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Sun Tan City Complaints & Reviews

Sun Tan City - Indiana, Indianapolis / the workers

Reviewer26068 on 2016-02-06
First of all the workers are very rude and do not know how to talk to customers. Secondly, they have done this multiple times when I ask to be put in a bed for a certain time they have just done the full amount. When you ask a worker to put you in a bed you don't think you have to keep...

Sun Tan City - Missouri, Springfield / Customer service store managers

Reviewer12118 on 2015-12-01
The staff at sun tan city are all incompetent, no brain, trash. They steal your money and act like they can never refund you anything. I went in to specifically cancel a membership a week prior to the first of the month was guaranteed this had been taken care of come to find I am charged...

Sun Tan City/sunless tan - Virginia, Bristol / Customer Service/policies

Rangersgrl on 2015-07-15
I purchased a sunless tanning package. I received two sunless tans a month. I didn't use these in the winter so they built up so that I have 14 on my account now. I froze my account since I had so many. I thought I would use these and get them down before I unfroze my account. Then I...

Suntancity.com - Alabama, Louisville / They haven’t sent my card and no news from them

Megaz on 2015-05-21
I paid for the membership on the website www.suntancity.com. I waited for the card and confirmation info, but these jerks simply ignored me. They haven’t provided any info and I still have no idea what to do now. I was upset that I wasted time and money. Please, post comments if you can help me. As well as share your views about this website.

Sun Tan City / Bad service,

erica walls on 2015-03-03
Sun Tan city will set you up with an auto pay, and on it's customer service line tells you to just go in and cancel when you want. You can but you had better make sure they put it in writing. Just asking an employee and them telling you it is done apparently means that they will keep...

Sun Tan City, Greenville, NC / Franchise Partners/Owners need to be replaced Unfair Treament of Employees and Customers

SkippyNC on 2014-11-07
This Sun Tan City was in the Top 10 Country Wide until they started playing head games with employees causing some to leave and some to get fired for stupid reason... They are a local franchise and do not report to the Corporate Sun Tan City Structure... They treat employees like dirt...

Sun Tan City / I approve of STC

alee0003 on 2014-08-24
I was trying to find out some information regarding if I had purchased a Tour of the City package at one location, would i be able to use remaining credits at a different location...?? I came across this website and figured i would check it out...but then seen all of these nasty comment...

Sun Tan City / Horrible customer service and deceitful

Lauren Z on 2014-06-18
They have insanely high membership fees and you have to tan at least 2 months. I was told I could tan ONE month but I couldn't cancel until the end of the month. I almost walked out because of that but they ENSURED me I would NOT be billed until the end of the month. Sure enough, I...

Sun Tan City, Dalton, GA / beds not being clean

LeaAngela Smith on 2014-06-11
I am a member @ the Dalton, Ga location. Up until Friday 6/6/14 my experience has been good. That day it wasn't very busy so I don't understand why this happened. But it did! I signed in & went to the bed they told me to and after undressing I took my towel & wiped over the bed...

Sun Tan City / Withdrew money AFTER I canceled account

Iloveyou5 on 2012-09-01
I went to sun tan city to use their spray tans because really you can't beat their prices. After a a few months I decided not to continue and canceled my membership I was not billed for 2 months. Then all of the sudden a $180 charge showed up on my account! When I called to demand a...

Sun Tan City - Tennessee, Knoxville / Bad Service if you use your account o it's fullest

jck5439 on 2012-07-17
If you use your package to its fullest it seems you get horrible spray tans. I always notice the person waiting on me gets a strange look on their face and starts reading my account and then I always get a lousy spray tan I can get products just the same a LOT cheaper on eBay. However, the...

Sun Tan City - Kentucky, Elizabethtown / Money Returned

Mtaylor44 on 2012-05-17
On May 2nd, 2012 I was contacted by my bank for having been overdrawn. As this is a savings account, imagine my surprise. My account had been overdrawn by Sun Tan City for a membership fee. The last time I had used Sun Tan City was over 6 years ago. I contacted Sun Tan city'...

Sun Tan City - Kentucky, Lexington / Not returning money

Stacie089 on 2012-04-18
I quit Tanning at Sun tan city at the end of February 2012, after numerous things always being explained to me incorrectly and my credit card having random charges on their from sun tan city. So the day i decided not to tan with them any more i contacted customer service that day and wa...

Sun Tan City - Kentucky / Rude customers and down computers

better computers on 2012-03-20
I was in there Monday night. The computers were down once again (seems to be an ongoing problem). Honestly only one lady appeared to be actually working and getting customers through the line. She was doing really well considering the place was packed. Two very large ladies got mad cause a...

Sun Tan City - Indiana / tanning

sun tan member on 2012-03-19
I also have a complaint toward Sun Tan City. I have been a member since they became local and it used to be ran better and much smoother. There is such a large turn over with employees and there fore they never know what they're doing. Very long waiting time to tan and most of the...

Sun Tan City / Horrible Service

abradford09 on 2012-03-05
I feel as if I have been scammed! I purchased a membership package one week ago, priced at $80 per month. I have gone twice and both times I was there for 1 1/2 hours! The third time I tried to go I waited 1 hour before being told there was a 50 minute wait for my bed, I cancelled my...

Sun Tan City / Bad service

sheila on 2011-12-16
Up until now I have always had decent service at Sun Tan City, nothing to complain about. But not too long ago they were having a free tan week. Usually I got the spray tan but for this particular event I wanted to try a different tanning bed. When I got there I told the receptionist lady I...

Sun Tan City / Bad attitude employees

impbusiness on 2011-10-15
I have usually had a decent experience at Sun Tan City until recently. They were having free tan week and usually I do the spray tan but I wanted to get in a different bed for this event. The lady basically rolled her eyes at me when I said that i wanted to do the "free tan week" thing. I...

Sun Tan City - New Hampshire / Attitude from employees & long wait

mommyofone22 on 2011-04-08
I thought Sun Tan City was great at first, despite all of the complaints I had heard from friends about the place. I decided to check it out. I walked in to a pretty decent environment, top of the line equipment, nice set up, clean, organized, etc. The employees seemed fairly nice and...

Sun Tan City - Indiana, Indianapolis / Hardball tactics, horrible spraytan

Aurorasis on 2011-02-28
Hello, I am writing this complaint because while I agreed to a price for a spray on tan, I did not get what I wanted at all. I want to start this off by not blaming the sales person for the hardball tactics that she took with me but to express that I am a little upset with her as my issue...

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