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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / Wifi modem - access denied due to incompetancy

DaphneArchary on Jan 16, 2017
On the 03rd of april 2015 I took a wi-fi modem device at the dealer 3657835 which upon subscription the monthly installment was r99 per month. The sales consultant then advised me that there is an additional amount we can chose to allow the access to exceed by. I chose r50 maximum for the...

Cell C / Block a stolen phone

ULS on Jan 13, 2017
My phone got stolen on wednesday and I called cell c early morning on the 12 dec annd requested for then to block the phone after I discovered the person who stole had access to all my personal information and wanted money in exchange to not misusing it. I went to open a case, that wa...

Cell C / Disturbed customer regarding appalling service

My complaint is regarding the service i have received from Cell C regarding my faulty iPhone 6s After doing the update in October i realised that my phone was faulty and was not connecting to wifi and my battery did not last.I went to the V &A store and was advised that it takes 21 days to...

Cell C / Service and contract

Werner Janse van Rensburg on Jan 13, 2017
Main problem is: On the 7th of December2016 I applied for a new contract when one of your consultants phoned me with a deal (R89 for 1gig data) He later corrected himself by saying it is 500meg for R89, I replied back and said that he said for 1gig. I in any case took the deal but said I...

Cell C / Frustrated customer

MJacobs on Jan 11, 2017
Good day sir I would like to inform you about my frustration I have with Cell C Direct service. I was offered a contract in April 2016 for wifi rooter. It was delivered to my house without a sim card. Ever since I have been struggeling to get the rooter activated. I called numerou...

Cell C / False blacklisting

Mr .J on Jan 9, 2017
My recent visit to bank for a loan application revealed that I have been blacklisted by cell c. I had never dealt with cell c nor did I intend to at any time. This is second time this has happened in a matter of two years & the fear of getting this rectified is a nightmare considering what...

Cell C / Lack of service, incompetence and a really infuriated client.

Jacqui Grace Peake on Jan 7, 2017
Last year I decided to take up a Cell C Buy out contract as I had endless drama with my previous service provider. The service I received was outstanding and everything was smooth sailing. I then moved abroad, but before I did I contacted Cell C, informed them I wished to continue with my...

Cell C / Upgraded with a iPhone 6

I got an upgrade iPhone 6 the phone was fine for few weeks then after that in October the phone started malfunctioning I reported this to cell c then I took the phone to a cell c shop for it to be sent to their repairs department the phone heats up when locked it switches on and give options to switch off, when unlocking the phone it takes pictures

Cell C / Fraud upgrades and continue debit orders.

Anton Coetzee on Dec 31, 2016
I have been struggling to cancel two of my contracts from the 16th of September 2016. I called to request the cancellations, all went well and they informed me that the 16th of October it will be canceled. On the 2nd of November I still got billed for the contracts that was canceled. I...

Cell C / Continuously poor service with upgrades!

Frustrated_Customer_L on Dec 28, 2016
I just want to inform Cell C that they have lost my family as customers. I know I stopped using Cell C about 10 or more years ago due to poor service. However, My mother has been a loyal Cell C customer for many years, I couldn't even tell you how long. However, I can not express my frustration...

Cell C / I have called my contract but my account is still debited by cell c

rangwato on Dec 28, 2016
i took an I phone 6 with Cell C and the phone that they deliver was not working i took the phone back and asked for cancellation of a contract on the 17 October 2016 i called them to pick up the phone since it was not working, same day i asked them to cancel the contract, as i was asked to...

Cell C / Unauthorised money taken from my cell phone balance

Jerry Paice on Dec 24, 2016
Good day CellC, 24 December 2016 For R7.50 we the users are supposed to receive 2GB worth of FREE whatsapp use for a month. I have a Samsung GT-S5310. My no : 082-214-7851 Jerry Paice Why is it then that monies are subtracted from my balance in small amounts ? I often check my balance...

Cell C / Contract 074 3088 600

David T Williams on Dec 23, 2016
I want my refund. Not prepared to wait 7 working days. What is going to happen to the interest you going to earn on my money in your account? How many thousands of people you do this to? Nice innovative way to make extra cash at the expense of the ordinary man in the street. As a company...

Cell C / Lack of service and mis selling of products

Shivona on Dec 21, 2016
Good day I have been a customer of Cell C for approx. 9 months now and every single encounter I have had with them has been a painful one. Attached you will find my initial complaint that was not dealt with or addressed to date. My cell phone was stolen/lost on the night of the 10 December, I...

Cell C / Refund due

Kirug2503 on Dec 20, 2016
Hi. I have been a Cell C customer for over 8-10 years. My recent contract was due for an upgrade but the call centre screwed up a promotion that cell ce was offering to customers that didn't want to renew their contract. A refund of +/-R200 was then due to me as Cell C charged me fees upon...

Cell C / Data

CherylCu on Dec 20, 2016
I originally signed a contract for 20 + 20 GB @ R399.00 per month and shortly afterwards upgraded to 30 + 30 GB @ R499.00 per month. I also have a limit of R1.00 set up to avoid additional data charges. I have been debited with R931.80 and R1199.14 by Cell C with absolutely no explanation...

Cell C / General repairs complaint

Will Roux on Dec 20, 2016
Good day, Following my handsets repairs and the extensive time it took to get it back. I have a few things that I want clarified and addressed. I handed my lg g4 (Gpcen52672) in for repairs on the 29 september 2016 and finally got it back with a cover and battery on the 9 december 2016, I...

Cell C / Beware: pinnacle 400 contract - bonus minutes not being honoured

Ashley1210 on Dec 19, 2016
I took out a cell c pinnacle 400 contract online. The deal clearly states 400 minutes + 800 bonus. Only 400 minutes were loaded onto my account. I called the call centre on 13/12/2016 and was promised that the matter would be rectified within 24-48 hours. I called after 48 hours, and no...

Cell C / Mis-selling and poor service

secondaryprofile on Dec 12, 2016
When taking out a contract with Cell C in September i was assured by the sales person that the airtime that comes with the contract can be used to purchase bundles. I have since found that this isnt possible. dealing with the Sandton City Cell C store manager is an absolute nightmare. He i...

Cell C / Lies, no customer etiquette

Noctober on Dec 9, 2016
I am due for an upgrade and went to Cell C in N1 City a few days before the end of November as one of my friend just got her phone, that's why i wanted the P9 Lite Hauwei phone, i spoke with Mariase, one of the sales agents, i asked him what packages they have on the phone as i am...

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