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Dress Code

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It is ridiculous that I work for a company that forces you to beg for donations from customers that not only for obviously reasons have no money or would not be shopping there but are made to feel bad for not donating their money.<br /><br />
Plus, once again our dress code is changing and guess who has to pay for the change? Employees! DG will not even provide the uniforms but they sure will be nice enough to sell the shirts to us for regular price. Then of course we have to buy the pants to, which I can not afford the shirts little long the pants. If I had money I would not be working at Dollar General. I need regular clothes, food & so on, I can not imagine trying to find the money to buy for the new dress code so I can continue to work there. They expect us to make a living on what they pay plus they just cut the pay roll again so I only get 20 hours a week now!
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 5th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I dont think they should make the employee's pay for their own uniforms, since its the yellow shirts :P who would want to wear yellow? I was annoyed when i found out that we had to wear the black and yellow. I haven't worked for dollar general very long and already I know that there are things wrong with the store im at and with the company not willing to acknowledge them or change it. The DM says that its the employees fault that the stores theft is so high. We do what we can to catch shoplifters, but we don't have enough payroll to have people just walking the floor looking for thieves, nor do we have the best anti theft systems. All stores should have the tags on the clothes that the beeper goes off if someone tries to steal it. I know that the previous company that I worked for had them, its not a certain technique that is guaranteed to prevent theft but it does help. It would also help if the store was relocated to a better neighborhood. However from what i understand with this company that will never happen.
 21st of Apr, 2010 by    +2 Votes
They cut payroll every week it seems. And yeah, we have to pay for everything, donchaknow. The joys of retail. *rolls eyes*
 4th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
In one store in fla the store manager makes them put in money if they do not meet the min.
 23rd of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
Yeah i agree.It is freakin hottttttttt enough with out the whole black pants thing but what they are doing to me is just wrong.They over paid me and come on yeah i knew i couldn't keep it but but instead of taking it out of my check they want me to buy a money order 4 the amount and a stamp and send it back to them and come on i know it's just like 2 bucks but still they maid the mistake not me and i am the one paying for it
 23rd of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
 24th of May, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Your begging for donations is asking people do donate to charity. If you find this embarassing find a new line of work.
 26th of May, 2010 by    -2 Votes
While I agree that the company should not constantly change the dress code, this is still a free country and you are allowed to look for another job.
 26th of May, 2010 by    +2 Votes
It's not about being allowed to look for another job, it's about being able to even FIND a job in this economy. Do you think people work at places like DG because they want a career in it?
 29th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
People shoplift at DollarGeneral? Why, is junk now the in thing? Doesn't one go to jail for bottom of the barrel as for top of the line? Oh well, I guess thieves are stupid like Jay Leno says...
 29th of May, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Sometimes, I do agree that if you work for a company and they want you to wear a specific uniform, especially one with the company name on it, they should pay for it. Especially a big franchise operation like DG. Maybe you should charge them for advertising fees, after all when you wear their shirt with their name on it you are essentially advertising for them. On the other hand, no-one is forcing you people to work at Dollar General. The last time I checked you can still quit a job and go somewhere else in the U.S. If you don't like working at places like DG then better yourself with education or find a way to start your own business and then you can make up all the silly rules they want. Especially woman and minorities. There are so many programs through the SBA and Government that will help you start and expand a business you can't count them all. So please stop whining and get off your minimum wage you know what and do something with your life, besides whine about how your employer runs it's business.But don't be surprised if you do start a business and to the point where you are turning a profit, you understand where your employer was coming from when they charged you for that uniform. In case you didn't know it, that so called minimum wage job means your employer is really paying out around $10.70 or more per hour. You can thank the Government that, and with this idiot we have in the White House means it's certainly not going to get any better.
 3rd of Jun, 2010 by    -2 Votes
How bout you not work there if you dont like your job. With a 10% unemployment rate in this country there is someone who is glad to take your job and make your wage while you sit on your lazy, whiny ass.
 5th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I dont need a time out chair but people in this county need to quit bitching about having a job and a paycheck. People without one are sick of listening to it and those who are happy with the job they go to like myself are tired of listening to the whiners who think they deserve more and arent willing to go out and get it. Im mean no one is coming to anyone ones door and saying oh sorry we overlooked your potential .. heres 50 grand a year. thanks for sitting anround and bitching .
