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Bank of America Complaints & Reviews - Fraud, Embezzlement, Loan Modification

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Bank of America

Posted: 2011-03-17 by    Isabel1170

Fraud, Embezzlement, Loan Modification

Complaint Rating:  59 % with 56 votes
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Bank of America
United States
Bank of America and BAC Home Loans is the most criminal banking organization on our planet. Their only goal is to destroy millions of lives not help them like they say on their website. This is misrepresentation and false advertising. Quite honestly, the whole banking system needs to be replaced. Many people are standing up and fighting these monsters:

Comments United States Banks
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 17th of Mar, 2011 by   Isabel1170 +4 Votes
Just so you know, I did pay my mortgage on time and they kept screwingme over. I guess you work for Satan's bank and therefore scouring the internet in defense of their fraudulent practices. I guess you are ok with the widespread fraud that is being committed by Bank of America. People are fighting in wars and losing their lives for this country but no one is addressing the other war that needs to be initiated against these criminals. Then, where is the justice? Crimes are being committed against the people and I guess your ok with it. You better hope that you don't lose your house too. Maybe not if you work for BofA. They already ate Barbara Desoer's mortgage deficit wthout a problem but are screwing everyone else over. http://blogs.wsj.com/deals/2011/03/10/housing-crisis-bank-of-america-takes-533500-loss-on-execs-home/?blog_id=6&post_id=32614
 17th of Mar, 2011 by   Isabel1170 +7 Votes
You are a low life and you are very disrespectful by calling me a Bitch. I am far from being on. It is so sad that a disgraceful piece of crap like you is in the military. No wonder this country is going to the crapper. I guess anyone can be in the military. You disgust me and I refuse to reason with a idiot. Like I said before, I did pay my mortgage. It's not my fault that money was embezzled from me by a company that I am supposed to trust.
 17th of Mar, 2011 by   Isabel1170 +4 Votes
I understand Brenda but if the link I posted would have been read, he/she would have known the accustations. I have certain restrictions and I cannot provide every single detail about my case. I cannot understand how someone can scour the internet looking at negative posts about Bank of America and not be affiliated in some way with them. We are in an economical crisis and the banks are the main reason why. And this person "assumed" that I was a bitch and that I did not pay my mortgage. Isn't that also an assumption? So who is the one that made the false assumption?
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   wiseathena +4 Votes
we all know that the banks are a hugh prob, read the papers or check the news sites on the web they are all over it and their lying ways they have screwed everyone from bank fees to foreclosure and protecting their own with out any consideration of the people that gave them the bailouts, they knew this was coming since 1997, and they have been trying to cover their asses ever since. they are crooks ! they have applied $3600.00 to my account for insurence even though my insurence company has sent them the proof (3 times) that i already have insurence !!! they lie !!! now they are trying to blame everyone from the president to the consumer for their fraud, come get a grip !THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN !!! time to fix it and the banks need jail time and hugh fines! otherwise this country is in for the biggest failure yet ! you could be next military man !
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Don S. - Pennsylvania +8 Votes
One of the only reasons I'm piping in on this is to respond to "Stealth Pilot." Harsh words from an individual that's supposedly in one of the most highly respected positions in the military, as well as someone who is supposedly highly educated. Well my friend, it is readily apparent that you are in no way educated on the nationwide ponzi scheme unfolding before your very eyes. What were you trained in? A T-6? And when you stepped into the cockpit didn't you have a bit of background on the aircraft before you did? Perhaps you should apply the same discipline to this subject before you bruise your fingertips banging out things you know nothing about. Personally, I am well on my way to a Master's Degree (or MEI license if you