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DirecTV Complaints & Reviews

DirecTV / When calling in for problem, the machine does not understand nothing

Randy Meredith on Jan 18, 2017
Everytime that I have to call I can never get to the right person, if any, to talk too. This so called answering machine just does not have to understand a real person it keeps asking for me to repeat, or yets try something else. At which time i have to keep asking for a real person, many...

DirecTV / Equipment Insurance and billing

Allacen on Jan 18, 2017
We have had DirecTV since 2011-we have three issues that have not been properly addressed nor resolved. We had our service cancelled this month after speaking with a “loyalty specialist” At that point I said “cancel the receivers.” She chose to cancel everything. I have since gotten an...

Directtv / Poor customer service

logicalpositiv on Jan 16, 2017
I purchased a new receiver from directtv and its installation. It cost me $157 total and it was supposed to installed on Saturday 01-14-17 from 0800-1200. That Saturday they changed it to 1200-4pm. The guy actually showed up at 4:37pm. he tells me that he doesn't have the receiver and if...

DirecTV / TV service

Terry and Bonnie Bosse on Jan 14, 2017
I did not authorize them to take money out of our account now all my bills are bouncing we are not wealthy people please give us our money back we will take care of this later. My husband is the only one able to I can not with a bad back they don't care about the here customer s at...

DirecTV / Unauthorized charges to my account

Ruth Snyder on Jan 14, 2017
You took money out of my account without my knowledge!!! put my money back now i will call every hour until the money is back in my account i want this done asap like now!!! i want this issue resolved now!!! i can't feed my family because you took money out of my account without my...

Direct Tv / Direct tv

Pam Bracy on Jan 12, 2017
November 8 2016 I asked for new packet service two years at $50 per month. I live in my parents home they had direct tv. I told the sales person to cut off my parents account and put me as a new customer for direct. I added 5 TVs and equipment at $50 per month. I called several time...

DirecTV / I am filing a complaint against directv... My name is diana gonzales.

Diana D. Gonzales on Jan 12, 2017
I am very upset with directv... On march of 2016 I called to cancel my service with directv, because I could no longer afford my service! The representative put my account suspension for 6 months. I told the representative that I did not want my account on suspension because I did not know...

DirecTV / I called to cancel my service with directv in march of 2016

Diana D. Gonzales on Jan 10, 2017
I called to cancel my service with directv back in march of 2016 because I could no longer afford the service. Since my service with directv I have had nothing but problems with customer service people!!! I will tell tell all my friends not to order directv because they are ripoffs and...

DirecTV / Customer service / sales

WesBCT on Jan 10, 2017
I had a 2-year contract with Directv as a result of a bundling marketing offer after signing up with Exede Internet Service. The two years expired in January 2017, right now. Yesterday I called to terminate my service. I was told that I had committed to another 2-year contract. Huh??? It...

DirecTV / Unethical behaviour

jdarocy on Jan 6, 2017
On or about 8/3/2016, a young man wearing a shirt with the at&t logo came to my door to inform me that at&t was fading out uvers and switching everyone to direct tv and that because of my loyalty to at&t, he was able to give me a special offer if I signed up now for a 2 year contract. With...

DirecTV / Channel 11 nbc not on my direct tv any more as of the first of the year

tcbrown on Jan 4, 2017
I can't believe direct tv and nbc can't just get along and resolve this issue! My husband has early onset alzheimer's and I put on channel 11 (Nbc) every day prior to leaving for work, this is how he is able to cope with his day... A routine meaning watching shows that he likes and is used...

DirecTV / Satellite television

ATucker on Jan 4, 2017
After noticing an extra $10 equipment fee that has been added to my bill since August, 2016, I contacted DirecTV January 2, 2017, to determine why the fee had been added and to request a refund of $50 I had overpaid from August through November 2016, along with a correction to my current...

Directv And NBC / Loss of major network on directv

B Rogers on Jan 3, 2017
It was extremely bad business and unfair to paying consumers that these 2 large companies, Direct TV & NBC cancelled NBC on Jan1st without notice in the Baltimore, MD area. I hear it happened in other areas also. This was done purposely before a big football game. It has now lasted 3 day...

Direct Tv / Satellite tv service

Dan Jarest on Jan 1, 2017
Hello, my name is Dan.I live in the North East and as of January 1st 2017 I lost three of my local chanels. My provider is Direct TV and I pay what is to me alot of money every month for there service. I pay for a specific package which is supposed to include those three chanels. Direct TV...

DirecTV / Upgrading screwjob

Zipperwill on Dec 30, 2016
A couple of years ago I upgraded my service for hd and a more robust dvr. This was the ultimate result of a program update to my (I actually had purchased the machine) dvr, which to ruined my machine. Eventually the situation was resolved and directv wrote me a letter that stated because...

DirecTV / Loyal customer but dissatisfied

TASHA34 on Dec 30, 2016
I am very upset. I been with direct tv since 2011. I fell ill in 2013 and my services were disconnected. I had to pay 400.00 to get my services restored. The payment was made and my services were restored without any problems. October 17, 2016, my services were disconnected for non...

Direct Tv / Direct TV

Bob405 on Dec 27, 2016
This is a terrible product. The problems are not weather related but rather their software. I get message that I have not subscribes to a particular channel, such as HBO, which I do pay a monthly fee to get. I have problems playing back recordings. When there is program that allows to go...

Direct Tv / Cable

Jake Walker on Dec 21, 2016
This is complicated. I'm writing on behalf of a Gerard Shafer. He is a disabled adult. He lives with two other disabled adults; Kevin Young and David Andresen. I am Jake Walker, Gerard's caseworker. DirectTV has stated that they have not received payments since September and have cut...

Direct TV/Sam's Club / Direct tv scam

Kimberly Tarnovska on Dec 17, 2016
My husband and I were shopping at Sam's when we were approached by a woman who said Sam's was doing a promotion through AT&T. She asked who our internet and cable service was through and we said Uverse who at the time we were happy with. She said she could save us so much a month, we would...

DirecTV / Unethical behavior

mary Jacksonmcghee on Dec 13, 2016
Mary Mcghee had a appointment, Dec 9 2016, between 12 and 4 to have the cable connect to a Tv. After 4 I called Directv to see where my tech was I was informed that he was on site, not in my area I'm looking out my front door and don't see Directv nor do I see Att. Directv Tech. said "what...

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