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Thank you very much, I'll definitely remember this in the future. I sure have put those people at their place, but I guess thats what'll be happening if someone out there doesn't want to do their jobs. They begged me to remove the Complaint... Thank you very much. Carel
Carel - South Africa
Your web site has helped a great deal!
B. Willhouse - Houston, Texas
Thank you something needs to be done about all the scams going on it is becoming that 80 to 90% of of ads now a days are untrue. Thanks for replying and starting this website to help people get some justice.
Emery M. - Herdon, VA
I had registered a complaint on 31st May 2009 against (company removed) and i am very happy to say that i got immediate response from (company removed). They replied to all my queries and has dispatched my order. Thank you very much for helping to resolve my issues.
Renju - United Arab Emirates
I want to congratulate you for attempting to keep your complaints honest. You are far above all other complaint sites with this.
Ken D. - Las Vegas, California