like) in the subject of these bank scams after nineteen months of study and deep research, which I have been forced into out a sense of survival, yet taken to heart. I've been struggling long enough with this particular "yoke" to fly circles around you. You are simply wrong in your assessment, my friend. In a nutshell, there is literally ... not theoretically ... an active [yes] conspiracy to confiscate as much private property as possible in this supposedly free constitutional republic in order to turn a maximum profit in the shortest possible time ... right now ... as we type to each other. It is real and it is happening. Sadly, it's not the only "conspiracy" at work these days, since the liberties you put your life on the line for (supposedly) are being eroded by a corporate and governmental agenda unparalleled in human history. So ... "Stealth Pilot" ... take your head out of your ass and look through the canopy. You're about to get a bird strike, and it ain't no bird ... (and is that my Florida Isabel? A TRUE American Patriot?) - Don S. - Pennsylvania
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   wiseathena +5 Votes
Oh yes they did take money bailout money AND tarp money yes they paid it back but they made millions off of it. are you really that stupid to believe that there were no strings attached? they were given that money to USE to help struggling homeowners... which they helped themselves to. It was NEVER written as a loan it was written as bailout money !!! it was called HAMP and for your information, the program is a failure because the banks never wanted to help anybody. they wanted to use the money to make themselves money...which the record shows they did make a LOT of money from it. you need to educate your self on the realities of the truth.. and maybe chase down some of the links provided for you to KNOW what your talking about!!!
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   wiseathena +3 Votes
you have posted many opinions here, i looked at your profile seems you like to complain about everything !!!
I do have an opinion on the military cause my father, brother and husband won your freedom too,
freedom to complain about any dam thing i want. your military command makes the decisions not you so dont come here acting like your special. you just take orders. here's an order young man EDUCATE yourself before you open your big mouth.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Don S. - Pennsylvania +3 Votes
Interesting. Such classic rhetoric. Sadly, you take your training too far and let it bleed into your personal thoughts. Chiming in again is a great pleasure for me, since now I consider myself to have another (psychological/emotional) notch in my belt over you merely by reading your rhetoric, as well as further understanding your untenable position. You used the magic word ... "deadbeats." That's the center stick to every other maneuver you have, but it's flawed. In fact, it's not flawed, it's false. The percentage of "deadbeats" in this nationwide confiscation and [yes] conspiracy is MINUSCULE and the banks are even going after people with credit scores in the seven and eight hundreds. They simply don't care. Just an INQUIRY makes you a mark, then they lead you down a road that crashes-and-burns your credit, self-esteem, savings AND trust in the institutions this civilization was built on. And they LIE to do it ... research, research research. It's out there. No, "Stealth Pilot" ... you're at 40 thousand and your HR Infrared shorted out. You're flying blind. Your com chatter has been pumping garbage into your highly disciplined brain cells and you're spewing garbage right back out. Again, please, for your own sake and for the sake of the country you (allegedly) protect ... get your facts straight ... or shut your yap.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Boston67 +3 Votes
Bank of America Corp. was the second biggest recipient of federal bailout programs in the financial crisis, according to a report issued Wednesday by a congressional panel.
The U.S. government had total exposure of $336.1 billion to Bank of America through eight major programs, including the Troubled Asset Relief Program, according to the final report by the Congressional Oversight Panel. Citigroup Inc. had the largest exposure at $476.2 billion. The tally includes $45 billion in TARP funds that Bank of America has paid back. For seven other Federal Reserve and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. programs, the Congressional Oversight Panel counted the highest monthly amounts of loans and debt outstanding.

