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Taco Bell Complaints & Reviews - Rude service

Taco Bell Contacts & Informations

Taco Bell

Posted:    Amanda

Rude service

Complaint Rating:  82 % with 17 votes
My experience at the taco Bell on 92ndst between cactus and shea was the worst I have ever had. When I walked in there the lady at the register was rude. She made no contact to say hi how can I help you, she just kinda stood there. I went ahead with my order and advised that I do not want any cheese on the chalupe that i ordered because my friend is allergic to cheese. I told her several times I didn't want cheese on there. I paid for it and she grap the cash from my hands as I was telling her I had change to give to her but she didn't wait and then when I did get the change, she grap that to and she had to count it out what the correct amount was because she hadn't typed it in which took her awhile to do. She didn't give me a # so I would know what # my food was and I never recieved a reciept. So i figured it would come in the bag. When I finally received my order to go, I checked to make sure everything was there and it was but when I got back to work, there was no reciept in the bag, and when my friend opened her chalupe there was cheese in it and because I was on my lunch hour there was no time for me to go back to work so she was not able to eat it, she just threw it away. The other tacos that were ordered were correct with the stuff on them however they did not tast right...there were a little to soggy on the bottom.

Thank you for your time,

I don't usually complain because I am in customer service for a prescription benefit service so I know how it feels to be yelled at, but this was just very poor service and I think that needs to be correct. I have in he past done the over the phone survey and I always rate it good but this was just horrible.
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 21st of Sep, 2006 by   Kelly 0 Votes
I signed up for cellphone service from T-mobile at the local Costco in Naples, Florida on October 19th, 2005. When I signed up, I was specifically told I had 2 weeks grace period, in which, if there any problems, I could return the phone and cancel the service without charge. I returned the phone, due to weak signal, to the same store on November 2nd, bringing the return receipt to the Tmobile kiosk to confirm the cancellation. Some time later, I unexpectedly received a large bill. I called to protest, only to be told I didn't cancel the service. I insisted I did, and was told to return to the same kiosk and speak to them. I went to the kiosk and was told to call customer service. After this run-around, I called customer service FROM the kiosk. I was told the bill would be adjusted, and considered it resolved. It had not. I received another bill, adjusted, but a $69 balance remained. I called to complain, speaking to Luke C (#53498). He told me that if I faxed him the receipts and contract, he would resolve the problem. He did not. Another bill. In February I called again, speaking to Jeremy, faxed the reciepts again. No luck. Another bill, another call, in March,to Amy (#7139238), who told me a supervisor would call me back. None did. I called again, speaking to a supervisor named Vicky, who told me there was nothing to be done, as it was placed with a collection agency. I nonetheless wrote a letter to customer relations in April, including all the receipts, but heard no response.

The amount isn't large, but I DIDNT USE THE PHONE, which no one disputes. I hate the way I've been treated by this company- from the start they have been rude and uncooperative. I don't want them to treat customers this way.
 12th of Feb, 2007 by   Valerie 0 Votes
After being with T-mobile for about 3 years, I cannot say have been pleased with there service in Michigan but the plans the best rates, Reception service had improved in the last year so I was getting to be pleased with what I was getting from them.

