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Norton - Symantec / Unauthorised paypal payment

Paul**!! on Oct 18, 2016
Was notified by Paypal of an automatic payment to Symantec - for Norton Antivirus. I called paypal and also placed a complaint to paypal to retrieve as this was unauthorised. I have not used the Norton product on any devices for over 10 months. On deleting my Norton I also noted on the...

McAfee / Online support thru chat

kfmone on Oct 17, 2016
I was having problems trying to download my Anti Virus I had purchased. It wouldn't give me the page I needed to enter my 25 code, to download the Antivirus I had purchased. So I went on the support chat. Rather then help the person tried to convince me that my registration was bad and I...

Dri Spyhunter / Unauthorized visa charge

rbaird2001 on Oct 1, 2016
A recurring charge on my account shows up every 6 months. I tried to verify with Enigma Software, the maker of it but none of my email addresses are even part of their accounts. I am disputing charge with the bank. Somehow the charge managed to continue after I canceled my card and got a...

Malwarebytes / Double billing

pgray53 on Sep 25, 2016
Good day, I have a problem with billing by Cleverbridge for Malwarebytes. I was charged $39.95 on 8-31-16 for Malwarebytes protection for three computers. On 9-25-16 I was billed $24.95 which I believe was a recurring payment for Malwarebytes on one computer that I purchased in 2015. The...

Reimage / Virus protection

Judy Galando on Aug 30, 2016
Ever since I installed this program I have had nothing but problems with the freezing of my computer. Then it forced me to call an 800 number. The person on the other line had such a strong accent I could not understand him..someone else came on the line and the same problem happened. When...

Norton / Product key

Kits on Aug 30, 2016
I decided to change my antivirus software and decided to try Norton. I bought Norton antivirus and installed it on my PC. Everything seemed fine and it was working as it should do. I was very satisfied with the product. Used it for two weeks. One day when I turned on my PC I saw that for...

AVG / AVG Internet Protection and PC-Tuneup

JoLiz on Jul 26, 2016
AVG on my computer went haywire 15/7/2016. Contacted AVG because I thought it was the right thing to do - had some technician fiddle with my computer (remote access) did not resolve all issues, because many updates had FAILED. Still have excess programs on my computer. Was told 'must...

McAfee / McAfee Livesafe Virus Protection

Robin Godwin-Chamberlain on Jul 12, 2016
In early 2016 I purchased an HP Computer from Best Buy which came pre-loaded with a trial McAfee subscription. Upon a prompt that the subscription had expired on the evening of July 12th I clicked on the buy prompt to renew, entered my credit card information and purchased the product. The...

Malwarebytes / Malwarebytes Anti-malware Premium

Tom Thoms on Jul 2, 2016
MALWAREBYTES - A really great application, BUT, DON'T EVER REINSTALL YOUR OS BECAUSE YOU WILL BE TREATED AS A CRIMINAL BY MALWAREBYTES. Apparently, whenever you reinstall your OS, Malwarebytes still maintains the record of the initial installation . STUPID! My latest (third time) same problem...

Avast-Nexway / Computer Software Renewal

Jody1961 on Jun 30, 2016
On 2/4/16 avast-nexway charged my account $39.99 for a product renewal that I did not even order. I contacted my bank and informed them. During their investigation they discovered this company had also charged me $39.99 on 2/5/15 for renewal also. I did not realize they had done this more...

Norton / Your employee Bryan Morgan #687859

Pdeej on Jun 21, 2016
Today, 6/21/16, I used the internet chat for help to install a Norton antivirus product. Bryan took control of my computer remotely and helped me with my issue but then used the notepad to start writing about and trying to "NSA" anti-hacking software for $389.00 I told him I would have...

AVG / AVG Ultimate/Pro

Serve your customers on Jun 10, 2016
AVG "free" starts out "free, and than annoying pop-up occur daily or weekly. And, than you have a problem, for which customer service is only too happy to help you with for a "fee, " and than AVG is no longer free. And you are talked into upgrading to Ultimate, so now you pay a nice big...

Self Employed / carton of marlboro

jacob1234567 on Jun 10, 2016
bought a carton of Marlboro and every pack had a hole in the top of them and they where all still...tried to return they and was told to contact you..please make this wright

AVG / customer service

Eyeball6785 on May 27, 2016
First I have talked on the phone 5 times and 3 letters. I'm being harassed by having to talk about the same issue over and over. Syed in customer support is a sadist who continually wants to spin this problem in his direction to avoid a refund. I have a crushing migraine as I write this. I...

AVG / AVG antivirus free trial version

Avi Shani on May 22, 2016
My name is Avi Shani. avishani@gmail.com; +972524622226. I would like to report what seems to me as a not proper business behavior that might easily be interpreted as a malicious behavior by some. I have installed the AVG anti virus free trial version. the SW shut down my windos defender...

AVG / Avg refund policy

trip47 on Apr 25, 2016
I spoke with customer service in the UK and USA one week ago regarding the poor service and aggressive sales applied to my elderly aunt on 3rd April 2016. She is 90 years old and had a minor problem with her laptop that I would normally fix for her, unfortunately I was out of the country...

Avast / Credit card billing issues

2_many_plants on Apr 1, 2016
After numerous phone calls, tickets, and e-mails concerning auto renewal of clean up software. I could never get it to work Since it was auto renewed in January I can have now paid for two years of a product I don't want or use. All I need them to do is change my e-mail address to one that...

Avast / Secureline VPN

nardao on Mar 30, 2016
I am a long-time user of Avast antivirus and have no complaints about that service. I opted for their Secure Line VPN Trial program, and when that expired, I bought their two-year full VPN program. I have never been able to connect with it, for whenever I click on the icon, only the trial...

Avast / Payment fraud

Reviewer74393 on Mar 6, 2016
AvastAvast is an internet security program that I have used for a few years. I usually let it auto-renew, therefore my banking information is contained within the app, just as with any other billing program. I was laid off and to ensure I was not billed further for any extraneous charges from any...

Trend Micro / Unauthorized Billing

Reviewer11114 on Feb 18, 2016
If you are reading this, it is likely that your personal information, including a credit card number, have been hacked. The only effective things at this point are to call your credit card company and block all future charges from Trend Micro. No matter the inconvenience, request a new...
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