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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / Lies, no customer etiquette

Noctober on Dec 9, 2016
I am due for an upgrade and went to Cell C in N1 City a few days before the end of November as one of my friend just got her phone, that's why i wanted the P9 Lite Hauwei phone, i spoke with Mariase, one of the sales agents, i asked him what packages they have on the phone as i am...

Cell C / Network coverage

Leonie Garvie on Dec 6, 2016
There has been no network coverage in the Bonaero Park (Kempton Park) area since Friday, 2 December 2016. I have written to Cell C a few times about this issue and have not received a single response as yet. All the other service providers do not seem to be affected, just Cell C. Please...

Cell C / Pinnacle 250 contract

Yvonne Longe on Dec 5, 2016
I have 2 contracts with Cellc, my 074 541 5911 was due for an upgrade, i went into a Cell C store in Durban and enquired about the upgrade and was told of a special of a R3000 Voucher which is only for a new line for a P9 Lite on a Pinnacle 250 contract, i then paid up my account did a...

Cell C / Isn't a complaint about cell c services rather than acquiring more about what I should do to prevent from been hacked.

Trinabeib on Dec 4, 2016
I have got an Android Samsung galaxy and it was bought by boyfriend 10months ago and I have been using it without any problems until since I realised that the same my boyfriend is able to see everything from my phone through his PC. He can see my messages, whatsApp and all other thing...

Cell C / Product, repairs

Will Roux on Dec 2, 2016
Regarding my LG G4 #GPCEN52672 that's been given in on the 29 September 2016 for repairs and it's 3rd December 2016 and still haven't received my phone back form Cell C. I have been to the store where I gave in my phone for repairs several times now. The last few weeks has been about my...

Cell C / Cracked tempered glass

Omisra on Dec 2, 2016
I bought a temered glass LG G4 - from the Cell C in Nelspruit Riverside Mall while I was on holiday. When I returned home and opened the package, the glass was cracked. I live in Johannesburg. I contacted the Norwood Mall store and they said I must take it back to Nelspruit!!! I also called...

Cell C / Cell c mobile phone contract - samsung promotion

Lally Perumal on Dec 1, 2016
On sunday, 27th nov 16 i went to cell c at the mall of africa to take out a contract for a samsung s7 phone with the pretext of getting a free samsung led 32 tv.. The contract was finalised but cell c had a technical problem so the contract could not be printed. The contact was all done...

Cell C / Contract

Constance1 on Nov 26, 2016
I requested to cancel my contract in June and was told the las debit order will run in July, to this day it is still not cancelled, I called your call center numerous times and was told they will listen to the call and get and get back to me, I inboxed on Facebook and was told will contaxt...

Cell C / Blacklisting a stolen phone

Abigail Louise on Nov 26, 2016
My house was broken into. My phone BlackBerry Z10 was stolen. Previous contract number was 0616139817. I upgraded to a P9lite, gave the BlackBerry to my daughter and used my mum's old pre paid SIM(Mrs /Mr Bradly) in the phone for What's up for my daughter. I am trying to blacklist thi...

Cell C / C-fibre

nazdave on Nov 24, 2016
In june I entered into a contract with ayanda of cell c for fibre. The condition was that I pay the full amount upfront without a monthly debit order. Account : 204867928, invoice 1311023013. July statement shows a balance of nil. Cell c is debiting my account with r899pm. Yesterday I...

Cell C / C Surance

LA1986 on Nov 24, 2016
15 November my phone was stolen, I reported it immediately to Cell C to have the phone line deactivated. Requested the next step in terms of insurance process. The Agent then provided me with the Finrite call center number. 16 November I tried to contact Finrite and it took a ridiculou...

Cell C / Poor reception and service

Davidnell on Nov 23, 2016
I recently took out a contract with cell c. They looked on the reception map if I do have reception at my house. According to the map I have 3g, 4g and lte reception at home. I experience poor reception at my house and sometimes even no service or only emergency calls can be made. I logged...

Cell C / Increased capped limit without my consent

Palesa Kwayiba on Nov 19, 2016
I have recently taken 4 data contracts with CellC. When I took the 4 data contracts, I was not aware that those contracts are open lines. I only realized when my son told me that he cannot get access to the Internet even though the router was showing that he still has data. I then called...

Cell C / Upgrade not as advertised

Gerhard Potgieter on Nov 18, 2016
I saw the advert for Cell C Pinnacle 250 contract on Tv that had the following info: Samsung S7 phone Samsung J2 phone 500 sms extra 500 minutes extra 1gig data extra R3000 cash(for new contracts only) Firstly I contacted 5 stores, none had stock for 2 weeks either s7 or j2. I eventually...

Cell C / Complaint - unable to receive incoming calls

Natasha Lakay on Nov 18, 2016
I received incoming calls the morning of 18th November but when my phone didn't ring for the remainder of the day, i called through to the customer care line and was told to dial a number which would open the line. Clearly this didn't work and after being sent from pillar to post and one...

Cell C / Cell c repairs department and sony xperia phones

Lungi Lu on Nov 17, 2016
I have a contract with cell c, in Aug 2016 I was due for an upgrade so I selected a SONY M5. The first one was delivered on the 11 of AUG IMEI number 35419071013261 I had to return it back to cell c because it kept on rebooting itself, refusing to switch on . They replaced the phone with...

Cell C / Horrible service

Jahbooleeleh on Nov 17, 2016
...as Im typing this, im on the line with Welcome, who asked me to hold for his team leader Siphiwe. I am now holding or on the line for 28 minutes and still counting. I am glad I with vodacom because this right here is utter nonsense, if he cant assist me, why not tell me instead of make me...

Cell C / Contract cellphone

Aashiekah on Nov 17, 2016
hi i was soled and incorrect contract in the first place info was not mentioned but i was paying for the services. now my issue has been taking forever to be resolved and people are not assisting me and calling me back. i was aware that it was an open line and initially set a limit of r50...

Cell C / Device not working

Nonhlanhla Charity Daniso on Nov 16, 2016
I have received a cell c contract phone 2 months ago 0761719847 that is my contact number and the phone is not working i have tried several times to contact cell c they keep telling me that the phone will be collected and i have been sent from pillar to post and I am using my cell phone...

Cell C / Scam on public using cell c number link: 0845347646 via +27781369394

Shiraz Manjoo on Nov 10, 2016
My complaint relates to a cell c linked and listed number I have received e which is being sent to the public with the following message: - "omo washing powder has rewarded you with r295, 000 from omo. with code no (anp99) contact 0845347646 for claim. The person/entity utilising 084...

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