 5th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
You know what I have learned from past experiences such as this, some jobs are just not worth the time or chaos. Here are the rules I established for myself when I worked jobs such as these, first, if I must wear a uniform, don't take the jobs. Second, if I must pay for the uniform, avoid the job. Third, only pursue employment that will allow me to wear my own clothes rather than someone else's. Why? simply because some states are at-will -states, which mean you can be fired for any reason without cause or you can simply quit without giving notice. This explains the high turnover rate many of places such as these have.
In other words, do not spend your personal money on uniforms or specific clothing to meet company dress codes or other needs, that is their responsibility to provide uniforms if they want employees to wear them. Think, if you could afford to spend money frivolously to meet dress code standards, why would you need the job. You are seeking employment to earn money not to spend what little you already have. So, what happens when things don't work out and for some reason the manager fires you or perhaps you decide to pursue other interest such as a better job, you are left stuck with all uniforms and your money is gone, which means you are not compensated for your lost either. One time I spent 20.00 for shirt from Target for a job (19.95 +tax), I bought three of them, they refused to pay for the uniforms or reimburse employees . I was suppose to work 30 hours per week in a testing center, instead, the manager scheduled us to work less than 20 hours per week to save money. So eventually, three of the five new employees left, I was one of them, first let me state, we signed contracts at the time for 30 hours per week with the regional manager, it was the manager of the testing site who did this, and yes, we called the regional manager, met with him, and informed him of what was going on.
We were left stuck with these dam shirts, but guess what, within two days the testing site had an add placed on monster.com for a new testing site manager! You see, at the time the regional manager hired us, "he informed us we had a choice of colors, either black and white, or beige and white, while the others wore beige and white, we wore black and white because that's what we had in our closets. Who wants to spend unnecessary money for clothing? Not only were we being pressured into spending money we did not have, we were also being scheduled for other than what the contract had specified. So to all those in these situations, always remember, you are seeking employment for capitol gain, not losses, do not spend money on these jobs, none of them are worth it!
 28th of Aug, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I work for DG and I am sick of the multi-tasking, stock shelves here and change the endcap here and oh by the way run the register too. In the meantime the manager sits there ass in the office and chews on some grub and doesn't do anything. And there is nothing better than wearing black and yellow and roasting your ass off in 90 plus degree weather, when your air unit is not working properly. Yes we were told that employee theft was the major problem, well that is total bull how bout corporate bring their lazy asses down and watch the floors for us instead of just coming in to interigate the employees and make them think they are working with thieves and can't trust each other, that's real "teamwork". This company is pathetic and just downright ignorant when it comes to pay, treatment of employees, and respect for what we do as little "pee ons". Hours being cut all the time, changes all the sudden and expect you to change your life. My life doesn't revolve around this shithole store and never will. You can be hospitalized or major sick and they accept your doctor exuse and then say they dont recognize them and write you up for it, what the hell. Oh and the best one is everyone uses your cash drawer and then when you end up short they write you up for that too. The favorite one I found to be seen is when you do a pick, and they tell you don't put it in the (timer) safe, bring it to them instead that way they don't have to deal with it at the end of the night. I mean god forbid they have to do some work and make an effort. I'm looking for something better than this job, and I hope something comes up soon, because I'm so close just to saying hell with it and walk out. But of course I would wait until were real busy, lined up halfway down the store, because noone will help you out and open up another register and walk out and let them deal with it. Our store has so many complaints from customers (online, and called in) but that doesn't seem to bother the district manager. I will never work for this company again.
 5th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
Been There, Done That! Have been with the co. 6 yrs. SUCKS!!! Clened up many stores, last one being if not cleaned up in 10 days...closed down by dept. of health ! Did it and ran the store for 3 yrs. thriving. Problem was, I was working 60-70 hrs a week. E-Z store, with t he way they pack the rolltainetrs had a case of bleach fall on my shoulder...lost it, called my DM and said I wanted to be demoted to my origanal store(4 miles as compared to 23 miles) I have been involved in a lawsuit against them which went to court in Sept. Have been writtn up several times since for things I can't control.My mgr. wears hearing aids, so has to speak on speakerphone. Heard today (as he was talking in the office) that we could have 2 people for a bit more to take my place...cuz Sherry isn't worth!!!BITE ME ALL I HAVE DONE I AM SO WITH ANYONE AGAINST DG!!!PS NOT BEGGING 4 LITERACY...8000 STORES...WHERE THE MONEY GO??????????
