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VistaPrint - Massachusetts, Waltham / Flash Cookies

NoWayee on Mar 19, 2016
We went to the site and built some business cards. After completing the task, I erased the cookies that Vistaprint had placed on the computer. However, the cookie folder and its contents "device" and "cookie test" with the instruction "any connection" keep reappearing. I've spent the last three hours trying to find the location of this spyware (or whatever it is), but have not been successful. And i'm wondering why Firefox (which updated itself, even though I have it set for no updates) allows this Vistaprint malware to remain on my machine. I'm not going to return to the site to get its address.

VistaPrint - Washington, Seattle / unauth debits/free website trial

EBESTES on Dec 5, 2014
I had to have my Visa shut off 2.5 weeks after signing up for Vistaprint's Free website 30 Day trial. I should've done that before all the debits started popping up as there WAS no free anything, I was being charged the day after signing up. I had "assumed" I'd get a free 30 day trial for my two businesses then, as I told my bank, the company would contact me or at least warn me now I would be charged, if I decided to retain my Sites. On Ebay's sign out screen Vistaprint is usually there in bright colors with a new customer's biz card deal etc. I ordered a few product...

VistaPrint - Georgia / Unwanted Magazine Subscriptions

TomW3 on Mar 14, 2013
Vistaprint signs its customer up for various magazine subscriptions without explicit consent. It is the default option upon checking out print orders and extremely difficult to identify and disable. Once checking out a print order, you are signed up for a 12 months magazine subscription with 1 year free which turns into a paid subscription afterwards. Nearly impossible to cancel. Magazine Subscription Service (no, they don't have an email, you have to call) say they won't cancel as you subscribed through Vistaprint. Vistaprint Hotline takes 20 minutes to get through to somebody...

VistaPrint / Vistaprint now forcing website onto Andrea Hudson Piano

fizzyrose on Mar 21, 2012
After asking for a refund and compensation today, I have received two e-mails saying that my website has been reactivated, and that I shall be billed on 21/04/12. I have e-mailed the company to tell them I have not re-activated my account. I am still waiting for a satisfactory response. Perhaps Lori Holt can give me a call.

VistaPrint - England, Warwickshire / RIPPED OFF BY VISTAPRINT: Unlawful retention of my money.

fizzyrose on Mar 20, 2012
Here is the complaint that I made to Vistaprint on 12/02/12, and I have not received any satisfaction regarding my complaint: I regard the retention of the money that I paid for this months subscription as unlawfully kept money because you have taken my money and not provided the services and products promised and are in violation of the Trading standards Act of 1982. Any conversation with your service team would be fruitless and futile. I notice that site activity has been turned off yet again today. Most functions of the website have been interfered with from the start of my paying for my...

VistaPrint - California / Defective Product

Terence Whalen on May 29, 2011
I ordered two rubber stamps for my name/address. Upon them coming in, Vistaprint had printed the street address on two lines and left off the city, state and zipcode. On their web site it indicated that there was a 100% money back replacement policy if not satisfied. I Emailed their customer service, and they stated that it was not their problem, and it was due to customer not entering the address correctly. I entered the address on 4 lines, and I showed them the way that it was entered, and they still continue to refuse to honor their own guarantee. So much for business. I would not give them another dime, and I ask other businesses to do the same.

VistaPrint / Their whole operation

I-Tell-It-Like-It-Is on May 26, 2011
I am a very intelligent person. I am registered with a board of pharmacy and work in Nuclear Pharmacy. You would think I would have made a better choice. Vistaprint is "Horrible"!! My printed products are never right, even with numerous attemps to correct it. The font, color, or design layout out choice is never what I recieve. The very pretty engraved silver business case I bought, was sent to me with a lip that would not hold shut. I ruined about 30 business cards from them falling in the rain or onto the ground, and it made me look very unprofessional. They advertise all these free...

VistaPrint - Massachusetts / withdrawl of money

justine24 on May 12, 2011
I am trying to expand my business. So I wanted to make business cards for my Photography business. I was watching T.V. one night with my boyfriend and there was an ad for a business advertising business cards. I jumped online and they seemed pretty legit until I made Business cards and got charged more then I wanted. Come to find out many people were having this problem! I got a 30$ package of 500 business cards and every month I was getting 70 PLUS DOLLARS taken out! There was no notice I had no idea of these charges until I saw my bank statements every month and noticed a trend. I wa...

VistaPrint - Ontario / Free business cards

klubjunk on Mar 12, 2011
VistaPrint has just lost my business for good. I have used Vistaprint exactly 2 times. The first experience went off without a hitch and the cards came back better than expected (for the price) and I was actually impressed. This was in the summer of 2009. I have an excellent printer and prices, so I didn't find opportunity to try them again until recently. A friend wanted some cards done, and I decided to Vistaprint another shot in order to save my friend exactly $35. I was expecting the same quality of cards and printing. I designed the card, so I knew what to expect and I figured...

