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Burger King, York, Pennsylvania Complaints & Reviews - Terrible customer service!

Burger King Contacts & Informations

Burger King

Posted:    Shaquira Colon

Terrible customer service!

Complaint Rating:  87 % with 15 votes
Contact information:
Burger King
490 Loucks Road York Pa 17404
York, Pennsylvania
United States
Phone: 717-848-6097
Bad customer service... Got order wrong... disrespectful and rude!
Comments United States Fast Food Restaurants
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 20th of Jan, 2008 by   MARK L LEVIN 0 Votes
First off I am not a racist but if you are going to put someone at the register at least they should understand english as it the language of this country. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches and handed the cashier a coupon. I noticed the register rang up biscuits when I ordered crossandwhiches. She seemed to be confused about the coupon and another employee came up and they both started talking in Spanish which I felt was rude. I overheard biscuit a couple times when I finally had to say something about what I was trying to order. Took way to long to get my food and then I didn't even get a receipt so I could call and complain to the company about it.
 7th of Mar, 2008 by   Shaquira Colon 0 Votes
I to had a bad customer service experience with Burger King. I ordered a 4 piece chicken tenders for my daughter at the drive thru. I GOT THE BAG..NO TENDERS. I tried to take it in the restaurant but the line was long. I went back through the drive thru told the employee what happened she in return got smart I went and got the tenders and the other employee shot the bag at me and slamed the window in my face. I will think twice before visiting this Burger King and it's ashame because I like the food but they got to teach employees CUSTOMER SERVICE.
 17th of Mar, 2008 by   bigsmellyman 0 Votes
I wouldn't feed Burger King to my dog.
 10th of Apr, 2008 by   elaine solon 0 Votes
It is utterly disgusting -the burger king here in old san juan puerto rico. I am an american who recently moved to the island upon retirement with my husband and son. this morning while passing in front of burger king, this dirty (not homeless--as no one is truly homeless here--begger woman- for drugs--) was walking into the burger king wearing only a t-shirt--no pants, NOT EVEN UNDERWEAR!carrying her very dirty quilt in with her. This isn't the first time I saw such dirty people enter there. They use restrooms-here there is a high % of people with drug related aids-it is so dirty in there--we won't go--thousands of tourists from all over the world come to this port on cruises each week--and my grandchildren come to visit--and of course burger king is familiar and all want to go--i would never submit any of my family or friends to this horrific experience. It is disgusting for a company as large as yours to let this go on. You must have some control.Letting the franchise owner know is one thing--HE ALREADY KNOWS! WHAT A DISGRACE!
 10th of Apr, 2008 by   joe 0 Votes
You should have stayed in the U.S. You want U.S. rules in a country that you are trying to take advantage of with higher dollar power. Just because you didn't save enough for retirement here... stop complaining.
 17th of Apr, 2008 by   shannon 0 Votes
Burger King is a JOKE. I will NEVER purchase from them again. Not to mention, the 16 year old stoner drag queen was wearing enough make up to scare the most opened minded people in todays society. New Berlin WI, coffee dr. 53151. I don't care if they build a Burger King Castle, I wouldn't go. How do you mess up an order 4 times?!? Between Mcdonalds and Burger King, the last 5-6 times I have been there IN A ROW my order has been INCORRECT. I will never visit another one for the rest of my life and you can bet I will tell everyone of my experiences.
 6th of Jun, 2008 by   Renee King +1 Votes
Im Really not 100% upset with burger king all together as far as the taste of the food. My complaint is with the manager, Well today I was extremely tired from working all day and decided to get something quicknto eat, considering that burger king is near my house. I went through the drive through and specifically ordered a whopper jr. meal with no mayo, no tomatoe and NO Mayo. well when I noticed that the order was wrong I turned around parked my car and stood in line patiently to let the manager know and he went off on me telling me that I got what I ordered and that I never said no mayo. He was very disrepectful yelling at me in the restaurant so much that I almost told him to give me back my money. I have never in my life been treated that way by any restuarant manager. Im glad I did't take a bite of that burger b/c then it would have been a lawsuit since I am allergic to mayo. It was obvious that the person didn't ring the order up correctly but he yelled at me, the Paying customer So I am no longer a customer and my friends anf family feel the same way. Its location is 3204 east palmetto st. Florence sc 29506.
 11th of Jun, 2008 by   josephine rios +1 Votes
I was there today and when asked if they can clean the dirty tables a worker name JOSE LUIS said, "are you special are something?" whenasked to speak to the manager a girl name MARIA said she is the manager I began to tell her of his remark she said, "Im on break tell me in a halfhour!" When I got my order the NEW STEAK HOUSE was RAW.. I mean RAW and sloppy. I will never go back to that burger king again... store # 12396...
 26th of Aug, 2008 by   ZZ +2 Votes
Never work for Burger King. The people there will treat you like trash. I started working there on Sunday and quit the next day. The girl that was supposed to train me, showed me how to do only 2 things and then walked off and went to talk to another girl in the back, I followed her and asked her what I needed to do next since I was being trained. She told me to go do some dishes, she hadn't even shown me how to do the dishes and some 16 year old kid had to show me how while she was talking to her friend. Then she went her own way and started making some burgers, I was still doing dishes at this point and she asked me to go make more burgers, I didn't do it right the first time because she didn't teach me properly and gave me dirty looks and made me feel bad. I was supposed to be trained for 4 hours, and they sent me home 3 hours early, I'm assuming they didn't want to deal with me, I was in a good mood, willing to learn and do my best to be the best damn worker there, but they ruined it. I went back the next day and as soon as I walk in the girl that was supposed to train me hid from me and didn't see her for 20 minutes, so I sat down on my ass waiting for someone to come up to me and show me how to do something, everyone there gave me dirty looks because I was sitting down, pretty much they made me feel invisible, so I grabbed my purse and took off.

