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Midas - New York, Schenectady / Muffler, tal pipe, resonator

Reviewer62650 on 2016-01-26
I went to Midas and had my muffler, tail pipe, and resonator. Total cost was $370.00. After one year and one month, the muffler was so cheap that it developed a huge rust hole. I called Midas and was told that the muffler was covered for life time replacement, but I would have to pay $98.00 for labor costs. I can purchase a better muffler online for $28.00. So where is the savings with the lifetime warranty? Midas is full of crap.

Midas - New Mexico, Albuquerque / Failed work

Angelode on 2015-05-27
Took my preagnent wife's car in for what I was told a caytalytic converter. Manager stated that his computer read that car was leaking oil into 3rd cylinder and needed repair he quoted me at $1300. I told manager to fix because I needed car to be safe for wife.manager assured me car would be like new drivability. Well a week after they did work oil light came on it leaked out all oil. I took it back and manager said maybe they didn't bolt tight enough and stated car would be fine. Well a week later car engine leaked oil out and engine blew leaving my preagnent wife stranded now midas refuses to take responsibility . I regret going to midas.

Midas - Maryland / oil change from hell

C. Spruill on 2013-07-19
I took my 2004 Nissan Altima to Midas for a regular oil change/rotate oil tires and I had bee going to them for about 2 years or so. The next day I noticed oil spots under my car so I went back.. The same technician that did the oil changed checked again only under the car and replaced the oil filter. Later, I drove over 65 mph noticed the smoke coming under my hood and cloud of smoke coming from the tail pipe. I pulled over and checked under the hood and realized the tech forgot to put back the oil cap. I called them and had told them what happen because I was near a Auto Zone I walked to...

Midas - Vermont, Bennington / Bad Brakes

schaff13 on 2012-07-25
Bad brakes and service... These are so called brake Experts ???!!!1 year ago I got an emergency brake job here, it already failed!!! I got it fixed at a shop I trust. After dealing with the manager trying to reconcile the problems, he refuses to take responsibility for negligent installation. Essentially the calipers were not properly lubricated and the rotors and pads wore out at an extremely fast rate. He refuses to accept this as reality, and has given me nothing but trouble when trying to resolve the problem, suggesting it was my fault every step of the way. I could not be any more...

Midas - New Jersey, Hamilton / overcharged for services

TracyLW on 2012-05-05
I was over charged for services rendered by this shop. I was never quoted a price for alleged tire rods that i needed. The rep went on to say that he quoted me the price and he swears on his dead father that he quoted me. If he would have quoted me 600 for brake service i would have told him to take my car off the lift and give it back to me. I feel that i was way over charged for brakes, rotors and tire rods. I will be filing a formal complaint with the state of new jersey. i filed a formal complaint with the BBB as well. If you have been misled by this man and his practices i suggest you do the same.

Midas - Texas, Lake Jackson / Deceptive Sales; Charged for fake repairs

dm_1628 on 2012-04-16
Note: This initially occurred last year. I found this site and thought I would warn everyone as there was no follow through by local or national management. I intially went to this place because I had a check engine light on. They told me that I needed exhaust work (catalatic coverter, egr valve) which would correct the problem. Well, after picking up my vehicle (about $2, 000.00 worth of 'work') I quickly found out that I still had the original problem that I went to Midas with – the check engine light is still on. It did not come on right away but did so on my drive from Lake...

Midas - New Jersey, Hamilton / Unfair Business Practices

Jrzydva on 2011-12-12
I would like to submit a formal complaint against Mr. Sam Ayoubia, Independent Owner of Midas located at 3149 South Broad Street, Hamilton Twp., NJ 08610. I own a 2004 Mitsubishi Galant which I pride myself on continuous and timely maintenance and keeping my car looking and running fabulously! I had an appointment for brake pad replacement of the front end of my vehicle Saturday, December 10th, 2011 @ 8:00 am. At Midas in Hamilton Twp., NJ. A week prior to this appointment, I had severe frontal vibration when I stopped my vehicle. I initially went to the Mitsubishi dealership first and let...

Midas - Maryland, Silver Spring / Horrific Customer Service

mylgdare on 2011-12-09
It was yesterday December 7th, 2011 when I decided to stop by Midas at Automobile Blvd., Silver Spring, MD 20904. It was pouring outside and I came at the time the store was supposed to open, which was 7:30 am. The manager didn't arrive until almost 8 am. As I was complaining about his tardiness, he was simply saying it was raining and I was late. The mechanic decided to pull my car in while instigating a fight with "What" in his expression. He opened the side door and literally screamed at me with "the governmnet is late, the post office is late, we can be late!" and the price of the oil...

Midas - Tennessee, Chattanooga / crooks

we had to have new tires for our suv so we went to midas to get the special tires they had offered on t.v. That was our first mistake..we purchased 4 new bridgstone tires and they all were wore out within 20, 000 miles..do oyu think they will cover the warranty..well hell no they dident, thy told us to go to a tire dealer for warranty so we did and when we got there they told us our ball joints were wore out and thats why the tires were wore. ok then so we brought our suv to another repair shop and did not say anything about the issues and just to check out the front end please and would you...

Midas / Tire rip off

Heal on 2011-06-20
1722 s. market street in chattanooga, tn are crooks, liars, scam artist's, and i will never step foot into another midas as long as i live. i bought 4 tires from them and they wore out in 24000 miles and they will not honor any warranty. all that place is is a cover up for a real repair facility. they have no idea about car repair jst how to rip you off...please dont ever go there for your sake..trust me i used to work there and the way she would bs people and midas corporate and imbezzle money just makes me sick..not to mention how bad tva is getting ripped everytime they bring there vehicles to them..

