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The Government Employees Insurance Company is an auto insurance company.
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Geico Complaints & Reviews

Geico / Tv commercial with car alarm

Reviewer27841 on 2016-02-06
Geico needs to stop running that stupid annoying ad in the early morning hours! They should concentrate on lowering their rates for customers who don't work for the government and live in urban areas. I think Warren Buffet has enough money, so try running that annoying commercial after 7:00 am. Thank You, Edward Baldwin

Geico - California, Glendale / Increase in insurance quote on updating name

Reviewer55580 on 2016-01-16
I tried updating my and my husband name in geico .they had given me certain quote which I was having for 3 months I updated my incorrect name and they increased my quote saying that they do not consider my Indian driving license while creating my insurance they did consider Indian driving...

Geico / Claims

Reviewer70653 on 2016-01-08
Concerning Auto Claim #0508297100101012. We were in an accident, which was not my fault on Dec. 22, 2015 in route to Christmas time with Family. We were over 100 miles from home (Greenville, SC). By the time we were able to obtain a rental car, which was slim picking at this time of year...

Geico / Car Insurance

Lyla777 on 2015-12-29
I was hit by a car rear ended in Los Angeles. I was forced to rent a car while I had body work done. When Geico insurance adjuster refused to pay Ifiled a complaint with the state of California Insurance Commission. Geico waited and waited and forced me to continue with the rental car two...

Geico / Unethical Behaviour

jrgmmg5659 on 2015-12-27
My daughter was recently killed in a motor vehicle accident. She had Geico insurance. She was 25 and had a policy on her own with Geico. Neither myself, my wife or any other family members have Geico coverage. After my daughter passed away I noticed in her mail that she owed Geico $283 for...

Geico - Florida, Daytona Beach / Insurance Claim

Beth-Aimee Every on 2015-12-22
My car was set on fire November 20th. I was not at fault. It isn now December 22 and I have had little to no help from Geico. Sandra Rodriguez who is over my claim has only ever called me back once and when she did she was rude!!! I have cancelled my insurance with geico. Worst service...

Geico - Texas, Dallas / Unethical behaviour

tammy fetch on 2015-12-21
I was hit by an motorist covered by Geico. He accepted liability. He sent in claim information to Geico at the scene of the accident. Geico contacted my insurance the next day and accepted liability as well. The insured was driving a rental car and now Geico is stating they are having to...

Geico / Ad

Reviewer51303 on 2015-12-18
The Peter Pan advertisement is reflective and supportive of the attitudes of some young, wise guy, people today. Smart mouthed, not necessarily smart. It is insulting to older adults and it would seem to me that Geico would not like to demean that segment of the populace. Withdrawing the ad would be the only solution to the problem.

Geico - Florida, Miami / Auto Calims

spairani on 2015-12-15
To whom this may concern: I have been abused by Humberto and his inspection team from Geico insurance. He and his inspection team Alexander and another female have given their word and taken it back server times. This company is not reliable. Back in 2014 I had an accident with the front...

Geico Insurance Company / TV Commercial - Peter Pan

Reviewer44428 on 2015-12-07
This Geico TV commercial depicting Peter Pan is the most degrading, prejudice and annoying commercial I've ever seen. The character degrades adults by the comments and the overall pitch 'you make me feel so young'. I trust that Geico's adult customer population will be as offended by thi...

Geico / Scam and Ripoff by Geico

beverly snider on 2015-11-20
To Geico Insurance Company, I have been with Gecko a least I thought a value customer over eight years, I left State Farm to come over to Geico, up until today Geico have never let me down. As usual I called Geico the beginning of October the 30th 2015 to stop my debit payment until the...

Geico / Failure to pay a claim / but its their fault ,

tony purp on 2015-11-09
On 10/9/15 I was traveling on a 25mph road pulling my enclosed 6x12 trailer when a vehicle came from a side street and struck my trailer in the middle right side of it. The police report says the vehicle that struck my trailer did not yield to my vehicle that had right of way. The other...

Geico - Texas, Helotes / TV Commercial

Reviewer97256 on 2015-11-05
You have recently started broadcasting a commercial which shows a boy representing Peter Pan. It is disappointing to see you showing Peter Pan as a dis-respective youth to his elders. Making fun of them. Peter Pan has always been a beloved fairy tale character. You have depicted him like so many in the world, no respect for anything or anyone.

Geico / Customer Service

Alan AS on 2015-10-12
Geico is supposed to be this great insurance company? Right … . My daughter added another car to their insurance policy a few weeks ago. They should have had a Mazda 3 and 6 on their insurance policy. The insurance agent replaced the car, instead of adding a car, on the policy. Maybe the...

Geico / Stabbed in the back by GEICO

I "was" with GEICO for 15 years and recently learned their true colors. In May of 2015 my son was in a major hit and run accident. The other person T-boned my son on the driver's side. The damage was bad enough that my son had to be pulled out of the passenger side. The other driver wa...

Geico / Insurance

Reviewer27326 on 2015-09-21
Recently I was in a small fender bender in a parking lot. I was backed out of my spot about to turn out of the parking lot when a gentlemen decided to back down the aisle. As he backed down the Aisle he backed into my car. He got out and apologized, was very nice and gave me his insurance...

Geico - Maryland, Bethesda / Raising rates for no reason

Susan Bee on 2015-09-17
I have had insurance with Geico since April of 2014. I received my new policy information from Geico and noted that my rates were raised $10 per month, with no reason given. When I called them to inquire (Monday evening, 9/15/15), I had to speak to a young pompous male, who had no clue and...

Geico - Maryland, Chevy Chase / Screwed Me

WOT Lies on 2015-09-01
Claim 03913434601xxxxx I was rear ended in my pristine classic mustang, fully restored, while stopped at a stop light. The fault was 100% with the other driver. The other driver gave me her Geico insurance information. I took pictures. I submitted a police report. My insurance State...

Geico Insurance - Alabama, Camden / Goat commerical

Shamika54@yahoo.com on 2015-07-10
Geico, insurance company commericals are hilarious. I'm offended by the recent one i seen. With all this racial bias going on, why would they make such a bias commerical. "The goat yells out and the black women takes off her glasses ready to fight". Like all black women get rowdy and...

Geico - Alabama, Fairfield / Cancellation

Tootallmikey on 2015-07-07
I have Power of Attorney and am Co Executor on my elderly Parents Living Trust. On October 2nd of 2014 at the request of my mother, she wanted to changed their homeowners Ins. from Farmers to GEICO simply because GEICO was less per year and had better coverage's makes sense...

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