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Kaiser Permanente Complaints & Reviews

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Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco - Incompetent Doctors

Posted: 2015-08-12 by    WindDancer 13
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Had a severe leg infection following surgery none of 5 doctors could identify. First four just circled the progression of the infection and told me to come back if the infection spread. It did, overnight. Was almost to my crotch when I forced the issue with the doctor who had performed the hysterectomy (5th doctor). He said it wasn't his area. I wouldn't let him do the follow-up pap until the infection was resolved. I insisted he feel how hot and hard the leg/infection was, to observe the color and progression, and to take it seriously. He couldn't identify it, so went and telephoned...

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco - Fradulent diagnoses

Posted: 2015-08-12 by    WindDancer 13
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Made appointment with new doctor for stomach pain and urine leakage. Four times was asked same question about depression, drinking, exercise, in writing and verbally. Wasn't there for depression, told doctor that. That is all she wanted to discuss. Before I'd left the office she'd put a diagnoses of severe and sustained depression in my patient history. She refuses and her chief refuses to remove it. It was a first appointment, it lasted less than 12 minutes, I told her several times I didn't want to discuss depression, no testing whatsoever was done. The intent seems to be to...

Kaiser Permanente - Customer service

Posted: 2015-02-18 by    TheresaU
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
After being on Kaiser from the age of six months to now at 58 and never having a problem, all that has changed. In the last few years the rates have gone up and up and service has gotten worse. It's all about the money. I have a chronic, painful condition- arthritis in my neck (diagnosed by a Kaiser Dr. by x-rays) and TMJ. I have had an RX for a pain medicine and muscle relaxer for years, which was used only as needed and sparingly. I was sent a notice recently that they had assigned me a new Dr. after years of seeing the old one, who never gave me a problem with refills. I recently sent in...

Kaiser Permanente - Very poor healthcare

Posted: 2014-07-16 by    coloradocolleen
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I think Kaiser sucks but it is the only medical insurance I can afford as I am self-employed. This year has been a real circus with Kaiser. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get an appointment to see the doctor on the day you need to see them, you either have to wait two weeks or go to the ER. When you do finally get in they behave as though they have no idea about your medical history (I cannot tell you the number of times to date that I have been asked if I have a history of breast cancer and I JUST HAD A LUMPECTOMY SIX MONTHS AGO! The clinics are all like Grand Central Station, the medical personnel are obviously...

Kaiser Permanente - Ineligible for Rehire

Posted: 2014-04-13 by    mariposa1985
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I worked for this company on and off for almost two years total in several different regions (California, Hawaii and Colorado). I was an Army spouse at the time and moved quite a bit during those two years. Always had great reviews from my managers stating what an excellent employee I was. When my husband finally got out of the military we settled down in Colorado and once again I applied for an on-call position and was hired right over the phone. That particular hiring manager ended up getting fired a week after I started due to reasons unknown. Before I was hired I was very open and honest about...

Kaiser Permanente - Account Termination

Posted: 2014-03-15 by    Samson Wong
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have just received a letter from the Customer Service Center telling me that my plan has been terminated as of a result of me not paying for the last two months. However, the issue is that the department is still not aware that I am now on Medi-Cal and has been on Medi-Cal since the beginning of last month. They are also not aware that the Santa Clara Member Services department sent them a fax stating that I had been approved to remain with Kaiser and that I have been on Medi-Cal since Feb. 1 and that if they have any further questions to please contact me.

It is obvious to me that...

Kaiser Permanente - California, Union City - Constant Billing Error

Posted: 2013-04-04 by    Hilda WY
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I have been a Kaiser member for a year. They said they provide free annual physical check up and blood work with the PCP, and also a free mammogram annually. Last year I had to pay over $200 as patient responsibilty for the blood work since my doctor ordered many tests. For the free mammogram, they called me back two years in a row for a diagnostic mammogram (obviously I had to pay out of my own pocket due to the deductible). For the free GYN check up and free pap smear. last year, they billed me for more than $100 for the pap smear. I had to call Billing Dept numerous times and they kept saying...

