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LoanCare Mortgage Company

LoanCare Mortgage Company review: Surplus check never mailed

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6:13 pm EDT
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On 1/11/2023 I received a letter that we were due a surplus of $2000+ and a check would be mailed within 20 days. I called approximately in April to advise them that we never received it. They stated they would “resend” it. Which sounds too easy, right?. I just got off the phone with them again today, 6/7 and said my last request was never submitted but that he escalated it and to call back Friday or Monday for a status. I asked if he could see if any check was ever mailed but he said that would require more research and he did what he could. So, I basically wasted my time talking to someone else again and will probably waste my time again calling for the status.

Desired outcome: Loancare needs to send the surplus check and/or apply the funds to my loan.

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