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Scam and fraud

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Contact information:
PO Box 34227
Seattle, Washington
United States
In October I switched to Comcast business high speed internet, and also changed my telephone from QWest to Comcast, bundled with cable television service. I had paid three months ahead so as not to have to bother with details during my busy retail season. Nevertheless, I got two letters (to my residential address rather than my billing address - I still haven't received any physical bills re the new service!)claiming I owed Comcast money. On both occasions I telephoned Comcast to clear up the misunderstanding, and was told not to worry about it as I had a credit balance. They said they had issued me a new account number with the change in service, but had forgotten to switch over the money that I had on credit, which they would now do. I also verified on the Internet that there was a credit on my account. This morning I woke up with no Internet. It took three hours of my time and three hours of my technical adviser's time on the phone with several departments of Comcast to try to get the matter resolved. Basically, they have allocated my telephone and cable television services to their residential section, and the high speed internet to their business section, but have been continuing to bill me for residential internet on the old account number. None of their departments cooperates with the other departments. They refuse to consolidate my services on to one bill, which was one of the reasons for dealing with one provider for all three services. Even though Comcast had notified QWest of the change in phone numbers, Comcast still had my old QWest phone number listed in its records; its website refused to change it. If I phone Comcast to check what is owing, I now have to give the new telephone number for the old residential account and the old (defunct) residential telephone number for the new business account. I have to log into Comcast under two different user names to check my bills, and have to erase old cookies every time to make this work. Comcast claimed it would credit me for the two months of residential internet it should not have charged me for; according to their math a pre-existing $62 credit from my payment ahead plus a $60 or so credit for two months of residential internet that I had cancelled equals $2. Go figure. And I'm supposed to "trust" them??? The "customer service" people claim I didn't tell them to disconnect the residential internet service, even though they charged me for connecting the new service. I do not have the energy to tackle getting my online bill payment service to handle two different customer numbers from the same provider. That'll likely take another four hours. Overall, the two bills together will be higher than I was told the "bundle" of three services would be. I haven't even had the heart to tackle Comcast on the question of the phones not working when it rains, which is pretty often here in Eugene. I wonder if the confusion in billing in deliberate. They give a 30-day guarantee, but you can't even find out what you owe within the thirty days. Perhaps there's a special part of Hatlo's Inferno reserved for Comcast executives.
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 30th of Nov, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had to run off a couple of Comcast fraudsters today. They woke me up from a nap at about 11 AM. There were two brown shirted Comcast employees knocking on my door. Signs are posted everywhere saying 'No Soliciting.'

I objected to them knocking on my door on Sunday. The guy closest to me began his sales pitch. I told him I did not want to hear it. Then he put his hand on my chest. I told him not to touch me and asked him to leave. He refused to move and stood too close to me.

Then I pushed his arm away slightly as he was standing so close I could not see around him. He pushed me back toward my front door. I began yelling at them.

His partner in crime then threatened me saying: "I will come up there and beat you up!" I yelled at them, saying Comcast are a bunch of thugs and "Worse than Enron." I also said "You guys are a bunch of crooks. Everybody knows it, too."

The thugs finally ran away shouting obscenities over their shoulders . . . As usual, the police have proved to be useless. But I will soon file detailed reports in writing.

Link to Review Reports of Comcast's Illegal Activities

 1st of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
 16th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
One of the many problems with Comcast:
Every time between 2am and 6am I lose my internet connection, I had called several times and they give me the same answers, my router, my box outside, its people in the vans fixing things and lots of BS. I call them for refund since I am paying for a full service but I am not getting a full service so if I multiply the hours without internet per month will accumulate to days of no service breaching my contract for services not provided as is mention in the agreement.

We all should join together and get a lawyer to represent us all and suit them for fraud.
 1st of Oct, 2010 by    +1 Votes
What a mess:

I received a phone call from a supervisor about a missing modem from an account we transferred service from 4 years ago. I told them I had no idea about the whereabouts and we had a nice chuckle on the phone. She said she would send me a letter stating the modem number and to notify them if I found it. About three weeks go by... a letter states no modem return and your service will be cut by 10/9/10. Well, our service was discontinued on 9/29/10. A payment of $30 was required to reinstate our service or provide the service. I told them they were out of there mind to call me four years later asking for something they should of inquired about 90 days after the switch. No luck, no budging and 30 dollars poorer.

To top it off the comcast agent told me not to interrupt her on the phone and put me on hold for 2 minutes while she tried to get another supervisor.

They are a joke. I hope Verizon comes to town quickly!
 5th of Aug, 2013 by    +1 Votes
do NOT believe them, we have been waiting over 6 months nothing came in the mail. called over 6 times spoke to the senior manager, the sales reps, and whoever else they sent me to redirecting me. It has been a complete nightmare with them they have the worst customer service. I have read hundreds of other reviews stating they have been scammed as well on the gift card. It is only a trap to lure you in you will never get it.
 15th of Apr, 2014 by    0 Votes
I had Comcast years ago and paid them off in full now 4 years later I get a notice from a creditor saying I owe $125.00 I told him that I paid off the account when I moved he said I paid $128.90 I told him why would I pay $128.90 and not pay the difference he said I don't know but I need to pay this. I told him I am not paying what a SCAM no bills to me and he can not even send me an itemized bill there should be some law against this. I went into the office when I moved and paid my balance so how after 4 years can I owe more?
What a joke. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL REGRET IT. I am sure I paid what they told me I owed I am so pissed right now I would love to sue them. Possibly will if I don't get an itemized bill.
 23rd of May, 2014 by    0 Votes
I wish I could say one nice thing about Comcast but if I did it would be a lie! They are the worst we previously had Verizon and loved them...now we don't have the option all we can get is comcast. A few months ago we and our neighbors were having problems with all three of our "bundles" when I called for service I was told "if enough people call we MIGHT come by and check" ...8 months a car hit there box after a minimum of 10 calls no one has come to check the box. When we started with them our bill was $130 today's bill (2yrs later) it is $188...and the service is horrible. I could go on and on but seems like everyone knows.

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