Midas - Ohio, Seven Hills / Midas of Seven Hills, Ohio

I have a 1997 Ford Econoline van that needed a new muffler. I had previously replaced it at Midas of Seven Hills Ohio and it had a lifetime warranty. No problem, right??? WRONG! I was told on the phone that labor would be about $98 and a few bucks more for the tailpipe. So I made an appointment with the person who gave me the quote. I was told to bring my paperwork for the replacement muffler which I was able to locate. So once the van was put up on the rack, the real excitement began. I was told that first, I had a problem with both catalytic converters and that it would be $3200 to replace...

Midas - Arizona, Mesa / Rudness From MIDAS Manager

E.Griffith on 2011-05-24
There was not any courtesy from the MIDAS Manager from this store when you called to check on the warranty of a previous job done about six months ago. I went to another car center to get an oil change and was informed that the oil pan had to be changed because the oil plug would not seal properly. They could not make any oil change. I called the MIDAS Manager to see if he could give me an appointment to check on that oil pan thinking that I had bought that part from them with a warranty. He was very defensive and rude and gave a lecture about breaking something of my mother's. Hi...

Midas - California, Glendale / Midas SUCKS, Yuri (the manager) is a rude prick.

Midas Sucks on 2011-05-17
I went to Midas on Elk Ave. in Glendale, CA to get an oil change. Once I was there, they told me that I needed some new tires, which I knew because my front tires only had a little bit of tread left. They tried to sell me 4 tires but I knew better because my back tires still have plenty of tread. To make a long story short, I left and a couple of days later I noticed that I had some serious vibrating/shaking as soon as I hit about 65 MPH on the freeway. Knowing that I did not have this problem before and also knowing that this is a classic sign of incorrect balancing, I returned to Midas and...

Midas - Washington / Wheels

Idontcomplain on 2011-05-05
The day I had drove my car to Midas for new tires, I washed the car and cleaned the wheels by hand. After I picked it up I looked at the paint and the wheels. I found the lip of the wheel to have been freshly smashed or curbed. I wiped the flaky shards of rim away. It might not look like much but for $180 per wheel to replace, I would appreciate taking care of my car when they have it. What ever happened to being responsible for your actions and customer service?

Midas - Florida, Coral Springs / RIP OFF! AND DOESN'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING

Suravi on 2011-04-10
This company MIDAS Auto repair shop is COMPLETELY HORRIBLE!!! I took my car for a oil change, and they told me that some work needs to be done on the break pads, so i told them to check the whole car to make sure that everything is ok besides the breaks, if they have to fix make sure they fix evreything together, then the sales person called after 2 hours and told me that evrything is ok except for the break issue and the oil change, in order to complete the work the price will be $480, after they fix the car 8 hours after they call me to pick up the car. When I went to pick up my car, i...

Midas - Texas, Houston / playing too much with women customers and playing around instead of doing job

m.cruz on 2011-04-04
My sister and i came in and try to get some tires.. from this people... but when me and sister came in the manager whos name is Robert and a chinese guy or vietnamese guy was playing around sooo much in front of people and did not even try to get their customer taking cared off. they were talking soo much dirty stuff to me and my sister that we are beautiful and if we want to getsome of work done personally they both can come to our house and get it done not only car but our body too... thats was sooooo un professsional of them and just then just started laughing and giving each other high...

Midas / Failed to honor their work

Jethro2996 on 2011-03-28
My college-age daughter took her car to Midas in Fargo ND and had the front brakes and bearings replaced for over $700 not quite a year ago. Last October, she was having problems and took the car back to them. She was told that there was nothing wrong with the car. This spring (before the one year warranty expired), she was having a lot of trouble with the car. She drove to the nearest mechanic, which was not Midas. He discovered that the front wheel bearing was destroyed, the brake rotor grooved beyond repair, and the brake pads where unserviceable. The mechanic would not allow the vehicle to...

Midas - Alberta, Edmonton / car repair

kalamburi on 2011-03-28
I went there for car check, i was so stressed because of private issues in my life, they thought i have something against them and instead fixing the car they unscrewd one of my plugs.I stoped the car at my place, the car freezed overnight and on the next day i could't start the engine.I needed two-three days to realize what's going on and to fix the plug back in place by myself. They didn't like me and acted totaly as not professonals.I said nothing wrong i just was stressed under personal surcumstances. I paid for nothing, and i paid again to buy tools and to fix what they DAMAGED. That is service of professinals at MIDAS.

Midas / Scare and attempt to sell repair services

Infotainment on 2011-02-21
I usually have my oil changes for both of our cars done by a Lube Stop place close-by. Usually takes 15-20 minutes, never had any problems. Now, I got one of those MIDAS-coupons for oil change, tire rotation, inspection etc. for $19. I went there, sat in their waiting room for over an hour and a half, finally, one of their guys comes out and asks in a weird way "Who did your last oil change? They overtightened the drain plug, it's all stripped, we can't get it off except by forcing it, but the thread might come out, and then, you oil pan is damaged, your car will be dead, it takes 45...

Midas / Did not change oil filter

Lury on 2011-02-17
I went to Midas for oil and filter change for my 2004 Lexus RX330. It appears that they did not change the oil filter at all. My car was only driven 1800 miles after the last oil/filter change so the oil was still quite clean but it's been 3 months so I took it to Midas for oil/filter change. They also recommended changing my engine air filter and cabin filter so I let them. They did not secure all the screws for the air filter housing. The "New air filter" appears dirty due to mechanic's dirty hands. I feel being cheated. Not going back there anymore.
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