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Aspen Dental, Ohio Complaints & Reviews - Over charging and cheap dental Work

Aspen Dental Contacts & Informations

Aspen Dental

Posted:    melody097

Over charging and cheap dental Work

Complaint Rating:  77 % with 13 votes
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Aspen Dental
United States
My husband lost one of his front four teeth. We had heard about Aspen Dental being new to town and that they were taking new patients. My husband went there and and had his new patient xrays taken and a dental plan set up for fixing his missing tooth. They told him they wanted to do a two part cleaning, bridge work for the missing tooth, fill cavities, pull some teeth. etc. we could not afford all of that and were just concerned with getting the tooth replaced. We spoke to the office manager who told us about care credit. We applied and one of us was approved for a small line of credit. we decided to go ahead with the cleaning and bridgework. We had insurance and were told that the work would be submitted to the insurance, and that whatever the insurance did not cover would be billed to care credit. before we even had the first cleaning appt, we received a bill from care credit for almost the entire amount of our line of credit. The office manager blew us off and said we should make the first pymt while insurance was processing. My husband hsd his two cleaning sessions, and then went back for bridge work. When we arrived for the bridgework, another dentist, whom we had never met before, told us that my husbands teeth could not hold a bridge because they were too loose. He said that he had just looked at the xrays, and if he had seen them earlier, he would not have gone with the bridge procedure. We found out that the insurance had not ever been been billed for the bridgework, but our care credit account HAD! They offered a different prodecure instead, and told us to see the office manager about a credit. The office manager kept insisting that we wait till the insurance paid something. They went ahead and did the new partial mouth piece and said they billed the insurance for it. After waiting two months with no call back and many messages left for the office manager, I called and found out that not only had the insurance claim not been billed correctly for the mouth piece causing the insurance to deny the claim, but the office mamager had mysteriously just not showed up for work one day and all of her files were all over. I demanded that our file be looked at and a credit be issued. I finally had to call the corporate office after I was told that a credit request had been sent with a rush on it to be processed quickly. It had not been rushed...so I rushed it! You see, we had been charged late fees, over the limit fees, and finace charges on a balance that should not have existed on my care credit account. They said they would talk to care credit and get those waived and they did not. When I called the dental office to get a printout of the originally billed charges, the office personnel would not even speak with me..they sent a dental aide to hand me the paper...which did not show the charge billed for the bridgework. That all being said, the partial plate they made my husband broke not even 60 days after he got it, and the pieces were lost. Since we could not provide the pieces, they said they had to make a whole new one and we would have to pay out of pocket for the whole thing. So...the battle rages on..but my attorney will handle it from here! DO NOT TRUST ASPEN DENTAL EVER! THEY ARE FRAUDULENT AND SHOULD BE PROSECUTED!
Comments United States Dental Services
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 26th of Oct, 2009 by   Ourfriend747 0 Votes
I 've had problems with Aspen Dental at Orange CT, and I have the photos to prove it. The first problem was that the dentist did not orientate me on not to put adhesive over the area where there was still an open cavity in my gums. I was complaining that every time I chewed that my gums hurt as if though I had a tooth ache were there was no tooth. I realized that what was going on was that the adhesive was acting like a plunger within the gum cavity where the tooth was extracted from and was pumping air into, and causing pressure to build up within the gum cavity and of course it was causing pain to the nerves with the tissue. I had told the dentist what was going on and he denied that this was the problem and what he did was grind material from the area where this was happening which was the left rear of the denture. The problem became worst after they had put in the soft liner, because now what the dentist did not realized was that he had grind a whole right through the denture surface and the soft liner was now bubbling up through the whole and acting like a permanent plunger, pumping air into soft liner and creating a bubble that was conforming to the whole in my gum cavity. I tolerated it until not much soon after the denture split right in half from front to back. When I took it to get it repaired I also explained to them about the whole in the rear left tooth and the bubble within the soft liner, which was hurting my gums. They repaired the split to my satisfaction. However after I got home I felt the bubble coming up again and hurting my gums. I took photos of everything and use a magnifying glass to find the problem and sure enough there was still a hole within the area where the bubble on the soft liner was formed. I took it back and they repaired it. Well today I woke up and where the the hole was repaired the arch was split in half with the tooth hanging from it. It has not been six months yet since I have had my dentures, where as I am suppose to get a permanent soft liner put in my dentures, once my gums have completely healed.
 28th of Dec, 2009 by   hezzie93 0 Votes
Aspen Dental is horrible At first I had a dentist I liked but the filling he did is bad already and the cap has fallen out. I was in pain and they told me I could come in two weeks from the day I called I had a abscess and it infected my whole jaw bone Thank god another dentist saw me even though I was not his patient. I went back to the new aspen dentist when my cap became loose she blew me off and kept telling me I needed a root canal on one of my other teeth which I already knew. I got a nice bill for a hundred dollars which I plan to send in the money for x-ray and tell them how I will not pay for the exam since they did not address my other issues. Do not go to aspend I am 3, 000 in dept and now have a loose cap and a filled tooth that I will need a root canal or pulled
In Lancaster pa
 4th of Sep, 2013 by   barbara j-- 0 Votes
I completely agree. It's a terrible place to go and I will NEVER go there again. I had a denture reline and didn't find out until afterward that they don't do the adjustments without a charge because it wasn't their denture. I had it made in Michigan before I moved here. It should have been told to me up front and I would have gone somewhere else! It was a horrible ordeal which is far too long to type here. HORRIBLE place!! Stay away from Aspen Dental. What a rip-off!!
 11th of May, 2015 by   ggthatsme1967 0 Votes
please don't go to aspen dental in Hamilton oh, all they do is hurt you, and they keep wanting you to keep going there for no reason at all, there is 2x now I went there for a soft align and both times I went home without it being done, it keeps costing me time and gas, and they are one of the most expensive places you can go too
 23 hrs 51 mins ago by   Mary Ricker 0 Votes
I have had my plate since July of 2014 and they still do NOT fit. I am tired of spending my money on gas and not getting anything done right. They keep telling me to try one more time. I want my money back so I can go somewhere and get a plate that I can eat a meal without them coming loose. I use more adhesive then I think I need to but they won't stay in any other way. My teeth hurt when I try to eat.
They keep telling me to see the doctor. He does not do anything different. He made a new one and used the one I had (that does not fit) to make a new set and they don't fit either.

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