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CARiD Complaints & Reviews

Carid.com - New Jersey, Cranbury / Awful

Ross on 2016-01-29
I purchased two sets of replacement lights from CARiD to upgrade my car. The lights looked very nice and solid in the photo. Two weeks later I finally received my ordered and tried to install the lights. But those lights did not fit, because the stock plug was wrong. It was strange because...

Carid - New Jersey, Cranbury / Defective part, horrible return policy

Reviewer22903 on 2016-01-22
These people play a good game Great website claiming fast delivery and a fantastic return policy Buyer BEWARE Power steering pump Part was sent four days longer than promised The part was defective and had a difficult phone conversation to get a return activated, representative said Two...

Carid - New Jersey, Cranbury / Customer service

Dwayne Kleck on 2015-12-04
The product I received was as described. The ordering experience was a bad beyond belief and it is still going on. I ordered one item, approved the charges then they told me my order was incomplete. I went in and they had increased the quantity/shipping charges to 2. I changed it back to 1...

Carid.com / Return Policy Scam

Reviewer27360 on 2015-11-30
Do not use this Company. They have a scam on defective items returns saying to pay them for the new part through paypal and upon receipt of the defective part they will refund my money within 24-48 hours. It has been to weeks that they received it and when I call excuses that the account...

Carid.com / Customer service

Reviewer84015 on 2015-11-28
“These guys are pretty much a joke. I wish I had goggled them before buying from them. Item was defective or missing parts. Still not sure. After two customer service reps, multiple pictures sent, two calls, ten emails, and try still couldn't tell me what was wrong. They kept...

Carid.com / Returned two side mirrors

Peggysue54 on 2015-11-09
I ordered two side mirrors for my Mitsubishi Eclipse. When the mirrors arrived, the boxes were hanging open and nothing protecting the inside. Before they arrived my husband had fixed my mirrors and we didn't need them. So I got a return label to return them. I called and asked if I could...

Carid.com / Product sent damaged ! Horrible customer service - fraud

Syed Haider1 on 2015-11-02
these guys sent me a damaged sv style wing for my lamborghini which cost aprox $2800 then because i did not have the original packaging (which the installing shop accidentally discarded) they refuse to refund my money (even though i have an email saying from them guys would). after 2.5...

Carid.com - New Jersey, Cranbury / Core Charges on a Steering Wheel

MarkLTucson on 2015-11-01
In May I ordered a new steering wheel for my Ford F-150. I had very good experience with the sales agent and was willing to wait the nearly 30 days it took to have the part manufactured and delivered to me. They informed me there was a $150 core charge; I understand core charges, I've got...

Carid.com - New Jersey, Cranbury / SAA Chrome Trim Kit

Reviewer34633 on 2015-10-06
I ordered a 10 piece SAA window trim kit. It looked fine upon arrival, so Installed the 6 pillar pieces. When I went to install the last 4 window pieces I noticed small oxidized flaws/defects. I contacted CARiD for an exchange of the defective parts. They strung me along on the phone...

Carid.com - New Jersey, Cranbury / wheel order

selvercecunjanin on 2015-09-30
I ordered a set of wheels trough Carid trough the telephone the Salesman Alex send me a link to finish order the Wheels were not delivered when promised it took them two weeks longer and then i did not get right fitment staggered width that i requested and hub centric rings were also not...

Carid / Covers

mo29 on 2015-07-02
They are money hungry.Ordered seat covers...The headrest covers do not fit at all and are the wrong size. I tried to exchange it for the right product, but they don't care, won't take it back and didn't even offer to fix it. The products are over priced, look cheap and...

Carid / Fraudulent item descriptions

ocumani on 2015-04-03
These guys advertise items, CLEARLY LISTED, on their website. After you order, receive delivery, realize items are missing, waste 4+ hrs. on the phone & waiting for callbacks, they tell you that the manufacturer states the missing items are NOT INCLUDED even though it is CLEARLY STATED in...

Carid / Customer service/ return policy

Hutch301 on 2015-04-01
“Let me start by saying carid customer service is horrible. I order a set of headlights online which showed to be in stock. Waited 2 weeks with no response on shipping information before calling to find out they are in back order and would not be receiving them for another month...

Carid / Wrong part

TR Bobbert on 2015-03-13
Before I made a order for my truck I called Carid to make sure that the part would fit my truck. the salesperson told me it was the right part the following day I ordered it after ordering I felt a little strange so I start doing some research found out the part does not fit my vehicle I...

Carid.com / Bad customer service

seankim1973 on 2015-01-19
Just Horrible...worse than the worst eBayer!! I placed an order over the phone, because the website shows one picture in the description and a different picture when I added the item to the online shopping cart. The customer rep tells me that the item should ship out within 2-3 days and I...

Carid.com / Poor service

Billy H Smith on 2015-01-12
I order a set of rims & locking lugs with the help of a Rep. for my truck. When the rims arrived they didn't fit my truck! At the time my truck was getting a lift kit installed by Rick's Pro Truck. Rick's Pro Truck couldn't remove my truck from his hydraulic lift till...


Burke C. on 2014-12-17
I ordered a Aries Bull Bar for my truck from them. I called because I wanted to make sure they had what I wanted. They told me YES... the bar I wanted was in stock... I asked him 2 times to make sure. He told me "I guarantee we have the part" his words!!! this was on Monday. Received a...

Carid / poor customer services

Horrid Carid on 2014-10-28
Horrid Carid...Ordered parts online, received confirmation email and two days latter received email that order was voided. Called customer service to inquire why order was voided, had to leave message. Did not receive promised call back. Called later to sales because customer service...

Carid.com - Illinois, Chicago / Worst customer service ever

Jeffrey_Waser on 2014-08-17
"i will never deal with this company again, Mid june i emailed carid explaining i was going to place an order for parts and needed them by july 4th to install, explaining i would be taking time off to work on my vehicle, they said the order would arrive without any issues and everything...

Carid - New Jersey, Cranbury / Carid did not deliver

BL71 on 2014-07-15
The parts were to be delivered within about a week of order according to the CARiD web site. Near the end of that week I received a notice that it would be 4-6 weeks until delivery. I called several times to ensure the parts would be delivered after the 4-6 weeks and was told it would be;...

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