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Humana Complaints & Reviews

Humana - Florida, Fort Lauderdale / Health Insurance Fraudulent Insurer.

Reviewer59239 on 2016-01-26
Don't let yourself be fooled...they don't payout medical claims. They cancelled our policy when we paid them with a certified check and proved to them with the postal receipt that it was paid in time. C Walsh promised to fix it after trying for a year...but she lied and never did. Gary

Humana - California, Los Angeles / Customer Service

Reviewer12272 on 2016-01-25
I am trying to give the correct Fax number to my Doctor. After years of being a customer I needed a refill and after a month and a half finally received it. They had the wrong fax number for order. I am on the phone now for 2o minutes, been passed around 3 times and had bad...

Humana - Kentucky, Louisville / Delta Dental PPO - Coverage

Jean Brink on 2016-01-21
On a recorded line, I was told by a Humana representative that my dentist Dr. Edith Gevorgian, Glendale, CA, was in network and that routine cleaning would be fully covered. After my first cleaning, Dr. Gevorgian received $21 from Humana. I called Humana and was told that she was NOT in...

Humana / Affordable Health care plan

Reviewer74971 on 2016-01-04
I obtained my health plan from Humana with the the Affordable Health Care in 2015. On May 1, 2015 Humana cancelled my policy due to non-payment which was paid by the Federal Government. Of course Humana did not tell me this nor did I get a letter. When I had to pay for my medication HUMIRA...

HUMANA Insurance / This company has ruined my records

Reviewer37484 on 2015-10-22
Company Humana Insurance gave me wrong details and not full information about their services. After all the problems appeared, I called to the company and asked to explain what they have done, but the reps weren’t talkative and refused to tell me anything. I was so angry and because of...

Humana - Michigan, Northville / Refusal to pay long term customer

Humana is awful on 2015-09-12
I cannot express how disgusting this company is. I was a young college student who was self employed and paid Humana for years!!! The minute I had any issues and needed help - they canceled my policy and made it impossible without attorneys to get medical bills paid. They should be out of business😔😔😓😓

Humana Healthcare / Px medicare supplemental

Reviewer65801 on 2015-09-04
I have met my deductible for my Prescription Medicare supplemental (Act 603467115-001) in January. Since, I have been paying for my co-payments which have already increased once this year. however I went to pick up my prescriptions for this month and one (Eliiquis) has gone from $79 to...

Humana / Coverage & Customer Service

vlm30045 on 2015-03-16
I have 2 complaints. The first one being that after calling Humana to get assigned a primary care doctor I then immediately called that doctors office and got an appointment for 30 days out. After going to my appointment on March 10th and being told to see a cardio specialist right away, I...

Humana Health Insurance - Kentucky, Louisville / Poor customer service

rogerdb on 2015-01-27
The Humana health care corporation offers very poor customer service, They keep you on hold over and over. Sometimes as long as 30 to 45 minutes at a time. I signed up for a medigap insurance plan through them and was repeatedly given incorrect information and misled as to what they...

humana dental federal plan / will not pay

mike canaan on 2015-01-05
I am a retired federal employee with federal health insurance. My fed health plan, like most, has a minor dental coverage. I bought regular dental insurance with humana federal advantage dental VAN6 thru the federal health open enrollment . Humana will not pay my common cleaning and...

Humana / Lost invoices and prescriptions inturned over to appeals department since 1/2014

Ken Martinez on 2014-05-12
I bought some oxygen equipment I found out it was out of network it cost me $3, 300 to but them I am on disability so that is a lot if money to come up with Humana will not reimburse me also now they are saying they don, t have authorization to rent me machines now they had already rented...

Humana / Refuse to pay &co-pay&

James Betz on 2014-02-20
When I signed up with Humana I had no idea how incompetent, unorganized and heartless this company is. I filed a grievance last year with regards to the amount of Morphine I must take to control SEVERE headaches caused by meningitis in 2002. I suffer 24 hour a day headaches that make a...

Humana Dental Insurance - Indiana, Fort Wayne / Charging me and no provider in my area

Kathy Morton on 2014-01-14
They sold me dental insurance, charged my credit card, only to find out that they offer no providers in my area. The closest one was 75 miles away for a dentist that they would cover. When you go to their website, they list tons of random dentists all over Fort Wayne, IN and the...

Humana Delta Dental PPO - Kentucky / Poor Service, Poor Coverage

/katt on 2013-10-20
I have had a lot of different health and dental plans over the years due to frequent relocation, but I have never, ever seen such a lack of professionalism, poor service, incompetence on the phone, tardiness, and outright lying to the customer and the dentist on the phone as in the case of...

Humana Gold Plus HMO - Illinois / False advertising

Herb Smith on 2013-05-01
Humana promotional materials fail to fully disclosed what they mean by "in-network". They lead you to believe it is any specialist doctor that has a contract with Humana to accept the Humana Gold Plus (HMOPOS) plan. This is NOT true. My primary care physician (PCP) is a member of the...

HUMANA Insurance - Kentucky, Lexington / Correct Humana ID Card

Dee Tate on 2013-04-08
Today I made my 6th request for the correct ID card from Humana. For 2013 I declined their Vision Coverage and it has shown up on every card that I have been sent. Tried many times on the phone and online to get this resolved, but still they have the incorrect ID Card online for me - it...

Humana - Kentucky, Lexington / services

dap363 on 2013-04-04
Humana makes like there there for the customer but they are not they consistently try to get out of paying claims or making it vague what they pay for and then beat you over the head with there policy book and there customer service is rude and no help.For instance a doctor that treats me...

Humana Health Insurance - Georgia, Cartersville / Withdrawal of funds not authorized

KarenlouiseA on 2013-02-19
On February 12, 2013 I contacted Humana One in regard to pricing on a Medicare Supplement policy for myself. I repeatedly told the agent that I was not financially ready to commit to a policy that day but was "shopping". The agent gave me three different priced plans and after discussing...

Humana Right Soiurce RX / Unable to get signed up for 3 weeks

Byron Vermeulen on 2013-01-20
They are the worst I have ever had to deal with. I just joined this year, 2013. They would not let me get things set up until Jan 1st. They said Humana would not give them access to my files until then. On Jan 1st I was on hold until my cell phone went dead. On Jan 2dn I had a fresh charge...

Humana / denied vital narcotic Medicare without warning

ivibre on 2012-11-15
Social Security made a mistake, they put me on Medicaid, after 10 years I finally got the correct medication to which I had no side affects. after trying many medications, found my genetics limited me. I suffered a stroke or two being a guinea pig. now I have not only intense pain as a...

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