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Wells Fargo Bank, Bremerton, Washington Complaints & Reviews - Unauthorized levy fee, SSI money

Wells Fargo Bank Contacts & Informations

Wells Fargo Bank

Posted:    Daniel Thompson

Unauthorized levy fee, SSI money

Complaint Rating:  75 % with 4 votes
Contact information:
Wells Fargo Bank
Bremerton, Washington
United States
Phone: 360 633 7143
A couple months ago 100 Dollars was with held from my account for a levy charge to do with a bill collector getting a court order. I called the levy dept. at Wells Fargo Bank twice to try to get them to return my hundred dollars, they flat refused both times. After researching, Federal law prohibits them from taking SSI money. I have had an account at Wells Fargo for years and years and the only money ever deposited was SSI money only! My question is: Do I have any recourse to get my 100 dollars back? I barely survive as it is, why can they take money from SSI money in my account when Federal law says they can't? I would appreciate any help or advice on this matter. Thank you very much.
Comments United States Collections Agencies
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 27th of Mar, 2010 by   BMINEBITCH 0 Votes
Call Wells Fargo back, be very nice to the first person that will listen to your situation. You are trying to get past the first to speak to the Supervisor. Approach them like this "You have a legal question and you would like to know yor options."

If you choose to follow my advice, please keep me posted. I HATE when these financial institutions have illegal procedures!
 2nd of Aug, 2010 by   Angry Wells Fargo Customer 0 Votes
Wells Fargo Bank are a bunch of crooks and now they have figured out how yet to tack on another outrageous fee $100.00
out of your account. You see they are not satisfied with screwing you on the little interest they pay you..now the have Tax Boards giving them a license to steal. 53 minutes on hold I guess their first line of defense is to wear you out on hold..but be patient. I was current on my child support and had an agreement with the court on the arrears which also had a payment plan with the courtthat was in compliance.
Child Support sent a request for information on my account and for some schmook looking up my balance and letting them know I was broke as a hoe on crack they charged me $100.00. I'm fighting this and I will make them work for those hundred dollars. And when I'm done I'm closing down my account. Banks are just plain thives these days.
 14th of Apr, 2011 by   Un-Happy with Wells fargo 0 Votes
I had a levy against me and a letter was sent to the bank by the IRS. I didnt know this until I was talking with an IRS agent. She said it was already sent out but she would send them a release letter to stop it. Since the original levy notice wasnt recieved yet by the Wells Fargo Levy department my release that I had in hand and the levy department also had the release in hand, they said they had to honor the levy and I would have to then recall the IRS and have them send out another release to lift the levy. What a crock of shit. Try to be pro-active and this happens. The guy had the release letter in hand and knew the levy notice was going to asrrive any second/day, he still said he had to apply the levy. Wells Fargo sucks for not helping me. So i sit and wait for my account to be levied, then I have to make another call and battle the IRS to get it released. Bastards

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