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Priceline.com Complaints & Reviews

Priceline - Connecticut, Norwalk / Stole my money!

Jan2311 on 2016-05-23
I was planning a vacation trip, so I decided to book a hotel room. Went online and found Priceline which seemed quite reliable. I booked a room and received a payment confirmation message. Several days later I decided to contact the hotel because I had some questions and wanted to discu...

Priceline.com / Hotel booking

hansen on 2016-05-06
I just booked an hotel through priceline.com. When I got the confirmation email, I found the room is for 2 guests. It is not suitable for me since we have two kids. I called priceline customer service and talked with Morrison. He suggested me to call the hotel first and find out whether...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / I lost all my money!

Adam on 2016-03-31
I rented a car via www.priceline.com for 7 days. Unfortunately I had to cancel my entire trip, so I contacted priceline and asked for a refund. They said they don’t do refunds and that they cannot cancel my reservation. Absolutely ridiculous. So basically I lost all my money for a 7 day rental!...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / Disgusting customer service

Muni on 2016-01-28
I booked a hotel via Priceline but because our flight was canceled due to winter storm I had to cancel the reservation. I contacted Priceline customer service and gave all my information to their representative. Their rep said that no one from the hotel was available at the moment and...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / Dishonest company.

Bruce on 2016-01-22
I was buying a ticket to New York. The dates that I put in were a Monday February 22nd and to return Friday February 26th. I filled in all the necessary information, but suggested that I need to change my arrival time. So I changed the dates and confirmed the payment. The next screen said...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / Liars!

Togon on 2016-01-15
I wanted to book a room and decided to try Priceline. So I booked a room for January 25, 2016. Later received a confirmation email and noticed that they made a mistake. They had booked it for January 20, 2016. I immediately contacted customer service and they told me to call the hotel...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / They are the worst!

Hugo on 2016-01-08
Priceline.com is a real scam. It is cheaper to book a room directly through the hotel, because Priceline takes more money! I tried to reserve a room, but then I realized that my room was only $200, but they took $300. And the most interesting part is that they did not pay the hotel, they...

Priceline.com / NOT taking responsibility for their agent’s fault

holytulips on 2016-01-03
Priceline is NOT taking any responsibility for their agent’s fault. My flight has been delayed for more than 22 hours and the agent insists only 2 options for that: accept the change by the airline or refund the partial value of the ticket. When I choose to refund and after the agent calculated...

Priceline / Hotel Booking

Magnuna on 2015-10-12
Travelweb (division of Priceline) is a scam. The booking was a breeze and once they had my credit card information it appears that their service ended there. Mainly, I am currently staying through October 14th, 2015 at the Holiday Inn Express Express Hotel & Suites Dallas West (trip#...

Priceline.com - Connecticut, Norwalk / Bait and switch

cj100 on 2015-10-04
10/3/2015 Over five website companies Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, CheapAir etc offered the same round trip flight itinerary rate for next weekend. I thought I would try the company William Shatner promotes Priceline. I was planning to fly weekends for an under determined amount of time. If...

Priceline - Western Australia, Albany / Loreal makeup

shazzell on 2015-09-16
On 27/6/2015 Saturday morning, I went to Priceline Dogrock Albany to get advice on my makeup, I asked if I could have my makeup done an had a young female apply makeup to my face which I felt wasn't a beautician an have now found out from complaining to the manageress it was a...

Priceline / Sales deception

Stan Bass on 2015-05-09
Priceline has started a new way of deceiving the bidder. On the page where you make your bid if you leave out a block to check or one of several steps to finalize your bid you are brought back up to the top of the page and informed of the block you need to respond to. After you check the...

Priceline / Non-existent &customer service&

Vballgal on 2015-04-21
Made a reservation for a hotel & airfare through Priceline.Found out next AM from locals in Uruguay that the hotel was unsafe after dark. Called Priceline, spoke to Anna & Jake pleading to change reservation to different, safer hotel b/c I would be a woman traveling alone in a country...

Priceline.com / Cancellation Fees

JKBIII on 2015-02-24
On my priceline.com trip receipt under important information it reads: "If flight cancellations outside of your control keep you from picking up your car, you will be able to cancel your reservation upon verification". My flight was cancelled. Priceline verified the cancellation. Priceline...

Priceline.com / Changed flights after booking

Owen Tracy on 2014-08-25
I was looking to book a flight from Houston, Tex to Las Vegas, nv and in all the searches that what it said. When I booked it they sent an email saying Houston, Tex to new orleans, la. I called Priceline and they said it had to be my computer. They also said they couldn't refund...

Priceline - Texas, Waller / Bait & switch on airline destination

chris bartholomew on 2014-08-22
I put in my destination for Hayden CO with Priceline and book my flight and hotel and rental car. Printed my itinerary and found their software booked me to Denver CO, four hours away from Hayden CO. When I tried to cancel my reservation minutes after I booked it they informed me there wa...

Priceline / Dishonest

Daniel from Ft Worth on 2014-06-15
I bid a 2 star hotel for 6-7-14 and Priceline gave me Extended Stay America which is no more than a 1 star hotel. I lost on this one, I won't stay at a one star. I then booked a 3 star hotel, hawthorn suites by Windham Ft Worth University. The hotel had black mold and paper thin...

Priceline - California, Azusa / Unfair

RCamou on 2014-05-31
I reserved a hotel room, online through Priceline, with Days Inn in Azusa, California. I booked the room for a visiting guest and her cat. The hotel had advertised "Pet Friendly" on Priceline. My guest checked in 2 hours early and paid Days Inn $10 cash ($5/hour). An hour later the cat wa...

Priceline / High car rental price

Jeravan Isara on 2014-04-03
The following is the correspondence between Priceline and me regarding to the reservation of car rental that the price that Priceline negotiate for me is very high. Whatever the price that I request, the company kept saying it's too low and tell me to put it higher and then they gave...

Priceline / Misleading and Dishonest

Atlanta Attorney on 2014-02-15
My son booked a hotel room through Priceline. When he arrived at the hotel it was awful; the hallways smelled, the room smelled, and he did not feel safe. He left the hotel and stayed somewhere else. I contacted Priceline to get a refund on the room. They told me that I had to go through...

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