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Walmart, Landover Hills Complaints & Reviews - Ethics policy violation. Employee assault, harassment, personal injury during the assault, wrongful termination and civil rights violations

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Posted:    Frederick A. Murphy

Ethics policy violation. Employee assault, harassment, personal injury during the assault, wrongful termination and civil rights violations

Complaint Rating:  45 % with 47 votes
Contact information:
6210 Annapolis Road
Landover Hills, United States
Phone: (301) 773-7848
September 22, 2008

To whom it may concern:

I was an employee at the walmart store located at 6210 annapolis road landover hills, md 20784 (301) 773 - 7848. As of september 20, 2008, i had been employed there for a total of fourteen and a half months.

The reason i am writing this letter is because i believe that the disrespectful behavior of staff toward employees and customers should be investigated. The store manager, emmanuel gilliam speaks to his staff in such a disrespectful way that shocked me to the core. I couldn’t believe it. As i searched the internet in an attempt to locate the walmart corporate information, i stumbled on many online reports of how walmart had treated some of their former managers, employees and customers. Much of that information can be found here: http: / / www. Complaintsboard.com / ?Search=walmart

Just recently i was terminated from walmart by manager, andrea lloyd just for asking a question during a meeting. After that i was assaulted by two employees right in front of her while she stood and did nothing. I have contacted the global ethics helpline at 1 - 800 - wm - ethic who are in the process of launching an investigation against her as well as the store for the following: ethics policy violation. Employee assault, harassment, personal injury during the assault, wrongful termination and civil rights violations. There are many other employees there who are afraid to speak up for themselves for fear of retaliation by miss lloyd as well as other higher ups.

I ask that you please let our surrounding communities know the type of mean spirited individuals who are disrespecting our children, sisters, mothers, brothers and fathers. Their claim is to help family and community, but they have done more harm than good. The only thing they've been doing is stealing money from the people in these communites. Former manager larry winick stole large sums of money from this same walmart store and was never prosecuted for his crime. Now every other local walmart store has received bonuses except for the one in landover hills. We don't know why because the employees are afraid to ask in fear of retaliation. I believe that enough is enough.

When it comes to walmart, customer service has now become a mythical entity.


Frederick a. Murphy
Comments United States Bullying and Harassment at Work
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 13th of Dec, 2008 by   fishawn 0 Votes
Hi, sorry this happened to you. Were the police called? Was anyone charged? I'll keep in touch or...my e-mail is robertsalasiii@hotmail.com feel free!

Good luck, Robert
 22nd of Jun, 2009 by   Maria Anthis 0 Votes
I agree that Walmart needs to reassess their policies on respect and ethical treatment of their employees. A similar situation is occurring in the Manchester, Ct store. I do not work for Wal mart, however I do work management for another retailer that employs an associate who works for Walmart dayside and then part-time for our company. I am 100 percent sure (after hearing in great detail some age discrimination and race discrimination that is happening to her from upper management) that she is being harassed and treated unfairly.
No person should be treated in the manner that she has and Wal mart should reprimand, if not terminate the management that is doing this. The HR department should re evaluate their policies on ethical treatment of their associates immediately. As a retail manager, I am disgusted at the stories I hear about the Manchester, Ct store.
Shame on them.

