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GEICO Complaints & Reviews

GEICO / Eric warner damage claims adjustor

Sarah Tompkins on Jan 13, 2017
My car was totaled on December 11, 2016. I spoke with Eric Warden the days following the incident, and the last I spoke with him was December 15, 2016. He was supposed to send me a form to give power of attorney on my vehicle, and I was told to expect a call from the salvage department. I...

GEICO / Commercials

butler.mgmt on Jan 12, 2017
you need to really change the format of what your trying to sell I have gone with non of the top insurance co on my auto home and boat insurance just for the fact of the annoying dumb commercials and the amount of times they are played in a short time span. ill even change the tv station...

GEICO / Claim

ErikaAlonso on Jan 12, 2017
On December 2, 2016 I was driving on the Left north bound lane on US1. Still going north bound, I see a car who was on the south bound left turning lane on US1 waiting for the traffic to clear so he could make a left turn. All of a sudden he makes the left turn as I was approaching I am...

GEICO / customer service

Simone Saxon on Jan 10, 2017
I am disgusted and appalled with the customer service I received from Geico. I got into an accident on December 12th. My car was towed to Frankie’s auto body shop by the 16th. The adjuster James Carducci went out to look at the damages and determined the cost. He set the estimated date of...

GEICO / 2012 dodge charger

Jermaine Hall on Jan 5, 2017
Policy 4163580295. My car was stolen and burned on Oct. 19 2016. For the last month the agents has been allegedly trying to verify that the vehicle belonged to me. Though the vin number couldn't be verified, my tag was on the car . I'm assuming that's how the police was able to contact the...

GEICO / Sumo wrestler tv commercial

Barbara Woodin on Jan 3, 2017
Love the gecko commercials, but the new sumo wrestler skating is just disgusting! This guy is so fat and unattractive, I can't stand to watch it! Usually watch all the geico commercials but this one is simply crude, vulgar and not at all funny! Fat men are not funny - grossly obese sumo...

GEICO / geico claims

Kim Hoskins on Dec 29, 2016
On December 1, 2016 I was in a hit and run accident, I took a pitcher of the tag, called police got a report and then called GEICO, of course the driver had the same policy, so of course GEICO adjusters Steven Campay wich is my so called adjuster, and Michael Bulkey claimed just because...

GEICO / Disrespectful employee kyle short

Dxp on Dec 28, 2016
I called on Friday Dec 23, 2016 at 1:11pm to look for my claim adjuster Brandon Baker. Supervisor Kyle short called me back at 1:24pm and said he will be assisting with Brandon's file. I ask if Kyle could provide me a letter stating the findings and liability of claim adjuster. He said...

GEICO / Employee

Angela Lyn. Lasut on Dec 21, 2016
Erica Sherman is on Facebook announcing she is a geico employee and in process of her representation of the company she told myou sister to kill herself and went to the extreme knowing our uncle and cousin committed suicide I have thought about printing out the picture and mailing it to...

GEICO / Claim repair

Dwayne Flint on Dec 20, 2016
Took a deer hit to my sts caddie and just got the estimate from the claims guy. Well i took it back to the office and looked up lkq and found that these f###s want to use... Used... Junk yard parts on my car... Wtf? Never ever in 40+ years of driving have i heard of that. Called kid up and...

GEICO / Geico policy number: 4397283955 / geico claim no. : 0535649030101065

Sadi1134 on Dec 16, 2016
Geico Policy Number: 4397283955. Geico Claim No.: 0535649030101065 Incident Date: 12/06/2016. Reported Date:12/06/2016. Reported By: Md Rafsan Islam Policy holder Your Name: Mohammed R Islam Your Claim Role: Insured Listed Party. Incident Location: PA. Type of Claim: Vehicle Geico salvage...

GEICO / Coverage refusal

David E Goodwin on Dec 9, 2016
About a month ago I struck a dear we actually I ran over a deer that had just been hit by another vehicle and there was damage done to our corvettes undercarriage on my way home from work. I stopped about a half mile down the road in a clearing to look and see if there was any damage to...

GEICO / Claim number 0412873040101067

Paul Yawn on Dec 7, 2016
Geico after doing an estimate for damage repair to my vehicle is now refusing to pay the repair shop for the amount over my $500.00 deductible. Geico's actions has caused me extended use of a rental vehicle. During the day I attempted to contact the damage adjuster Range L. Polonia (305...

GEICO / Refund check

Pat Drane on Dec 6, 2016
March 29th check for refund $78.15 was to be sent to me. Aug. 15th stop payment of check and resend. Miguel said check resent Sept. 2nd. Tues. 11/29 Allison said we should receive check in 24-48 hours. On 12/6 Raul said request was sent to Geico's bank and they were suppose to mail a check to...

GEICO / Auto insurance quote

Sonyaowens on Dec 5, 2016
My policy was cancelled then restarted, I was quoted 311$ monthly payment then I received email stating 401$ monthly payment, I called spoke with someone who said I have to sign a P I P form, I then tried but couldn't find the page, I then called back to make my payment on December1 and...

GEICO / Geico motorcycle

Ralph DeGutis on Dec 2, 2016
tried canceling and received BS from woman about not canceling and saving. I said no and she kept talking BS telling me that I could have had the low rate. I expected the low rate when contacted . I will go to Progressive your web site cannot help me it just sends me to auto, it does not...

GEICO / Geico sucks and did not pay the claim

Haowei Zhang on Nov 21, 2016
I have an accident in August. I am 80 percent liable. I do not have collision coverage but I have uninsured motorist insurance. Geico sent me a letter saying "We are filing a claim against the responsible party for the total amount of damage to your vehicle, including your deductible of...

Geico Insurance / Auto insurance

Renay Morris on Nov 16, 2016
So I have been with Geico for a few years. I have been well taken care of with no complaints up until now. Today I received an email with a request of an updated address and so when I logged in I was prompted to do so. When that was done I had for some reason received a new quote. My bill...

GEICO / Low customer service standards

M Gh on Nov 9, 2016
After 15 years as their customer, GEICO shows no appreciation for my business. I submitted this letter to them on 11/7: -------------- Hello! I hope somebody who cares about Customer Service reads this. If not, at least I did my part. On 9/30 I received a reminder about my policy renewal and I...

GEICO / Policy

rofes12 on Oct 25, 2016
Literally the worst insurance company ever. I was going down a hill where there is only one lane each way, this 83 year old lady is my oncoming traffic and she is waiting to turn left (from my left to right) and she starts turning left so I would have t-boned her, I had to break super hard...

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