 2nd of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I'm sry, but if you're really bitching about the people who are lodging their complaint about their job on a website called "complaintsboard" then you are obviously a dipshit for coming here and expecting anything else other than complaining. If those with jobs are tired of hearing people complain about theirs, then GTFO this website. Obviously there is a good reason you are jobless. So while you're sitting on your fat, unemployed ass at your computer desk all day, remember that the welfare you collect every month comes out of OUR shitty paychecks that we work our asses off to earn. SO STFU and mind your own damn business!
 8th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes
I agree. I've been there less than 2 weeks. They put me on registar the first day, no training at all. The registars are broke, they don't scan coupuns and the manager wants you to do everything while they set their big butts in office and chat on phone. They are rude and not helpful at all. They hollar across the store if customer is at registar even tho they are right there and could cash them out their self. They want cashiers to stock, run registar, mop, do totes, refil coolers and everything while they literally set on their asses in office. I hate this job but have no choice except to keep it until something better comes along. I get 15-20 hours a week, live alone and make min wage. I have had a bunch of horrible jobs but this one takes the cake. Not even a discount ! LMAO. This is the most pathetic place I have ever worked and can't wait til I find a real job. And one more thing, I'M NOT BEGGING FOR CHANGE FROM ANYBODY! LET'S SEE THE OWNERS OF THIS COMPANY DO IT FOR A WHILE>DOUBT THEY WOULD EITHER. This company sucks!
 8th of Aug, 2012 by    -1 Votes
@ Anonymissy - People who earn minimum wage at DG get a tax refund - over half of Americans don't pay anything in taxes and therefore don't pay for anyone or anything. People who do pay taxes pay for people like you.
 23rd of Jan, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Sounds like a lot of cases of really bad management- including at store level. But, a LOT of retailers expect you to at least keep a standard of dress, for instance, I am required to wear only black pants, black socks, black dress shoes, and black sweaters or white collared shirts where I currently work. Over the last 4 1/2 years, I estimate I've spent over 2 grand just on clothing. This is by shoppping at discount stores such as TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. And so I really don't see the problem here, as far as dress code goes. And as a manager myself- no matter where you go, a good manager is always working right alongside an associate- bad ones stay in the office. As far as shrink, nay small box retailer knows that we all have limited payroll so must keep coaching & training people to prevent theft. it can be done, it IS possible to lower those shrink rates. All these issues, for the most part, are corporate facts of life. Retail industry or not.
 11th of Feb, 2013 by    -1 Votes
Sounds to me like your whiny ass hates to work and wants a hand out. Me personal, which just started with DG would rather spend 12.00 on the logo shirts and 30 on the pants instead of messing up my usual clothing. Makes more sense to me, but I guess I would much rather bitch about something and be heard so someone will start a disagreement war over whats better and whats not. Also, if you think you are sooooooo much better than the employees at the DG and the pay rate was not valuable enough to you then step aside and let someone willing and ABLE enough to take such a low paying worthless job as you have stated. I know 10 ppl right off the top of my head that would be happy taking this job and wld succeed at. I ran 3 dollar stores in GA, one that the manager decided to sell the past weeks nightly deposits from and I was shoved into that position to clean the store and fix the money problem. Guess what, that was only 10/hr to run those 3 stores that was a 45 minute drive to one of them. Did I complain, no, I was happy to have a job, that I supplied my uniform for. And to top it off, neither of the stores were located in the right part of town.
And someone else said something about not being able to have a full staff for catching shoplifters. At no point was either of my stores equipped with more than two people. A key holder of some kind and a cashier. We caught many people and still managed to get our stock put out, the entire store faced before closing and the apparel. So before you open you stupid mouth to belittle a company that has hired you stupid and yet lazy tail, you might want to thank God for the job you have. Because if you were working under me or even hire than me, you would find yourself looking for a new job.

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