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Costco / Customer Service

Shawnna Roe on Dec 3, 2016
I signed up for a membership on 12/2/16 and was treated very kind. I asked a lot of questions because I was going to add my father in law and wanted to make the process was as seamless as possible. Before completing the registration I was assured it would be no issue for my father in law...

Costco / my purchase

huongnguyen on Dec 3, 2016
Today is 12/3/16 . I went to costco at chantilly va at 12 PM and I bought 5 water and 1 haft&haft milk. When I checked out . The stuff in costco checked for me . I didn't checked my recipt again and when I came to the center to check recipt and items . A guy who checked for me is Korean( I...

Costco / Wrong Amount Charged for an Item

MS2016 on Dec 2, 2016
Date of Incident: Dec 02, 2016. Address of costco: 28505 Hesperian Blvd, Hayward, CA -94545 Incident: I went costco today to buy grocery. There the homogen milk is $4.99 When my turn comes. Cashier told that it's $5.59. I said, No it's $4.99. I advised him to go and check the display price...

Costco / Mangoes

Manyata on Dec 2, 2016
Mangoes are always got spoiled when we bought home. I like mangoes so much in fruits but most of the time when I bought to home the condition of mangoes are same like this what shows in photos which I uploaded with this complaint so I request your good self that provide us fresh Mangoes so...

Costco / Delivery of online purchase

Kelsey brocato on Dec 2, 2016
I ordered a Visio suround sound online with the item #1113851. The order number is 630201321 and my member number is 111848163892. It was delivered yesterday, 12/01/2016 and left on my porch that faces the roadway. It was in the product box with no other box to disguise it. Also, it was a...

Costco / Cashier Abe

123cs on Dec 2, 2016
I purchased some items today at the Costco in Grandville, MI. This is the store I often purchase items from. While in line to check out the cashier named Abe did not look or check the name or picture on the membership card of the two customers before me. When I handed him my membership...

Costco / Unethical product change

Mariana Rius on Dec 2, 2016
Hi, I am Mariana, a very loyal Costco customer. I was raised on Costco and now that I am living away from home, continue to shop primarily at Costco. I recently transitioned to veganism and to my surprise Costco stocks many wonderful vegan items. I was thrilled to find Kirkland Signature...

Costco / Pharmacy

sarvi on Dec 1, 2016
Hi, My doctor ordered me prednisolone 5 mg at costco pharmacy at coleman ave, couple of weeks ago, I went and picked up the drug, didn't check it came home and it was prednisone 5mg. I called the pharmacy spoke to pharmacist and told her the error, she told me that they have given me what...

Costco / Pharmacy

Jasonk224 on Dec 1, 2016
Store 759, repeatedly delayed the pickup of my prescription until 5:40 pm, then they refused service 3 times saying the medicine wasn't ready when it was. Then they said the prescription was not covered by insurance even though it was and they broadcast my name and address loudly for the...

Costco / Mismarked product

Floberry on Nov 30, 2016
My father in law went to Costco on Monday 11/28 to buy a Vizio soundbar that was on coupon for $119. I grabbed a box that was under the sign marked $119 and we didn't realize it was the one marked for $279 until aftee we got home. My son got sick and I wasnt able to call until today 11/30...

Costco / Costco anywhere visa card by citi

Pam_F on Nov 30, 2016
I have been charged a late fee on my statements from Citibank even though I pay my account on time every month. I called their customer service who was very nice but they said even though I am sending it electronically through my bank I should send the payment several days before it i...

Costco / Gas station

Ahsan Iqbal on Nov 28, 2016
2 employees 8 pumping lines means 2 pumps in one line 10 cars minimum in each line This happens daily at costco gas station. And today i got fed up and complaining to hire more employees. I waited for 25 minutes to get to the pump because only 2 employees were so worked up that they did...

Costco / Service

Madgie on Nov 26, 2016
I tried to find an elevator to the exit without steps. Your staff were not helpful. I had to ask someone to lift my shopping cart up the 3 steps. I have ambulation issues and l am unable to pull carts upstairs. Do you have an exit at the Rego Park store that people with ambulation issue...

Costco / Eyeglass frames

Joe Schmoke on Nov 26, 2016
Bought two pair of prescription eyeglasses in June 2015. Sunglasses kept losing screws to frames - 6-7 times. Went back to my old sunglasses. Worse, regular glasses with premium frames had one frame arm separate from main frame. It was glued on rather than screwed on by manufacturer;...

Costco / Service

Robin Short on Nov 26, 2016
I joined the Queen's Costco in August 2016. So this was my first visit to the store. I had difficulty trying to find the correct exit with elevators. Exit sign said to Galleria. That exit had steps. I do not ambulate well, especially up stairs and trying to lift a wagon. I went back to the...

Costco / Employment protocols

Anon0630 on Nov 26, 2016
I recently learned that if you date anybody who gets hired or works in the same department as you while you are on probation or are seasonal, you both will be immediately terminated. As an employee of Costco with friends inside the business, I believe that is a bad protocol. Promotion of...

Costco / Tire rotation

Vrushali Panat on Nov 24, 2016
I took my car to Costco in Schaumburg, IL yesterday for tire rotation. When my car was done n delivered to me i saw cap of tire on driverside was missing . I saw it inside my car. I asked the technician there about it. He said it was not staying and falling off. I told him it was perfect...

Costco / Employee

Yesquint on Nov 22, 2016
My mom and I have been going to the century/ Inglewood location for several years. Let me start off by saying that in general, they don't have the friendliest staff. We live in downtown Los Angeles, but we are comfortable going to this location because we used to live nearby. My mom ha...

Costco / Lack of consideration for canadian customers

Fred Berlet on Nov 22, 2016
I have been a Costco customer since 2000 & spend tens of thousands of dollars each year during our 5 month stay in Naples Florida. I used an American Express card during all that time. I am told now, both by your staff in Naples & by Citi Bank, that because I cannot provide an American Social...

Costco / Service/discrimination

Patricia Collier on Nov 22, 2016
My husband and I have been a Customer Member (111856842046) for over 20 years. I am black, educated (with a Masters Degree in Accounting) and I have always shopped at Costco and my purchase records would bear that out. On Monday November 20th around 8:15 pm I went to Costco Warehouse...

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