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Verizon Complaints & Reviews

Verizon Wireless - Ohio, Hilliard / Wrongful termination

Price Priscilla on 2016-01-26
Verizon is all about the bottom line, money do not work there too long or you will be fired. On company paid time they played a movie that had over 100 racial epithets. Then when I complained, they taunted and abused me. 17 yrs of employment there they fire me a week after my grandmother...

Verizon / Fios Bundle - Package offered and and actial price

Reviewer80637 on 2016-01-14
I signed up for the 2 year contract preferred bundle package for 99.99. Before actual installation I was e- mailed a breakdown of my bill and it included 12 month and 24 month discounts within the two year contract. So after 12 months within a two year contract I would be paying $30 more...

Verizon / Verizon Fios

Reviewer58360 on 2016-01-12
This is a letter written in response to a collection notice from Verizon FIOS. RE: MRS ACCT#: 345XXXX Amount Due: $183.48 Dear MRS Dispute Department, I am writing in response to the above referenced account which originated with Verizon. Below is a very detailed and somewhat complicated...

Verizon Wireless - Florida, Summerfield / Service and being lied to

Reviewer99977 on 2016-01-06
Verizon has grown so big that they don't much care that they screws their customers... i lost my phone and i am still being billed for it... i have called 4 times and it takes them 20 minutes to read my comments and each person says they do not see the comments from the previou...

Verizon - Pennsylvania, Lehigh Valley / Bait and switch on Internet Bill

Reviewer92590 on 2016-01-05
We signed up for Verizon Internet in October of 2015, our first bill was to be paid November 2015 at the price of $50. The woman we talked to said our recurring bill would be $50 a month and the highest bill we would receive is $75 for equipment plus $50 monthly charge equaling out to...

Verizon.com / Billing/Customer Service

Donna Puckett on 2015-12-30
We cancelled our contract with Verizon on October 25, 2015. From then until December 17, 2015, we kept asking for our final bill and even filed a complaint with the BBB because we were not getting a response. We FINALLY got the bill on 12/17/15 and lo and behold we received a notice today...

Verizon / Verizon Fios

Reviewer41574 on 2015-12-21
Chat Subject:FiOS Television (Remote Control) Your Question:I would like to setup the remote to control my NAD audio receiver- is that possible? The code number 250 doesn't work. A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. Agent Sarah has joined. (15:10:46) Sarah...

Verizon - Maryland, Mount Airy / Data Overage Scam

CColbert on 2015-12-21
My husband and I constantly receive alerts from Verizon that we have used our data allowance and that we need to increase our data allowance at an additional cost. We don't use Skype or watch videos at all, and we text minimally. I would rather get my teeth extracted than make another trip...

Verizon Wireless / Stephanie agent # 8444

Ks147 on 2015-12-07
I called in this morning because I accidentally made two payments to my account. The first girl I talked to was very polite and very understanding, but the situation was above her so I was transferred to a supervisor. That's where Stephanie #8444 came in. Never have I experienced such...

Verizon - Pennsylvania, Bethel Park / Customer service

Reviewer50834 on 2015-12-03
Between Verizon fios and Verizon (home), customer service is the worst I have ever dealt with. I was connected to another country where the representative kept me on the phone for 96 minutes and had NO knowledge or understanding. I was promised an exact amount for new fios service and that...

Verizon - New York, New York / Phone land line disconnected for no reason

IsabellC on 2015-12-01
Two weeks ago on 11-16-2015, after being a Verizon customer for over 7 years, Verizon disconnected my phone land line for no reason. After endless hours on the phone on hold, having to listen to HORRIBLE music, being disconnected many, many times and having to call back again, despite the...

Verizon Communications - Nebraska, Lexington / Billing and payment attempts

Reviewer28423 on 2015-12-01
on 12-01-2015 I went to Verizon store in Lexinton, Ne I was there to make a payment plan to pay off a bill. I was told that no matter what the payment I could afford was if I failed to pay their idea of an affordable payment I would still be turned over for collections. The last I knew...

Verizon Wireless / Monthly Rate

Partroy on 2015-11-29
I have been a customer of VzW since January of 2013. VzW offers a 1/2-rate discount for Verizon retirees. What's required is a W-2 or pension statement from the company. I retired in 2003 after 30 years service; at the time our union contract offered us a "cash-out" option to take our...

Verizon Communications / Mobile Service

Reviewer24298 on 2015-11-21
We had to switch to Verizon because where we moved to it is the only service that provides halfway decent mobile service. We went to a Verizon store with brand new, unlocked smart phones and therefore we required no contract. Although we already owned our own phones, were not signing on to...

Verizon - Florida, Dunedin / Home Internet service

Danny craig on 2015-11-09
Had the service for three months and it has worked possibly two weeks during this three month fiasco . My wife has talked to representatives from Verizon multiple times with them assuring her that it would be fixed by changing things online which she has done every time without success. We...

Verizon - Virginia, Reston / Customer Service, Technical Support, Product

Sanford Diday on 2015-11-02
3 PHONES THAT DID NOT WORK. REFUSED TO SEND NEW PHONE. DROPPED CALLS w/4G LTE. PHONE HAD NO FUNCTIONALITY, I.E. CONTACTS, PHONE, MESSAGING WOULD NOT OPEN. Spoke to Elisha (Supervisor), Jeremy (Tech Support), Zack (Tech Support), Brittany (Customer Service), none of whom were helpful or...

Verizon Fios - Texas, Keller / Customer Service

Reviewer74485 on 2015-10-30
I have had the service for 5 months. Every month they keep charging me for equipment I don't have. Every month they say it's taken care of but the following month I have to call again. The customer service reps could care less that I keep having to call every month. The true resolution i...

Verizon - California, Long Beach / Fios Internet

Reviewer80888 on 2015-10-26
I have had Fios for nearly a Year... I signed up for 50/50Mps Service Ever few mins each of my devices have intermitting internet service.. on/off etc... I even have it on my wired devices (Smart TV) I have had Verizon out here 3 times and they can find no reason why it does that only to...

Verizon Wireless - Massachusetts, Worcester / Data upgrade

They are advertising an data upgrade, so I chatted with someone to see how I can upgrade my data from 10 GB to 12 GB for the same price of $80.00. The rep walked me through it, and I noticed that I would be paying an additional $5.00 more. When I questioned her and told her to forget it...

Verizon Wireless - Virginia, Springfield / Customer Service & Promotional Offers

kim0saabe on 2015-10-21
1) Saturday I talked to VZW rep Kathy: received quote to upgrade 3 phones and change data, call, text plan. I told her I wanted to compare with AT&T so she said she would call me back Monday cuz she didn't work Sunday. 2) Sunday I called VZW jto sign on after deciding I wouldn't switch to...

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