Now, they didn't have to kiss my ass but I did not deserve to be treated that way at all. I don't know who to turn to now because the managers at Burger King won't give me the union number and they yelled at me over the phone. I want those people fired.

Thank you for your time.
 29th of Dec, 2008 by   william andrews +1 Votes
made a order a the cleark said she put chicken nuggets in the bag, and that the were there, my wife showed her ( michaell) the bags and she could not find the eather, she got up set with another worker and my wife because she thouth she saw the in the bag but never offered a i'am sorry, instead she kept up with they were in the bag when the filling the orders did'nt put them in the bag to begin with. this store needs to retrain there people, then she gave my wife her name as mary but her name tag said someone else, from ANGLETON, TEXAS STORE #4278
 25th of Feb, 2009 by   jeff79922 +1 Votes
I have just returned from the Burger King drive through at the restaurant 7935 North Mesa Street in El Paso, Texas (number 5967) with the wrong order again. It will be the last time I go to a Burger King unless someone can convince me otherwise.

First, the people manning this place must not posses the knowledge to understand numbers because as many times as I said “number 1” they came back with “number 11”.
It would be so much easier to be able to order what one wants instead of by number, but, that is supposed to make it easier for their people to fulfill an order.

After the “number 11” conversation, I was presented with the option of “cheese”. I stressed “no cheese” three times at the order station. Then when I drove up to the window they again had to ask me about “cheese”. Again, I said “no cheese”, and underscored again with “no cheese on any item in my order”.

I paid for the order and drove all the way home, checking that in fact I had two burgers and two fries. But, after the drive home, sitting down to partake of the food, yes, cheese on not just one burger, but both. How many times could I have stated further that I
didn’t want any cheese?

What has become of customer service? In “these times” it should be even more important to not only “take the order” but “fill the order”. I will no longer be subjected to their people’s ineptitude when it comes to doing the one job they are trained to do.
 13th of Apr, 2009 by   sjr +1 Votes
Burger King's new commerical "square butts"----for kids meal !!! adult women shaking their square butts is not appriopriate for the age of kids who the kids meals are for, come on how low can u go?? no kids meals for my children from burger king.
 22nd of May, 2009 by   JKK +1 Votes
I too have experienced problems at a Burger King. They treat you like they are doing a favour to you for dining with them! About 3 weeks ago, I took my wife and my daughter to one on Stateline Avenue in Texarkana, TX (Store #2884) and what an insult we had to experience.

