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Travelers Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Travelers Insurance - Ontario, Toronto / Condo Insurance

Harlow1 on 2016-04-02
February 2016, I requested through my broker to have my personal property coverage reduced as I am unable to pay the premium cost. It is now April 2, 2016 and it has not been dealt with. My broker assured me it was changed on February 18, 2016. The fact Travelers has not released it i...

Travelers Insurance / Service and refund due

Hate Travelers on 2016-01-06
New insurance with them (car/home/umbrella) 11/10/15 to be effective 11/25/15, There were errors on the email verification and I contacted them twice by phone to correct. I later received a statement charging me for CHANGING the policy -- I phoned them again and advised I DID NOT CHANGE...

Travelers Insurance / Non Payment

PaintheNeck on 2014-12-24
I had Travelers car insurance full coverage policy with all the appropriate riders for about ten years. In 2012 a lady rearended me. It caused a neck injury which ultimately needed surgery. The lady was at fault and received a ticket for the accident while I went to the hospital. Her...

Business Insurance / Insurance denies business loss from water disaster

otcleaners on 2014-04-10
I have a small Drycleaning business in Bloomingdale IL and have had Travelers insurance since August, 2010 for my Drycleaning business protection insurance.The insurance was sold to me by a broker. His information is "Global Insurance Agency, 3330 dundee rd. #Suite C-1, northbrook, IL...

Travelers Insurance - Illinois, Napreville / Intentional delays

Mr CEB Brown on 2013-06-17
I have been injured by Travelers Insurance bad business practices. Travelers Insurance intentionally delay payments and processing information to discourage and humiliate most of there clients or customers, not to mention the weak and disabled. I have been mentally harmed from Traveler...

Travelers Insurance - Mississippi / Accident Settlement Negligence

PKateyes on 2012-09-10
I am currently going through a claim with Travelers. My daughter and I were hit by a school bus broadside on the passenger side of my car where my daughter was sitting and it is the school's auto insurance carrier. I was called the day of the accident and had it not been for my...

Travelers Insurance - New Jersey / Homeowners Insurance Scam

Mrpositive on 2012-08-07
To whom it may concern: Please help me! I was with the same homeowners insurance company for 12 years. Upon receipt of my renewal notice, the new policy was increasing the deductible of the hurricane insurance portion of the policy to $4400.00. Since I do not live in a hurricane prone area I...

Travelers Insurance / Payment Policy

beyouhara on 2011-12-28
I also have a similar case with Travelers Insurance. I had open Travelers’ auto insurance a few months ago via insurance agency. My coverage was $7, 700 because of having 2 accidents and 1 DUI. As I know, my history is not good and I paid down payment around $1, 000. The problems start...

Travelers Insurance / Bunch of crooks!

Isaac on 2011-10-20
My wife and I have 7 boys we care for that are all ours which is a result of 20 yrs of happy marriage. In 2008 their was a flood that damaged the house we rent and we lost about 80% of all our belongings. We were told by the home owner that he had Travelers and that we may want to consider...

Travelers Insurance - Tennessee / Claims Service

Gator77 on 2011-09-26
My car was rear-ended almost 2 months ago by a Travelers client, and they have been the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. After months of fighting with them and another company, as there was more than our 2 vehicles involved, the company still refuses to accept any liability...

Travelers Insurance of Hartford, CT - Maryland / Insurance Fraud, Derogatory Consumer Treatment

HomeOwner101 on 2011-06-28
I would like to formally make a complaint against Travelers Insurance, Corporate Headquarters as the parent company, located in Hartford, CT. My complaint concerns consumer fraud along with consumer disrespect, derogatory treatment, negligence and discriminatory practices imposed upon me...

Travelers Insurance Company - Arkansas, Camden / Home Insurance

Cellestine Mayweather on 2011-06-09
I paid insurance premiums to Travelers Insurance Company for 18 years without the necessity to file a claim. Near the end of the year 2009, we experienced terrible storms in Camden Arkansas that caused damage to homes throughout the neighborhood. I was the only home in the neighborhood...

Travelers Insurance / Claims

We are currently suing Travelers Insurance. Our home had winter storm damage totaling around $30, 000. Travelers sent a check for a little over $1, 000 dollars and took over a year and a half to do so. But dropped our homeowners insurance immediately. Some of Travelers cost savings suggestion...

Travelers Insurance - Maryland, Frederick / Worst Company I have had the &pleasure& to deal with

NigelC on 2011-02-04
I have been with this company for four years and for the past two I have had nothing but problems. It started with a minor accident almost two years ago with the total amount paid out of $1800. I had already paid more then that just in premiums. They were extremely stingy with the rental...

Travelers Insurance Company - Virginia / Rental Policy...not paying for loss

We have a rental insurance policy with Travelers and after experience a loss due to a hot water heater leaking and overflowing we contacted Travelers. An adjuster came out the next day, wrote everything up, took alot of pics, videos, etc. and told us to throw everything out as it wa...

St. Pauls Travelers Insurance ( Travelers Insurance ) - Connecticut / Refuse to Reimburse almost 2 yrs.

Tinu on
Almost 2 years St. Paul’s Travelers Insurance - NOW Travelers insurance for last 2 years ignore and fail to reimburse me for the Expert deposition they requested during litigation for their client. It’s about $2200.00. Even after numerous phone calls, letters to their attorney...

Travelers Insurance - North Carolina, Charlotte / slow, inadequate reimbursement

Travelers insurance appraises the vehicles that they have to pay for. Their appraisers always value the vehicle very low to keep their costs low. I was only offered 65 percent of nada value on my "above average " vehicle. They take an average vehicle price, then their appraisers nit pick...

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