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Verizon Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Fios - New York, Staten Island / Employees at a certain location

SusanC1967 on 2016-05-19
On May 19, 2016, I went in to a Verizon Fios store located at 10 Akron Street in Staten Island, NY. Upon entering the store the music was blasting and there were 5 men sitting around like they were in a club or at a party. One of them asked if I needed help, which I did. I was returning a...

Verizon - Maryland, Baltimore / Fios Bundle - Triple Play Bundle 2-YR agreement broken

Scott Brownstein on 2016-05-16
I had a 2-year agreement for a triple play package and Verizon screwed up by removing my package when I requested a change in a premium channel which was advised would not affect my contract or deal as you can switch channels anytime and just pay the difference to the modification. At one...

Verizon Wireless / Unethical sales behavior

GotTaken2 on 2016-05-04
Beware to all who buy phones from Verizon retailers. When you think you are buying a phone from a Verizon Wireless store, you may be buying from a retailer instead. So that means if you want to swap out your new phone with a different one (within the 14 days), you will have to return it to...

Verizon Wireless / Old All Tell Prepaid plans they bought out

mcneillmama3 on 2016-04-16
We have an old AllTell prepaid plan that Verizon wireless bought out years ago. The details of our plan were pay as you go, as long as you use the phone once per month, you avoid a $4 monthly service charge, and there was no minimum amount you had to buy at any certain time. My phone...

Verizon - Oregon, Bend / Business Practices Harassment

Ron Dye on 2016-04-14
Verizon Wireless has been robo calling my home telephone to collect a bill that my ex wife apparently owes. They call multiple times a day every day but Sunday. I have been on the phone with their customer services dozens of times telling them I have no contact with her and have not had in...

Verizon / fraudulant charges and poor customer service

ibr0wbr018 on 2016-04-02
I was a Verizon Wireless customer for thirteen years. Payments late only a few times in all those years. I was a loyal customer whose monthly bill for two cells and a tablet was an average of $250.00. Things started going terribly wrong. I was the owner of this account and had the only...

Verizon Fios / Fios Promotion false advertisement

yiemy on 2016-03-22
Yiemy nail bar 600 S Victoria Ave Ste A500 805 512 9090 account number 019000 1206771225 07 order number 0C4932739 order due date 3/8/16 We order Fios internet service for business which some time during February the monthly service fee is 114.99, beginning of March we found there is a...

Verizon Wireless / Unwilling to work with Microsoft to come out with a Windows phone in 2016 that will run on the Verizon network.

Guy Holien on 2016-03-17
I have been a Verizon customer for many years. I have been a Windows phone customer ever since they came out. I was disappointed that Microsoft didn't offer a Windows phone that ran on Verizon this year, so I complained to Microsoft. Oddly enough, they came back and said that any of their...

Verizon / Wireless service

MichaelTP on 2016-03-11
Unimaginable amount of phone calls to rectify a billing error and still not resolved despite promise after promise to get back to me. The on line chat system is a dismal failure. Telephone reps with no authority escalate issue and it never gets resolved. The company is paid monthly by me...

Verizon Communications - New Jersey, Absecon / Billed for non-existent service

Jjamil on 2016-03-10
Jamil Abdur-Rahman 307 S. Willow Ave Galloway, New Jersey 08205 609 334-0556 Account Number : 609748-0834-098-12Y I am writing to you to express my displeasure and utter frustration with your Verizon. In September 2015 I applied for service from Verizon and was denied service due to...

Verizon / Unauthorized billing charges

Michael A Galvin on 2016-02-24
On Oct 1st 2015 I moved from GA to KY. After going back and forth for a month about no service, Verizon finally agreed on Nov 9th that I had none, at that time I cancelled all 3 lines on my account. On Feb 23rd 2016 I received 2 threatening bills 1 for 461.29 the 2nd one offering, if I pay...

Verizon Wireless - New Jersey, Basking Ridge / Bad service

Letto33 on 2016-02-19
I was a customer of Verizon Wireless for ages and everything was fine, until they changed my billing. The cost almost doubled! I immediately contacted their service in order to receive some explanations. Their rep said he'd investigate and call me within an hour, but he never did. I called...

Verizon / home telephone service

Fengli Guo on 2016-02-18
On or about 10/2015, I went to a Verizon Store located 23-70 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY to check I Phone. I was approached by an employee who asked me whether I have Verizon service at home. After I told him I already have Verizon service at home, he told me he can check my account to see...

Verizon Communications - Virginia, Woodbridge / Verizon FiOS Internet

Reviewer40525 on 2016-02-16
Very since i started using Verizon I have had issues. From slow speeds to terrible network reception in a 1400 sqft house, to them signing up for 75/75 internet and them and I not realizing they had me on 25/25 for almost 2 months. Think they gave me a refund? "No!" SO, here i am month...

Verizon Wireless - Ohio, Hilliard / Wrongful termination

Price Priscilla on 2016-01-26
Verizon is all about the bottom line, money do not work there too long or you will be fired. On company paid time they played a movie that had over 100 racial epithets. Then when I complained, they taunted and abused me. 17 yrs of employment there they fire me a week after my grandmother...

Verizon / Fios Bundle - Package offered and and actial price

Reviewer80637 on 2016-01-14
I signed up for the 2 year contract preferred bundle package for 99.99. Before actual installation I was e- mailed a breakdown of my bill and it included 12 month and 24 month discounts within the two year contract. So after 12 months within a two year contract I would be paying $30 more...

Verizon / Verizon Fios

Reviewer58360 on 2016-01-12
This is a letter written in response to a collection notice from Verizon FIOS. RE: MRS ACCT#: 345XXXX Amount Due: $183.48 Dear MRS Dispute Department, I am writing in response to the above referenced account which originated with Verizon. Below is a very detailed and somewhat complicated...

Verizon Wireless - Florida, Summerfield / Service and being lied to

Reviewer99977 on 2016-01-06
Verizon has grown so big that they don't much care that they screws their customers... i lost my phone and i am still being billed for it... i have called 4 times and it takes them 20 minutes to read my comments and each person says they do not see the comments from the previou...

Verizon - Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley / Bait and switch on Internet Bill

Reviewer92590 on 2016-01-05
We signed up for Verizon Internet in October of 2015, our first bill was to be paid November 2015 at the price of $50. The woman we talked to said our recurring bill would be $50 a month and the highest bill we would receive is $75 for equipment plus $50 monthly charge equaling out to...

Verizon.com / Billing/Customer Service

Donna Puckett on 2015-12-30
We cancelled our contract with Verizon on October 25, 2015. From then until December 17, 2015, we kept asking for our final bill and even filed a complaint with the BBB because we were not getting a response. We FINALLY got the bill on 12/17/15 and lo and behold we received a notice today...

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