My worst experience however, I made my last experience with T mobile. I purchased a phone upgrade thru there customer service and they sent me a very clearly refurbished Motorola Razr, It was not new! I called customer service and they said they would send me out a "NEW" Razr in a sealed box. The next phone arrived and the front, and the back and the bottom of the phone were different shades of different grey color. I called and got the rudest representative I have ever spoke with, he asked if I have some sick phobia about using a refurbished phone. He then asked if I would like to cancel my contract. I said no, I wanted a new phone and was told I would receive a new phone, it is what I am paying for and expecting. He said I could not be satisfied, and again can he assist me in canceling your contract with us. He was so rude thru the whole conversation I do not have time to explain it all here however, I called the next day and canceled at the price of $200 dollars and my last months usage $139. What a huge bill that month. But I refuse to pay people to treat me like this representative did. JD powers rates T-Mobile the best, I don't see how, I stuck with them till they got better reception service in Michigan and then ended up canceling over a horrible rep.
 24th of Apr, 2007 by   Royce Lamkin -1 Votes
I too have a complaint... I was eating at a Taco Bell in Magnolia, Ar last night when a gang of girls came in (carrying babies on their hips) yelling for the"f*^#ing b*^ch to come outside. The person they were yelling for was a worker. The manager did absolutely nothing and the worker engaged in verbal vollies with the other girls and they were all threatening to "stick" each other. Several cars pulled up and before it was over there were about 15 or 20 young , uneducated, and verbally obscene people all over that Taco Bell. Once again, there was NO manager doing anything to stop the chaos. It was someone who had stopped to eat, that finally called the police. (They did NOT eat there after that) We will NEVER eat there again.

PS. This is the same Taco Bell that is well-known in this area for having a "free" line that black people can go in and get food handed to them and never pay for. I have watched this happen many times.

Police records can be checked to verify all of this... It happened around 7:30 on Monday April 23, 2007. Taco Bell is fast becoming a very dangerous place to eat.
 22nd of Jun, 2007 by   wenda m. holt 0 Votes
The meat made me sick it was not cooked good enough.
 11th of Sep, 2007 by   TINA 0 Votes
The online contest would not work at all!
 28th of Oct, 2007 by   Joey Hobbe 0 Votes
The T-Mobile customer call center has delivered poor customer service. They get personal over the telephone and insist on arguing with customers. For example, I purchased a brittle and poorly constructed plastic Nokia cell phone. The cell phone kept on falling apart and cracking on the ends. The salesperson who sold it to me set the auto lock on the phone. Since then the phone has turned on and off, and whenever carrying it, there's a string of numbers on its screen. They billed for over 500 minutes of calls that the phone must have completed itself. T-mobile claims that it is their policy to hold the defective item responsible for paying the full bill without any adjustment and add on an additional $200 dollars for early termination. They have not offered anything other than arguing over the telephone about their policy. They were insensitive with their emails, it almost seemed as though they just added my name to the text. I was not a bit surprised and have been a customer for over five years. I do not appreciate their lack of integrity at all.
 5th of Nov, 2007 by   Wilfred Woosely 0 Votes
Dealing with T-Mobile at all levels is problematic. I highly recommend going through small claims court... works! Also, you can file a complaint with the FCC at fcc.gov. They are required to respond. If you do these both, they will settle with you, more than likely --out of court.

Good Look
 16th of Nov, 2007 by   Andrew Graham -1 Votes
The taco bell on 9400 S 700 E. The manager Bryan has been ripping people OFF AT TACO HELL So he needs to be fired or I will complain to the president.

The place is so dirty and nasty and very smelly place to be in.
I think the white people should not be able to work because, they dont know how to take care of the place.

The Mexicans should take over because they are very cool and very respectful to others.

I say you fire all the white ass holes.
 18th of Nov, 2007 by   liSA r. 0 Votes
My complaint about Taco Bell is that there manners regarding customers are not very good.

There are no "please" or "thank you's".

They should be telling you thank you when they take your money and should say "please" when asking for your money.

Its almost like its demanded or expected and not good customer service manners as far as I'm concerned.

I love their food, but their etiquette needs to change.
 17th of Jan, 2008 by   Jones 0 Votes
I started going to the Taco Bell in West Chicago, IL about two years ago. In fact,I used to frequent Taco Bell two to three times per week and after tonight's visit I have decided to NEVER GO BACK! (I have received countless wrong orders and experienced many lazy employees at this location). After numerous past experiences of excessive waiting times and noticing the obvious attempt to solely tend to the drive thru, I learned very quickly to only order via the drive thru.

