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Gas Stations Complaints

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7-Eleven / Employee assaulted me

Charlie's on 2016-02-03
Two days ago on Monday February 1 St around 830am, I went into my local 711, which is a block away from where I stay so needless to say I go there probably once a day. I was getting a cup of coffee and a donut for my son. I help a lady with her coffee and had small talk with her in line...

Shell / Shell station has damaged my property and ignored it

nhan pham on 2016-02-01
ShellThe big tree belongs to Berryessa Shell Gas Station, 1705 Berryessa Rd San Jose, CA 95133 fell my front yard and made damaged to my property on 1-18-2016 night. On 1/19/2016, I came directly to talk to the manager of the station to request to repair our 15 years old beautiful peach i...

Shell Oil Company / Unethical behavior

R.a. Richards II on 2016-01-30
I have a Ralph's Rewards card and it says I am supposed to get 10 cents off per gallon if I spend a certain amount, yet the Shell Oil serice station at 1604 Ventura Boulevard Camarillo CA 93010 USA only give me 4 cents off per gallon every time. In other words the service statiuon i...

Circle K / Gas price difference from posted to pump/ dirty store spoiled drinks

perlaarciga on 2016-01-27
I pumped gas this morning at the circle k in cudahy, the posted sign has it @ 2.49 but when i pumped the price @ the pump said i paid it at 2.59. This is the second time i report an issue with this store and the clerk says she gives the manager/owner the message and they never call me...

Suburban Propane / Propane Gas

Reviewer18962 on 2016-01-26
We had our propane gas tank filled by Suburban Propane today and they charged $4.70 per gallon. When the driver handed us the bill, even he said we needed to protest as the cost was too high. I made a quick call to a competitor, and their pricing was $2.54. When I called Suburban, they...

Domo Gas Station / Not always being allowed to pay by cash before 10 pm

justmekim on 2016-01-26
On several occasions I have gone to the Domo in Midnapore ( Calgary ) between 9:30pm - 9:45pm to buy smokes and or gas, when asked how I was paying told them cash, and am then told that the cash has been done for the night and was refused service...big sign at the station says exact cash...

Woolworths / Ripoffs

Reviewer44070 on 2016-01-24
To the Woolworth's Management Just got my petrol at the Claremont Woolworth's branch. $ 1.25 per litre. I strongly oppose to this price per litter as in Melbourne some are selling at $ 0.94 cents per litre. Why are you ripping us customers off? Bloody hell. You offer us $ 00.4 cents per...

Esso / Gas Station - Customer Service

Simon Cuison on 2016-01-23
To The Customer Service Department Subject: Incident Report – Customer Complaint - Attendant Francis (Middle Age, Strong accent, Russian or similar) ESSO GAS Station – 9800 Chinguacousy Rd Williams Pkwy E Brampton, ON L6X 5E9 Time and Weather Conditions: Arrival: 12:00 am – January...

Rimbey Co-Op Gas Bar / Full Service

Reviewer55839 on 2016-01-22
Terrible service. Stay inside and watch you pump your own gas. There is a sign that says "Full Service", Yet I have yet to get full service like my windows washed, and asked for my oil checked. People there are rude, and sometimes I find myself not wanting to go there whole certain people...

Petro-Canada / Product and Service

Reviewer91117 on 2016-01-20
Was brand loyal up until I purchased cell phone minutes with my gas. I looked at the bill and asked what was the extra $1 for and the person behind the counter said that it was a "pin transfer fee for the cell phone minutes!" I told him I never heard such BS and no other gas station...

Circle K / Mistreats its employees

Reviewer48983 on 2016-01-19
Circle K mistreats its employees. First I was hired as a full time Assistant Manager, then my position was given to another employee and I had to work at several stores in the area to make my bills. Finally after eight months i was given the opportunity to be a assistant. Only to find out...

Circle K / A out ragust hold on my AMX card

Reviewer53546 on 2016-01-16
I understand gas station and convinces store put a hold of $ whn purchasing with a debit or credit card...this the amount of this hold is $120.00..not only has it not b returned its been way over the 48hr hold time it has now caused me to be late on bill&rent..im done ever walking in to a...

Circle K / Customer Service / teller & manager behavior

Liz Perry on 2016-01-15
On the morning of January 15, 2016 I stopped to get gas at the Circle K on Secor Rd in Toledo, Ohio near the Michigan border. The pump clicked off, i looked at the wrong number (not the dollars but the gallons) but did not realize that i was looking at the wrong number. Therefore i thought...

Coles Supermarkets / Price Of Diesel Fuel

Graham Mackay on 2016-01-11
Dear Sir/Madam I am a regular shopper at Coles Supermarkets, also a regular user of Shell Diesel, The incentive of 4 cents a litre discount from the shopper docket is eroded when Woolworth's offer Diesel five cents cheaper than Coles discount price For example today 11th January 2016...

Ulight-USA.com / Led Canopy light for gas station

JatinderSingh on 2016-01-06
Hello Sir/Mam, I am Jatinder Singh from US. I own a small business. I ordered a sample of led canopy light for my gas station from company named Ulight which is in China. The company's website is http://www.ulight-usa.com and http://www.wisdom-ssl.com. I am in contact with Kevin Zhang...

Arco AmPm / Customer service

sheng4 on 2016-01-06
Am pm advertise the scratchers to win free things while checking in. Today I went to the am pm on candlewood and paramount to get my free cookies. The cashier was rude while doing the transaction, but what pissed me off was the fact that at the end he told me I'm not allowed to grab...

Exxon / Speed pass

Reviewer57667 on 2016-01-02
I have been using an Exxon credit card and an Exxon Speed pass for about 18 years. About two or three weeks ago, when I tried to use my speed pass I was prompted to also input my zip code at the pup. This had never happened before. Called Exxon speed pass customer service last week...

Speedway / Employee

Reviewer17140 on 2016-01-01
I was in the Marion, Ohio store today on Bellfountaine Ave. I order 2 subs, and an order of breadsticks. I just wanted to inform you of my experience there today. First let me start by saying that I frequent Speedway quite often, normally on a daily basis. Today's experience with the...

Petro Canada / Customer service

Reviewer60732 on 2015-12-28
Jane and shoreham, Ontario Canada. On Monday December 28 2015; went to use debit machine. Very cold day so I had tried to use back exit. Pushed door to open twice. Before going in, I thought I had seen someone come through that exit. i hear the cashier mumble "use your brain". I respond...

Esso / Service - stereotyping/discrimination

Rodney Dean Wolfe on 2015-12-27
On Dec 17/15 in Regina is was at 925 Arcola Ave Esso trying to fill my truck at 7pm when I was told I had to prepay for my fill now I told the attendant that I have no idea how much fuel I needed. The other customer a younger guy did not have to prepay for his fuel he was white. Now being...
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