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State Farm / Didn't do a good job with my son's claim

Ayesha W on 2016-04-30
State Farm didn't do a good job with my son's claim. He was in an accident on 2/14/2016. They took 2 and a half months close to 3 months to try to finalize it. What they did was SET ME UP! They said it didn't look like my son was at fault for the accident. And they wanted to...

State Farm / Claims department refuses to reopen claim from defective/faulty item replaced

leighgalo on 2016-04-27
December of 2015 My Nissan Murano car needed a transfer case replacement after a accident. To cut the story short, the claims department of State farm approved the claim. very unfamiliar with the process they said we can choose any shop to bring the car. We choose the Nissan Dealer because...

State Farm - Indiana, Bloomington / Auto Insurance

lisasmith68 on 2016-04-25
State Farm Agent Amanda Blackburn in Leo, Indiana was instructed to lower my collision deducible. Instead, she lowered my comprehensive deductible. When a claim on my vehicle arose later, State Farm refused to honor the lower deductible even though there is a clear digital trail showing...

State Farm / Roadside Assistance

Evelyn Berrios on 2016-04-07
Fri 4/1 called road side assist. Waited over 5 hours for a tow truck to arrive. Paid $165 towing bill which I could submit for reimbursement. As of 4/7, I have been passed around like a hot potato. Apparently, there is no reimbursement recourse when I "chose" to go further than the nearest...

State Farm - Louisiana, Lake Charles / Deanne-employee for this office

Parisc on 2016-04-03
I am a lender for a local bank in The Lake Charles, LA area and I spoke with Deanne at Jim Mitchell's office for a State Farm last week. When she answered the phone I told her my name, she said "uh huh" I said you don't seem too happy to hear from me, she said, "what...

State Farm - Indiana, Indianapolis / Insurance claim on a 5th wheel.

Haleman on 2016-02-07
Our 5th wheel was caught in a flash flood. We filed a claim with State Farm. The comp they used was not for the same RV, they also did not add that it was a high profile RV with over $4, 000 in options. State Farm used Auto Source located in an other state who said they couldn't find any...

State Farm Insurance - Colorado, Littleton / Home Insurance

Reviewer58091 on 2016-02-03
This past September I had hail damage to my home and I filed a claim. State Farm's handling of the incident has me wishing that I had never filed the claim. So far I have received 4 different checks. 3 of the checks were made out to me, my wife and the mortgage company. We had to endorse...

State Farm Insurance - Alabama, Birmingham / Agent with a cavalier behavior

jackson.lanny on 2016-01-19
State farm Insurance Complaint Board To whom it may concern My name is Lanny E. Jackson I am launching a complaint against Tamika McLauren one of State Farms agent; who has displayed a unprofessionalism attitude at its worst; I am a Co-signer of a 2012 Honda Civic alone with a Torrie...

State Farm - Tennessee, Clarksville / Auto Insurance

Reviewer56784 on 2016-01-14
I had state farm since Janurary 2015, & from the beginning i knew this was a mistake. I was advised i would have $2, 000 in medical coverage as well as 25/50 & roadside, i paid $304.86 every month for BASIC LIMITED coverage. Every month, I paid through a credit card over the phone to a...

State Farm - Arizona, Phoenix / Denies an accident occured

feeneyjj on 2015-12-28
On December 8, 2015, I had just installed my DC license plates on my brand new 2015 GMC Sierra Denali pickup, parked in front of my home, and was finishing placement of the inspection sticker when I noticed someone trying to pull out from behind my truck. I went to the rear of the truck to...

State Farm - Texas, Lubbock / Auto Policy Transfer

Reviewer57798 on 2015-11-27
I relocated to Lubbock, Texas in the May of 2015, to begin graduate school. Once my financial aid dispersed, I was financially able to transfer my auto insurance policy from Florida (the rates in TX are higher). Once the Texas policy was written however, it did not cancel my policy in...

State Farm Insurance - Maine, Portland / Refusing To Pay For Damages

Jasmine55 on 2015-11-25
On the afternoon of Oct 7, 2015, a State Farm policy holder entered into his parked vehicle, started his engine, and proceeded to pull out without looking. He hit my daughter's vehicle causing $1, 180.00 in damage. At the accident scene, State Farm's policy holder told the police...

State Farm - Illinois, Ottawa / Coverage

Reviewer84609 on 2015-11-18
I have been a customer of State Farm for 20+ years. I have to say that my agent has been great, and no complaints about him and his office. My husband and I own five cars (we have 3 teenagers), a boat and also home owners insurance and a life insurance policy. In the last few years, we...

State Farm Insurance - Illinois, Bloomington / Renters Insurance

Reviewer62467 on 2015-11-09
A bag loss/theft claim under Renters Insurance has not been resolved for months and the investigator has made an inappropriate request. My daughter filed a claim for a bag loss/theft at the airport in August 27, 2015. The claim was immediately assigned to an investigator who has a history...

State Farm - New York, Highland Mills / My State Farm Agent LIED

Reviewer10119 on 2015-09-05
I switched from my former company because the State Farm Agent lied to me. Had he told me the truth I would have stayed with my old company. But he assured me that THEIR practice will not be raising their rates every year. Well they do. So I called the agent and told him he is a lying SOB...

State Farm Insurance / There are sad and filled with woe

Reviewer74249 on 2015-08-30
State farm is sad and filled with woe Edward rust is no longer ceo He had knowledge, but wasn’t in the know The board said it was time for him to go All american girl starred margaret cho The miami heat coach is nicknamed spo I hate to paddle but don’t like to row Edward rust is no longer...

State Farm Villa Rica Ga - Georgia, Temple / Claim handling and poor representation

Jennifer Brewer on 2015-08-28
I was in a car accident on August 8th, 2015. The incident occurred due to a commercial truck being parked in a residential area blocking over half of the road way forcing drivers to drive up and down the wrong side of the road to enter and exit the cul de sac as well as making it...

State Farm / Storm coverage

shekarchee on 2015-07-14
I just saw an add about State Farm insurance company helping folks after storm. That is far from truth, a tree came down on my house, took 2 floors and hale of deck during storm. Person assign to my case contacted me 3 month later, he would not return my calls. emails, text. He finally...

State Farm Insurance - Hawaii, Wahiawa / scam

Mrrite808 on 2015-06-25
I had dealings with kellie - ann mizusawa beware this chick untrustworthy and now selling insurance On the north shore of oahu. She had worked at haleiwa joes and stole over $100, 000 !! She also has stole $10, 000 from an ex boyfriend credit card just recently. Very shady!

State Farm Insurance - Indiana, Syracuse / calls,emails,letters

DebbiT on 2015-06-09
I have received letters, emails, and phone calls from your company. I inquired about your company 2 years ago and was told that you would not insure me because I had 1 claim!(in 15 years). Please leave me alone. I do tell everyone think your company is awful. Please take me off your list. So like a good neighbor leave me alone.

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