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Gas Stations Complaints

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Gulf Oil / Contaminated/adulterated gas at MD039 Gulf, 4501 falls Rd, Baltimore, MD

akaushik on Jul 25, 2016
I filled gas in my 2014 Nissan Rogue on 7/23/16 from MD039 GULF, 4501 falls Rd, Baltimore, MD, 21209 gas station and soon after that my car had started jerking/shaking on I-695. before this I never felt such jerking. I called my service station and they told me to come to car service...

Sunoco / Staff

Emma2007 on Jul 22, 2016
Hello, My name is emanuella another working class citizen, I was at the gas station last night. My husband went in to purchase cigarettes, but forgot his ID. The cashier Christine sold my husband cigarettes two days before that without any ID. My husband reminded her she did so and she...

Esso gar bar / Cashier/ owner

Disrespected_customer on Jul 17, 2016
Yesterday on July 16th, 2016. I purchased $20.00 gas for the Alberta Beach Esso gasbar. After I fueled my vehicle and paid for it I went to use the customers only restroom (there was a sign posted). When i walked out the the restroom from across the store the cashier/owner started yelling at...

Metro Gas Station 9525 Telegraph rd Redford, MI / Rude attendant and lying about Lottery Machine being broke

Bree23 on Jul 16, 2016
I was at the Metro Gas Station located at 9525 Telegraph Rd Redford, MI 48239 on July 16, 2016. I purchased some gas and asked to play the lottery. The attendant said "no the lottery machine isn't working" so I asked if this is something that normally happens and told him I would...

Shell Gas Stastion / Tobacco

mountian view towing on Jul 14, 2016
the station attendent name is victor on the shell at los osos valley road in los osos ca.93402 the problem is victor has no customer service skills i have went in in the evening several time in the past 2 yrs and he is very short with me as a customer i have complained to the asst manager...

Shell Gas Station / No receipt printing

Sandeep Saini123 on Jul 11, 2016
07/10/16 Shell Gas Station 1601 N Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95132 I use this gas station very often to fill gas and car wash. For a long time, none of their stations print receipts. You have to go inside and get receipt at the counter. Sometimes there is long line and you have to wait. A...

Shell / Behavior / Customer Service

Kaary on Jul 8, 2016
Stopped at the Shell gas station across from Shelby Baptist Medical Center in Alabaster to get a soda. When I went to the checkout counter with my drink, both of the attendants looked at me then went back to piddling around. When I said "Excuse me", they ignored me. When I said "I would...

Sheetz / Air Compressor

Kendra123 on Jul 7, 2016
I was using the air compressor at Sheetz in Latrobe this evening, July 7, 2016 and set the compressor for the appropriate PSI for my tire, 32, the air compressor overinflated my tire to a psi that I am not even sure of as I could not see the front of the unit. As I removed the hose from my...

Shell Gas Station / Rude Customer service and pending holds.

LTC53112 on Jul 6, 2016
I got gas in Redding California I had to do a pre paid authorization, I did 2 of them and have one pending charge still on and a completed charge of the fuel pumped. So I am currently being double charged for the fuel. Mind you the other pre paid charge is gone, and never stayed on my...

Esso / Washroom not Allowed

Abayneh on Jul 5, 2016
I drove all the way from Toronto to Brampton to drop my customer on Tuesday July 05/2016 evening with limited amount of gas which only can be enough for a one way trip. After I dropped of my customer I went to the closest Esso station which is located on 9800 chinguacousy rd (chinguacousy...

Petro Canada / Petro 524 Rexdale- car wash scam - free ticket

Jai Shan on Jul 4, 2016
I brought a car wash from this location and it's a piece of crap!! I have requested a superworks car wash and I paid 15$ but my car wasn't washed properly. I looked at the ticket and it was " swp guest service" and not superworks that I paid for. After calling the customer...

Shell / Inappropriate behavior

V-Anonymous on Jun 30, 2016
6/30/16 Location: Shell Gas Station 2310 Arendell St. Morehead City, NC 28557 I noticed a car had been sitting outside since I had passed the station no more than an hour before. I thought maybe it was the attendants and thought nothing about it. As I entered the station parking lot, a...

Canadian Tire Gaz Station / Service

Serg1956 on Jun 23, 2016
Canadian Tire Gaz StationToday I had one of the worst days of my life. I am a Canadian citizen and father of five children. And I'm almost 60 years old. But I have never felt so humiliated as they are today. I am ashamed that these people live in this wonderful country. Today I came to gaz station to fill my car...

Circle K / Employee Abuse

PrettyKitty205 on Jun 22, 2016
A friend of mine works at a Circle K. She frequently is the only one working there for an 8-hour shift. She gets no breaks at all. No time for a meal. She pops a few nuts in her mouth between customers when she can. She can't even go to the bathroom! She has to hold it for the entire shift...

Circle K / Poor employee treatment

Kraymond2291 on Jun 12, 2016
From the start i was bein treated like shit tbh... i was there doin their dirty work and thats it... lol and im only laughin becuz i think back to wat my aunt would always say they are treatin u like shit well she was right. They managers and the company dont give a shit bout their...

Shell Gas Station / Employee / Customer Service Employee Name Jose

JSF65 on Jun 6, 2016
I stopped at 6:20 am on June 6, 2016 at the Shell Gas Station (S1E0938), 9598 SW 137th Avenue, Miami, Florida 33186, to fuel my vehicle and take advantage of the Winn Dixie Fuels rewards. I was paying cash so I entered the location to see attendant. I showed him my Winn Dixie Card and said...

Esso gas station, 110 Silvercreek Pkwy N, Guelph, ON N1H 7B4 / Washroom

Sean Tamkin on May 31, 2016
Imagine my horror when i went to use the male washroom in the said gas station only to find out that there was human excrement all over the toilet seat and by the looks of it it had been there for some time. When i went to complain to the attendant he replied that he knew about it but had...

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited / ishaque gas agency aligarh

M Danish Zia on May 27, 2016
Sir, I am a resident in Aligarh U.P.Ishaque gas service provide me a gas cylinders but last few months he is not providing full gas in cylinder and it was filled with water. I have already complaint many times but he is not taking me seriously .please resolve my problem as soon as possible and...

Shell / Manager unwilling to accomidate slow pump service and fuel rewards

Tekora on May 27, 2016
On 5/27/16, when using the pump at this location, the pressure was extremely low. Meaning, it took me 45 minutes to pump $14 worth of gas. The only reason I stayed that long was because I wanted to use as much of the $.20 Fuel Reward Deduction I received via the fuelrewards program. When I...

Circle K / Manager Pam at circle k store # 1633 south Broadway

Damen Cox on May 25, 2016
I walked into the store at Circle K on South Broadway and to get a soda it slipped out of my hand by mistake and fell on the floor a lady came up to me who was a manager named Pam yelled at me and screamed at me and told me to get out of her store because I dropped the soda and made a me...
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