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sky sports - England, West Midlands, Birmingham / coverage of speedway

mark rv on 2015-03-31
Once again i am disgusted that the decision makers have deemed not to cover speedway enough on sky tv. The speedway grand prix wont be covered through lack of viewers. the viewing figures are down because the muppets who schedule do not have a regular time slot on one channel resulting in confusion as to when the programmes are on therefore the viewing figures are down : what a surprise! you need to get behind the sport and give it a chance to increase popularity Mark Harvey a speedway fan

sky sports / Bias

Roman Special One on 2014-12-29
The amazing anti-Chelsea tirade by Jeff Stelling on Sky Sports (28/12/14) illustates the clear anti-Chelsea bias in the media and Sky in particular. To paraphrase he basically said Cheslea being denied a clear penalty at Southampton was payback for the times they have dived to earn them. He made no such condemnation, to my knowledge, of the many dubious penalties awarded to Sky favourites Liverpool last season. In fact Sky revelled in Liverpool's (laughably) unsuccessful attempt to win the Premier League last year, fuelled by penalties. I did not see any condemnation from Sky of the...

sky sports / Commentator Bias

JLH110966 on 2014-10-21
Watching the WBA vs. Man Utd game last night 20/10/14. Alan Smith clearly wanted WBA to win the game. Every time WBA had the ball (not very often) his tone of voice was one of excitement. WBA incidents were commented on correctly as fouls etc, where he missed a lot of the incidents where Man United were victims or brushed them off. This was a very similar vein to the man united vs. Leicester game where again he incorrectly commentated on incidents involving Man United. If you look at the Stats from the Match, they show Man United were on top in the game - this was not reflected in commentary. On top of the bias he is actually very wooden and really quite boring as a commentator.

sky sports / Inaccurate information on website

SGALL2 on 2013-09-22
This is about SKY Sports and their reporting of The Rangers FC. http://www1.skysports.com/football/news/11095/8935866/ It is well known by anyone with an interest in Scottish football, that one of the major clubs, Rangers FC, went into liquidation last year. A new club was formed and joined Scottish football at the bottom tier. Since then, we have had a diet of propaganda and spin, telling us that the club never really went into liquidation at all - but rather it was the holding company that went into liquidation. I would like to take issue with the statement on SKY Sports website which...

sky sports / Naill Quinn

Bev P on 2013-01-20
Why is Niall Quinn commentating on the Chelsea v Arsenal game? He is clearly biased and is giving a one sided view. He should take a leaf out of Gary Neville's book who always manages to give clear, concise commentary, even when Manchester united are playing. We ahve had to put the TV on mute as he is driving us mad!!

sky sports - England, Northumbria, Durham / jaimie redknapp

coldcrumpets on 2012-08-26
jaimie redknapp is the worst sports tv presenter to watch, and he constantly butts in and talks over the other better presenters on sky sports, he is always cutting them short and talking over them in that annoying twang and i can t undersrtand why the presenter aand the other pundits dont just tell him to shut up and let them speak ??? there are loads of much better footbal pundits ( and better footballers) than redknapp, he is so annoying, I have to watch other channel, at least someone tell him to allow others to speak, , , and that it it not HIS show

sky sports / coverage

Kalookie on 2012-05-06
What bad/sad/disappointing coverage of the Golf we are suffering. Whilst spending a fortune on too many commentators who do not stop talking, imparting needless information, we are now only shown the top few players for hours on end. No one would imagine that there are over 60 golfers on the course and that your viewers are interested in more than the leaders, either because they have friends, family or acquaintances and/or have put bets on some. The PGA have got it right by periodically showing everyone's score at the bottom of the screen and believe it or not showing more than the leaders playing. Please take a lesson from them and spend more on camera men than on commentators. Hilda

sky sports / Post-match interviews

jebayasmin on 2012-02-05
I personally found it extremely rude how the interviewer cut off Andre Villas Boas during the post match interviews in the game Chelsea v Man Utd. Allowing Alex Ferguson to rant and rave about other potential penalty decisions that the linesman missed, and then stopping Villas-Boas on commenting on his views is unacceptable. The man will obviously have his opinion about the two penalties given - especially since they contributed to the result! I think Sky Sports need to stop this 'everyone has an opinion' facade when they clearly feel that certain opinions arent relevant. Such a concidence that any comments on Man Utd and their 'hepling hand' from the referees are never discussed.

sky sports / commentators

doobz on 2012-02-05
Are all sky commentators Manchester United fans? I found it hard to hear any comments on Chelsea at all, very sad!

