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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / Get it services

TarrynRu on 2016-02-10
On 21 January 2016 after going through my cellphone accounts I found that I have been billed for Get It services which I cancelled in October 2014(as confirmed by the call center agent Lezanne call reference number 447397308). She then told me I asked for it to be reinstated during August...

Cell C / Nokia Lumia 640 handsets sold as dual sim but they don't work as such

Reviewer21039 on 2016-01-25
I purchased a new contrac at cell c centurion on 3rd October 2015. At the advice of Samantha, she recommended the Nokia Lumia 640 windows phone for dual sim. I didn't want 2 running contracts, so I purchased as per her advice the lumia 640 - 084944888 on contract and she suggested I cancel...

Cell C / Phone blocked, taken for repairs and no feedback.

Reviewer63521 on 2016-01-15
Good day I sent phone for repairs at cell c in November because I could not receive or make calls. I was told my phone was blocked by some called Mike and he says he did it by mistake. Every time I go to cell c umlazi mega city they tell me my phpne is not yet fixed. When I email customer...

Cell C / No service and bad product.

kuni24 on 2016-01-04
I upgraded two of five contracts at Cell C +- 3 months ago and requested that the number attached to one of them be removed from my account and made pre-paid and that another number that was pre-paid be attached to that particular contract as it is that number which uses the device. All...

Cell C / contract cansel

dnll on 2016-01-01
On the 28th of May I enquired about ending the contracts that I have with Cell c. The operator told me the one can be ended on May but I habe to phone again on Jume for the other one because it was then 3 momths before contract ended. On June I pjoned again to end my contract for the other...

Cell C / brochure

roxann01 on 2015-12-22
hi there, cell c as the sony xperia m5 on epic 150 for R299.00 but no outlets have stock n never had stock from the time the new brochure was printed. its a reel in to draw customers who want to invest in that specific phone to now take something more pricey because of lack of stock how...

Cell C / Sim swop

Reviewer49952 on 2015-12-18
I upgraded my contract with Cell C on Monday 14/12/2015 and received my new phone Thursday 17/12/2015. I have ben trying to do the sim swop required for the new nano sim since 12:20 Thursday and have been sent from pillar to post, receiving empty promises and nothing has ben done yet. It...

Cell C / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer64745 on 2015-12-01
An upgrade was processed on my contract on 26 October 2015 in error. This was reported to the company and they gave us assurance that they would listen to telephonic conversations, rectify the error and reinstate my old contract. I am not in possession of any new handset or any other...

Cell C / No feedback, ignoring the problem

roxsan on 2015-11-19
Good day I upgraded my cellphone approx 2 months ago, this was done telephonically, I received my first bill which was R1630.28, I queried this as my bill in all the years I have been with cell has never been more than R350, I was informed that a recording would have been made of the...

Cell C / Brand New faulty phone

MichelleSch on 2015-11-04
I upgraded my Cell C contract in August 2015. I received the Samsung S6. Approximately 2 weeks after the device was received it started going faulty. Whenever it was charged it would go very hot and the device would just switch off. This was intermittent as it sometimes worked for a week...

Cell C / Unable to respond to my emails/queries and courier company used to deliver.

Reviewer69120 on 2015-10-16
This is my third request I`m sending through to Cell C customer service and obviously I am not getting any response or feedback from anyone, tried calling in and I`m still holding for more than 40 minutes no one attending my call. I`m getting impatient and annoyed with the courier service...

Cell C / No cancellation clause and no assistance

Kathija on 2015-10-16
I walked into Cell C yesterday and enquired about a contract that Telkom had and what Cell C was offering. I was informed of the range but that the contract was not offering the same. Whilst the consultant performed a credit approval, I indicated that I want to check at Telkom to see the...

Cell C / I am very disappointed in your service

Lachar on 2015-10-13
Kindly note that I am VERY disappointed in your service at the Cell C branch in Gallaria. I took out a contract with you on the 20/09/2015 which was the Huawei Router E5330 for R199.00 per month. I used is for a day and a half and then the router did not wanted to connect at all. I took it...

Cell C / Scam

Reviewer91496 on 2015-10-06
Josef Malema at Cell C Cradlestone is refusing to Assist with a phone that was sold under false pretense. I was advised that the phone i selected is LTE compatible. Now that the LTE service is available i cannot access it due to the phone not supporting the service.

Cell C / Over Billing despite limits set

Megan Fielers on 2015-09-07
I was currently with Cell C, and due to Autopage buying Cell C customers, when it came to upgrading my contract in the beginning of this year, I had to move to over to Autopage. I took out a contract with was a really good deal, but a friend warned me about there shocking billing habits. I...

Cell C / Network / Sim Card

Reviewer92011 on 2015-08-26
For the past month I have tried in absolute vein to resolve a seemingly simple issue. I lost network on my phone and upon phoning was told that my I needed to re-register on the network-which I tried to do; this only after I phoned back 3 times in order to obtain this information. After a...

Cell C / Contracts cancellation

Luyanda Sowata on 2015-08-25
I have 2 cell c contracts for 2 years. I've been contacting cell c to cancel my contracts and no body wants to assist me. Every time I call them my call is put on hold or they just drop my calls when they here my request. I went to cell c store in green acres Port Elizabeth and I wa...

Cell C / Advert

Reviewer33689 on 2015-08-20
The current advert being aired using a dog performing sexual acts on a man's keg is disgusting! It is highly inappropriate for family viewing! Our kids need to be protected! Please stop airing such trash!!!

Cell C / Sim Swope

Y Ganpath on 2015-07-01
it is truly the worst service you can get, i called Cell C on the 29 june 15 and reported the cell phone has only and emergency facility and was told that all fine on their side how ever i will need to do a sim swoop, i refused has this would be my 3 sim swoop in the past year, the most...

Cell C / Account handed over to Lawyers

Quintuskil on 2015-06-10
Please assist as a matter of urgency, with the Cell C accounts for Mr Q E Kilian - ID number 730317 5072 082. I have received a SMS from a lawyer yesterday informing me that I owe money on a CELL C contract, but they would not give me any further information relating to the contract. I have paid up...

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