We were eating and one female employee was cleaning tables around us. She was dragging alluminium chairs making such a loud and harsh noise and then throwing them on top of tables. I got a call on my cell phone but could not hear anything due to the horrible noise. The girl knew that I was on the phone but didn't care and kept banging chairs! I finally told her to quiet down and boy..., she got mad and started mouthing off at us. She was so nasty that she told us " Ya'll need to take ur Asses outa here"! And that was not the worst part, the manager was standing behind the counter and was watching the whole incident and did not even have guts to stop that employee talk to customer like that!

I told him that I was going to complain to Customer Service and I did. That too was a JOKE !! To-date, I have not heard from anyone back regarding my complain. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT SEEN TO GIVE A S***T !!

They made a lifelong Mc Donald's patron out of me !!! What a contrast in service between the two !!!
 28th of May, 2009 by   Michael +1 Votes
My experience with Burger King's customer service is long running and disappointing. It all started back in the middle of April, I went to the Burger King near my work in southern Winnipeg. When I arrived at the store, there was no one at the counter. I waited for about 5 minutes and no on came to the counter. So, I left. I decided that this would be something to talk to corporate customer service about. So, I call the 1-877 number to speak with someone, only to get the message that all the customer service representatives were in a meeting and no one could answer the phone. I called back the next day and after a fairly lng wait I actually was able to talk to a representative. After sharing my experience, I was told that I would be contacted by the regional manager about this specific situation. After waiting a month for the DSM to call, I called back to the customer service center. After a longer wait than previously, I was given the option to leave a message and a customer service representative would return my call. That was two weeks ago, May 16, 2009 and I still haven't heard from them.

The problems with Burger King's customer service appear to be systemic.