Maria S. Anthis
 24th of Jun, 2009 by   scared to loose job, but tired of it!! 0 Votes
In my walmart the guy that works with me, his father is my store managers landlord, and yes, he gets by with anything. We are made to cut our time, i have been told that we can get fired for having overtime. We have secondary job codes, so if there are not enough hours for us in our own department, they can move us to be cashiers, they tell us that the front end score card means everything. A fellow associates secondary job code puts him working under his wife, his wife is a department manager. its real funny that they get the hours and the days off the want. Corporate just turned off all of the intercom systems, so if you have a lost child we can not call a code adam, if we have a fire we can not let anyone know to evacuate, we can not even page a customer.
 1st of Nov, 2009 by   prophecy24 +1 Votes
I would like to add that I feel your pain because I to was a walmart employee and was treated so poorly in that same matter managers feel as tho they can say or do whatever they like to there associates and its totally wrong..I was employed at the walmart here in Philadelphia PA store number 2141 and it is so currupted in there its crazy I worked overnights and was recently let go after 4yrs with the company because I refused to be a drone and I stood up for what was right..I was terminated by Asst Mgr Shannon Reilley which she was call on her phone by Asst Mgr Omar Overton to fire me which i think is totally unprofessional then after i was fired and he came to work the next day I heard from associates that he was bragging to them about firing me "bragging" totally unprofessional and to make matters worse I was fired on attendance and the first time I was coached was because I had called out for and emergency with my daughter the next night I brought in documentation and photos proving that it wasnt a hoax Omar Overton still coached me saying it was protocal then almost a week later I had a servere nose bleed due to having high blood pressure I was bleeding on the floor while working and had to sit down because i was feeling dizzy and faint and the other associates seen this and called Asst Mgr Shannon to come evaluate the situation which took her 20mins to do so but being the trooper that I am and not wanting to get coached again i went back to work right after that but the next day I felt really sick so I called out and the day after that I was coached again not even a week apart in which there not suppose to do but they get away with it anyway...I have heard Omar Overton say degrating things about other associates and racist things also like he once told me "dont let these white motherfuckers get over on you" and he even went to the links of calling another associate that he asked to help me his "white slave" which he did 3 seperate times and i confronted him on it and told him he better never say that to me again I wanted to go above his head and get him out of there for all the wrong doings he was commiting but i know they wouldnt get rid of him and I worried that he would retaliate against me which he has done to other associates in the past...I to will be calling ethics on Monday morning but i refuse to work at walmart ever again until they fix these terrible problems cause face it without US ASSOCIATES THERE WOULD BE NO WALMART!!!There is so much to my story with these managers and I will make it known on how they treat there workers and how disrespectful, impolite, and most of all TOTAL UNPROFESSIONAL and something needs to be done!!! So to your complaint my friend they asked if I agree if they made it so we could add our own agrees mine would say SUPER STRONGLY AGREE!!! You take care and trust me they will not get away with this injustice for long... theprophecy080485@gmail.com like I said I have more to my story feel free to hit me up!!!
 21st of Jan, 2010 by   Tatnurse 0 Votes
My son worked at the Wal-Mart in Vandalia IL. He was praised for his work many times, but because he made the other associates in his department look bad they tried to force him out. Last week they told him he was being moved to a cashier position, against his will. Then, two days ago he had a stomach bug. He was at work, vomiting in the bathroom. A manager was called and he was sent home because he was sick. Yesterday he went to work, worked his shift, and then they fired him for his 'unexcused absence'! He has been there almost a year, and he has a 6 month old son and another baby due in June. He is devastated by this. I am so angry at these people, if I thought we stood a chance I would file a suit against them for wrongful termination.
 24th of Feb, 2010 by   ljoyesutton 0 Votes
Stop shopping at Wal-mart. I know thing are really tight, but, I would rather spend a few pennys more to get the service I deserve. I did work under Emmanuel Gilliam at st # 5129 Landover Hills Md. He is VERY direspectful and threatning. He brought the morale of the store to 0. He is by far the worst manager I have seen in 18 years in retail. He lies, he has also demanded the his cash office doctor books, and if you question it he is quick to say do you want you job. He is digusting and he will get his. EVIL HAS A SHORT SHELFLIFE.
 9th of Mar, 2010 by   afcalt 0 Votes
My son was terminated yesterday from Sam's Club in Franklin, TN. He was out for 2 evening shifts last week to be the best man in his only sibling's wedding. He found someone to take his shifts and received approval from a manager. That sub showed up for both shifts. When my son returned to work, the approving manager had left the store and returned to Sam's club in Nevada and they fired my son for 2 no call, no show shifts. They stated that he received approval from the wrong manager. Don't you think that manager would have told him that??? Guess not. The store manager has refused to see him or speak to him to explain what happened and he did not get a verbal or written warning. No second chance here. He had been an employee for almost 18 months, 3 excellent reviews and wage increases. I don't understand and we are very confused. You would think Walmart and Sam's would want to keep good and dependable employees. I will never shop with them again - no matter how much lower their prices may be.
Sad Mom in Spring Hill, TN
 3rd of Apr, 2010 by   alaynarose 0 Votes
