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Antivirus Software Complaints

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Avast Antivirus / Software for Apple OS X - Slowing down your entire Mac system

Tarhun on 2016-01-22
Avast AntivirusInstalled Avast Free Mac Security on my iMac. After a week of use the computer started to work very slowly. Couldn't understand why. Then later checked ono Activity Monitor that Avast processes uses 99% of Mac's CPU. Removed Avast Antivirus Software, everything fine now. Just a...

Avast / Internet security

richard zahina on 2016-01-22
1/21/16 a pop-up for a update for my online security with avast. I followed the instructions and gave them my credit card info and hit the submit button. all it did was sat "loading" for a very long time and would not do anything else. I re-submitted my order and the same thing, I...

iYogi / Technical support

Reviewer78692 on 2016-01-19
It the worst customer service I've ever had. You are waiting for technical support for an hour or too. When finally the representative shows up, he starts to ask you multiple questions and then, says that he is not a technician, but a customer service representative, and now, he i...

Enigma Software / SpyHunter 4

Reviewer30082 on 2016-01-18
On Jan. 18, 2016, while trying to remove a particularly nasty adware/malware, Spy Hunter 4 presented itself as a "free" trial. After I closed all other programs and ran a scan, which took over an hour, it finally informed me that I must purchase it to remove the problems. This is a...

Regservo / Computer viruses and unwanted programs clean up programs

frank kitchen on 2016-01-14
Every time I open my computer in the last two weeks they have their advertisement on my front page and I can't remove it. How do I remove or block the ad? I have dealt with these scam artists once before and now they have my email address and I can't get them to stop sending me their ad...

Itec Alert / Tec Secure Lifetime Service Softwares

Reviewer21870 on 2016-01-12
I purchased a Tec Secure Lifetime License Software/ Tech Support Contract for $378.50 on 5/12/2015. This was a "senior citizen package". The salesman was Alfred Tejeda. I actually checked out the company and it seems legitimate. I was given multiple numbers to call for service ...

Avast / Protection License - double billing

TFarishTexas on 2016-01-06
AvastI received an email last December - my credit card was expired to renew my license. I went to my account and updated the credit card - immediately a prompt suggested I should renew the license I did on January 8. I downloaded and used that license. I found a second charge for this renewal...

McAfee / not returned the money

Aivars on 2015-12-31
12/24/2015 illegallyremoved the money from my account 89.99 pounds for antivirus protection. I wrote and phoned for the money to be returned, but on the phone tells me that it can be done online, but actually it can not be done because it is not working. Please help me to return my money...

EPAM Systems / Software Consulting

Reviewer21141 on 2015-12-31
I would not trust EPAM!!! Stay FAR AWAY from this company! Their ethics are questionable at best. The tech company I work for spent several months helping a potential client create a plan to bring their technology to market - at no charge and in good faith, hoping the client would engage...

Enigmasoftware.com / Spyhunter 4

wmoconnor970 on 2015-12-24
I downloaded Spyhunter to look at the program with the intent to purchase if it met my needs. In the process of deciding I was inundated with repeated pop up ads that are intrusive and annoying. I attempted to delete the program but cannot. I have called the company with no response. Thi...

Speedy Pc Pro/safecart/advanced Tech Services / Bad Customer Service

Melody Dareing on 2015-12-22
I ordered the Speedy PC Pro Dec. 21, 2015, because several sites gave it excellent reviews. Downloaded it, but had trouble installing it because the instructions regarding the licensing number weren't clear. So I called tech which was ATS. The guy is more concerned that my purchase wasn't...

AVG / Yearly subscription

Reviewer15291 on 2015-12-14
I signed up for two years cover in October 2012. and I have since found out that a third payment has been taken on the 27th September 2015 which they were not authorised to do. I would like a full refund please. the key that was given on the latest email is 0YP362686Y542594R. I have not...

Norton / Antivirus Auto Renew

Reviewer18721 on 2015-12-11
Have not used this product in over two years. Saw charge on my credit card. Called Norton to remove the charge. Customer Service rep verified no activity on my account since 9/2013 (today is 12/11/2015), stated sent auto renew notice to an email that I shut down well over a year ago, yet...

Emsisoft / Anti Malware

achoo222 on 2015-12-07
I downloaded an Emsisoft Anti Malware one month free trial on 10/31/2015. At that time the Windows Vista OS was supported. I purchased the same software on 11/28/2015 not knowing a new version that does not support Vista after March 2016 was released on 11/23/2015. The purchase was made...

Norton / Damages

Patricia Hope on 2015-12-06
I can not give a photo of the damage that has been done since my computer technicians down loaded the Norton 360. I had micro soft essentials on my computer & never had any major problems. After being told by my technician that there were viruses that the micro soft essential...

Sach Solutions / Network Protection

Reviewer46464 on 2015-12-05
This company is filled with a bunch of liars who scam others out of their money and do not fulfill their promises. I hope one day you all know what it is like to be taken advantage of. I purchased network protection for my PC at the price of $199.99 on October 8th, 2015. I did not want to...

Iolo / Support

Reviewer63194 on 2015-12-05
Iolo customers support is so bad, it makes all of their products not worth buying. If you call their number, the automated voice gives you several selections to choose from (i.e. press 1, for this, press 2 for that, etc.) Do not bother. The only number that works is "5". None of the other...

Spy Hunter / Unauthorized charge

Audrey O'Sullivan on 2015-12-06
I was charged $42.94 on November 2, 2015, for Spy Hunter on my BMO Harris Mastercard. The Reference number is 25140615307043479912233 on the credit card. I don't even know what this is and have not ordered any program of protection for my computer. I would like the charge removed. - Audrey

Avast Antivirus / Unauthorized charges

Reviewer54544 on 2015-11-27
Do not have anything to do with Avast Security and Digital River agents who have been taken over by the Russian mafia, it seems. They will not even answer their 'contact us' useless web site facility and that is after six attempts; absolutely abysmal system which over five year...

Ascentive / Sending me an email stating they were going to bill my acct. of 29.95

Reviewer53094 on 2015-11-26
It was 2:03 am, 11/ 26/2015 I received an email that Ascentive had billed my acct. for a product I did not order. I am hoping this is an error. However I would like a refund. Thank you. Traci Leichleiter EMAIL ADRESS : tracileichleiter@gmail.com
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