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Posted:    Aminider

Walmart stopped carrying so many items

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United States
Why has this Walmart stopped carrying so many items? It being the biggest retail here in Mountain Home, Idaho it makes absolutely no since to me. We as well as other people we know have completely quit shopping there, getting out prescriptions there, as the convenience is simply not there, and the prices are unreal. Paul's on a whole is more convenient for us unless we make a trip to Boise. Come on Mike you need to speak up for us on this Walmart or it will go down the drain like it's squiggle did. Having worked for Walmart when it first opened in New Mexico we have come a long way baby but keep it simple and what the people want. Idaho is a wonderful place but it's Walmart in Mountain Home sucks!!!
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 25th of Apr, 2010 by   EpicRegret 0 Votes
I just read all that and couldn't make much sense at all. Something about Walmart not carrying certain items anymore and thats about all I understood...
 1st of Jun, 2010 by   lmthacker 0 Votes
I can't find many things at my local wal-mart store as their products and selections contnue to dwindle. Very aggregating!
 10th of Jun, 2010 by   BCZip 0 Votes
It's happening here too (Georgia).

What I have noticed is that when the price on a National Brand product becomes equal to or less than the Generic / Store Brand, then Walmart removes the National Brand from the shelf. I have seen this mostly in the grocery section. For example: We used to have a wide selection of about 8 different brands of canned peas, so the prices were a good spread - low-to-high. Now, we have 3 brands + 1 Store Brand - no real selection remaining.

I have also noticed that Walmart misleads consumers with it's "Rollback" pricing notices.
For example: The loaf of French Bread has a sign stating the price Was $1.50, and is Now $1.24. However, in the past 1+ year, the same bread was only $1.00 - it has not been $1.50 (in at least 1 year). I have seen this on so many products!
Now, I keep a spiral notebook with my grocery list each week. I write down the current price, and when I think it has changed, I simply review the previous weeks' list to see what it was - and I catch too many times where the prices have actually increased, sometimes a lot. (While at Kroger and Publix, the prices have remained the same, so it's not a manufacturing increase.)
 30th of Aug, 2010 by   anonomous0908 0 Votes
Well unfortunately they try to carry what home office thinks is the most frequently bought items in that town or region. If the item is not popular than they will take it off the shelf. Also if the item is made more modern or newer and they believe it will sell better than they will take the old product off the shelf. They also are trying to make a profit so they tend to carry more items that they can sell at a higher profit. However to be a little more helpful, if you happen to have one of the items that you want and that your store near you does not carry I would encourage you to bring it in. Maybe the department manager/Merchandise Supervisor can bring it to their UPC associate and see if it can be a local item that your store can carry. Also that associate can e-mail their department and get an answer from home office if they can put it on their modular.
 22nd of Apr, 2011 by   mrspenguin 0 Votes
Deleted items are a huge source of cutomer dissatisfaction. Our local Walmart got rid of maternity clothing all together, for one. Also, it's not always reasonable what they delete. There is a deli item called buffalo ranch chicken wings. They were constantly selling out of them as they are very popular. (my personal favorite as well). Recently, the deli associates had started making them again but were forced to stop because it wasn't allowed...even though they were selling like crazy.

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