VistaPrint / Takes no responsibility for its negligence

Nasirazeemi on Mar 2, 2011
I ordered some banners etc.to be displayed on an yearly religious commemoration ceremoney where hundreds of people were invited in a local hall. Vistaprint cancelled my order without informing me and a day before the program when I asked the company about the delivery, they told me that it is cancelled because of MY email sent to them. I asked them to read it again, then they apologized. My program is ruined and the only thing they have is an apology and a hang up. This was second incident. Vistaprint has no backup or disaster plan. An online risk only CUSTOMER has to take.

VistaPrint - Massachusetts, Lexington / Shipped me unsolicited merchandise

dontbuyfromvistaprint on Feb 27, 2011
I had never heard of this company or ordered anything before a UPS package arrived containing unsolicited merchandise from them. They charged my credit card $60.10 for ball point pens and notepads I had not ordered. I suspect this company is engaged in credit card fraud. If you call the toll free number the first option they offer is press 1 for questions about credit card bills - so it looks like they get lots lots and lots of calls disputing their fraudulent charges.


denizcaroll on Jan 26, 2011
1- They advertise "free" business cards and a few other crap. Than they charge you for logo upload, image upload etc. They you pay a high cost shipping and wait for weeks to receive the item. They print their own advertisement on the back side and actually you're payin for their advertising...! The quality of the business cards are not good at all. They're printed on really cheap looking paper. 2- On the check out there are too many selctions, upgrades etc. They fraustrate you until you miss reading something that was already selected. Which is you agree to pay them $30 a month...

VistaPrint / Bad shipping practices

My order delivery was promised for 12/11; then I received an email that the order shipped early and I should receive it on 12/9. It is 12/15, my order is still in a different part of the country, and it's not scheduled to be received at the postoffice until 12/21, then I have to wait for my mail carrier to deliver it to my home. I called and the order was refunded, but they refused to have the order reprinted and rush delivery. Now I have a problem to correct by not having my product in time and find another solution to meet my deadline, when it wasn't my wrongdoing. I feel that thi...

VistaPrint / Failure to supply adequate product

I recently ordered christmas cards using their online system. I received the order, however the envelopes didn't fit the product. I rang them and the company assured me they would send the correct envelopes, these arrived and they were wrong again. I rang again and these envelopes didn't arrive, I rang to check on them and they hadn't been sent. I rang again, once again I was assured that I would get the correct envelopes... and suprise suprise they were wrong. I told them I wanted a refund, as I couldn't send the cards are they were not a standard size that I could just buy envelopes... I am still waiting for my refund.

VistaPrint / Horrible customer service

I had done business with Vistaprint for 8-9 months, and hadn't had any real problems. Then I went to check a shipment on their website and found that they claimed it was delivered a year before I even ordered it. Called the phone number for customer service. Got a woman that barely spoke english who couldn't explain why there was a problem, nor what vistaprint would do to correct it. Called again, and again got someone who struggled with english as their language. Went to the online chat, not much better, wrote an email and had 4 exchanges, they gave me wrong delivery dates and...

VistaPrint - New South Wales / Customer service

It's impossible to get through to Vistaprint!!! Called the 1800 number on Friday 2PM - old me that "the department was closed, please call back during business hours Mon-Fri 8AM-10PM." If Friday 2PM is not within business hours, then what time is??? Emailed them too - "will reply within 48 hours". It's been 1 week!!! Obviously Vistaprint doesn't have any business hours! Very, very poor customer service!

VistaPrint - California, Santa Rosa / Bad product & Unavailable Customer Services

I've been had and I GET IT. Ordered checks thinking I could pick something better and cheaper than from my bank. NEVER do this. I have to throw them out, I have contacted them via email, no response, I cannot find a phone number anywhere but may try again with that. They could not verify my routing number as a breach of security. They printed a routing number from God knows where???? My checks were refused before I even looked at the problem. I lost 34.00 which was not really cheaper at all. I have read other complaints and will look for extra monthly charges next. They should be put out of business. I will go the Better Business Bureau next. Tom in Santa Rosa

VistaPrint - New York / FRAUD

I am livid that Vistaprint overcharged me several times over and I am really hoping they correct this as I will go to the Better Business Buerau. What is Lori Holt's email in customer relations?????

VistaPrint - Texas, Round Rock / Rewards partners were stealing my money

I ordered address labels and one month later, appeared two charges in my debit card for "Entrtnment Values" and "Mnth SVC-Shopping Pg". It seems these are two rewards partners of Vistaprint and they were charging my debit card for 5 months with 14.95 dollars. I called Chase-Visa card. They are refunding with the last 60 days. I found this scam everywhere since 2004... How Visa or Mastercard can make them still eligible to credit card payment as merchant ?

VistaPrint / adding extra (hidden) charges

Last night I was searching for address labels and ran across this site. I thought it looked like a great deal. They had labels on sale for $1.99, and I decided to purchase a mouse pad as well. Then they offered free "sticky notes, " so I signed on for that. Fortunately, before I gave them any credit card info, I noticed they'd suddenly charged me $5.99 for each of my two address label orders. The "free" sticky notes weren't so free after all. I immediately halted the order and won't be dealing with them in the future. There's something awfully fishy going on there. If you...
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