The following video is less than 5 min. long, extremely educational and easy to understand; even Stealth Pilot should get it :)
Congressman Michael Capuano nails WallStreet Crooks http://t.co/5SId0EF via @youtube
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Don S. - Pennsylvania +5 Votes
Obsessing a bit aren't we Stealth? I sense a bit of fist pounding. The fact remains that the paradigm you perceive is not the paradigm that exists. Frankly, we NEED you ... and people like you ... to understand this, despite your relentless pursuit to "convert" us. WE understand it, having lived it. However, the water is right in front of you. We can't shove your face into it. If, in fact you are pounding a fist, it's in vain ... since facts is facts. Sleep well.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Boston67 +4 Votes
Recall the TARP fund? It was a $700B bailout to the large banks and particularly AIG. AIG was/is an insurance fund which insured all of the mortgages in the structured investment vehicles against default and foreclosure and because these mortgages had been sliced and diced seven ways for Sunday, each mortgage was actually insured four or five times over. When the mortgages started to default and foreclose, the insurance companies ended up paying 100 cents on the dollar on these insurance policies they wrote to companies such as Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase and others.
It was the TARP money, the taxpayer’s money passed through AIG which bailed out the banks.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Isabel1170 +1 Votes
By the way Stealth, you were the one to make the first assumption and I guess you and Brenda failed to see it. You said and I quote: "Pay your mortgage on time each month and you will have no problems." You were the first one to comment on my complaint and "assumed" that I was having all these problems due to not paying my mortgage. You started the war! I was abused by Bank of America and that is it. They are allowed to do business in this country and they need to abide by the regulations. They continue to rob people that have loans with them and bank with them and they continue to issue illegal foreclosures and even foreclose on homes that they do not own and no one is stopping them. They are destroying everything that this country stands for and as a natural born American Citizen I am going to use my rights to the fullest and protect family. You, on the other hand have posted nasty comments that are uncalled for. If I were you, I would not be bragging about being in the military. I am just a hard working citizen who spent her life savings on a home and has disabled children and I do not use vulgar language against anyone. I guess I was raised right and I expect my children to also treat others with respect.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   immodest -3 Votes
"Their only goal is to destroy millions of lives not help them like they say on their website. " - As you said isabel - This is misrepresentation and false. I predict you will lose your case because you're an idiot for starters.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Don S. - Pennsylvania +4 Votes
Having slept on this, it came to mind that I should probably mention something ... and to all posters, not just Stealth. Generating shouting matches and name-calling is playing right into the hands of these powers. "Divide and conquer" is never more true than today. If we are one nation, we should behave like we are, and self-educate, not ridicule, belittle or demonize each other. Sure, we should have healthy debate to pull things out in the open, but the simple fact remains that if all we do is bark at each other, we let these insidious powers behind the curtain maintain control. For Stealth (that is if "Stealth" is your real name ... *smile*), his life is literally structured by "authority" he has no control over, up to and including being told kill people. He has to accept the authority ... but we don't. We can openly question and challenge it. However, as long as we fight amongst ourselves, venting our emotions on each other, these "authorities" win ... not us. That's BACKWARDS ... and even upside down. Stealth ... you have every right to speak your mind ... and we (I'll be bold enough to speak for the American public) shouldn't silence you with phrases like "shut your yap." I would only caution you to have your facts straight and set an example of wisdom coupled with knowledge rather than emotional venting or even rhetorical regurgitation ... which is advice we can all relate to. I hear a LOT of fist-pounding online, and from all sides. But it's a complete waste of time ... AND ... plays right into the hands of those who would rather see us in chains ... not physical chains ... but the chains of senseless bickering. Educate each other folks ... and stop throwing emotional stones. Otherwise we're lost.
 18th of Mar, 2011 by   Isabel1170 +2 Votes
Stealt, it seems that you really did not read the press release because the word "allege" and "alleged" is all over it. Furthermore, if you are in the military as you say you are, you should be aware of one of the privileges we have in this country: Freedom of Speech. If Bank of America blasts their customers and investors publicly blaming them for the lack of loan modifications (they never said allege) then I can certainly speak the truth and speak my mind in a decent and non-profane way. http://www.propublica.org/article/Bank-of-America-Blames-Investors-for-Lack-loan-mods-its-not-true. http://www.bnet.com/blog/financial-business/bank-of-america-blames-customers-for-hamp-problems/2831. The truth is, I am not here to bicker like you. You have left over 4, 000 comments on this complaint board and it is obvious that you like confrontations. I am not here for confrontations, I am here to educate the public about a company that is not abiding to the rules and regulations of business practices. If anyone breaks the law, they have to pay. That's it. If I would committ only 1% of the crimes that BofA has committed, I would be in jail right now. I do not forge signatures, steal from bank accounts, file false or forged documents through the justice system, embezzle money from escrow accounts, misrepresent services, harrass customers, foreclose on property that doesn't belong to me and so on. That is just a portion of Bank of America's crimes against humanity. We are fighting wars in foreign countries for oil or to destroy terrorists but we fail to fight the financial terrorist right here in our own backyard. What a corrupt system we live in!
 24th of Mar, 2011 by   john  Best Advice +12 Votes
Oh that is okay "I like cookies, " as I have made the same mistake before by posting before I proof read. We all do it :)
Well, in Isabel's defense, why has everyone automatically concluded that she bought a house that she cannot afford, simply because she applies for a modification? This is the problem here, simply because the banks have put out a press release that said "The people are just as much to blame as the banks, " people are repeating that very well planned press release.
The fact is that what the banks did hurt the masses of people who could afford their houses, by giving the ones that could not afford their houses a loan they could not afford. This is the old argument of who do you blame? The drug user or the drug dealer? I can tell you right now that the majority of those people were led to believe they were going to make equity on the house by these banks, while the banks new they were going to lose their equity. So these people were not irresponsible, but were "investing" into something that was being presented a good investment by the banks, but all while the banks knew that what they were saying was a lie.
These people are not to blame as much as the banks. The banks must be held accountable for their crimes, and comparing what these people did to being the same as what a criminal did, simply is not correct.
So that knee jerk reaction that says "the people are just as much to blame, " is simply not a true statement, if you study the dynamics of what these banks really did to these people.
John Wright
 25th of Mar, 2011 by   Really? +6 Votes
Wow Stealth! You comment on a huge number of posts(and it is your right), but you got your ass handed to you on this one!!!

