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Verizon Complaints & Reviews

Verizon / Billing for office phone lines, fax line, internet and fios tv

EarlEP on Nov 29, 2016
Several months ago I called and asked to have my TV package changed to a slightly better package. I was told the nest level up would increase my bill from around $200 a month to around $225 give or take. My first bill after changes was over $300. I called and complained and was told that...

Verizon / Misrepresentation/false advertising.

Debra Yancey on Nov 29, 2016
10/11/2016, I attended the Perry National Fair in Perry Georgia. There were several Verizon kiosh set up at different locations. As I was walking by one, a salesperson by the name of Gabriela Larosa asked me if Iwas interested in a tablet for $1.00? I said, no thank you. She said what if I...

Verizon Wireless / Unethical behavior.

James J DeFeo on Nov 15, 2016
Verizon Wireless / Pinnacle Collections Please be advised that a collection posting on my credit report is in error and needs to be corrected immediately. They have been terroristic in attempting to collect a Verizon Wireless $746.00 on a charge that is not legitimate. And now after you sent...

Verizon / Costco gift card

William Quam on Nov 10, 2016
On 3-9-16 at the Verizon counter in the Costco store in Victorville. I got 2 I phones and was told I would receive a $450.00 Costco gift card. Had to wait 3 months. I checked on it and found out I was to mail some paper in witch I didn't no to do. I was told to mail it in now. Wait 3 more...

Verizon / Data carry over

p dowling on Nov 7, 2016
Well as usual verliezon is at it again with the verbiage that they use..this time the data carry over is not carried over for more than a month but in Oct 16 when i last seen the data hubscam it show i had 26 % left..it said nowhere that i had to use it or lose it..but in all fairness most...

Verizon / Verizon iphone7

KarenWard on Nov 4, 2016
Kristie at Verizon store in Spartanburg SC was very rude and wanted to argue with us about warranty and tried to tell us we had been a customer for 5 years! Does that matter for the purchase of the $600+ iPhone 7!? Justin the solution manager as well. My husband came in prior to the...

Verizon / Wireless fraud

Really tired of them on Oct 31, 2016
In November 2015 an account was opened in my name. Despite MONTHS of email, letters, FAX, and promises of 'we will take care of that' there is an illegal inquiry on my credit report. I have records, they acknowleded the illegal activity in an email sent to me on November 30, 2015 Nearly a year ha...

Verizon Communications / Internet and telephone

Ray L Pittsburgh PA on Oct 27, 2016
When being a Verizon customer became unaffordable, I phoned in to customer service for relief. They basically told me that if I didn't like it, I should switch. So I did. They subsequently terminated my service and I was without telephone and Internet until my new service provider...

Verizon / Vendor

Ryan Rodulfo on Oct 18, 2016
Ryan Rodulfo when I was in the 12th grade morningside this girl Karen was a 9th grader new in my school. My basketball teammate said she wants your phone number. I told my father Sydney no one wants to go to b asketball practice with me any more who wants to . Boogar. she called my...

Verizon / Mobile phone plan

C Reddy on Oct 16, 2016
After having ten years of Verizon service, we moved our business to Sprint in 2015. We paid Verizon until one week past the switch date to Sprint. In essence, we paid to Sprint and Verizon for an overlapping period of one week as requested by Verizon. But later Verizon wanted us to pay...

Verizon Wireless / Wireless prepaid service

ekecia on Oct 12, 2016
I called verizon omen 10/10/16 to set up a new prepaid account, and The first rep that I had spoken to said everything was fine instructed after asking for my credit card instructed me to turn off the phone put the sim card in phone and my account would be activated; unfortunately that...

Verizon Wireless / Billed

Murray on Oct 6, 2016
I had a contract with Verizon Wireless and two months ago my contract finally expired. I was never satisfied with Verizon Wireless and was really happy that my days with these guys were finally over. I switched to another mobile service provider. Then, one months later I received a bill from...

Verizon / Verizon fios

dlbrown13 on Sep 12, 2016
Moving to an area where Verizon does not offer the same services I have currently. Contacted Verizon 2 weeks ago and was told that services could be canceled without penalty due to above. Today I am told that I will have to pay a penalty in order to cancel services plus I received email...

Verizon Wireless / New account nightmare

Carolyn Brougham on Sep 3, 2016
I called the Verizon sales department because I wanted to switch two of our family phones from Sprint to Verizon and because Verizon was offering a weekend promotion that discounted each of the two phones I wanted to buy by $200. The salesperson helped me with the phone details and the...

Verizon / Cell Phone and iPad Service

Carter54 on Aug 18, 2016
August 2014 I began receiving text message's stating I was over my data limit and Verizon was adding more data to my bill. I would receive several messages a day. I would call Verizon sit on hold for up to an hour to be told by the agent that they were having problems with their system...

Verizon Communications / Verizon Web-Tracker

Joe Oberman on Aug 3, 2016
Enter into Google Maps 34.011901855469 -118.46820068359 and view Verizon's secret tracking facility in Santa Monica California, which tracks their users web-surfing habits by using their wireless phone email account address, when users use their laptops or personal computers.

Verizon Wireless / Billing problems, unethical behaviour

KathyOhio on Aug 2, 2016
I have been a customer for over 10 years for wifi aircard. I used the card occasionally while travelling or at business meeting. Over a year ago, I noticed that I was having trouble connecting to the network. Multiple phone calls later to customer service and tech help, the issue was not...

Verizon Communications / Fraudulent National Directory Assistance charges on bills

Pgf630 on Aug 1, 2016
Verizon has several times fraudulently billed us for National Directory Assistance calls. The charge is 2.75 (3.00 with tax). We NEVER use directory assistance! They have credited the 3.00 back to our account this time but not until the service rep repeatedly insisted that the call wa...

Verizon / Landline phone service

g gordon on Jul 26, 2016
having problem getting land line, "copper" service repaired. tech sent to my home but NOT to repair land line; sent to CHANGE service to FIOS fiber; tried again with customer service to get service repaired. it seems a decision has been made at the corporate level to allow the "copper"...

Verizon Communications / iphone

momupset on Jul 21, 2016
I never been so disrespected by a business before, this company is full of unprofessional help that will not assist in any way. I was lied to, transferred numerous of time only to never get my situation resolved. I've been with Verizon for 12 plus years but as of today I will never recommend them nor continue my services.

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