Kaiser Permanente - Washington, Vancouver - Improper Followup

Posted: 2013-03-18 by    iwikaw
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Husband was admitted to local hospital with acute Heart Attack. Treated there by Doctor who also worked for Kaiser. Husband was released with the Doctor not sure whether he still required medication for water on the lungs so Doctor decided No. Lo and behold Pneumonia ensued. Called Kaiser for followup appt and even tho a heart attack was the base of the problem No doctors available so he saw a PA. Yes pneumonia so take antibiotics and you'll improve. It didn't happen so my husband is back in ICU with the same Kaiser Cardiologist who should have made follow through steps to avoid this happening.

Kaiser Permanente - California, San Francisco - Miadiagnosis/denial of lower premium

Posted: 2012-12-09 by    Anthony Pino
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I have been paying $800/ month on a conversion plan. I approached Kp for a lower package. Filled out all the on line application and denial package sent almost back instantly. The denied me based on four pre existing conditions. In truth all four items were issues that were all misdiagnosed. I wrote senator Dianne Feinstein, us department of health in Washington DC and California board of health. There is a website dedicated to legal action against kaiser called badnewskaiser.com. There are thousands of cases against them for wrongful death and serious malpractice. Anyone reading this will have...

Kaiser Permanente - California - Poor ER DR

Posted: 2012-12-05 by    ceciliej
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I am writing because I am feeling incredibly lost and feel like I have no one to help me. I have been a Kaiser for about 6 months now. I have been to the ER 5 times with abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting and/or migraine headaches. I have been diagnosed with endometriosis by surgery/biopsy.

I went to Kaiser ER on Sunset Blvd in LA in November (my 5th visit in 4 months) due to severe pain and passing out from that pain. I had been advised by a nurse and the urgent care center that I needed to be there. I went in, registered and got a room. Shortly thereafter a Dr. Gupta entered the room....

Kaiser Permanente - California, Fontana - Mis-Diagnosis, Malpractice

Posted: 2012-06-05 by    ysholdra
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
My husband, Rick Virgen, had just turned 51 when he was misdiagnosed and died at Kaiser in Fontana, CA. I want to tell his story in the hopes of preventing this from happening to others and to try and get Kaiser to change the way that they treat people. I think that you will be shocked by this story.

We took my husband to Kaiser because he had pain in his side. He was diagnosed and told that he needed to have his gallbladder removed. They tried to operate but he started having other issues and they stopped the operation. We were then told he had heart problems but they didn’t...

Kaiser Permanente - Stay away from this program

Posted: 2012-03-22 by    Laizonete
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I was referred to the Chronic Pain Mgmt. Program by my doctor for chronic pain which turned out to be diagnosed by Darlene as Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome. On my second appt. with her, at a time when my pain was so bad I couldn't sleep, had daily migraines from the tension pain in my neck and back, and I hadn't been to work in over a week it was so bad, she treated me in such a rude and demeaning manner. I have no faith in her as someone who treats chronic pain, not when she tells someone with my conditions that there is no medical reason for me to be in so much pain, not...

Kaiser Permanente - Patient Abandonment, Violation of Elder Abuse Law

Posted: 2011-07-21 by    sarabert
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
There is a time and place for doctoral degrees, PhD's of law and philosophy, and a time for common sense alone

Let me share with you a situation where common sense was been thrown to the wind with tragic results.

When a simple problem that cries out for mercy and charity presents itself, and instead of running to scripture, we run to our law books, those books which have in America attempted to replace the ten commandments (with over 20, 000 new laws per year, and ten times as many regulations) we are expressing the very hardness, the coldness that is reflected...

