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Gas Stations Complaints

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Unhappy customer / Customer service

smcourtney on Jan 18, 2017
On 17January 2017 at 380 Warfield Blvd gas store I was treated very disrespectful. Between 11am and noon I went there to purchase scratch off tickets and drinks. Some of the tickets were empty and so I asked how do they get restocked. The clerk advised me that the manager must restock...

Shell / Gift cards

Sharon Stewart on Jan 18, 2017
I purchased a total of seven (7) gifts cards, ranging form $25 to $50. For my children n son in law. Those wee gift cards not credit cards. Why are they charging us credit instead of cash price. I paid cash for those cards. I'm taking this up with my Senator Mr Blumenthal. That's not right...

Esso / Car Wash

Samad RShabestari on Jan 18, 2017
EssoI had my car washed on Sunday 15th, 2017 0n 1465 Princess Street in Kingston Ontario. During the washing the car by the car wash machine I was hearing strange noise in the car. After being washed the car I noticed the car was not washed not properly and the worse thing was the front wheel...

Kwik Trip / Cigarette cartons always out of stock

Poohbear52 on Jan 17, 2017
Today went to Kwik Trip in New Berlin, wi to buy a carton of my brand of cigarettes. Again they were out. This time I was given 10 separate packs. The time before this I had to come back like 3 days later. They never put in an order until they are completely out. When they start getting...

ExxonMobil / Service station attendants verbal abuse.

Michele Paley on Jan 17, 2017
Date of incident: Tuesday, January 17 Time od incident: 6:30 a.m. At 6:30 this morning I pulled into the Exxon station on Rte 57 in Warren County New Jersey. The pump before me was occupied by a man slowly pumping his own gas. The attendant started yelling at me for stopping at the...

Shell / Unethical behavior

musataina on Jan 16, 2017
Yesterday, January 15, 2017 around 7:30 pm I stopped by Shell with my children. One of them (my daughter) went inside to get some snack. The costumer service guy was so rude to my 12 years old child because she was taking to long to pick up her snack. He said to her " This Mother F###ing...

Petronas / Petronas bukit jelutong seksyen u8

Locl on Jan 15, 2017
The air pumping station (for tyre) have been out of service / under maintenance for more than 4 / 6 months. The 2 stations have been left idle and seems like this will be in permanent state. No efforts have been made by the petrol station to repair it. This has created inconvenience to...

Shell Gas Station / Poor manners very arrogant

Khammany on Jan 14, 2017
I went to 122 boston street in lynn, massachusetts. Approximately at 3:15 p. M. On january 14, on saturday. I was on my phone then minute later I turn around back to window cashier, no one was there? I'm thinking where the heck they disappear so quickly!? I knocked on window, no one...

Circle K / Customer service

Phil Jay on Jan 14, 2017
Experience morning of Jan 14, 2017 at CK on 83rd ave and Van Buren. I have gone to this CK since it opened. I actually prefer to go here than the QT closer to me. This morning, however, I was rather disappointed in the service I received from the older gentleman who works there; he drive...

Grace Ellinghaus / I was refused a refund and mistreated after being overcharged firvthevweong gas due to an unlabeled issue with the gas pump!

Grace2468 on Jan 13, 2017
Grace EllinghausI pulled up to the Exxon gas station at 10950 Nuckols Road in Glen Allen, Virginia to fill up my Toyota Avalon. It's a much older Toyota, so I always just use regular grade gas. I have never selected anything but regular because its cheaper and my car does fine with it. After I hit the...

Mapco / Rude clerks and inoperative equipment

lectric on Jan 13, 2017
I went to mapco #3412 the other day to get fuel. After filling the tank it told me to go inside for a receipt. I thought how inconvenient was this seeing it was raining outside. I went inside waited a solid 5 minutes to get thru to the only cashier on duty and got my receipt. I figured...

Shell / Rude cashier

Amber Jenkins on Jan 12, 2017
I was trying to use my fuel rewards and the cashier refuse to let me type it is I kept asking him to reset the credit card machine so I can type in my number and he kept telling me just to pay and I was asking if I could put my fuel rewards and he said no and I said well how am I supposed...

Marlboro / Marlboro double fusion

Timothybond7 on Jan 12, 2017
I have been smoking Malboro blue ice for the last 2 years . Today the shop did not have my cigarette so I bought Marlboro fusion. I am very disappointed in the blue bubble inside that cigarette as it does not taste close to icy cold or menthol. I had two cigarettes thinking only one might...

Circle K / Employees rude and unprofessional

Torrezj76 on Jan 12, 2017
So recently I went to a circle k on 1st and limberlost and ive been going there for about a year never had a issue anyways so I walk in pay for my gas on debit and hand the employee (Starrr) my money and she didnt want it cause I was holding a nickel on my lips cause I had full hands not a...

Shell / Unethical behavior

Alexis12345667 on Jan 11, 2017
I went today, 1/11/17, to get gas from the gas station. I originally go to Valero, but it was busy today so i decided to go across the street to Shell. I went to the location 22811 Cypresswood Dr. I pulled up to a pump and it said pump not available, which i thought was odd because usually...

Shell / Broken gas pump

Randi Buslik on Jan 11, 2017
Yesterday I went to the Shell station on rte 12 in Richmond ILL. I went to pump #7. I had a $25 gift card so I went into the station to present it with my reward card. The attendant ran both cards and turned the pump on. So far so good. I went back to my car and started pumping. The pump...

Circle K / Cashier either doesn't know how to count or he pocketed my money

AlxC on Jan 10, 2017
I counted my money three times before hand and i had 16. I went to pump my gas and it stopped at 12. I went back into the store to see what happened he said that i only gave him 12 he said he counted it 3 times and that it was only 12. I had to pool that money together so i knew how much i...

Circle K / Cashier

Katt betancourt on Jan 10, 2017
Ive been going to the same circle k for 2 years straight and every worker has always been nice to me. Recently they hired a new worker that works the night shift who hasnt been very nice. He doesnt listen to my order every time i try and buy something through the window and every time my...

7-Eleven / Staff was overtly inconsiderate and rude

Bethey Rautenkranz on Jan 9, 2017
The lady working at about 10 pm was incredibly pushy, rude, and just outright &*!#-y to me for trying to simply bring my bicycle into the store. To add a little detail here, I know that many others have caused problems on the past with bikes at gas stations ( though the specifics evade me...

Circle K / Manager / customer service/cashiers

overbadattitudes on Jan 9, 2017
I frequent the circle k I centerville ga. I have notice while in the store the manager is a bully. She has called her cashiers awful names not realizing that customers were in the store . And she has a rude attitude. Not only is the manager has a rude attitude I have noticed that a few...
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