sky sports / QPR vs Chelsea Game

Ms Clarke on 2011-10-29
Having watched the Premier League football match between QPR and Chelsea I would like to stress my dissatisfaction in the way that John Terry (Chelsea Player) is not suspended from playing football until the allegations of racism is looked into. Despite whether Anton Ferdinand speaks out about the incident I being a black sky subscriber and having watched the match and the clip replayed on the Internet have no doubt that John Terry was evidently raciest. I not only take offence to him being a England Player/Captain but also to the fact that I pay for my sky subscription and expect that...

sky sports / Super Rugby Coverage

Droewors on 2011-07-02
Why are so few South African Super Rugby matches shown. Even in the semi finals the game played in Australia was shown yet the Stormers game at Newlands was not. This has been the pattern the whole season and on the occasions when you have shown a game, invariably the second half has been on the red button preventing recording of the match. There is a large contingent of Ex Bokke in this country, more so than Aussies and New Zelanders together. So Why, Why, Why ??????????

sky sports / Coverage of the Masters golf tournament 2011

skillsymillsy on 2011-04-08
The fact that you play that absolutely terrible song about Georgia before and after every commercial break. I have only just watched one day of the tournament so far and it is the most annoying wee bit of music ever, it is just so repetitive and awful. Please change it!! An example of how to get that sort of thing right is to look at the BBC coverage of the golf, the music they play before the Masters and other golf tournaments is really uplifting and inspiring. It gets you excited, this crap of a guy that sounds like James Brown or is James Brown saying oh Georgia mmm hmm before and after...

sky sports / Masters Golf

Allun on 2011-04-07
Masters Golf - Get Monty Off. He babbles mostly about himself. It's ruining a fantastic show.

sky sports / Ian Chapell

fuglybugly on 2011-03-24
Ian Chappell is INCREDIBLY biased and relays his own personal beliefs and annoying rude unnecessary nothing to do with cricket or even him comments when commentating cricket and I am sick to death of it! He says he does not like certain cricketers for reasons that have nothing to do with cricket or affect cricket in any way and he has never met the person in the first place so what the hell is his probl' em. He will ASSUME constantly! He does NOT know the facts. I'm listening to him now 'Somebody must have said something'... 'It must be the batsman moaning'...

sky sports / Sacking of Andy Gray

Mylan on 2011-01-26
I write, as an overcharged Sky and Sky Sports subscriber, to complain about the sacking of Mr. Andy Gray. I feel that, as Mr. Gray is one of the most respected, revered and renowned experts in his field worldwide, that this has been to the detriment of your coverage of football and entirely unreflective of your viewing audience's feelings on the matter. To suggest that Mr. Gray is a sexist simply because of joke that was made is outrageous. To sack him as a result of one that was made supposedly in the confines of his private surroundings and trusted friends is to condone a gross intrusion of...

sky sports / selfish broadcasting

Why do you feel the need to tell all football scores without warning i've avoided seeing the scores so i could watch the Arsenal match on first match choice why dont you keep your mouth shut if people want to no the scores they can go to sky sports news or at least give warning that the scores are coming up . I have never made a complaint before but i pay a lot of money for the sole reason to watch the Arsenal matches so thanks for messing that up for me i think i'll cancel me subscription with you and get Arsenal tv on the internet regards Daniel Richardson.

sky sports / Commentators Comments

(Letter to Sky) Dear Sir I write in horror to a comment that was made by your commentator during the English Schools Championships. The event was the Junior Girls 4 x 100m relay, Humberside came in second place. When the race was reviewed by your commentator he announced that the relay team had a weak link and named the athlete as Alex Stimpson. Alex is in fact a strong, dedicated and respected athlete and shows much promise and potential for the future of British athletics. Her commitment to training and her team is to be admired and should be used as an example for others to follow. I am in...

sky sports - Wales, South Glamorgan, Cardiff / Interactive Service

beanboy on
I'm almost at the end of my teather here. My query: Sky Sports Interactive (red button). I am a VirginMedia customer. For the last 14 weeks I have got up every single Saturday at 8am to watch the Super14 rugby. Yet when it comes to the last 2 weeks...Sky Sports put the semi finals AND THE FINAL on the red button. I have complained to sky...but get no response. I have complained to OfCom but was told it wasn't in their remit! And the worst thing was that while it was inaccessible to me as a Virgin customer, what was on sky sports3? ...Wrestling Highlights. Sky are taking the...

sky sports - England, West Midlands, Coventry / calvin tatum speedway

would like to complain about the coverage of the speedway meeting between Coventry and Lakeside especially Calvin Tatum. We have been speedway fans since the age of 12 we are now 45. We watched and supported Calvin through all his Coventry years and it made me sick to listen to his comments regarding the track . I have seen him ride that track in worse conditions than it was tonight 27.7 2009 . I must say some of his comments regarding the Coventry team were not called for. He as a commentator of the sport should surley remain biast if the man supports Lakeside then maybe he should keep it to...
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