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601 S. Minnesota Ave.
Sioux Falls
South Dakota
United States - 57104

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First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard are sister organizations under the holding company United National Corporation (UNC) yet they operate independently. First PREMIER Bank’s roots are in community banking and has experienced solid growth at the national level with many of the products and services we provide.

First Premier Bank Complaints & Reviews

First Premier Bank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / Credit Card Division

Reviewer57311 on Feb 20, 2016
I have an account with this company. While my credit card had an outstanding balance on it I tried to cancel the card because of disputes on the balance. I was not allowed to. BUT during this time, they opened another account under my name WITHOUT my authorization. I called to get...

First Premier Bank Credit Card - North Carolina / Rip off/ fees attached caused my balance to go over the limit

annoyed cosumer on Oct 9, 2012
I am complaining against the company for filing my account to the credit reporting agency, and I had missed one payment at the time. The collector for the account called, and I spoke to her and told her that I would not pay for all the fees, that have been attached causing my account to go...

Angela Marie Williams - Florida, Groveland / unaurthorize charges to my credit card

AAngiewil on Aug 15, 2012
I recieved a bill from first Premier bank, i was charged For Unaurthorized fee of 29.95, on My billing statement, i called into customer service, they informed me too Contact fruad department, because they see the last diget of my credit card, is the same, but they see were it's not...

First Premier Bank / This sort of backstabbing is unacceptable and fraudulent not to mention criminal and 180 degrees wrong

Gemena on Mar 11, 2012
I was making an effort to pay off a credit card balance earlier this year when my house was destroyed and both of my vehicles were totaled in a devastating EF5 tornado that demolished large swathes of real estate in Joplin MO on 22 May. I just received a notice that told me that my account...

First Premier Bank / late fees when payment is paid on time

Evansandsons on Jan 22, 2012
I pay my account every month on time- but when I looked at my statements this month I had a late fee. Called them and resolved it. I then called 2 days later to make a payment on my specified due date- they informed me it would be late unless I paid an additional 11 dollars because it wa...

First Premier Bank / Security concerns

Brian H. on Dec 21, 2011
Why does this bank send out a replacement card already activated in a envelope via first class mail with Fist Premeir Bank Card writen on it? Send in plain white envelope without company letter head, and activate after your receipt of card verifying your information.

First Premier Bank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / false statements attempt to defraud

false statements on Oct 11, 2011
After paying minimum payment due $36.00 a first premier bank employee calls me stating they have not recieved my payment-that late charges-bank fees-card fees are added and demand payment. The payment was within there system, and there custody this was verified by the banks automated phone...

First Premier Bank Credit Card - Florida, Gainesville / scam

Durdana on Aug 29, 2011
Scammers! Besides overcharging you for every service that is supposed to be free, they purposely drag their feet when you dispute some charges and then they refuse to help you, stating that it is too late to overturn the charges, blaming postal office for their mistakes. Plus they keep hanging up on you when you try to cancel the card

First Premier Bank / Rip off

Eric on Jun 20, 2011
First Premier Bank claims I owe it close to $400 in membership and assorted fees even though I'd cut up my two First Premier bank credit cards, sent the cut-up cards back to the bank and had already paid off all of my minimum amounts due. First Premier Bank failed to do its market...

First Premier Bank - South Dakota, Sioux Falls / Let Direct Tv use our credit card

Robert Perkins on Jun 4, 2011
Direct TV tried to use our credit card to pay off $33.16 that we owed them. We had already paid them so we called First Premier Bank to close that account but the said we were such good customers let them cancel the old card and issue a new one and we said ok. On 11/05/2010 they let Direct...

First Premier Bank - California / late charges

susieqty1 on May 29, 2011
My credit got bad because of Identity Theft (the creeps get by with it and it goes on my credit?) and First Premiere offered me a credit/debit card. Interest rate seemed usurious. Because of fraudulent actions of Compass Bank, my account was way overdrawn according to them, and I had no...

First Premier Bank / Claims I owe them after account closure

Mondatay on May 29, 2011
First Premier Bank claims I owe it close to $400 in membership and assorted fees even though I'd cut up my two First Premier bank credit cards, sent the cut-up cards back to the bank and had already paid off all of my minimum amounts due. First Premier Bank failed to do its market...

First Premier Bank Credit Card - Vermont / Withdrew Deposit After Canceled CC Application

LeRoiCR on Apr 14, 2011
I applied for a credit card from First Premier Bank on April 7, 2011. I changed my mind and called them April 8, 2011 to cancel the application and to stop the deposit withdrawal from my bank account. The representative on the phone told me the deposit was canceled and that I could call...

First Premier Bank - Iowa, Sioux Falls / Unlawful Business Practices

discretionplz on Apr 7, 2011
This company operates under the pretense of helping people re-build credit. I applied for the card and paid the $179 fee immediately. The first month they reported me 30 days late. I paid another fee immediately, though I had not used the card. Things went well for 3 months after that and...

First Premier Bank / Scam

Allison L. on Mar 7, 2011
I am a recipient of a First Premier Bank Card. I once had poor credit due to medical bills, and when I became a parent and went back to school, I knew I needed to get my credit back on track. I paid off all my debt, but my credit score wasn't moving up. So, like most in my position, I...

First Premier Bank - California, Lost Angeless / Federal Offense - Selling Customer Information Inlucding SSN

UseryIsBadMkay on Feb 9, 2011
I had a two credit cards with 1st Premier Bank about 10 years ago to help build my credit up, which I decided to pay off and close due to the fact that the interest charges would never go away even if I paid my full balance before the due dates. Anyway, I left both accounts paid off and in...

First Premier Bank Credit Card / Terrible Bank - FPB

Rapaka on Jan 29, 2011
I closed my FPB credit card in Oct 2009 with $0.00 on the card. In Jan 2011, I received a credit alert from the FPB, with $64.00 of outstanding balance. I never used it after I close my account. I called FPB guys, they said everything is closed with your account and they dont know how the...

First Premier Bank Card - Idaho, Sioux Falls / Fraud

MsYada on Jan 23, 2011
Got this High Fee Card to help build Credit. Fraud charges appeard on Card in Feb 2010. The account is paid in full automatically from our bank account. We filed a Dispute with no resolve from Premier The Only thing First Premier did was to close the account and reopen and new account and...

First Premier Bank - North Dakota, sioux falls / $750 limit paid $630 payment not posted showing over limit

Velma Smit-Lewis on Jan 14, 2011
My balance goes up even when I make my payment. I've made three (3) payments of $200.00 and one (1) payment of $30.00. I've only seen the $30. dollar payment posted never the $600.00 dollars payments. My balance is now over the $750.00 limit. Talked to them. I never went over the...

First Premier Bank / Fradulent Charges

2 months ago I had my account paid down to half of my credit limit. Then the due date was changed and a 38 dollar fee was added plus 44 dollar "over limit fee". I called and was told this would be taken care of. They have continued to move my due date, making each monthly payment late and...

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