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Netflix / Unequal customer service

GiGi_24 on 2016-04-23
I would like to address that Netflix provides different content for different places globally and that we are all paying for the service but are unable to access the same tv shows and movies. I see this as unfair as many of the tv shows that I and many others would enjoy, in particular...

Netflix - California, Los Gatos / They took money without my permission!

Christina on 2016-04-06
I joined Netflix and signed up thinking that it was a free account, but later they took my money for some sort of membership. All I wanted was to try their service and I was never planning to buy a membership. I contacted their support and demanded my money back. They said I will be given...

Netflix - California, Los Gatos / Changed my streaming plan w/out permission

Jazmine T. on 2016-03-03
I received an email stating, "As you requested, we've changed your plan over to the 4 screens at a time plan at $11.99." I made no such request, so I called the customer service line and was repeatedly told that I or someone I gave access to must have requested the change! The customer...

Netflix / Unauthorised payments taken an still no reply

jadebrian on 2015-12-17
I have emailed again an again an still no reply back from them! They took two payments off me for which I didn't even use I have complained to numerous of companies which put me threw to Netflix company complaints but still no joy!! This is really starting to wind me up as I want this sorted out!!

Netflix / Unauthorised chargers

jadebrian on 2015-12-12
Hi, I wrote to yourselves a couple of days ago and still had no reply like I said in my last email I had a Netfilx account which I only set up for the free 30 day trial which I didn't even use in the end, there was two films on my account which was Essex's boys retriabtion and only fool...

Netflix / Unauthorised chargers

jadebrian on 2015-12-10
Hi there I have a compliant about my account which got charged last night which I had no knowledge of, I'm not to impressed about this considering that I didn't even use the free 30 day trial that I originally gone for, my email address is:::: hwarrenjade87@gmail.com:: my account...

Netflix / Ne of the greatest Christmas movies missing in your lineup

Reviewer96754 on 2015-11-26
Each and every Christmas l enjoy the holiday programs offered with Netflix but there is just one of the greatest Christmas movies missing in your lineup that my family and l have enjoyed for many years. The movie that I speak of is "National Lampoons Christmas Vacation". This movie...

Netflix / Signing in

Reviewer52825 on 2015-11-25
After having Netflix for over two years...tonight they asked for sign in which didn't work. Called cust service...they blamed dishtv, never said try to change your password. After telling us to call dish for a tech, we changed the password for netflix, reprogrammed dish box, and now...

Netflix - California, Los Gatos / Streaming service

MCerikson1 on 2015-11-24
I have been a customer of Netflix since 2008 - my payments are always made on time. I was looking at possible changes to my streaming account - made a change by accident, their system didn't give me an option to reverse or cancel the change. I called Netflix customer service immediately to...

Netflix / Streaming service

Reviewer29356 on 2015-10-10
I do understand the need to change as you go, keeping up with the market and all, but you don't always get it right. You recently changed your listings, one of the changes you made is to no longer include the running time . if I only have 2 hours to kill, I would not really want to...

Netflix / Roku app

Reviewer98540 on 2015-10-07
Recently netflix added a feature to its app for the roku player. The feature begins to play a selection almost immediately after it is selected from the netflix category. I do not like this feature because i am not given sufficient time to read and digest the description of the selection...

Netflix / Streaming movies

Reviewer87368 on 2015-09-26
Netflix used to be a pretty good choice for movies at a good price. Now, the movies are below B movies and most of them are from Japan or low grade kung fu crap. There are thousands of movies that have been made in the last 20 years (in every category) that are really good but Netflix...

Netflix - North Carolina, Hendersonville / Not a lot of new movies like other sites have

Dakota2011 on 2015-07-02
My husband and I have had netflix for awhile now and netflix keeps updating there page and adds some old shows and movies which is fine and there is stupid shows that we down grade to the lowest star because we don't like and you don't take off. Would like to see some new movie...

Netflix / the deletion of a show

moekyoung on 2015-06-24
One of the most amazing TV shows where taken off of the options, and multiple people are upset about this. Of course the TV show I am taking about is...South Park. A lot of people love the show and most that have Netflix are wanting to bring it back. To some people it is a great way to...

Netflix - Texas, Irving / Can no longer watch - SLOW

kattu on 2015-06-20
Netflix is so slow I can no longer use it. I'm on 50Mbps cable connection. Even when I take all devices off the network and hardwire the internet. Cannot watch any shows they simply stop streaming. I can load Hulu, You Tube and other services and they stream fine. This happens no matter which laptop or computer I use.

Netflix / Rental Movie Scam

Antonio Briceno on 2015-06-18
They contacted me through a Chrome pop up, offering a free movie if I completed a survey for Chrome. The website offered free movies and free membership, but required a card number to verify identity, and promised me several times that my card would not be charged unless the rental movie...

Netflix / Poor quality of discs

m1296 on 2015-05-24
Over the past couple years, I've noticed more and more problems with the playback of DVDs and blurays. It seems at least 1/2 the movies we get anymore will screw up somewhere in the middle and we'll miss part of a chapter or more to freezing up. The discs themselves often show...

Netflix / Delayed Disc Delivery

F Derek on 2015-04-26
Since the first of the year, it has taken one additional day for Netflix to receive and then to mail out a new disc. Whereas in previous years, the receipt and mailing occurred the same day, it is clear that the turn-around process is taking an additional day. Sure, it could be the Post...

Netflix - California, Los Gatos / service issues

justinsi on 2015-03-06
Since last year netflix has purposely slow down delivery and receiving service. For example I was able to mail a dvd on Monday morning, Netflix would receive and deliver on tues and my dvd would arrive to me on wed..Now it will ve lucky if I would receive it on Thursday or fri..Netflix ha...

Netflix / Not enough series or good movies

The improver on 2015-02-03
I have been using netflix for years and I use to think it was absolutely amazing but nothing has changed. Netflix has defonitly got not enough series like gossip girl and pretty little liars. I also think they should have more better movies for teens but my main complaint is about the...

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