Craftsman12" compound miter saw

In September last year I purchased a Craftsman 12" Compound miter saw from Sears in Everett. In August the guard shattered and I went to have the saw repaired. I asked both craftsman and sears what I needed to do. They first said the partes were unavailable. If I knew the parts were not going to be available, I would never purchased the saw.

Next they said, you can take it to PNC they do our repair work. In August, I took the saw to them for repair. 2 days ago, I contacted them for a status report, They said that the parts were unavailable. I went down and picked up the saw.

So, Why is craftsman selling tools that cannot be repaired? (The saw is still for sale.) What recourse do I have to replace the Saw? (I also bought the stand.)

I am concerned about purchasing another Craftman product as PNC told me they cannot procure parts for other Craftsman products?

Has a great company dropped so low as to not value customer satisfaction?

Sep 27, 2019

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