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Randy dalton is the worst landlord ever. We live in a duplex with our 2 children both under two. The male tenant from the apartment below us began yelling and banging on ceiling in the morning because the kids were being kids. These episodes escalated as the weeks went on, yelling and swearing, banging, bei g aggressive towards the kids, to the point where the male tenant from the apartment below came out if his unit and began yelling and swearing at my mother who was taking the kids out for the day. Who threatens a grandmother? Each and ever incident was reported to randy dalton and to r and b properties. Nothing was ever fact randy dalton told us that if we couldn't keep our chdren quite until 9 am to appease our aggressive threatening neighbour, we should just move. Unbelievable. So we are moving. Randy dalton of r and b properties actually has the utter indecency of taking us to the board to get the remainder of the rent from the year lease. After he has done exactly nothing to help, randy dalton wants his money. Apparently his pay day is more important then the safety of women and children. Never ever rent from randy dalton or r and b properties.

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Jun 02, 2018 9:36 am EDT
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This sounds accurate - Randy Dalton is a slumlord in the Hamilton area - check out this review of another of his properties

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