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LightInTheBox Complaints & Reviews

LightInTheBox / Missing order

Fontana311 on 2016-02-08
I purchased some products in early January from LightInTheBox. I received a payment confirmation email and my tracking number. It is now February 8th and I received nothing yet, but their tracking system says my order was delivered. I sent them several emails but received no response! They...

LightInTheBox - Florida, Port Saint Lucie / Product and Service

Reviewer32451 on 2016-02-03
I strongly advise to anyone planning to purchase items from"Lightin TheBox" not to do it. They have below par items from China. When you try to get a refund they will not answer you. I'm still waiting for my refund for more than a month right now. They received the item back,

Lightinthebox.com / Cancelled Wedding Dress Pre-ordered Size

Robin Franconeri on 2016-02-02
I ordered a wedding dress back in November of 2015. I had to Cancel due to the dress not being here in time for my wedding which was December 12, 2015. I contacted by email (because there is no company number to contact directly) they cancelled and promised to refund the full amount I Paid...

LightInTheBox / Bike computer

hectorbringas on 2016-02-01
I bought a bike computer as well as front light. The computer arrived without the magnetic device so I could not install it and the front lights never arrived. No way to contact light in the box because they always send me to a dead end browsing

LightInTheBox / Avoid at any cost!

Seungri on 2016-01-27
I ordered few small items from LightInTheBox and paid around 30 euros. I contacted customer service and they said that items are in stock and they would be shipped immediate. They promised shipping would take only 5-7 days. I was hoping to get them in a few days, but few weeks later...

LightInTheBox - North Carolina, Morehead City / Unauthorized Charge!

Andria L on 2015-12-31
This Company-Lightinthebox...Stay Away!!! Lightinthebox is the Biggest, Scamming Thieving Company EVER! The ONLY form of Communication they offer you is this "ticket crap". An order was made Not by me and within minutes of the ORDERED being made...I messaged them Via Ticket letting...

LightInTheBox / NEVER ORDERED-CANCEL for hundredth time! Where's my Refund?

Andria L on 2015-12-31
I Have NOT received My Refund. AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN... I NEVER ordered or Authorized the payment or withdrawal from my account. I have been given the Run arrounds threw Various Fake/no reply messages. I'm Going to Find out Who withdrew my Money and have been trying to dispute it. I...

Light In The Box / Poor customer service-no rights!

roof55 on 2015-12-24
Just before Christ. Time I order some three jackets, all different designs. After 4 days, the message (and paid done in advance) 1 jacket still out of stock (no message under the order stock status = bad). The firm shall credit paid by account, does it ?. I paid extra expense "if the good...

Light In The Box / General service

Reviewer15271 on 2015-12-24
Ordered around £180 of items in the 12th - was told to expect maximum of 7 working days delivery. It is currently the 24th and I have reviceved nothing. Was lied to multiple times by customer services - who avoided all of my questions regarding delivery in time for Xmas. By the time they...

Light In The Box / Drone ordered on 12/5/15

Reviewer62693 on 2015-12-22
I ordered a remote control drone from Light in the Box on 12/5/15. The item was supposedly shipped on 12/11/15, with 6-8 business day delivery. As of 12/22, I have been unable to get the shipment status, except for "in transit." I have opened two complaint tickets, but the reply, in...

LightInTheBox / This site is horrible!

Van on 2015-12-21
I made an order on November 12 and paid extra for it to ship within 7 business days. The website said it shipped on November 14. They have two tracking sites, but they are useless. Every time I wanted to track my item both websites gave me an error page. I sent few messages to their...

Light In The Box / The extra charge i have to pay to reeive my order.

Reviewer95746 on 2015-12-20
In late November I ordered a three piece canvas, picture with a clock on the canvas. ORDER Number: 1511301115817810.I have had NO email from light in the box to say when my order will be delivered.On Saturday the 19th of December I received a letter from parcel Force saying my parcel i...

Light In The Box / Company is a scam

Reviewer97175 on 2015-12-17
I made several purchases in Nov for my daughter for Christmas I ordered 6 of the minecraft wall decals and minecraft comforter bedding set . I received a minecraft cloth not comforter bedding set like pictured in their site . I have yet to receive the wall decals. I have made several...

Light In The Box / Lack of Delivery

Reviewer10524 on 2015-12-14
I placed an order on 11/15/15. The funds were processed from my account on 11/16/15. The order on their sight show shipped 11/21/15. With Super Saver Shipping. Which says 10 - 20 business days. It has a Track my delivery with PNL 9932736875. This is Chinese postal. There is no tracking...

Light In The Box / Small Electrical Items

Reviewer14744 on 2015-12-10
I ordered a couple of small electrical items from LightInTheBox (VGA to HDMI converter etc). After 4 weeks, no delivery!!! I sent a complaint to the online system. Eventually, got a reply saying that the order had been returned as being "not able to deliver". Interesting as I have used...

Light In The Box - Florida, Cocoa / Wedding Dress

Tmartinez87 on 2015-12-05
I order my dress with expedited shipping of 3-4 days, almost 1 month before my wedding. I actually received my dress 2 weeks later and it didn't even fit. Now I have 7 days to go find another dress because this one took so long to come in. I tried calling the customer service number and it...

LightInTheBox / "unable" to return refund

Reviewer35923 on 2015-12-05
I ordered shipments from this website in November and received all but 1 item on this site. As compensation they PROMISED to return money back into my PAYPAL account. later i received a NEW ticket saying they are NOT ALLOWED to give back my money. I AM VERY UPSET as i DO NOT want to have...

LightInTheBox / Non delivery and no refund when asking for a refund

Reviewer76040 on 2015-11-26
Pathetic service delivery, empty promises and crooks, taking your money, not delivering a product and then not refunding you when you ask as you have to wait till the deadline of the second or third time's attempt at sending a parcel to you - that is what Lightinthebox offers. We...

Light In The Box / Deceptive shipping

Sherry Godat-Jackson on 2015-11-15
I paid extra for speedy delivery. I paid extra for expedited shipping and it said 3-5 business days. I counted out 3-5 days which came and went. It has been in "processing" way over a week. They also already took my money. I emailed a complaint and said I wanted a refund for expedited and...

LightInTheBox / Sony Camera Leather case (HX90)

SuriMenon on 2015-11-04
I am from Bangalore, India. I had ordered and paid for in full, through credit card, for a Sony Camera leather case. (Order No.1509080114649950) on Sept 8, 2015. I was told it will take 10-20 days for delivery. I had additionally paid for shipping & insurance separately. Nowhere can I...

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