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Zazzle Complaints & Reviews

Zazzle / Zazzle Black

Kirstenj69 on 2016-04-25
My first order with Zazzle had a date next to the order to encourage you to purchase Zazzle Black and get the item quickly. I purchased Zazzle Black and then was told it could not be used for that order. I then asked to cancel my membership. I believe it is a third party that provides thi...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Received the wrong cards!

MariLee on 2016-03-14
I've ordered some business cards from www.zazzle.com. I was very disappointed because I received the wrong cards! I needed these for a special event, but got the wrong ones! That was a real nightmare. I called their customer service and they put me on hold for about an hour! I gave up and...

Zazzle.com - Nevada, Las Vegas / I was A product designer and got scammed by zazzle.

Justin Clanton on 2016-02-27
I was just recently scammed by a company called Zazzle based out of Palo Alto, CA . If you are a product designer DO NOT GOTO ZAZZLE.COM they will wait till your about to make a lot of money for spending hours designing products on their site then come up with some BS that you violated...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Terrible service and misleading discount offers

Ositina11 on 2016-02-04
Zazzle has huge discounts and nice prices but please do not fall for that! I decided to order something because they had those discounts, but when I checked the cart the total amount stayed the same. I contacted customer service and was told that I can't get a discount since I already...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Unethical business practices.

Terminus on 2016-01-19
Zazzle will sign you up for a service that automatically renews without your consent. I purchased some items from Zazzle over a year ago. There was a free membership promotion, but I was not interested. Items I received looked horrible and were damaged, so I decided not to order anything...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible website.

Fors on 2016-01-18
I made an order, paid for and received a tracking number, but it was the wrong one. There was also supposed to be a gift note, but it wasn’t included. When I entered my address I checked it few times and it was correct, but in the end my order was sent to the wrong place. They promised a replacement...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible website

SantaLuisa on 2016-01-12
I made an order and bought a baby shower invitation. The website made the whole ordering process extremely painful. Sometimes it randomly deleted the information I typed. Also the customization options were not many. I could not choose the text size or font, move the specific text or...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Impossible to contact Zazzle!

Jade on 2016-01-05
I purchased some items four weeks ago and my order hasn't arrived yet, despite their guarantee of 7 days shipping. Zazzle charged my credit card four weeks ago. Their customer service is not available on the phone, line is always busy. Then I sent them a message and received a reply...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible site!

Guru on 2015-12-21
I wish i'd read the reviews before placing an order. I ordered six pillows for my family. Four pillows i liked, but the other two were nothing like the picture. I didn’t like them, so decided to ship them back. As it was said on their website, i sent them an email explaining the situation...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Disappointed!

Markussman2 on 2015-12-09
I ordered 2 pillow cases that were to have a "cat" design on them. I worked very hard to make perfect pictures. I ordered pillow cases for my grandma. I wanted to make her a Christmas present. Well, this site is not cheap. I paid 70$ and extra money for safe and fast shipping. The next day...

Zazzle.com - Georgia, Warner Robins / Order processed incorrectly and liars about delivery

Chrys Williams on 2015-11-29
I placed an order Nov 20th for graduation invitations for my daughters college graduation. I paid for the express and was assured they would be delivered to my door on Nov 24th. I didn't get the order and I called and they said they were sorry but it should have been there but they would...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Scam

Reviewer35133 on 2015-09-24
Ordered one t-shirt. Nothing unusual, nothing custom. The order was to be produced in 2-3 days. I paid extra for expedited delivery. Three business days later (technically 4 but not going to count the day of the order) I checked the status and it simply said "in process". Waited 1 more day...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Zazzle Black

jordandesu on 2015-09-05
Ordering ~$10 worth of stickers led to an extra ~$10 charge via Zazzle, over a month later. No reminder, no transparency. Apparently their prominent "If you don't like it, we'll take it back, %100 satisfaction guaranteed" does not apply to this Zazzle black (SCAM). Even if you don't use...

Zazzle.com / Tried to order

Reviewer52338 on 2015-09-03
used there website to design a t-shirt wanted to pay for my order they needed my e-mail and I got a message stating my e-mail was invalid tried several times so I called and no answer for 10 minutes called a different number same thing no answer so I emailed and sent my email but no answer read there complaints too many unhappy coustomers

Zazzle.com / royalty payment

jpal on 2015-07-16
Royalty Payment 7 Months Past Due. I am an artist that has been designing items for zazzle for over 4 years. All of a sudden my payments have been put on hold, the reason I have been given is that I have not filled out there payment form correctly. All of a sudden I have to prove who I am...

Zazzle / Poir quality and customer service

joannzanghi@gmail.com on 2015-07-03
I ordered invitations. I emailed the company to ask them to check the appearance of the layout before printing because I didn't want them printed wrong. Well they printed them anyway and they were wrong. I returned them and the company refused to credit me any portion of the return...

Zazzle / Poor Customer Service, Slow Shipping

ilPadrino on 2015-04-09
Upon each of several attempts to contact customer service, a recording indicated that, "Due to an excessive call volume your..." In other words, you are going to wait longer than expected-much longer. For me, I waited 32 minutes before I spoke to a customer service representative regarding...

Zazzle - California, Torrance / Zazzle will not answer phones and will not provide return authorization

Upset Customer No 200 on 2015-01-05
Zazzle will not answer phones and will not provide return authorization number to allow return. If you purchase from this company you are on your own. I have notified the Attorney General's Office. I do not file complaints like this...this is a first. The shirt sent to me for...

www.zazzle.com.au / They confirmed my new address, but sent my order to wrong address

Krl on 2014-12-19
I ordered t-shirt from the website www.zazzle.com.au. I recently updated my address, so the address was new and they confirmed this info, but I have no idea why, but they sent my order to the previous address. WTF? I called to their customer services, but they couldn’t explain how...

Zazzle / will not eespond to correct their mistake

siegel4 on 2014-12-13
“Placed an order for multiple luggage tags as Christmas office gifts...one of the tags came in with the wrong address on the back (not the one I placed on my template) I have tried calling, , on hold for 30 minutes, 2nd time 40 minutes..still no one picked up e mailed 2 times to customer...

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