I have worked at the Walmart store in OK for about two years now. I dare not say which one for fear of being fired over it. I could never sit and list all the complaints here that I have with the management due to the fact it would take the next six years. I started dating a women who also works at the same Walmart about a seven months ago. She was asked on a regular basis to help fill in at the deli where I work. And the fact that I am also female this because an issue with management as soon as they where aware we where a couple. We keep everything professorial at all times and we are both hard workers. Yet as soon as the manager found this out she was given a 50 foot band from my department. Only being asked and allowed to help out when they messed up on the scheduling and I was left alone to handle the entire department. Mind you she was still only allowed to do this if the main store manger was not there. If he is in the store he would rather the customers not receive the proper help and walk off than let her help me out. They recently hired a man who is a little slow but also very angry at life in general. When I went on by scheduled break yesterday he was left alone for five minuets and was upset about this enough to cuss me out in fount of customers and other employees to the point where I felt threatened. I went to the assistant manager Adam who was there at the time and asked that he please speak to him about his behavior and told him I was not comfortable and felt threatened by his behavior. He listen to me said he would address it and did noting. Maybe if management spent less time sitting in the office chatting and on the phones they would be more aware and care about what was going on in there own store. We are continually running out of food in the deli causing customers to become upset with me and often irate. I feel Walmart managers should be forced to take management classes that not only teach them about customer service but also how to treat there employees with respect. Respect goes a long way in making employees do a better job and in caring about what happens in their store. Also whats up with the bonuses? Our store has not received one in over eight months. I have been working since I was 15 years old and am now 47 I have never felt the disrespect and unconcern from any management I have come across as I do working for Walmart. And I have found the only way to move up in Walmart is to suck up to management. And this also plays into the fact that management is very unfair in how that treat each employee. The more you suck up the more you can get away with. You speak out you are distend to be fired for one thing or another.
 16th of Nov, 2010 by   falke86 0 Votes
I whole heartedly agree with what's being said about their lack of morals and ethics. I worked for sams club in cocoa, fl and was just recently terminated for my 1st ammendment right. They passed down a new policy that, in the end, would end up doing more harm than good (to make a long story short) and I didn't agree with it at all. Firstly, they printed the policy out from the internet. It was not an official signature form. And no matter what anyone wants to argue, I've had to deal with hundreds of different official forms in my day for numerous different companies. This WAS NOT an official signature form. They told us to sign and print on the back of the page stating that we would abide by the policy. And may I also point out that every other form we received to sign in the same manner never left our department. They stayed with us at our counter. Well, I circled a spot on the front of the page that made absolutely no sense and wrote my opinion about the policy next to it. Then I flipped the page over and SIGNED it. I agreed to follow the policy, I just voiced my opinion about it. What I said was non-threatening to any individual, I didn't use profanity, and it didn't infringe upon anyone elses rights. Therefore, I didn't violate my right to freedom of speech. They pulled me into the office and said because of this situation and my previous write ups, they had to let me go. Now, additionally, my previous write ups happened over a year ago and they drop off your record after a year. So, going by what the personnel associate and all the managers themselves said, those write ups should not have played any part of my termination. Now, I'm stuck unemployed and I am fighting the battle to find another job as quickly as possible before my life turns upside down and I lose everything. I understand that florida is a right to work state, but a line has to be drawn somewhere...and I believe that firing a u.s. Citizen for their first amendment right is way past that line. I am going to take legal action against sams club, and if anyone has any helpful information, please pass it along. It would be greatly appreciated. And good luck to anyone else who has been screwed over by this socialist company.
 25th of Feb, 2011 by   enragedwife 0 Votes
they get away with so much, my husband works at walmart in Bedord Pa, the other nite the general manager commented on how she liked how well he did stocking when everyone else called off, the two managers below her acted like a two year olds they waited with other employees around our car threatening to call the police saying he hit another employee's car when he arrives at least 2o mins earlier than his coworkers on his shift. and he usually a lil late leaving bc they like to have screaming meetings at the end of the nite. especially when it was plain as daylight that our car didnt even touch the other car. They threaten to fire him for calling off when he was sicker than a dog not even close to using up the three call offs thats "allowed" they wrote nasty message all over his soda bottles dat he leaves in the companys fridge and tried to get him fired over it. they tried to write him up for not working hard enough on a nite that he didnt even work. They called him into the office and tried chewing him out at the end of the nite on the night that our daughter was sick throwing up having a high fever that i was having a diffucult time trying for hours to get it to break, because i called to see if we should take her to the hospital on his break, since she wasnt even 2 and she couldnt keep anything down, when we try to shop for iteams we need they tell us we shouldnt be there spying on them and we need to get our stuff fast and get out. they think that they are getting away with all the corruption but in the end they all have to answer to God on why they destroyed so many ppl.
 9th of May, 2012 by   patjortau 0 Votes
