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Tommy Senatore review: owes owner two months rent and deposit

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Tommy Senatore owes me two months rent and my deposit. He was suppose to manage my property but didn't. He sent unqualified people to fix problems, he didn't respond to my tenants issues and he owes me over $3, 000. Don't do business with this man. He has now set up a new property management company. Beware. He tells lies and blames other people.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 13, 2015 7:25 pm EDT

Marie Currie does not exist and is in reality a tenant who has not paid rent and was evicted. She is a disgruntled tent whom should be placed on a do not rent list as all any landlord will get is a headache and non collected rents.

The fact is I have always paid property owners and no one can prove otherwise. I do not owe any property owner funds and all owners are paid within the first 15 days of month. In most cases we pay owners by the 5th of the month.

Bella Casa Services II is a stand alone company and not any continuation of any other company. I was part of another property management company where there were other partners who made the decisions. BCS is my company and I make all the choices and we always attend to the tenants issues and have no complaints.

Jul 25, 2015 7:56 am EDT

Hello, my name is Thomas Senatore, A.K.A. Tommy Senatore.
In 2004 I created Bayliner Properties LLC to operate as a property management company to handle my rental property and in 2010 it began to manage other property and I had to step down and general manager and shortly thereafter hired James V... who now owns Pheonix Real Estate Consortium to be the general manager and with our main Broker Alicia Faith King, lead real estate agent Lescy Gonzalez and agent Claudia Sotelo the office was to run smoothly. Unfortunately I was an absentee owner and held weekly meetings to see if all was running smoothly and to assist in any problems. During the several years James was running the company (he was fired in March 2014 for kickbacks and embezzlement) he was able to take over $250, 000 which I have discovered that almost all knew but myself.
Now to the 1st complaint.
In march 2014 Alicia Faith King was informed of the kickbacks and embezzlement as she was the responsible party as the Broker for Bayliner Properties LLC and she told me to handle it myself as she did not want to be involved. James opened up Pheonix Real Estate Consortium 3 months after he was fired and continues to do the same tactics with the same people with the exception of his broker who he know has as Claudia Sotelo. Alicia Faith King came to my office of Bayliner Properties LLC for the 1st time in November 2014 with the claim to assist in th etransfer of property management of several unit to other companies including Pheonix Real Estate Consortium, but in reality was preparing for a hostile takeover. While I was hospitalized she removed all the property files and computers from the office so I would not have access. She then went on SUNBIZ and removed my name form the company and then walked into my bank, had the banker remove my name from the account based on the SUNBIZ filing and proceeded to steal all the company funds which were my property. Now this person claims I owe them money, but they were told to see Alicia Faith King who has all the funds but has failed to do so and is attacking my good name. Where is the DOJ, the State Attorney or the DBPR in all this. I know, they are sitting on their buts waiting for everyone to forget so they do not need to take action. Well, I have been taking action and have filed several suits in Lee County and with the State. So get your facts correct.

The comments were from Yamila Diaz who rents a condo apartment and the lease was written by Claudia Sotelo, that name is the same as the one who is now the broker for Pheonix Real Estate Consortium. Claudia wrote the lease without checking the conditions and failed to know that water is the responsibility of the tenant. Since Claudia Sotelo made this mistake, Bayliner Properties LLC and the owner were now responsible for the water bill for the next 12 months. Bayliner Properties and the owner had in good faith paid the water bill for the past 11 months. The lease was transferred to my new company Bella Casa Services LLC and we sent out new leases to al tenants that were properly drafted. The tenant advised that they got a very high water bill and that the city said the city did an inspection and found an underground water leak. When I called Cape Coral Water to have the water account removed from our company name and find out what the leak was, I was informed that when Yamila Diaz called she told the water company that the leak was from a faulty toilet running constantly. I then called Yamila Diaz to advise that I would only pay the back monthly average and she would be responsible for the balance as she failed to advise of the water leak since she did not pay the water bill she did not care. I called Ann the owner, and yes she has been made aware of all communications within 24 hours of my getting them and she agrees to split the cost 50/50 in good faith. Yamila Diaz refused and decided it is best just not to pay any rent. Oh, she will be evicted and we will get the Judgment as I will have the City of Cape Coral water department as my main witness to prove she caused the water bill to be so high and wanted us to pay as retribution for us raining her rent in SW Cape Coral $20.00. Get real Yamila Diaz $725 per month is a great rent. For the leak in the roof, we have contacted the HOA and they assured me it was fixed as it is the responsibility of the HOA to maintain and repair the common areas and the roof most certainly is a common area.

Jun 26, 2015 9:32 am EDT

I'm renting a property from him and I'm having a big problem. When I move this apartment was a disaster with holes on the wall, leaking skylight, really dirty and more. After a year there are things still not fix. We decided to renew the lease because the place is in a convenient location for us and we didn't want to go thru the process of finding another place. I signed a renewal lease in May where he raised the rent $20 and makes us responsible for the water. When I tried to put the water in my name I was told by the water company that the account was over due 3 months and that we also had to have a leak because the bill are duplicating by the month starting January. The monthly water bills are coming for about $500 a month, is just 2 of us at the apartment. I called a plumbing company and they confirmed that there was a mayor underground water leak at the property and the cost to fix it could be up to $3000. I contacted him and i was told that the owner will probably agree to pay the past due amount so we can put the water in our name but he will not fix the leak. Almost 2 month later and nothing has been done, we now are living with no water because the water company cancel the service until the bills are paid.
I had told him I could use the rent money to make the water payments back in May and he refused. He is not going to do anything and I don't know who to call to help me. I cant live in a place without water. I truly don't believe the owner knows the situation, but I cant find the owners contact information. I know the best thing for us is to move, but I refuse to have this guy continue do business like this! Something has be done.