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Dick Hannah

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My husband and I needed to buy a car and we went to Dick Hannah Kia(Vancouver)because the Kia is the cheapest car out there. We started first by doing the credit app. Now my husband and I are aware that we have bad credit because we just completed a bankruptcy. We notified the credit man and salesman(Milton) which they said was not a problem. While the credit app is apparently getting reviewed, the salesman had to come back and forth at least 10 times for more info that was already on the app. He kept asking us more stupid questions I guess to make us think that they had to work really hard to get us approved. I did tell them that I didn't care what interest I was to pay because my intentions were to pay it off in a few months thereby foregoing interest all together. So we found a car we liked, but the salesman told us that it had a problem with the engine light so they really didn't want to sell it until they figured it out.. The credit man(Kurt) later said the problem was that this 8800.00 car was more for cash paying customers not for credit terms. I had never heard that before. Of course it was parked in the very front of the car lot with a price on it for sale. (sounds like bait and switch). In the meantime we should test drive another vehicle that we saw. It was a newer car with only 17000 miles on it for 12500.00. What a deal. But for some reason over 40 banks would not approve us to buy this particular car. Reason, it was used. So we were offered a new car to purchase at over 18880.00. at 17.9 and the banks would approve that. That would be okay except I didn't want the new car. I wanted the other car. We made it clear that we weren't interested and they made it clear that there was no way to finance a used car with our bad credit and trying a whole 40 banks including their own type of financing. I didn't think we looked that stupid. They did try to call our home at least 3 more times wanting to know if we were still gonna buy a car from them Yeah right. After all was said and done, the next day we went to Ron Tonkin in Portland, and 2.5 hours later we drove off in a 2008 gorgeous Pontiac G6 with less than 30000 miles on it at a price of 12000., financed at 15.00. Mmmm, weird huh? Tonkin must have 40 different banks.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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A Kind Man
, US
Sep 04, 2018 7:25 am EDT
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Trying to accomplish the 10, 000 mile warranty service check at Dick Hannah Honda in Vancouver on my 2017 Hyundai, which I bought at a Dick Hannah dealership, has been an ongoing, extremely unpleasant endeavor. It still has not happened.

Sincerely, A dissatisfied customer

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