I ordered at the drive thru intercom, in which the order taker displayed the correct order on the ordering screen. When I approached the window I noticed a bag already sitting on the ledge of the open pickup window. This immediately alarmed me because it was 14 degrees outside and my order was exposed to the cold. As I unfortunately expected, the employee at the window handed me the infamous bag and mumbled the total to me. I paid for my food and pulled ahead to check my order. I opened the bag only to find my food crammed in a bag that was way too small. The first item I picked up was supposed to be a spicy chicken burrito. Instead was some other burrito made with a stale tortilla. This tortilla was so stale that it cracked apart in my hand. Next, was supposed to be a simple bean burrito. I got some kind of bean & rice burrito with a lot of cheese sauce. (Not to mention they were both ice cold). I parked my vehicle and went inside the store to get the order corrected. When I went inside, I had to wait behind another customer in line who had also received the wrong food and was getting his order corrected. While I was waiting, an employee approached me stating, "How can I help you?" I explained the situation and requested a new order. The employee replied, "I don't work the drive thru." I explained that I was not currently in the drive thru but standing in the lobby. For the second time, I requested a new order. The employee walked away and began chatting with another employee who was sitting at one of the lobby tables on a break. It was obvious that this employee was not going to help me. I was being ignored. Centering my attention on the eight employees tending to the drive thru and with a loud voice I requested the store manager. My request attracted the attention of every employee in the store and I was immediately addressed by a woman claiming to be the manager. The woman insisted that she was informed of my incorrect order, but she was busy. By this time I was frustrated and I just wanted my money back. I requested my refund and explained that I was not given a receipt with my original order. After some persuasion the manager opened the cash register and gave me my money back. The entire incident wasted about 25 minutes of my time. There was no smile with the service, not to mention an apology. I will tell everyone I know about the poor service at this location and tonight was my last time ever spending money at Taco Bell.
 19th of Feb, 2008 by   Chere Elsen 0 Votes
I've never actually had a problem with taco bell until recently! I actually found spit & plastic in my food after I took a bite (gross) I know! I took a bite out of a gordita or taco & actually found spit & plastic part! This was through the drive thru @ about 11:00 PM! I was never rude or anything just politley changed one item from the list & said thanks after they recieved my order! When I called POLIETLY TO EXPLAIN TO MNGR she was very rude didn't apologize until I asked for an apology & just offered a soft taco yuck like I want another one! I called some franshise number like that will do anything! I worked in food service for yrs & never would I spit in someones food or put plastic in it! I'm so mad but what can I do but complain! What has america come to I ask?
 21st of Feb, 2008 by   Jelrod Newcamser 0 Votes
I think it may be time to start organizing a class-action lawsuit against Taco Bell for criminal negligence and misrepresentation. We need to shut corporations like YUM down. They show no oversight over their franchisees and they are making KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut look like great restaurants when in fact they are usually barely capable of making the most basic foods available. I think it is an oversight problem... the corporate level doesn't properly watch the franchisees. The franchise managers don't oversee their employees, and their employees are minimum-wage dumbsh*ts who couldn't care less about the corporate reputation. The whole thing is a carousel of incompetence and needs to be stopped.

Is there a lawyer out there who is reading this that can comment on the feasibility of a class-action suit on the basis that YUM brands are a hazard to the health and safety of the general public, not to mention that they misrepresent their product with ridiculously exaggerated advertisements showing much better products than are actually delivered?

Thanks in advance.

