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Advance Auto Parts Complaints & Reviews

Advance Auto Parts - Pennsylvania, Hanover / Overpriced/made in China

theon laughman on 2016-05-30
Sunday 29may2016 went to advance auto/store no. 07529 to buy idler pulley for a 02 Camaro. It was on a sunday and a holiday and I really needed it. the boy behind the counter said it would be $49.19 and the damn thing was made in china. My complaint is... how can you justify such a high...

Advance Auto Parts / Batteries

Jim fox on 2016-05-20
I bought a lawn mower battery in Jan of this year and used it once I live in NY so approximately April 10th battery did not work and I had my receipt and I was days over the 90 day warranty so I went to the manager and he discovered that I bought a battery that was expired prior to the buy...

Advance Auto Parts - North Carolina, Sanford / Customer Service

Evelyn N on 2016-02-19
I went into Advanced Auto February 19th, 2016. The problem or the issue was customer service. There is a lady and her name is Sherry. I was standing in line to ask a question, and she didn't ask how may I help you or anything. She let 1 person cut in front of me and did not say anything...

Advance Auto Parts - Florida, Key West / Customer Service

Reviewer23417 on 2016-01-20
The Key West store needs some qualified help! At any given day or time you can walk in this store and there won't be a single employee available to help customers. They're either outside helping someone install something as simple as windshield wipers, or they're outside having a cigarette...

Advance Auto Parts / customer service

Reviewer49586 on 2015-12-19
I'm always missing from computer on high dollar purchase anything with a real warranty. And always have to make two or three trips in order to get parts that's are supposed to be in stock??? But aren't there, but we can have it in the morning at 8:00 a.m. then it's not in don't know why?...

Advance Auto Parts - New York, Fulton / work ethics

Reviewer19386 on 2015-12-12
was told had to cut back on all employees hours but i got cut 5 hours the other full time driver didnt get cut any neither did part time . we are drivers for advance, heard and was told that because i am female and need this job as unemployment is high i would deal with it so thats what i...

Advanced Auto Parts - Ohio, Dover / Thieves selling junk parts

Reviewer58940 on 2015-11-30
I do not recommend purchasing any parts from this store, they are cheap junk. For instance I replaced universal joints on my Jeep with their cheap junk parts and they needed to be replaced not even a year later. I also purchased a supposedly Best car battery from them and it is junk within...

Advanced Auto Parts - Maryland, Baltimore / Unethical Behavior

Reviewer96269 on 2015-11-09
On October 21st my mother purchased a battery from Bill at the Carroll Island store in Maryland, zip code 21220. Let me rephrase, Bill sold my mother a practically dead (one working cell) battery. After purchasing this battery it was hit or miss on whether or not her car would start. She...

Advance Auto Parts / Called Store left on hold for over 15 mins

Auto15 on 2015-08-27
Called Advanced Auto Parts in Wis Rapids Wisconsin On Numerous occasions, Been put on hold for over 15 mins, With that loud music. The employee's that put me on hold names are Bob Mullen, Carl Sailor, and Carl Herrman, I'm on my cell phone and the minutes add up when your trying...

Advance Auto Parts / No gifts cards accepted online

fishman14 on 2015-05-05
Advance web site does not allow you to use gift cards. Only in store purchases for gift cards. Well, I prefer to shop online and take advantage of discounts provided there. I think they are the only company in the US that does not accept gift cards on their web site. So to me, this $50.00...

Advance Auto Parts / Refused Return

Ross A. Raney on 2015-03-12
We bought 2 CV axles for her Jeep. I replaced one and decided that the other was OK, and replacement was not necessary. She returned to the store with the $70 part, and a return was refused, they said that it had been installed. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. As a former GENERAL MANAGER for Advance...

Advance Auto Parts / Warranty fraud

Brent A Nulph on 2014-10-21
I have a commercial acct with them, and with the reiceipt i went in before i removed the bad shocks, asked if they would replace them and they said yes. Next day i returned with them and i was told they would not replace them, this is on my personal car i was very pissed off and closed my...

Advance Auto Parts - Texas, Katy / Rebate refusal

rbnkaty on 2014-06-25
Be aware - FRAUD<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> According to other reports I have read on this site, Advance Auto Parts has a reputation for not honoring rebates advertized. On May 14, 2014 I purchased parts from the Katy, Texas location and...

Advance Auto Parts - Florida, Tampa / Warranty Not Remedied

BAASTF on 2013-12-24
This dispute relates to a few different issues with Advance Auto Parts – warranty, delivery, and customer service issues. On 29-Nov-12, an order was placed for a used transmission for a ’00 Isuzu Rodeo. It took over 15 days to receive the part. We were in constant contact week...

Advance Auto Parts - Wisconsin, Tomah / employee harassment

discruntled employee on 2013-10-16
I have been an employee at advance for nearly 8 years. I have been harassed with slander and racism for the last 5 years. I was just written up for defending myself against sexist slurs. my gm is threatening my job with this. I may respect his words but he is unreliable as management. he...

Advance Auto Parts - Texas / low pay, high employment turnover, and racial bias in job promotion.

John Xanadu on 2013-07-26
Hi, my name is John X and this is my complaint: This company has to be one of the most pathetic, low down retailer ever in terms of employment. The employee retention rate is so low that they will be content to even keep one employee for 2 months. I have slaved my ass off there for over a...

Advance Auto Parts - Texas, Brownsville / Did not honor warranty

Gibsonn on 2013-05-01
An employee name Jorge L did not honor my part warranty even after I pointed out it said if defective I guest he works for commission for not honoring warranties well I still bought It but to Oreilly auto parts. Well know a friend of mine experience the same thing with an employee name...

Advance Auto Parts / Company failed to honor advertised discount offer

Tomer on 2013-01-18
Company failed to honor advertised discount offer. Company overcharged credit card. Customer service failed to respond appropriately and blamed consumer for “confusion.” Subsequent research indicates similar complaints from consumers nationwide. Beware of this company’s deceptive business practices.

Advance Auto Parts - Virginia, Roanoke / Credit Card Overcharging

Cnsmr2 on 2012-12-31
Company failed to honor clearly advertised discount offer. Company submitted unauthorized overcharge to credit card company. Customer service blames customer for "confusion" and refused to promptly credit overcharge. Subsequent research indicates numerous consumers with same complaint. Beware of deceptive business practices of this company.

Advance Auto Parts, Inc. / I will never work with Advance Auto Parts Again

Boorkale on 2012-02-08
I went in as soon as the store opened to get an early start on my repairs and purchased a universal joint for my vehicle. After disassemble found the u-joint was incorrect, returned it for the ‘right’ u-joint even had to run to another store. Got back to install the...

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