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Champion Windows Complaints & Reviews

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Champion Windows - Buy 2 Rooms get 1 free scam

Posted: 2015-04-30 by    RefuseToBeTaken
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Advertising "Buy windows for 2 rooms, get an additional room of windows free." I had Champion install two 32 x 64 windows in 2011; I paid $650 each, which includes install and sheet metal trim. I figured with this new deal/offer, I could get two rooms with 2 smaller windows each (32 x 55), and the third room for free, totaling 6 windows. I also assumed that smaller windows would cost less. Hardly. First, the sales rep said "prices have gone up since your 2011 install." Of course. Then he quoted me $4200 for the six windows. That's $700/window - MORE than I paid for larger windows in 2011 -...

Champion Windows - Awful experience , stay away!

Posted: 2014-12-04 by    BurnedinKansasCity
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
Worst company ever! Absolutely awful experience at every turn!!

We asked to be fully indemnified for the large crack put in the driveway by the dumpster. It stretches about 15 feet in total length and is very noticeable on what had been a clean looking driveway. (See attached picture)

While discussing the driveway crack the project manager Mick Atwell got hot headed once again, enough that my mother thought there was going to be a fist fight. He was very disrespectful, unprofessional, raising his voice and trying to intimidate us all in front of the division manager...

Champion Windows - Illinois, Evansville - quality and installation

Posted: 2014-09-25 by    Debra H
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
First Name: Debra
Last Name: Harris
Zip: 47712
Phone: 812-470-1369
Email: ponty302002@yahoo.com
Comment: I will never recommend this company or these windows. The company is so unprofessional, rude arrogant and product comes in damaged. I hired this company to install windows in my home and all of them came in damaged. Installed unleveled. And cut corners to install quickly to get out of here. The district manager Jim is a arrogant rude person. Telling a hoe owner that they are not allowed to remove windows and told me i didn't know what I was doing and they...

Champion Windows - Seal Compromised

Posted: 2014-05-12 by    Lorilee222
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My home had new windows put in prior to me purchasing the home and the seal is broken on the double pane and
they are charging me damn near full price to replace the window. Because I didn't write the check to them for the new windows. Seems like a farce to give lifetime warranty for just one person when they knew he was selling the home to me. Never will I buy anything from this company ever!!...

Champion Windows - bad quality and installation

Posted: 2013-11-18 by    tkow
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
had a river entering our spare bedroom window installed from Champion, had rep come out and he claims it's a faulty frame not improper installation but also have a problem with mildew on caulking on ALL windows installed from Champion...rep says it's my fault for not cleaning with mildew remover...most mildew remover contains bleach...who scrubs their window caulking with a bleach cleaner and risks getting bleach on drapes and carpeting...feel so screwed by this company and am telling everyone I know to stay away from Champion!!! Wish I could attach video of rain pouring in!...

Champion Windows - Kentucky - Lying on contractual agreement and ordering items

Posted: 2012-11-28 by    J.E. SEYMOUR
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
My mother-in-law died in March of 2012. My wife is the executrix of the estate with her brother and my wife as the heirs of the estate. We began getting things repaired on a large sun room that my parents-in-law built under the estate. Orders for two windows allegedly still covered by the lifetime warranty were incomplete and one of the two windows took 8 months to get. They installed the first window finally (late by some months) at no expense but this second window which we were told was also still under warranty now is allegedly not under warranty and it is not their fault. I have found out that...

Champion Windows - Texas, Austin - Contract Scam

Posted: 2012-09-26 by    LuvAGlock
Complaint Rating:  89 % with 9 votes
After arriving at a "cash price" and paying what I believed to be about a 33% down payment of that price, the salesperson wrote a higher amount (the negotiated cash price + my down payment) on the contract which stated it was the total sales price.
Unfortunately, I caught this too late and there's no way to prove the salesperson's dishonesty as there's nothing obvious on the contract to indicate foul play. This is an old sales tactic and a safe play as far as the salesman taking risk. If discovered immediately (as it should have), the salesperson can feign ignorance and correct...

Champion Windows - Ohio, Cincinnati - Liers / Sales Pitch Deception

Posted: 2012-01-29 by    maskpeanut
Complaint Rating:  83 % with 12 votes
Champion sale people are trained to represent themselves as a manufacturer of there siding products and also say they have a exclusive window glass when that is not true at all. There siding they have been installing is a Crane brand if siding and the exclusive comfort 365 glass is Cardinal glass company glass. Champion sales people misrepresent and mislead there customers and say that Champion is the manufacturer when Champion does not manufacturer any glass product nor siding products....

Champion Windows - Wisconsin - broken glass

Posted: 2011-11-10 by    broken window
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
This is not a complaint I just want to know how to replace broken glass I have the tilt in windows thank you...

Champion Windows - Mis-leading Sales Tatics

Posted: 2011-05-27 by    maskpeanut
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Who builds Champions Siding products?
It's not Champion... The correct answer is Crane Siding...

Who builds Champions Confort 365 window flat glass?
It's not Champion... The correct answer is Cardinal Glass Company E366 glass.

It may be a shocker that Champion trys to represent themselfs as being a superior manfacturer with there are selling the same products name brand products you can purchase off though distribution. Beaware of doing any business with Champion as they are a ripp off and they are full of these mis-leading sales tactics....

Champion Windows - Illinois, Elmhurst - Window Quality

Posted: 2011-04-18 by    Labrador14
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 10 votes
Just wanted to let you know how disappointed I have become with Champion Windows and your representatives…arriving late, weeks to get replacement windows, charges to reinstall replacement windows that had damage due to no fault of ours…seals gone bad…
I have come to find out that your “lifetime” guarantee is really only a 3-5 year guarantee depending on which option one chooses at the time of window installation. After that you have to pay a $75 “trip charge”…so much for the replacement guarantee...sure you will replace your windows as long...

