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Royal Dutch Shell PLC

948 US-31
Traverse City
United States - 49685

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 888 467 4355 96 25
+1 713 767 5300 20 8
+31 70 377 9111(Netherlands) 8 6
Shell headquarters
Carel van Bylandtlaan 16, 2596 HR The Hague, The Netherlands

Postal address:
PO box 162, 2501 AN The Hague, The Netherlands

Shell Complaints & Reviews

Shell / Personal safety, identity theft,card security,gas station attendants and there freinds that loiter!!!!!!!!!!

Sad customer 007 on Jan 22, 2017
On 1/17/2017 morning about 6:30 I stopped at my local Shell station like I do every 2 or three days to fill my tank with v- power. This complaint starts when I pull in to pump and a prodestrean or loitering person non customer is leaning against pump, when getting out off my car he i...

Shell / Non stop pump causing overflow issue.

Ariffin on Jan 21, 2017
Today 22 January 2017, approximately at 12:25 pm, I refuel at the pump number 12, I use the auto-mode pump to fill a full tank, I using pump number 12 to fill-up and found oil Not stop (no auto cut off) after full tank it causes the oil has flow out from my tank. And I told oil workers to...

Shell / Cheating

ThieuDang on Jan 20, 2017
Dear Sir: This is a complaint about the cheating of a Shell gas Station in Houston: At 9:15 AM on Wednesday 1/18/207, I went to the Shell Gas Station at 11831 Bellaire Blvd @ Kirkwood, Houston, Texas 77072, telephone No: 281-498-0484 to fill my gas tank. The signs said they do not accept the...

Shell / Double payments taken from my account

monkeyy on Jan 19, 2017
At station at 6408 AUTH RD SUITLAND MD 20746-4524 57543579106 I contacted the bank and they honor what the station enters as payment. Every time I get a tank of gas the station takes out what I got and also 95.00. Can you tell me why this station does this? If it keeps happening I will be...

Shell Gas Station / Car wash

LindsayJCase on Jan 19, 2017
Nothing worse than going to a Shell station when the car wash is not working. I decide to go to the next one 3 miles away and there's a line with five people. Please keep your car washes operating 100% of your filling stations. I've discovered Kum and go in Colorado gives free...

Shell / Gift cards

Sharon Stewart on Jan 18, 2017
I purchased a total of seven (7) gifts cards, ranging form $25 to $50. For my children n son in law. Those wee gift cards not credit cards. Why are they charging us credit instead of cash price. I paid cash for those cards. I'm taking this up with my Senator Mr Blumenthal. That's not right...

Shell - Şenbay Petrol İnŞ. Taah. San. Ve Tİc. A.Ş. / Washing cars

görkem on Jan 16, 2017
Beşevler shell doesn't use washing machines. They want money for clean cars. System created for self-washing but they do not allow self washing. Please take care of this topic. Also the manager and cashier working between 16-01-2017 at 16.00-16: 30 is very rude and they are not interested...

Shell / Unethical behavior

musataina on Jan 16, 2017
Yesterday, January 15, 2017 around 7:30 pm I stopped by Shell with my children. One of them (my daughter) went inside to get some snack. The costumer service guy was so rude to my 12 years old child because she was taking to long to pick up her snack. He said to her " This Mother F###ing...

Shell Gas Station / Poor manners very arrogant

Khammany on Jan 14, 2017
I went to 122 boston street in lynn, massachusetts. Approximately at 3:15 p. M. On january 14, on saturday. I was on my phone then minute later I turn around back to window cashier, no one was there? I'm thinking where the heck they disappear so quickly!? I knocked on window, no one...

Shell / Rude cashier

Amber Jenkins on Jan 12, 2017
I was trying to use my fuel rewards and the cashier refuse to let me type it is I kept asking him to reset the credit card machine so I can type in my number and he kept telling me just to pay and I was asking if I could put my fuel rewards and he said no and I said well how am I supposed...

Shell / Fall without any assistance

Dave Colbert on Jan 11, 2017
My daughter stopped to get gas before picking up her 2 year old twins after work at the Shell Gas Station in Hampstead, MD. She somehow tripped over the coiled gas hose and fell injuring her face and laid there for a few minutes. I can send a picture of her injuries. No one including any...

Shell / Unethical behavior

Alexis12345667 on Jan 11, 2017
I went today, 1/11/17, to get gas from the gas station. I originally go to Valero, but it was busy today so i decided to go across the street to Shell. I went to the location 22811 Cypresswood Dr. I pulled up to a pump and it said pump not available, which i thought was odd because usually...

Shell / Broken gas pump

Randi Buslik on Jan 11, 2017
Yesterday I went to the Shell station on rte 12 in Richmond ILL. I went to pump #7. I had a $25 gift card so I went into the station to present it with my reward card. The attendant ran both cards and turned the pump on. So far so good. I went back to my car and started pumping. The pump...

Shell / Bad Customer Service

lukisha king on Jan 10, 2017
I went to the Shell gas station Sunday, January 8, 2017 around 5pm, located on 3453 SW WILLISTON RD, GAINESVILLE, Florida, 32608-0000, United States, and the customer service was awful. The women in the store didn't greet me and my friend at all. She didn't ask if we needed any help or a...

Shell / Employee

Totte1 on Jan 9, 2017
At approximately 3:46 pm January 7 2017 The cashier was rude and used profanity in front of my kids i told him that there kids present he informed me that they learn it in school he seem to be high and smelled like marijuana i think this to be unprofessional and will not be back i think...

Shell Station- Vineland Avenue, Orlando / Price gouging - $5.99 per gallon

Suzy111 on Jan 8, 2017
Gas is being sold for $5.99 per gallon at this gas station. It is unethical. It is next to hotels and the Premium Outlets and tricking tourists into buying gas. Their sign is hidden behind a hedge and it's too late before you realize you are paying almost three times the gas price. When...

Shell / Gas station stealing money

Oscar Alejandro Manzano on Jan 7, 2017
So I decided to put gas on my car on a shell gas station address is 11831 bellair, Houston TX. I was finish putting gas on my car and I had the pumpon my hand no gas in and it was running like if there was. So it was charging me for gas that I didn't put in my car. I went inside and the...

Shell / The gas price january 6 2017

Anthony126 on Jan 6, 2017
1240 georgesville 43228 Columbus Ohio. There is a huge gap on charging for gas here. For 87 it was 2.38 but for 89 it went to 3.48. what kind of mark up is that. When everyone else around is either a .20 to .60 cents differences on plus. I would like you guys to look into and get back with...

Shell / Price gouging/overcharging

Thur on Jan 5, 2017
Date of Incident: 02JAN2017 Location: Vineland Shell (57542995501) 8788 Vineland Rd, Orlando FL 32821 This gas station is overcharging consumers/tourist for gas prices of $4.99-$6.99 per gallons. I pumped the gas and did not realized until I noticed that 7 gallons cost me at $50.02. The...

Shell / Not having station out doors deiced

Jorge Vala on Jan 4, 2017
My name is Jorge Vala i went into the service station in Oshawa Ontario on December 23 2016 and when exiting to go to my ride that was waiting i slipped and fell on the icy walkway that was not salted, i have filed a complaint regarding this on the 23 of Dec 2016 and have had no response to...

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