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Gas Stations Complaints

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Loop Gas Station / Worker/manager behavior

Amy Vejdovsky Garcia on Dec 4, 2016
This evening, I went into the loop store to pick up a few items. The workers behind the counter were being very loud and cursing. When I got to the counter a very nice young lady assisted me and behind her were two male workers that were continuing to be very loud in their conversation and...

Krogers / Kroger gas station not 24/7

Phil K on Dec 2, 2016
12/2/2016 11:02 pm When I tried to use one of the gas pumps it took my alt ID and charged my card however I was not able to pump more than 1 gallon of gas my tank was near empty. Just to add the Kroger store a crossed the street is open from 5 am to 2 am. The pumps at this gas station...

Circle K / Asst. Manager angela hatcher vaughan

Steven - Darleen Houk on Dec 2, 2016
Circle KIt started in May and I've tried everything to stop not kids but young man from hanging out on the back side of your business they sit up there all night long piled up talking and laughing and drinking and shinning their lights in my window 's I have seizures and I told them that but due...

Shell Gas Staion / Shell gas station in fennville michigan

Djw on Dec 2, 2016
-Employee are showing up not in correct uniforms or taking off uniform shirt wearing inappropriate tank top -Saw employees smoking marijuana in the car wash area at night during work hours -Employees taking off shoes or wearing sandals -One employee has a personal heigene problem smell...

Shell / Poor customer service

A White on Dec 1, 2016
On Dec 1, 2016 at 10:17 pm, I tried to go inside the Shell Station (EP Mart #11, as listed on my receipt) located on 201 S Wesleyan in Rocky Mount, NC 27804 (address listed on receipt). I wanted to pay for gas using cash, but when I tried to enter, the door was locked. I waited to see if...

Esso / Customer service at cash

Andrew Galai on Nov 30, 2016
8 PM I arrived at Gas station at 1500 Major Mackenzie Dr W Dufferin St, Vaughan, ON L6A 0A9 Filled up with a gas and went to cashier to pay. I do not remember the name of a person but I was polite and said, "Hi" to him, no respond, then I paid and said, "thank you, have a good evening" he sipped...

Petro Canada / Car wash

Trade Commissioner on Nov 29, 2016
• On November 18, 2016, I entered the automatic car wash of Petro Canada and placed my car in neutral - as I understand is always the procedure; (in the hundreds of car washes I’ve had over the past 26 years of having my driver’s license, I’ve never experienced a problem before). • The...

GetGo / Employee attitude

Gib Pallay on Nov 28, 2016
I got off the Freeway exit and proceeded to the GetGo Gas Station on the corner of Emery and Miles. I needed gas and some things inside, so I decided to go in first and purchase a diet coke, a candy bar and a carton of cigarettes. When I got to the counter and asked for a carton, the...

ExxonMobil / Unethical discriminating behavior

Gloria MK on Nov 28, 2016
Hello, My name is Gloria and I just had a discrimination issue with one of the cashiers at one of your Exxon Mobil franchise in San Marcos, the address is STRIPES #1505 1636 AQUARENA SPRINGS DR SAN MARCOS, TX 78666 (512) 353-8303 The cashier's name is Maks and he says he is in Charge of...

Costco / Gas station

Ahsan Iqbal on Nov 28, 2016
2 employees 8 pumping lines means 2 pumps in one line 10 cars minimum in each line This happens daily at costco gas station. And today i got fed up and complaining to hire more employees. I waited for 25 minutes to get to the pump because only 2 employees were so worked up that they did...

Esso / Family size chocolate bar

Sagacioussette on Nov 28, 2016
Last week I went to esso, located at Clearbrook and Oak. I bought a family sized chocolate bar that was in a box by the cash register. After getting home and opening the package I saw the bar had gone bad, and was completely white on the back side. The next day I returned the bar. I wa...

Shell / Unsafe practices, rude customer service by station employee

K L Allen on Nov 28, 2016
We have been frequenting the Boones Corner Shell gas station for years, however, this was the last time we will do ANY business with this location. On Sunday, November 27th, at approx 3:40 PM, my husband and I stopped to fill our vehicle up at pump 10. I went in to give the cashier my BiLo...

Circle K/Shell / Pump didn't stop and unethical behaviour

Nasaruddin on Nov 28, 2016
I pumped the gas at the gas station and the throttle was locked out and it spilled at least 10 gallons of Gas. The cashier had to put that pump out of service. Due to a lot of spillage my car smelled Gas and while driving home I felt dizzy and threw up due to the strong smell of Gas. I...

Circle K / Customer service

Ashurlay on Nov 27, 2016
Tamara was extremely rude. Went in to buy alcohol and cigarettes for my boyfriend and myself. She ran up the items and I pressed credit not thinking anything about it. She tells me I need to hand her my ID I do and she stats yelling at me saying she doesn't understand why I would pre...

Service Station Evanston, Gawler / Busking

Jude111 on Nov 27, 2016
Annoying Bask at door of service station Evanston, Gawler. Cannot avoid Buska as open guitar case right next to the door begging for money each weekend. Feeling harassed. This is a fill up and go site, no time to listen to bango, guitar playing busker to see if he warrants any $. We cannot...

Esso / Car wash service

MaxDUnnem on Nov 27, 2016
EssoStore # 9054551621 purchase a ultimate car was for the price of $16.94 after receiving the ticket I proceed to getting the car wash with the wash wasn't working went back into store for my refund and was informed I couldn't get back my money and the ticket is only valid at that said...

Chevron at Trancas in Malibu / Angry and harassing employee emilio

DPS1 on Nov 26, 2016
Last night a very angry man who works at this Chevron station in Malibu kept turning off the gas when I was trying to get gas, forcing me to come into the store over and over to see what was going on. This lunatic starting yelling at me about how much I "need" him to get gas, and I said I...

Circle K / Unethical behaviour

LeMolly on Nov 25, 2016
Stopped into store 3720 tonight after work, just like I always do. The employees are always very friendly, however, tonight, one employee, who I have never seen, said something so rude I couldn't shake it. I always stop and get 2 Polar Pops after work for myself and my husband. Tonight my...

BP / Defective gift card

DoctorSchnabl on Nov 25, 2016
Some time ago I received a $50.00 BP Gift Card from my daughter. I recently removed it from the card board protective packaging. I went to use it at a BP gas puimp and the pump read "see attendant inside" I did and he said there was zero balance on the card. I said that was impossible as I...

Circle K / Customer service employee

Eastlake on Nov 24, 2016
At around 845p 900p I purchase a soda and chips. When I took my items to the register your employee a young female continued to text on her phone after I said hello. After the second hello she looked up then proceeded to keep texting. After she completed her text message, did she then ring...
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