I only worked at Walmart for about 3 months but learned a lot about how employees are treated. I worked in ICS in the beginning and fell down a flight of stairs and hurt my foot pretty bad. But when I went to file a report I felt bullied by management because they asked me if I really wanted to file a report this early in my employment. So I wrote a couple of sentences of how it happened and turned it in. I knew I was more than likely going to lose my job for doing that. The next day I was called into a small room with the manager, assist manager and personal to talk about what happened and what did I want to do about it. I felt so intimidated and need to keep my job until I could find something else so bad I told them I wasn't going to do anything. I continued in ICS for as long as I could stand it and then told management that I would have to give up on ICS. After that he asked me if I wanted to work in apparel and I said yes because going up and down stairs all day was so painful. I saw the most passive aggressive behavior coming from them that it really bothered me to the core. I saw managers, assist managers waking around the store and barking out orders like they were better than whoever their employees were. They didn't do that with me but I knew that if I stay for any time there it would. I want to help the other employees but with what I saw it would do much good. My foot is still hurt and still in a boot but I don't think that anyone at Walmart really cares. And I will have problems with my foot for a long time.
 25th of Jul, 2012 by   restless57 0 Votes
I worked for walmart for 7yrs and was threaten about my ag and two days later let go. been fighting to save my home. i know management and security covers up for each other there at walmart on callabrige in charlotte . i have incounter people that did not know how to count or run a register at the service desk and i had to tell them they were wrong . they say i'm rehireable but want let me come back i don't think much of the store manager the ones that opened that store has been let go and we are the ones that worked t bring customers in. i don't shop at walmart can't afford it and they treat people like they work in a sweat shop. i don't think much about walmart its not like it was when sam walton was a live he cared they don't
 12th of Aug, 2012 by   Xfactor2012 +1 Votes
I recently have had the pleasure of working with walmart for the last two years and I have had nothing but trouble with management. They say that any employee can open door but they just listen and do nothing about it as if we don't matter and don't have legitimate concerns. After dealing with a specific cashier for months I was done with her attitude and went to management on four or five different occasions nothing was done finally I had been embarrassed in front of customers too many times and as her manager I was exhausted. When I went to management they decided to accuse me of doing drugs. I have never done drugs, I was insulted so I let them fire me because I could not work for them any longer.
 18th of Sep, 2012 by   mike maddox 0 Votes
i used to work at the walmart store in ferley NV 4370 i got sick and had to go on medical leave Ive stripped the inner lining in my stomach.When i came back to work i was wrongfully terminated they said i was a no call no show thou i kept copies of the medical leave paperwork now there fighting my unemployment claim.Still claiming no call no show i don't have my conformation numbers from when i called in can someone anyone tell me how i get those records.This is ridiculous i talked to management i did what i was suppose to no there fighting me on every turn i have a family to support 2 kids here and one in TX that i pay child support too and this is how employees are treated...you throw up every meal for a month straight and no its against the law to be doing this and work in produce.Any advice will help Ty
 29th of Sep, 2012 by   maddmom84 0 Votes
I recently worked for wallmart in greenville, SC and was terminated because of fellow cashier attacking me because of something that i had told a csm and they went back and told her and she approached me then proceeded to hit my hand when i told her to get away from me then she hit me in the face needless to say i protected myself. so wallmart had me come in three times in one week while not being able to work but to clock in and wait and only have someone from management tell me that i couldn't work that day after waiting a hour or more while they finished whatever they were doing Stating to me all employees that was there during the accident had to be interviewed well to make a long story short and after being hung up on several times by management for like 3 days they say come in to only tell me that i deafened myself to well. I think that that is a crock of crap to be honest i think that if you pick a fight pick wisely because i wouldn't dare pick a fight i couldn't win.
 20th of Oct, 2012 by   Pay.Back +1 Votes
Nothing will maintain Wal-Mart job security more than letting management know, "You Will Get Even", for wrongful treatment. Sooner or later, you'll meet again.
 29th of Nov, 2012 by   grumpyin2012 -1 Votes
are all the walmart the same, i work for a walmart in california, The management there is terrible, i talked to my manager about a hardshipp i was going through so she can help me or i was going too block my hours, she says we all have problems but we leave them at home!i have been calling out alot lately due to childcare and my car catching fire, they really just dont care, i need my job and if i lose it i will not get unemployement, All i needed was a few weeks too fix my situation and she wouldnt budge, Another thing about that place, all the gossiping among managers and favorites, so unprofessional.Should i call corporate and do they even care?
 29th of Nov, 2012 by   grumpyin2012 0 Votes
job or kids?
 13th of Mar, 2013 by   Alena Silva 0 Votes
i am wonding what the policies are on safey issues for wal mart, I fell and broke my ankle and am being told i was clumsy, it was raining and the mat on side door where the Coke machines are was soaking wet, i sliped. I filed a report with management and was told i couldnt have a copy of report. I had surgery on my ankle because it bother me so much.
 23rd of Aug, 2013 by   nc2076 0 Votes
I hope you filed an accident report and asked for medical attention. I work in HR and a Workers Comp claim should have been done on you and you should have had all your medical expenses paid. Whoever the assisiant manager was at the time of your accident did not know what they were doing or they just didn't want to take the time to file out the reports. If nothing was done about this accident you just saved that store at $50, 000.00 off the bottom line for that month.

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