You should stick to the Fast Food category and Walmart complaints.

Again, just my opinion. lol
 25th of Mar, 2011 by   john +12 Votes
I am still trying to understand how Isabel putting the word "alleged" in a press release is to be interpreted as her trying be more creditable (lol)? Nevertheless, why would it not be interpreted as Isabel trying to get the word out about her lawsuit? Therefore, I suggest that Stealth has no evidence at all, if this is all they have to say at this point (lol).
I also do not think that anyone here is interested in trying to change Stealth, but I do think they have come here to expose that Stealth likes to speak about all things they know nothing about, while they appear to be nothing other than bully.
In the end, I think everyone here agrees with the fact that it does look like Stealth might have brought a knife to a gun fight (wink).
John Wright
 25th of Mar, 2011 by   john +10 Votes
You are clearly a very emotionally disgruntled person Stealth. However, you are apparently incorrect again, because it is readily apparent that you do care what I say. Otherwise, I would suggest you might not leave such an emotionally disgruntled statement. I knew you would not be able to resist responding, which is exactly why I had left the comment. You see, this is because each time you leave a comment, my people get closer and closer to finding out where and who you are. I am sure you do not believe me, but I am also sure some of these people here have actually seen me do it before. This is because not too long I posted seven people's names, phone numbers, addresses, pictures, work address, work phone numbers and even their check numbers. That is always the fun part too, because all the sudden shit talking seems to stop, simply because you are nothing other than fake Stealth. A fake who hides behind their computer, while you try to bully decent people. You are probably not much to look at either, which might explain a lot of your unhappiness.
It also appears that you are wrong again with your facts about people caring about my site too. You see, I have displayed my sites tracker on my blog. This tracker displays that the House of Reps, United States Senate, Bank of America and 37, 000 other people seem to disagree with you. If you are talking about the people in this room...you would be wrong again. This is because who do you think brought them here stupid. You see, they come to see the show, but you do not even realize that you are the star yet do you? However, I like to play with my food before I eat it.
If you are so right, why are you so miserable and I am so happy?
I will say it again:
In the end, I think everyone here agrees with the fact that it does look like Stealth might have brought a knife to a gun fight (wink).
John Wright
 25th of Mar, 2011 by   nfrostWY +5 Votes
I agree John, you always hit the nail on the head. If he was a smart person this Stealth, we would clearly see the truth of all the information you are able to obtain on anyone! But, there are those out there like Stealth that always opens mouth and inserts foot. And those like Stealth who just talk the talk and loves to hear himself talk. So Stealth, what does a couple do that bought a home they could afford lost their spouse now living on a fixed income, Medicare won't even pay the cost of that spouse's illness nor the supplemental insurance cover the cost? And Stealth if you don't give a sh--t about John says, why do you always have to post something after him?????????????

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