Champion Windows - Tennessee, Knoxville - A+ BBB Rating

Posted: 2011-02-12 by    stevewade
Complaint Rating:  17 % with 6 votes
The location in Knoxville has never had any unresolved complaints, and holds a A+ Rating with the BBB. They have the best warranty for windows and some of the best products for energy efficiency.Champion vinyl replacement windows are custom made for your home in our own factory, professionally installed and guaranteed by Champion. Champion replacement windows featuring our exclusive Comfort 365® glass are ENERGY STAR® rated, have earned the Good Housekeeping seal and carry the AAMA gold label....

Champion Windows - Iowa, Altoona - Shoddy Workmanship, Missed Appointments

Posted:    Unhappy with Champion in Iowa
Complaint Rating:  87 % with 15 votes
I ordered windows and a storm door from Champion Windows in May 2008 with a scheduled installation of the first week of July, during my vacation. Problems started from before the installation. The factory broke one of the windows so didn't ship any of the windows, and I was notified in the middle of my vacation week that the installation had to be postponed, too late for me to reschedule my vacation. Thanks to the then service manager (since then let go!), who drove to Colorado and picked up my windows, the windows were installed before my vacation ended. Unfortunately the crew that installed...

Champion Windows - Kansas, Lenexa - Used Non-paintable caulking & broke stove top range

Posted:    ProfessionalismWhere?
Complaint Rating:  86 % with 14 votes
Used non-paintable caulking around windows. Broke stove top range and took weeks to replace i t. Had to pay a professional paint company to fix the caulking damage $700 after paying Champion for messing it up.

Their response to the negligence: We are done and that's it.
At this point, it would be a civil lawsuit.

I recommend to use a more knowledgable window company and allow a professional painter/co to do the caulking job.

On Champion's flyer ads, they say they build it. install it and stand behind it. They do not stand behind their...

Champion Windows - Kentucky - windows

Posted:    substandard windows
Complaint Rating:  90 % with 30 votes
I had a house full of windows installed in the spring of 2008. The first winter I had to put plastic on the windows, because they leaked so bad. Again this past winter I've had to do the same. I did call the company and they sent someone out to investigate. They said this was a normal occurence. Extremely dissatisfied with the windows and the customer service. That was the worst $7, 500.00 I ever spent....

Champion Windows - Texas, San Antonio - backed off from completing project

Posted:    raafamily
Complaint Rating:  88 % with 16 votes
I just became a first time homebuyer and requested champions to take a look at our upgrades request. My primary concern was to have the siding fixed as there was a small hole that needed repair. They agreed to fix it along with getting my window estimates to be installed in the near future. I planned to do the whole siding of the wall and replace 7 windows. Once the contractor arrived he was helpful in explaining what needed to be done and that it would not be a problem to replace the 2 or 3 siding planks. He tried to match the material and said he was unsuccessful. Furthermore, the weather was...

Champion Windows - Massachusetts - Fixing a broken window

Posted:    Crabracer
Complaint Rating:  94 % with 17 votes
We purchased five double hung, one garden, one two lite slider 6/23/09 They were installed 8/17/09 On 8/25/09 the garden windwo broke. I called the Avon office to inform them of problem. They told me it was probably a stress fracture. They sent someone out to measure the broken part. They should have already had those measurements in the computer. Anyway, they said it would be another six weeks for the part to come in. At the end of six weeks I called, only to find the order was never submitted. She said it would be another six weeks. I explained to her that we were going away and needed to get...

Champion Windows - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City - Ripp offs, Jerks & Cons

Posted:    pissed off in OK
Complaint Rating:  73 % with 22 votes
Are you kidding... I am sick and tried of double standards and the greed these days. I'm very disappointed and I got to warn everyone to stay away from Champion of Oklahoma City because they are a bunch of ripoffs and con artists. Dale Hollaway the division manger is a total jerk to deal with and the office lady Vicky. I was told that was Dales wife and I wonder how they stand each other. Same bad attitude I guess. They are both are some really ugly people and they shouldn't be allow to be out in public. Our salesman Chad was really nice until we made our purchase and then he could not...

Champion Windows - North Carolina, High Point - cut carpet while installing sheet rock around frount window

Posted:    resolved
Complaint Rating:  92 % with 12 votes
Carpet cut while installing sheet rock around front bay window . Used friend to do inside work did not have materials for repair used material I had at house . they did not buy enough supplies at store . Put 1/2 lumber in wall salesman said would be used . Steve was installer for job works for greensboro champion. have tried to resolve with Jason in installation keeps shifting blame to Steve . But we paid champion for installation .It was there job they should take care of it. Doesn't care if they satisfy their customers or not..where i work customer satisfation comes first or we tell our co-workers...

Champion Windows - Texas, Dallas - Sloppy job & incorrectly installed windows

Posted:    KathleenMarie
Complaint Rating:  84 % with 31 votes
I had most of my windows replaced recently in my home by Champion Windows. Many of the windows were installed incorrectly and the caulking job was horrific. I have never seen such a horrible caulking job. There is caulking all over the window sills and the drywall. And, their sales price of 30% to 50% off is not a sales price, as the windows are horribly marked up. I would advise that anyone going with Champion only pay with a credit card so that you have some leverage if work is done incorrectly. As I paid with a credit card, I disputed charges with my card holder and they are putting a hold on...

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