying. And since positive reviews can easily be faked, let me share with you some facts which can be verified about this company and its owner

1. In addition to my lawsuit (public record case # cace17019536), rcp has had multiple other lawsuits filed against it, in all 3 south florida the most recent case in miami, rcp was ordered to pay over $46, 000 plus interest for damages, in addition to reimbursing the plaintiff for $20, 000 in attorney's fees and $2, 000 in administrative costs. Another case settled for $23, 000, and another reached a confidential settlement. This can be confirmed by going to the clerk of courts website in each county (miami, broward and palm beach) and searching under right choice pools. You can click on the links and read the complaints/details.

2. Several years prior to opening rcp, owner was fined and penalized $5, 000.00 by the florida department of business and professional regulation for engaging in unlicensed contracting (case no. 97-09811). Matt is still not a licensed contractor and operates rcp under his brother's license.

3. Prior to opening rcp, owner worked as general/regional manager for nationwide pools, a company that the attorney general filed charges against and froze the assets of nationwide pools. Anyone can google nationwide pools. The owner has responded to people complaining about the company, and he identifies himself as the general/regional manager and denies any wrong-doing on the company's behalf. Also, if you do a search on the broward county clerk of courts website, you will find a lawsuit where nationwide pools sued rcp owner. Google community please do your research on this company for your peace of mind and money. Just one example of rcp work, our spa should be a circle per plans and the spa bench is the spa shape and looks like a fried egg. Rcp cant even place the spa drain in the center. Simple public records search for lawsuits in below counties. Unfortunately, I see in previous posts about rcp has on their contract arbitration clause for disputes, so I bet those are even greater in numbers! Rcp owner can try to lie but people can just search clerk of courts for below lawsuits!

In broward county:
Herasme vs barrass and right choice pools - (year 2017)
Cabo vs right choice pools - (year 2017)
Starka vs right choice pools - (year 2016)

In palm beach county:
White vs right choice pools - (year 2016)

In miami-dade county:
Betancourt vs right choice pools (year 2014)

If you relish your family money and time I would do my research and avoid this company.

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Mar 19, 2022 9:48 pm

How I wish I had seen this a year and a half ago. Was sucked in by Matt’s down to earth personality….I feel like a fool. Wolf in sheeps clothing! We have a giant frog pond…no gunnite, nothing hooked up…a bunch of equipment sitting in cardboard boxes for months…I think it’s time we follow suit and file suit!

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Mar 13, 2018 9:48 pm

UPDATE..YET ANOTHER NEW LAWSUIT IN 2018! RCP has lawsuits in all three counties Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach. I wonder if RCP will also claim this is false and they are awesome? JASON COKER VS RIGHT CHOICE POOLS, CASE NO. 50-2018-SC-004642 UPDATE 12/13/17...another lawsuit from another victim in Broward County Herasme vs Barrass and Right Choice Pools case CACE17022438. Since RCP claims they have not been sued and denies on google reviews under Paul post here is what is in the public domain
YET ANOTHER LAWSUIT THIS YEAR! See list growing below in my post…. BEWARE!

In Broward County:
Carpenter vs Right Choice Pools (March year 2018 AND CONTRACT WAS ENTERED IN 2013!)
Herasme vs Barrass and Right Choice Pools - (December year 2017)
Cabo vs Right Choice Pools - (October year 2017)
Starka vs Right Choice Pools - (February year 2016)

In Palm Beach County:
Coker vs Right Choice Pools (February year 2018)
White vs Right Choice Pools - (July year 2015)

In Miami-Dade County:
Betancourt vs Right Choice Pools (year 2014 Latest court filing October 2107)
RCP owner denies "several lawsuits" in google reviews which is gone mysteriously.

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