Kaiser Permanente - California, Downey - Appointments

Posted: 2011-04-15 by    Claudia C
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
What is up with Kaiser's appointments. My mother in law has Kaiser health insurance through her job. She is currently suffering with depression and anxiety last month March 2011 she scheduled an appointment she was scheduled for a month after her booking it. She just went two day's ago and even when she explained to whoever scheduled her appointment, that she was suffering from depression and anxiety, they made her appointment with a THERAPIST!!..So the therapist could not prescribe her anything or help her at all, the only think the THERAPIST said to her was that she needs to see a psychologist...

Kaiser Permanente - Fraud; abuses; Human Rights Violations

Posted: 2011-04-02 by    Marin Pitu
Complaint Rating:  71 % with 7 votes
To better understand Kaiser Permanente and see the big picture read the following and understand that from its creation by Mr. Edgar Kaiser in 1973, this HMO inherited a "DNA" mutation that made this organization so successful.

"Perhaps the best introduction to the Kaiser HMO and Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Plan is the summary by Mr. Edgar Kaiser that the less Kaiser does for patients the more money it makes. To get the full context one can go to the University of Virginia and review the presentation Mr. Edgar Kaiser (then Kaiser CEO) made to President Nixon through Mr. Erlichman...

Kaiser Permanente - Malpractice

Posted:    Adam
Complaint Rating:  90 % with 10 votes
Kaiser eye doctor failed to diagnose problem with the retina in my left eye.

As a result I had detached retina and had 3 surgeries. I have less than 20% vision in my left eye and I can't read or drive using my left eye.

When I complained to Kaiser, they denied responsibility and informed me that it is more than 6 months to seek arbitration. I filed complaint with the state optometry board and they have filed charges against Dr. Leland Toy for gross negligence, incompetence etc. and will revoke or suspend his license....

Kaiser Permanente - Stay away

Posted:    Llfsmith
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I was just denied by Kaiser Permanente for being pregnant. Apparently, the result of being in-between insurance policies that you can afford but do to pure circumstance, are not covered, results in you having absolutely no coverage or hope for coverage for nine months and going into extreme debt. To add insult to injury, you are asked to take a urine test, like a criminal. So after crying hopelessly about the evil of insurance companies and the horrific state of healthcare in America, I curled up on the couch.

Then I turned on the TV and low and behold, a beautiful advertisement with...

Kaiser Permanente - Administrative incompetence

Posted:    Kaiser
Complaint Rating:  91 % with 11 votes
I have been a Kaiser Employee at Woodland Hills for many years. The one thing you can count on is incompetency. They have too many chiefs in the kitchen making alot of money. I work in a department that has four administrative staff members that do nothing but harass the staff. Staff members receive corrective action for calling in sick. Someone please get rid of Betsy Diep. She is the most incompetent of them all. She has a masters degree in acting arrougant and pretending to comprehend nursing. The Emergency Room is failing because of her and the other assistant administrator Antonio Molina. The...

Kaiser Permanente - Incompetent medical staff

Posted:    disappointed client_1
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 10 votes
This organization is well known for hiring cheapest doctors and nurses in the area and underpaying them. As a consequence patients get low quality medical services and have to face staff incompetence everywhere. Have been with them for 1 year so far and cant wait to get rid of them. Doctors are never there for you, if they are they have no idea what they are doing. I have been prescribed antibiotics when I had NO infection at all, which caused a severe yeast infected right away I had to treat. The doctor just did that "in case".. The other time I had a doctor who couldn't give a diagnosis and...

Kaiser Permanente - Virginia, Fairfax - Medicare funds wasted

Posted:    Angry Member
Complaint Rating:  86 % with 7 votes
Was referred to Kaiser sleep facility in Penderbrooke Va. for sleep apnea
issues. Kaiser was aware of age (85 yrs. old) and Medicare benefits. Met
w/ Greg Carter sometime around Sept 2009, and a sleep study was issued.
Overnight sleep study was performed at 3rd party facility (Sleep Med /
Digitrace). Results required a second sleep study, which was performed in
11-2009 at different facility around Washington DC beltway. Results
required a 3rd sleep study, performed again around beltway. Test report was
read by Dr. Richey @ Kaiser, who composed conclusions...

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