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Hyundai Complaints & Reviews

Hyundai Constantia Kloof / Service

Reviewer49002 on 2016-02-10
I have never, in the past 20 years of buying vehicles, experienced such disgusting dishonesty, blatant lies and customer disrespect as I have with Hyundai Constantia Kloof. Would I ever purchase from ANY Hyundai again? Note: 1. All evidence (incl. recorded calls) for the issues experience...

Hyundai Motor Finance - California, Fountain Valley / Negligence on my payments

Sandra Dorado on 2016-02-04
Both my daughter and I asked for an extension on our acccounts for the month of December. Mine because I became unemployed and my daughter because she was having finals and was working very little hours. I spoke to Hyundai and they told me we both qualified for extensions and that they...

Hyundai / Changing year model of car

stephaniewolfaardt on 2016-02-03
I purchased a Honda Civic from Hyundai Somerset Wes. As this was the first vehicle I bought on my own, I was nervous about the process, thus my best option was to go to a professional dealership instead of going to a unknown dealership. A advertisement caught my attention for a 2011 Honda Civic...

Hyundai / Verna Fludic recurring engine repairs

datta kamat on 2016-01-25
Dear Sir My name is Architect Dattatray Waman Kamat Above all I have been a very loyal customer of Hyundai for a long time . You make good cars and we love that . It breaks my heart to say that due to poor workmanship and lack of expertise in your service function ( authorised dealers ), I...

Hilton Hyundai / Cheated and endangered me by giving 10 year old damaged bridgestone tyres

Suhail Muhammed on 2016-01-22
I am Dr.suhail P.T, senior registrar in cardiology working in KIMS hospital Trivandrum. I have given my Hyundai verna KL10AB7500 for regular service at hiltonhyundai authorized service center on 01/12/2015. I also instructed to change my two front tyres with new BRIDGESTONE tyres. I...

Hyundai / Failure to get my new vehicle bought in October 2015 licensed and registered

Venessa Huxtable on 2016-01-18
I bought a Hyundai H1 Multicab new from the Lydenburg branch in my company name Stopaq. The vehicle was purchased in October 2015 and despite numerous attempts to get the vehicle licensed and registered the dealership has not completed this process and I am driving around with a temporary...

Hyundai / i20 2014 1400 Fluid Automatic

Frank Wileman on 2016-01-13
Have been having the following problem when my vehicle is cold. The Brake pedal becomes Hard. At times when switching the engine off when it is still cold the engine runs on. If then left overnight it will misfire for a while and you get a strong smell of unburnt fuel. Very occasionally...

Hyundai / Poor Service and lies from Hyuandi Bedfordview

Reviewer49657 on 2016-01-11
5 January 2016 I took my car in for a repair on the gearbox . the service advisor Jaco Van Wyk promised me that my car will be ready Wednesday afternoon. That was not the case. They did not keep me informed over a week until i had to follow up promises was made by Jaco and his manager...

Hyundai / New vehicle and very poor customer service

Serve well on 2016-01-08
I am having problems with Hyundai . They are refusing to service my vehicle despite this being part of the purchase price and refusing to address my complaints. One problem I had was that a staffmember refused to fully fill in the "Service and Warranty Passport" booklet when I first...

Hyundai Motor Finance / The manager hasn’t called me back after our last conversation

Reviewer14168 on 2015-12-25
I took lease from Hyundai Motor Finance for one year. This company took the payments every month and when the whole sum was paid back, I thought that it ok and they would stop taking money from me. I checked my account several months ago and noticed that they continued to take money. I...

Hyundai Finance Motor Company - Texas, Dallas / automobile

blancarosa on 2015-12-17
I have made a monthly payment to HFMC each month, and although I may be late a few days, no more than 15, they are reporting to the credit bureau that I am more than 30 days late on my account. I think there should be a law against them doing this. I am not late on my account, there are...

Hyundai / Repairs for vehicle under warranty

Reviewer51780 on 2015-12-09
I herewith place on record my dissatisfaction with the Hyundai Dealership. I have purchased a Hyundai i20 last year in December, I took it for the first 15000km service and the service was done within an hour. In the last three weeks dated from this letter, I have encountered problems with...

Hyundai / Defect on my fairly new i20 and the service I received

Hyndai on 2015-11-27
I20 bought for me in end June/July beginning July, it developed a crack on the steering wheel two months later. I told my hubby who bought the car in the Eastern Cape. I reside in Cape town. He advised me to take it to Hyndai. I did not take it immediately as I had a tight schedule. I took...

Hyundai / I20 hyundai, 1.2

Keatlaretse on 2015-10-06
MIN: MALBB51BLEM552960 Registration number: CN37MPGP Date Purchased: 2013-07-20 The Car was brand New Hyundai i20 1.2 Manual Color: Grey I'm writing this letter as an aggrieved client and herewith register a complaint. I bought a Hyundai 120i from your Westgate dealership in June...

Hyundai / Bad customer service and disregard for a customers safety

Reviewer85685 on 2015-09-30
Hi, I purchased a 2014 Hyundai i10 Grand last year October from Hyundai Lenasia. the car was a demo model, with 19 000kms, I have been asking them for my service book for almost a year, and have received no response from anyone. the week passed I had to drive to Durban from JHB as I...

Hyundai / Poor service

Sarahv on 2015-09-30
I went to hyundai umhlanga on monday to have a service done. The guy who was dealing with everything called to tell me the car will be ready in 30 minutes and that was around 15:30, I asked him if they checked the clutch on the car, he said he no, firstly HOW does hyundai service a car...

Hyundai / Non disclosure

Reviewer49258 on 2015-09-22
went to look for a Hyundai ix35 for my parents, I specifically made it clear to Tanya that I didn't want residual because that's something my parents didn't want, Tanya agreed, we then decided to change from a manual to an Automatic and the installment increased by a R200...

401 Dixie Hyundai - Ontario, Mississauga / Radio System - not honoring the waranty

Ildiko Rajcsanyi on 2015-09-11
I have bought a Hyundai Elantra 2013 on August 27 2012. I have 55430 kms in my car up to today. My radio started acting up just 3 days before the warranty was up on the radio system. It is keep cutting in and out and the cigarette lighter and the USB port is affected by it as well that mean...

Hyundai - New York, Hudson / customer service

upnyco50 on 2015-08-11
Been going back and forth with Hyundai over my 2015 Sonata, car was in shop three times for (cam positioning sensor) the last time it was in shop for 56 days, my problem is Hyundai wanted me to sign off on the repair and they would give me 4 payments back. I refused to sign off because I...

Hyundai / Pathetic Service and Repairs

Sarahv on 2015-08-05
I purchased my vehicle sometime last year and from the outset it has been troubling me, I have taken my car in several times, yet I got no satisfaction. The first time I sent my car in I was told I needed to replace my clutch and needed to pay R5000+. After the service was done, I still...

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