 25th of Mar, 2008 by   Richard Hicks 0 Votes
I ate at the taco smell in pinellas park, fl. and was chewing on a piece of grissle I thought, when I couldnt get it to chew up I pulled it out of my mouth and it was a fingernail. It was broke off of the pinky fingernail of one of their employees. GROSS!!
 6th of May, 2008 by   Bob 0 Votes
They take your personal information with the promise of a chance to win a prize. However thier intent seems to be different since it tells you you do not quailify unless you are registered with Mountian Dew. No instructions follow.
 23rd of May, 2008 by   Mike Keely -1 Votes
i think that Taco Bell is undenibly the best fast food restuarant, so all you haters out there keep your traps shut. later

mikey, out
 2nd of Jun, 2008 by   Jay Foss 0 Votes
The last (3) times ive been to taco bell drive thru in eureka, ca they have royally screwed up my order, not just slightly, its like im getting someone elses order! Whats going on, Im not one to really complain but this is getting old real quick! Taco bell has always been my favorite fast food but lately I dont know...I have called and complained but a week later when I make it back to order food for my family again they have no record of my complaint. Tacobell is clear on the other side of town and I dont have the gas money to just be jumping in my car to drive back every time I find out my order is screwed up. I would check my order as soon as I am handed my bag but there are always so many angry customers behind us in line honking due to the slow service that they are recieving themselves!

Thank You for your time

Sincerly Jay Foss
 14th of Jun, 2008 by   Marge Gardner 0 Votes
I took my daughter to the Taco Bell on Rice St & Larpentuer Ave in Maplewood, MN. The Manager there was very rude to me and my daugter and said as we were leaving he could do without my type of people business.

I ask what he meant by that, he turned and walked away and refuse to talk to me. My Daugher said she applied for a job there and found out from her friend who works there that the manager is racist, does not like black people and will only hire white or mexican, so don't expect a phone call because he will not call any blacks back for a interview. This employee said several of his black friends have applied there and have not got a phone. If this is taco bell policy for hiring . I will not only not go to a Taco Bell again I also will encourage all blacks in my community, friends, church memebers and acquaints not to purchase any border food products. As I am sure Border Foods know of this practice. In this day in age that is no way to conduct business. I make sure all blacks and others know about border foods manager on Rice Street & Larpentuer in Maplewood MN.
 10th of Aug, 2008 by   ADM 0 Votes
Personally, I've only had one problem w/ Tmobile. When I was sent a defective phone (defect showed up 6 months after I bought it), they agreed to send me a new one at no cost to me. When I got my bill for the next month, they had included a $9.99 s/h fee. (Surprise-Not the problem.) I called them to ask that it be removed as I had the names and numbers of everyone that had told me that it would be at NO cost me, not even shipping. Spoke to Jason, who actually hung up on me after I told him that I was not going to pay the fee because it was wrongly added to my account. I called back, spoke to a supervisor, who reviewed the tapes and FIRED Jason while I was still on the line. They removed the fee no questions asked and apologized profusely. In the year, I've dealt with them, I've had 20+ times that I called Customer Care (most of these were just to change my plan, which they did with no hassle and no hard sell for a higher rate plan), and this is the only problem I've had. Wonderful company!
 16th of Oct, 2008 by   Sammy Spear 0 Votes
I ordered a triple steak burrito in the drive through at my nearby Taco Bell and it was cold. So, I brought it home and heated it in a microwave. Now it was suitably warmed, but the taste was extremely vinegary and generally unappetising. This is one of the more expensive items on their menu, but ironically, one of the worst tasting. To Taco Bell's credit, I went on the Internet that same evening and very easily found a toll-free telephone number for their customer service. Even though it was nearly midnight, a competent, polite, articulate, and helpful person answered the line in less than a minute and took my complaint, promised a replacement coupon, and apologised for the poor food. That restores my faith completely. I really like most of their menu items, and based on this experience, feel that their customer service is second to none. I won't get that triple-steak burrito again, though.
 4th of Nov, 2008 by   jonathan 0 Votes
about the comment about rep being fired after call being listened to. impossible. calls can only be pulled @ random. dont embelish your story . the truth should be enough. plus im not sure if you heard... but shipping costs money !! crazy isnt it. i wish all these people complaining on here would just cancel and go to sprint. if we got rid of all of these types of customers our rates could be even lower for customers who dont always want to pass the buck.

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