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Costco - Hawaii, Kapolei / Membership Customer Service

Ralph808 on 2016-05-26
So, we went shopping yesterday and my husband's card doesn't seem to work. The cashier advised us to go to membership and have the problem fixed. At the membership, I spoke to "STACEY" and explained her the problem. She checked the card and says it's working. But I keep...

Costco - California, San Jose / Tire department

mostafa tehrani on 2016-05-10
Hi; I am a happy customer member since 1989. Yesterday was the first time which I was very surprised and frustrated by my encounter to the tire department at San Jose Costco (1705 Automation). Had a flat tire which I asked for repair, and was told by the tire department supervisor that take...

Costco - Minnesota, Baxter / Employment

Aprilmayjune on 2016-05-06
I have a friend who applied for a job. Once he went through 3 interviews and the next time 2 and didn't get hired. Yesterday he went in there and wanted to know if he did something wrong. He was told it wouldn't do him any good to apply again cause their computer system says you weren't...

Costco - Texas, Houston / CustomereService/Employees/Costco Bunker Hill, Houston TX

Magari27 on 2016-05-04
Customer Service and employees are rude and discriminate against minority groups. It is not the fist time I go to this specific location and I feel like Im treated as a criminal. The questions and the looks that they give us are uncomfortable. As a member I don't fell welcome at thi...

Costco / Farm raised fish

Plazmus on 2016-05-01
I've complained to management at the Costco store in St. Peters MO that their fish are all farm raised except for the occasional Canadian Walleye fish. The person was totally unaware of it and didn't really care. A few days later I see a video clip of a Costco CEO bragging about how they...

Costco - Washington, Issaquah / Customer service is a disaster!

Cloud-2 on 2016-04-22
Bought a rug from Costco about two months ago and still nothing. I wasted hours on phone trying to get some info about the status of my order. Every time I called I was put on hold for about 30 minutes and then disconnected. Called again and they said sorry and told that they had some sort...

Costco - California, Norwalk / Pharmacist

CCAragon on 2016-04-21
Suzanne the Costco Norwalk store seems to believe she is a DEA agent. She refused to refill my prescription for debilitating back muscle spasms. I have been using Costco for years to buy my prescriptions. I have Lupus and am a full time caregiver to my Brain Injured 38 year old son & at 60...

Costco / Lack of extra large and unsatisfactory packaging

Terence Nolan on 2016-04-19
Been buying your double 18egg cartons forever. Excellent quality. Now Costco wants "cage-free" merchandising by offering this impractical and lousy clear package. Before moving down to "large" cage free eggs did anyone check as to how many recipes call for "extra large"...

Costco - Maryland, Beltsville / Terrible customer support by Mr James Sreck?

Francis Olojo on 2016-04-19
I went to the store to shop on April 18, 2016 and I had three Costco cash reward rebate with me to cash. The store manager on duty actually lied to me that I could not cash the card but to spend all on unwanted items. I was disappointed. I had to drive to another location at Ann Arundel...

Costco / Tire Service

Chalmers Blatch on 2016-04-15
I have had to deal with two issues at Costco Tire Department. The rest of Costco I love. I called several months ago to have an appointment for a tire repair. Was given an appointment for the first thing the next morning. I arrived early and waited. When they finally opened I asked to get...

Costco - North Carolina, Greensboro / Television Return Policy

W Caudle on 2016-04-14
We were refurbishing a house and took advantage of a great price on Samsung 42" TVs at Costco. We bought two. The first one was used immediately and was fine. We did not try the 2nd until 3 months later and found it non-functional. Costco now has a service come out to "fix" the TVs and...

Costco - Florida, Lantana / Pharmacy

Bridget Guibert on 2016-04-07
I have been going to the Costco Pharmacy since 2013, have been a member of Costco since 2008. Things have been going pretty smoothly couple bumps but all in all been a pretty good experience. This past Tuesday I took my prescriptions in to Costco to have them filled and they were not in...

Costco - Florida, Miami / Customer Service

Jennifer Espinet on 2016-04-06
Guess I'll be taking my business to BJs from now on. I am a pregnant mother and have a 2 yr old toddler. I was using the gas services in Miami, Florida on a very hot day. I decided to leave my car on for my daughter, so she will not be hot and uncomfortable. The attendant at the ga...

Costco - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Tomatoes Molded

Ajtk on 2016-04-03
Last week when we (me and my husband) went for our weekly grocery run at costco and bought tomatoes, came home and saw they had mold on it. We returned it. This week we checked from outside the box thoroughly (2 boxes we could see from outside - mold) - Showed it to a costco employee...

Costco - Oregon, Portland / your lack of very many food idems in the monthly coupon book

carol 21 on 2016-04-03
You have a number of drink, junk food, and other things But only 5 or so food things. You have more pet food then people food. you have 3 times as many drugs then food. If it doesn't change I am going to cancel. It is not worth 55 dollars a year

Costco - Washington, Spokane / Pharmacy hours

Swartuto on 2016-04-02
Your pharmacy at the north division store in Spokane WA keeps bankers hours. We tried to purchase Claritin D at the pharmacy and it was closed ! A fellow consumer waiting and waiting told me they close every day so all the department employees can go to lunch! I waited until the hour wa...

Costco / David Yerby Pharmacist at Costco in Oxnard Ca

Leslie Slade on 2016-03-16
I visited Costco today to put in a prescription for Narco. I am a senior citizen who had a failed back surgery which left me crippled. Recently I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and am currently under treatment. I am very sick and weak because of this and live in Ojai which is far from Oxnard...

Costco - Oregon, Aloha / Rude Employee at the checkout line

Bhaskar Ganguly on 2016-03-15
I am a long time Costco customer and never been treated like this at Cost Aloha (#09), Oregon (15901 SW Jenkins Rd). Incident happened today (March 15th, 2016 - around 17:45PST at Terminal 7, Transaction 167 - Operator 221) I am not sure whether it is a frustrated and over-worked worker or...

Costco - New York, Rego Park / Cashier named Orlando extremely rude

5432167890 on 2016-03-12
I am a long time member at Costco and usually visit Costco one to two times a week. I find that the customer service experience can rate anywhere between good to excellent. Today on 3/12/2016 at 2:02 pm, op#98 cashier name : Orlando R. at Costco located in Rego Park 61-35 Junction...

Costco / Rude Employee

Mayur Banwasi on 2016-03-11
I was at the Costco Tire Center at Clifton, NJ and wanted to get all my 4 tires changed. The name of the employee was Shanavya. I was enquiring about the total cost of tires and she wasn't so nice when she told me the prices; behaved as if I asked her for her social security no. Anycase...

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