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Cell C Complaints & Reviews

Cell C / Network Switch

Sandramckeen on 2016-05-13
a) We were not given the reasons for the first decline b) Then you asked us to all the accounts etc c) Then we were barred because we owe Vodacom R6000 d) Technically nobody is eligible for this scheme because we are all switching networks which is why we apply for the buyout in the first place...

Cell C / Doesn't answer phone calls

LvdH on 2016-05-13
See order, Sale Reference: SPI006114681, attached. I am rather disspointed in CellC. You are very quick to phone people to sell your products but you can't respond to requests like this and you cannot answer your phones. I've been trying to contact the Durban customer care, nr...

Cell C / Upgrade not notified

Wizz08 on 2016-05-03
Last year August my dongle came to a close. Two years was finally up yet the salesperson just sold it to me way back then. I realised living in a remote part of south Africa that its useless to me. So I called customer service to inform them of the poor reception on dongle and that I...

Cell C / Cell C Oversubscribed Network and Blacklisting

Mike Todd 6 on 2016-05-03
In May 2014 my service provider was Vodacom. I decided to move my account to Cell C after seeing their claim on TV that their call prices were the cheapest in the country. I retained my cell No and moved my account over to Cell C. But I was shocked to find that they had over subscribed with...

Cell C / False / Incomplete info from Sales received to accept an upgrade

Betsie Herbst on 2016-04-26
In December 2016 a lady from Cell C Call Centre phoned me to inform me that I am due for an upgrade. I had a blackberry with a BIS Service Plan which mean my contract was always below R200pm. She introduced me to the Samsung J5 as they do not offer BIS services on Blackberry anymore. I...

Cell C / pathetic customer services and mis selling products

*I took out a new contract on the 19.04.2016, the adviser i was speaking to advised me the i will have to pay R250 monthly and i will receive R150 worth of airtime to use how ever i wish to use it .i advised her she must make sure she puts me on a plan where i will not go over my...

Cell C / Payment not received, charged for late payment we paid on time

Nokukhanga zwane on 2016-04-25
I have a contract with cell C, off which I struggled to port one of my number to cellc, after several visit to their offices I gave up and I lost all the data bundle that I was suppose to be receiving for eight months. I let go of that issue. Now two three months ago they charged me R370 off...

Cell C / Unethical & Horrific Customer Service

Pariksha Prag™ on 2016-04-21
Last year November (2015) I had upgraded my cell phone contract with Cell C. Firstly receiving the phone took over a month due to incompetent staff who had cancelled the upgrade which took a further 2 weeks to rectify. Upon finally receiving the handset (Sony Xperia M5) it took a further 2...

Cell C / Unauthorized upgrade

RBasdeo on 2016-04-19
Just received my April 2016 bill from Cell C only to find that the amount due is now R129 and not the contracted R110. On querying with their call centre was told that it was due to an upgrade (which I have no idea about). I have not requested for any upgrade neither have I received...

Cell C / LTE wifi router

Ridz on 2016-04-15
I received a call from a Cell c consultant(Thando) on the 31/03/2016 regarding a R99 contract for a LTE WIFI router. I was unsure about the contract and required the consultant to call me back on the 01/04/2016 which she did and not a minute too late. We concluded the contract as normal...

Cell C / Poor Service

Nobahle on 2016-04-13
I was at Cell c in Somerset Mall in Cape Town on the 09/04/2016 to apply for a new Laptop contract, the sales consultant that assisted me took my personal details ( Id copy, Payslip and 3 months bank statements). She advised me that she cant assist me on that as her PC kept on being off...

Cell C / Poor service from Cell C

modike on 2016-04-02
Hi my name is modike i bought a phone last year December then get the phone to be insured at the later state,this year feb i was robbed i lost my phone and my money,i was advised to open a case which i did when i call c-surance they tell me they cant replace the phone since the sim was not...

Cell C / Incorrect information

Lizelle Botha on 2016-04-01
I had to upgrade my children's phones. My son wanted a Samsung Gear S2 for his birthday, but as they were not available yet, I asked the salesperson who attended to my upgrade, if there are specific phones compatible with the Gear, they told me all smartphones with android 4.4 and higher...

Cell C / Ref: 1602170000070981 Replacement of handset / upgrade

Gary Metzler on 2016-03-08
I took a contract out via Call Direct. I specifically asked the sales person about the phones capabilities as I am a National Financial Manager and need to receive emails on my phone etc. I was assured that the phone he was recommending was better that my current phone. When I activated my...

Cell C / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer16299 on 2016-03-01
In August 2015 I upgraded my contract that would have expired in 2 months time and received a new handset. The very next day I returned the phone because of battery issues. I was told to wait seven days. I was not able to do so and asked the contract to be cancelled. I was told that I must...

Cell C / Bad Service

LesterAbrahams on 2016-02-23
One of my employees took out a contract at Cell C Canal Walk Cape Town on the 13-2-2016. The very next day he returned the handset due to it switching off the whole time. They told him he must wait 7working days for something he did not have any use of. He currently is sitting without a...

Cell C / Get it services

TarrynRu on 2016-02-10
On 21 January 2016 after going through my cellphone accounts I found that I have been billed for Get It services which I cancelled in October 2014(as confirmed by the call center agent Lezanne call reference number 447397308). She then told me I asked for it to be reinstated during August...

Cell C / Nokia Lumia 640 handsets sold as dual sim but they don't work as such

Reviewer21039 on 2016-01-25
I purchased a new contrac at cell c centurion on 3rd October 2015. At the advice of Samantha, she recommended the Nokia Lumia 640 windows phone for dual sim. I didn't want 2 running contracts, so I purchased as per her advice the lumia 640 - 084944888 on contract and she suggested I cancel...

Cell C / Phone blocked, taken for repairs and no feedback.

Reviewer63521 on 2016-01-15
Good day I sent phone for repairs at cell c in November because I could not receive or make calls. I was told my phone was blocked by some called Mike and he says he did it by mistake. Every time I go to cell c umlazi mega city they tell me my phpne is not yet fixed. When I email customer...

Cell C / No service and bad product.

kuni24 on 2016-01-04
I upgraded two of five contracts at Cell C +- 3 months ago and requested that the number attached to one of them be removed from my account and made pre-paid and that another number that was pre-paid be attached to that particular contract as it is that number which uses the device. All...

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