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Geico Complaints & Reviews

Geico - Pennsylvania, Farmington / Roadside assistance gieco

Geico customer no more on Jul 1, 2016
To pissed off to go into great story about how shitty this insurance company is all I can say is I pulled of side of road so my son could pee and my truck got stuck in some mud so I called there roadside assistance that I pay extra money every month to have. I have never used any of Gieco...

Geico / Repairs on the car

David An on Jul 1, 2016
Hi We have a claim that requires body shop working on the car. Geico Agent told us we can take the car to any body shop, so we did. The body shop doesn't want to complete the job, they gave us two false date to complete the job and twice we had to go back home without the car. We called Geico...

Geico - North Carolina, Charlotte / Auto Insurance

cammons on Jun 20, 2016
GEICO is the most deceitful company I have ever had the displeasure of working with. I was misled from the beginning, starting with my quote that I received from Amber Broome of the South Blvd GEICO office in Charlotte, NC (abroome@geico.com, 704-523-AUTO) as well as the agency owner of...

Geico - Indiana, Indianapolis / Insurance policy auto debit and renewal

KendraAkinjo on Jun 1, 2016
Happy belated Memorial Day. My Memorial day was enjoyable but not the happy adventure I had planned for my family. I had imagined going to Indiana Dunes historic state Park with my daughters. During the drive I had imagined teaching them about the honorable women and men that gave...

Geico - Michigan, Macomb / Car Insurance

Amber Marie on May 20, 2016
This is a lengthy, but yet huge issue and awful customer service on Geico's part! In November 2016 my fiance noticed his car insurance seemed to be higher than normal and called on it. Mind you nothing has changed, he is the only driver. When he called he was told "back in May 2015 you...

Geico / Their policy

Chinaski on May 13, 2016
I was hit (rammed) by a Geico insured drive and I believe that she and her mother are Geico employees. The driver did not brake or swerve. I was turning into a busy intersection at 5:00 p.m. and she ran the red light and hit my car knocking it 180% onto the curb and deploying my side and...

Geico - Maryland, Chevy Chase / Claims

Jeffrey Valfer on May 10, 2016
I switched to Geico on April 18th from Liberty Mutual for car insurance. I had two vehicles a 2015 Ford Fusion and 2011 Chrysler 200. With any vehicles you need to have photo inspection done to have collision coverage on vehicle. I got photo inspection done on Ford Fusion, but was going to...

Geico - Virginia, Fredericksburg / Claims

jaybrando on May 10, 2016
On April 19, 2016 My vehicle was vandalized in the middle of the night my fiancé noticed the damage the next morning and immediately contacted the state police in return I followed up by contacting Geico and submitting a claim to get the repairs done the following day we had a claims adjuster...

Geico / Claims trouble

all0487 on Apr 18, 2016
I was hit by another Driver with Geico, 100% his fault he did not deny it. He gave us his insurance and never made a claim, i did. Then I tried to get in contact with Melanie my adjuster as far as a rental and ended up with absolutely no response, so i called and called till FINALLY the...

Geico - Virginia, Newport News / Insurance claim

Sabrina26 on Apr 13, 2016
I was involved in a accident with one of GEICO drivers The driver admitted to me and the police he was 100% at fault . the driver never called the accident in I did the night of geico never contacted me I contacted them today and they said they tried several times to contact him in haven't...

Geico - New Jersey, Linden / Auto accident claim

Amanda5569 on Mar 24, 2016
I've had Geico for multiple years. And have not had to file until recently. My vehicle was parked out front of my home and struck by a drunk driver. For a week I repeatedly called Geico so that I can start the process of having my car repaired or totaled out and reimbursed. I spoke with...

Geico / Tv commercial with car alarm

Reviewer27841 on Feb 6, 2016
Geico needs to stop running that stupid annoying ad in the early morning hours! They should concentrate on lowering their rates for customers who don't work for the government and live in urban areas. I think Warren Buffet has enough money, so try running that annoying commercial after 7:00 am. Thank You, Edward Baldwin

Geico - California, Glendale / Increase in insurance quote on updating name

Reviewer55580 on Jan 16, 2016
I tried updating my and my husband name in geico .they had given me certain quote which I was having for 3 months I updated my incorrect name and they increased my quote saying that they do not consider my Indian driving license while creating my insurance they did consider Indian driving...

Geico / Claims

Reviewer70653 on Jan 8, 2016
Concerning Auto Claim #0508297100101012. We were in an accident, which was not my fault on Dec. 22, 2015 in route to Christmas time with Family. We were over 100 miles from home (Greenville, SC). By the time we were able to obtain a rental car, which was slim picking at this time of year...

Geico / Car Insurance

Lyla777 on Dec 29, 2015
I was hit by a car rear ended in Los Angeles. I was forced to rent a car while I had body work done. When Geico insurance adjuster refused to pay Ifiled a complaint with the state of California Insurance Commission. Geico waited and waited and forced me to continue with the rental car two...

Geico / Unethical Behaviour

jrgmmg5659 on Dec 27, 2015
My daughter was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident. She had Geico insurance. She was 25 and had a policy on her own with Geico. Neither myself, my wife or any other family members have Geico coverage. After my daughter passed away I noticed in her mail that she owed Geico $283 for...

Geico - Florida, Daytona Beach / Insurance Claim

Beth-Aimee Every on Dec 22, 2015
My car was set on fire November 20th. I was not at fault. It isn now December 22 and I have had little to no help from Geico. Sandra Rodriguez who is over my claim has only ever called me back once and when she did she was rude!!! I have cancelled my insurance with geico. Worst service...

Geico - Texas, Dallas / Unethical behaviour

tammy fetch on Dec 21, 2015
I was hit by an motorist covered by Geico. He accepted liability. He sent in claim information to Geico at the scene of the accident. Geico contacted my insurance the next day and accepted liability as well. The insured was driving a rental car and now Geico is stating they are having to...

Geico / Ad

Reviewer51303 on Dec 18, 2015
The Peter Pan advertisement is reflective and supportive of the attitudes of some young, wise guy, people today. Smart mouthed, not necessarily smart. It is insulting to older adults and it would seem to me that Geico would not like to demean that segment of the populace. Withdrawing the ad would be the only solution to the problem.

Geico - Florida, Miami / Auto Calims

spairani on Dec 15, 2015
To whom this may concern: I have been abused by Humberto and his inspection team from Geico insurance. He and his inspection team Alexander and another female have given their word and taken it back server times. This company is not reliable. Back in 2014 I had an accident with the front...

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