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Luminess Air Complaints & Reviews

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Everything

Usingmymoney on Jun 13, 2016
The make up is horrible. My face started to break out and I called them immediately. I sent the product back. The airbrush and makeup. They say they did not get it and keep charging me. This is why I am NOT going to order anything on line any longer. Unless I have a history with any...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Makeup airbrush system

Kaybo929 on May 11, 2016
Letter to Luminess Air: Let me get this straight — I never received a “declined” payment notice from my credit card company or my bank - just you. I have made payments (you withdrew from my accounts, each in differing amounts at odd dates) of $101.84, $82.94, $102.94, $82.94 and now you ask...

Luminess Air / Product

PJwang on Apr 19, 2016
Completely bullshit company. I am writing this complaint cuz they fuking ridiculous Just tryna buy my mom something she saw from TV and this company hooked me up with some monthly payment installment shit My first payment is on 2/25 trying to get this : Legend Airbrush System Black & White...

Luminess Air - Louisiana, Shreveport / The unit:

Reviewer99834 on Feb 27, 2016
I purchased three lumpiness air units last year around April. I got one for me and the other two for my daughters to have. Anyways, after about two months use my clogged up so bad, I could not use it anymore. So, one of my daughters told me that she had not even opened her and this was in...

Luminess Air - Pennsylvania, Pocono Lake / Make-up

Reviewer73027 on Feb 23, 2016
I purchased this product from an TV ad, it stated that I had 30 days to cancel my order. I called to cancel the order before the 30 days and they stated that I had to send back the unit. I called three times to cancel my order not knowing that they was still charging my for the unit, to my...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Credit Card billing.

Valerie Farias on Feb 18, 2016
I have received $409.01 in charges on my credit card bill since I first ordered your product. I have not received any more foundation or products. I am wondering when the charges are going to end. Charges started in November I believe. I usually just pay my CC bill. But two days ago I...

Luminess Air - Florida, Jacksonville / Air brush facial system

Pat Jones on Jan 27, 2016
My acct # 2065563; this product was ordered off tv commercial..No mention of restricted installment plan...I ordered this for my daughter for christmas, she didn't want it so i attempted to return it...On the packing slip not dated, states you can't return without a return...

Luminess Air / Airbrush makeup system

Reviewer36406 on Jan 18, 2016
I ordered Luminess Air after watching their infomercial on TV, I did it online. Once reciept came, I saw that for 5 months extra charges would be taken from credit card account. In my opinion this is fraud, even if they had a disclaimer in written form at the infomercial. They should have...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Luminess Airbrush system

ElizabethWalczak on Jan 15, 2016
I have purchased a Luminess Airbrush Kit with the option of making a return. I hate this product and I am unable to get in touch with the company to make a return, There is no way to contact anyone in customer service. There is only option of leaving call back number. I have called several...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / All products

Reviewer43989 on Dec 21, 2015
I ordered the kit from Luminess Air, it took weeks and weeks to arrive. In fact it took so long I finally decided that I must have not finished with my order completely and gave up on ever seeing the product. You cannot get in contact with anyone by phone or by websites offered to get out...

Luminess Air - Arizona, Tucson / Air spray

Janet Q on Nov 9, 2015
I have tried to call and get a return code. I left a message for a call back and got no return call. Then I stayed on the line and the woman wouldn't let me do a return for my 87 year old aunt that ordered this item! I had all the information customer number and info -She REFUSED !!...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Luminess airbrush system

howarlis on Nov 6, 2015
I ordered this at a sales price of 19.95 only to find out that once its delivered you are charged a huge amount of money over a long period of time.. Not to mention the item is garbage. The 30 day return policy has 100 conditions to it. I met all of those conditions and sent it back within...

Luminess Air - Texas, Texas City / Charging me for item never received

cynthia woods on Oct 28, 2015
To Whom This May Concern @ Luminess: This letter is to inform your company that if this matter is not resolved in 24 hours, I will report you to the BBB, and the Attorney Generals office for falsely charging my credit card and refusing to refund my money even though I expressed to you that...

Luminess Air - Texas, Stafford / Owe a lot of money

cliberatore0304 on Oct 22, 2015
I ordered this product but found that after the 30 day trial i was to owe alot of money. then they tried to get to my account and after a failed attempt said i was to be reported to the credit bureau, HAH! not me as I work for the government. and will turn them in as i have just did!!! For...

Luminess Air / Overall price not clearly explained and there is no refund policy

Reviewer30944 on Sep 15, 2015
Ordered product and learned upon my receipt that product was very expensiveand required multiple payments. Learned after returning unopened product that no refunds are given. Had I known the price and that no refunds are given I would not have purchased product. BUYER BEWARE!

Luminess Air - Washington, Lynnwood / This is criminal

variaironhawk22 on Jul 27, 2015
I am so angry I could spit. I ordered the Luminess Air basic system and yes it says 30 Day Trial, but since the bulk of the money is made from repeat business of make up orders and parts, it is not unusual for equipment to be a loss leader. The website at no point tells you any of that...

Luminess Air - Texas, Houston,Texas / Cannot get my address correct

Luminess air horrible on Jun 12, 2015
I ordered make up products from them about two months ago. They sent it out fed ex to w 6th street and post office sent it back. I called them to let them know they have the wrong address. They corrected the address and re shipped it. It went back again because they had the wrong addre...

Luminess Air / restocking charge

S Drelich on May 31, 2015
I placed a phone order to a call center. In explaining the installment payment plan at NO TIME did either person taking the order tell me about a restocking charge. When the package came, I returned it the next day UNOPENED. Luminess still charged my credit card, not for the product WHICH...

Luminess Air Trial - Florida, Tampa / hidden fees and charges

Terry Hoover on May 9, 2015
their representatives did not inform me of the monthly cost of system or of the complete charge of the unit . i was told it was $19.95 and that's what i paid. before i could even learn to operate the unit, i received another charge on my card. i talked to another rep and was told it...

Luminess Air - Washington, Tacoma / owing me money

tyrah on Mar 23, 2015
yes, I bought lumpiness air back in sept. paid in full with my credit card and yet they are still taking 45.07 out of my account every month since then. so that's five months that they owe me that money back. because I just found it on all my bank statements that you are still taking money from me

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