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Costco Complaints & Reviews

Costco / Messed up my online travel order (Loss of $966)

Vaishali1 on 2016-01-25
I made my reservations with Costco travel on Jan 4 2016 for Cruise on NCL from Los Angelese for 7 days. Costco Travel has promotion of free package that I can add to booking (ultimate beverage package) during booking at no cost worth $966). As per their booking department I declined to...

Costco - Washington, Sequim / Hearing Aids- Employee Rudeness

Di-eck on 2016-01-20
On 1/15/16, I took my 92 yr. old father into the Costco to get new hearing aids. The hearing aid technician that helped us was rather rude to both myself and especially my father. He assumed that because we are Asian that my father's hearing problem was not due to his current hearing aid...

Costco Wholesale - New York, New Rochelle / Your Cashier

Reviewer73960 on 2016-01-09
Ge I went to shop at your Costco in New Rochelle 1 Industrial Lane, on January 8, 2016. I wasn't feeling well & my wife & daughter were with me, we all paid for our items as separately & I, was the last person to pay my bill. Time was 19:36 p.m. I wanted $60.00 back with my purchase & the...

Costco - California, Fountain Valley / Nongshim Kinchi Noodle

Reviewer93320 on 2016-01-06
On 01/05/2015 in Fountain Valley Costco Warehouse around noon time. I came with my mom to buy Nongshim Kimchi Noodle and I saw the price that was on the top of the product is $6.78 so I got it right away. Then when I checked out my stuffs and I said to them that the noodle price is only...

Costco / Tv

Tracy Riehl on 2015-12-29
My tv stopped working on December 3 and I tryed to find out what could be done because I had no tv till December 29 th during the holiday .The service was like pulling teeth no one could give me any answers on what was wrong with or how long this would take.I feel I should have had a...

Costco - Washington, Gig Harbor / Phone service

Reviewer95157 on 2015-12-17
To whom it may concern: I got hung up on after waiting for 16 min to speak to a supervisor in regards to my previous call to the costco photoshop center. This previous call ended in the suposed assistant laughing, saying:" Oh my god, I can't believe that just worked!" and then she...

Costco - Texas, Cedar Park / Why is government-issued ID required for membership?

Reviewer20366 on 2015-12-15
Their application form clearly states that ID is not required unless one plans to write checks. Based on this, I went to their store to start a membership with cash in hand. I was turned away from the membership desk because I refused to show ID. Does this creep anyone else out?

Costco - California, Oxnard / Christmas Tree

Reviewer29820 on 2015-12-14
Purchased a tree, wrapped. Got it home and unwrapped and it was so bad I had to return. Waited in line for 20 min. Got to the front and they said I had to bring the tree inside the building...so I did. Waited in line for another 20 min. The girl said that I could not exchange, only get...

Costco - Alberta, Calgary / Optical Employee - rude service

Reviewer74561 on 2015-12-13
I visited the optical section of Costco for a pair of new glasses. I picked out a frame and lined up behind a couple that was being served by an employee. The employee stops his conversation with the couple to speak to me. He asks me how I can be helped. I was surprised by that because he...

Costco - Manitoba, Winnipeg / General Customer Service

jill_25 on 2015-12-08
Costco does not care about it's basic members, only the ones with the more expensive membership. I wasted over an hour of my day in costco on Regent in Winnipeg Manitoba. It was before work and I was in a hurry, I get to the check out and it reads my debit card cannot be authorized. I...

Costco / Mocha mix

Reviewer16104 on 2015-12-07
Hi, I just want to ask if you could bring the mocha mixture back to the Bellingham Costco. The employees told me I would only be able to get it if I went to Idaho or somewhere else. This is very inconvenient, and this product is well liked in my family.

Costco / Kirkland Organic No-salt Seasoning

Ida B. on 2015-12-07
My 2 year old grandson is allergic to nuts of all kinds. Recently, I served him steak seasoned with the Kirkland product, pure potatoes mashed, and plain green beans. He immediately started breaking out in welts. My son informed me that cumin. . .even the organic kind . . is frequently...

Costco - Utah, Salt Lake City / Customer Service

raymondlinner on 2015-12-02
My Son had a seizure tonight in the Murray Costco and we were surprised, and, you could say maybe even shocked. Not only did the employees display genuine concern; the did what they could to assist us and the Paramedics who came! I think they all deserve praise for being such GOOD people!...

Costco - Washington, Seattle / Frozen vegetables from China

Reviewer41502 on 2015-12-01
Can Costco have alternative frozen vegetables. I do want a frozen stir fry vegetables but the label states it is a product of china, Ecuador, usa, and vietnam. China grows the most chemically diseased polluted vegetables out of all the countries in the world. Most Chinese know thi...

Costco - Arizona, Gilbert / Customer/Food Service

Rin Kane on 2015-11-25
Afternoon of 11/25/15. My mother and I get hot dogs in the cafe after some shopping. My mother unwraps hers to find the end of her hot dog is clearly bitten off. She goes back to ask for a new one, to which the girl rudely snatches it and takes it to someone in the back nearby. Whoever...

Costco - California, San Diego / After-market Costco tire Service

Reviewer57275 on 2015-11-24
CostCo: Poor-Service Complaint is 'too-much' a Compliment! For Great Tire Repair/Warranty Service, please come near closing time; say 2 1/2 hours before closing time. Please Try to understand American Capitalism: Costco needs to make as many big 4-tire sales as possible while the sun...

Costco / Pharmacy - Alprazolam 0.5 mg tablet

Reviewer32410 on 2015-11-23
My local Costco Pharmacy just told me that they no longer carry this prescription medication manufactured by Greenstone Ltd. I have been getting this medication from Costco for maybe 20 years and find this manufacturer is the only one whose product works best for me. Off and on I have had...

Costco - Arizona, Avondale / Customer Service

Reviewer21482 on 2015-11-22
I have never experienced such incredible rudeness of customer service at a Costco and I am from Stockton CA then I have in Avondale Arizona. The 2 ladies at the register would not let my sister use my membership to pay for her items- which is weird since the money is going to Costco...

Costco / Meat and Deli Department

Reviewer84274 on 2015-11-20
I would like to express my disappointment at the discontinuation of the following items: 1)The pork ribs with glaze from the hot foods section 2) the Kirkland Honey glazed turkey from the Deli section Both of these were outstanding items in taste and quality but are now not available. Please bring these back if at all possible. Thank you

Costco - California, Lakewood / Pharmacy

Zenaida P. Malan on 2015-11-20
I'am writing this letter to inform your office of my recent experience with Costco pharmacy.I'd been filling my prescriptions at Costco pharmacy for many years.i run out of my diabetic pills even though I gave the prescriptions 2 weeks in advance and per pharmacy, they need to...

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