 17th of Aug, 2009 by   Markalink2 +1 Votes
I will no longer visit Burger King! I just visited Store # 1736 located at 228 Mountain Ave. Hackettstown, NJ 07840. I ordered my order via the drive up. I placed my order and pulled up to the window. Trying to hear the server via their intercom wasn't easy and NEVER is! While I was waiting, I watched an Employee in uniform with hair down to her buttocks brush her hair, and run her hands through it struggling with the knots in her hair not one but both hands alternating with her brush! Eeww! When the gentelman finally opened the window and handed me the bag of food I had just ordered, I mentioned how gross and inappropriate it was for her to be behind the counter doint this. He responded not with an agreeance, but with a kurt "she's not behind the counter" "She's just on the other side of the opening to the counter area", to which I exprressed it's still not appropriate and things like this should be done in the ladies room, and not in public, let alone by an employee! Meanwhile, my food and everyone else's is being served downwind of this gal's knotted, tangled hair! YUCK! Phooey! I tried to call the customer service numbers on the receipt as well as the corporate numbers to NO avail. "After hours" no one to take complaints, or a message center, NOTHING! I reached other numbers where NO ONE wanted to give a rat's behind, "it's not their area" not their problem! If BK is opened and serving 24/7, it should have a hotline for complaints like this 24/7 as well! The apathy of the employees concerning this is pathetic and unacceptable! It's just filthy and Gross! I hope the health Department gets wind of this! The clearly need a "baby sitter" for the employees they presently have employed at this BK.! BEWARE! BE FOREWARNED!
 22nd of Aug, 2009 by   carolinabelle1982 +1 Votes
I went into the Lee Hwy Burger King in Bristol Va about 2 weeks ago and I had a coupon from taking a survey to get the free Whopper if you buy a fry and drink. When I got to the counter an older woman came to the counter and took my order and greeted me in a gruff voice with "what do you need" instead of asking what can i get you or how can I help you. She then looked at the receipt and asked me what month it was for and proceeded to tell me I was allowed to only use them ONCE a MONTH real loud in front of everyone. I am a regular customer and have been going to this establishment once or twice a week and never before have I had my integrity questioned or felt so unwelcome. I called the manaager and they had the district manager call me back and told me they were sorry and would speak to the lady, but they did not offer me a free meal as is standard in most places. When they get the new McDonalds built down the street I will go there instead.
 4th of Dec, 2009 by   HaveItTheirWay? +1 Votes
BK in Muscatine, IA (the only BK in town, thank GOOD NESS), I ordered some burgers that do NOT come with onions, to have onions added to them. I always get the same thing, and sometimes they get it right---during the daytime when the mgr is working, I assume. I always have NO KETCHUP, ADD ONION to the burgers, as I am allergic to tomato products.
Low and behold that when I get my total (for the same order I always get), the price is never the same----sometimes I am charged for onions, sometimes not. I have talked to the store mgr about this, and she ASSURES ME that they DO NOT charge for adding onions. So, after getting my usual order while being charged, for 2 small rings of raw onions (what I would hardly call "adding onions, " I requested receipts at the checkout after an arguement with the cashier, and took a handful to the store mgr.
She proceeded to tell me that this could not POSSIBLY be here store (the address, store # and date/time were on all recpt's), and that I was forging them. She asked to keep them. I said no, I was going to call the HQ and send them COPIES of fraudulent pricing standards.
She said that the rec'ts were property of BK and demanded that I hand them over. I insisted that for someone who stated just moments ago that they were forgeries (as if I would do that for 10 cents on each burger----jeeese), she sure wnated to destroy the evidence.
I pushed her out of my way, sibnce she blocked me against the counter, and told her she had better make sure her till matched the sales records, because if she was pocketing nickles and dimes from customers, HQ would investigate.
She then screamed at an employee to call the police as I assaulted her (I moved her out of the way so I could leave, which would be on their cameras!!), and that I was stealing store property---rect's for food I purchased and was overcahrged for!!
I waited for the police, told them what I was there for, they asked to see the video of my "attack, " and interrogated employees. Of course, no one in the store "saw or heard" anythign, probably to keep their minimum wage lowlife job, and she refused the tape to the police. I showed them the rect's and told them I was calling HQ in the morning, and asked for a copy of the police report. The police gave me one. The woman said I would never be allowed to order from there (in front of the police) as my tires may 'get cut' accidentally in the drive through.
The police warned her, and I asked to file charges on her and the company.
I called the HQ the next day, and was told that a full investigation would ensue, as there had been $$$ issues previously with this manager, who had also blamed missing money on other lower employees, who then supposedly were terminated.
I told them I had a suit against this woman and them also, and paperwork would be coming. The HQ offered nothing to me, not that lousy overpriced foor would be any reconsideration, but said they would talk to her. I told them that if my tires, vehicles, house or personal property were damaged by any of their present or former employees, or their friends or family would happen, that BK would have a stalking and agrevated assault on them so fast that the PUBLICITY would be wonderful for their corporation. I wanted no food, no money to make me quiet, but for this woman to learn a lesson, and NO ONE to be ripped off. The customer service # must employ robots, because they did not seem surprised nor apologetic for any of this, that is when you COULD reach what sounded like a human.

At this time we are in litigation out of court, but I have accepted no offers from them so far.
ANY money recieved from BK from this case will be donated in a very publi and media touted article to the local food bank and homeles shelters.

In the meantime, the local McD's heard of my story through the grapevine, and the owner called me to express his "condolances, " and offered me a free meal every day until I die!! I told him that was great, but I would rather that they donate somethign to kids or the food pantry, so he is doing so, with much publicity against BK, in my honor...

Do not settle for rude and ridiculous BK. They are the true slumlords of fast food.
 24th of Feb, 2010 by   najiyah +1 Votes
i have a coupon savings book that we got from a child that was haveing a school fun raise and i wanted to use the BK coupon and they wouldn't take it so we went to the one in Franklin Mill and still no. So why put them in the books if you not gooing to live up to them. we will not go to any of the BK again.
 12th of Mar, 2010 by   kay tyler +1 Votes
Holy shit, how rude can a manager be, I am a manager myself I would never speak to someone the way I have just been spoken too. Can't get a local number to phone only America. I'm all for equality and diversity but what I have just had to listen to is terrible. If a mistake is made, its up to the manager to put it right. Not the bloody case in Bracknell Berkshire.
 12th of Mar, 2010 by   kay tyler 0 Votes

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