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Zazzle Complaints & Reviews

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / No product, no customer service.

SLaan on 2016-05-08
I ordered business cards and paid considerably extra for express delivery quoted as 3-4 business days after printing. Received an email next day confirming printing completed and job sent out for delivery. That was over 20 days ago and despite email requests for clarification as to where...

Zazzle / Zazzle Black

Kirstenj69 on 2016-04-25
My first order with Zazzle had a date next to the order to encourage you to purchase Zazzle Black and get the item quickly. I purchased Zazzle Black and then was told it could not be used for that order. I then asked to cancel my membership. I believe it is a third party that provides thi...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Received the wrong cards!

MariLee on 2016-03-14
I've ordered some business cards from www.zazzle.com. I was very disappointed because I received the wrong cards! I needed these for a special event, but got the wrong ones! That was a real nightmare. I called their customer service and they put me on hold for about an hour! I gave up and...

Zazzle.com - Nevada, Las Vegas / I was A product designer and got scammed by zazzle.

Justin Clanton on 2016-02-27
I was just recently scammed by a company called Zazzle based out of Palo Alto, CA . If you are a product designer DO NOT GOTO ZAZZLE.COM they will wait till your about to make a lot of money for spending hours designing products on their site then come up with some BS that you violated...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Terrible service and misleading discount offers

Ositina11 on 2016-02-04
Zazzle has huge discounts and nice prices but please do not fall for that! I decided to order something because they had those discounts, but when I checked the cart the total amount stayed the same. I contacted customer service and was told that I can't get a discount since I already...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Unethical business practices.

Terminus on 2016-01-19
Zazzle will sign you up for a service that automatically renews without your consent. I purchased some items from Zazzle over a year ago. There was a free membership promotion, but I was not interested. Items I received looked horrible and were damaged, so I decided not to order anything...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible website.

Fors on 2016-01-18
I made an order, paid for and received a tracking number, but it was the wrong one. There was also supposed to be a gift note, but it wasn’t included. When I entered my address I checked it few times and it was correct, but in the end my order was sent to the wrong place. They promised a replacement...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible website

SantaLuisa on 2016-01-12
I made an order and bought a baby shower invitation. The website made the whole ordering process extremely painful. Sometimes it randomly deleted the information I typed. Also the customization options were not many. I could not choose the text size or font, move the specific text or...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Impossible to contact Zazzle!

Jade on 2016-01-05
I purchased some items four weeks ago and my order hasn't arrived yet, despite their guarantee of 7 days shipping. Zazzle charged my credit card four weeks ago. Their customer service is not available on the phone, line is always busy. Then I sent them a message and received a reply...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Horrible site!

Guru on 2015-12-21
I wish i'd read the reviews before placing an order. I ordered six pillows for my family. Four pillows i liked, but the other two were nothing like the picture. I didn’t like them, so decided to ship them back. As it was said on their website, i sent them an email explaining the situation...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Disappointed!

Markussman2 on 2015-12-09
I ordered 2 pillow cases that were to have a "cat" design on them. I worked very hard to make perfect pictures. I ordered pillow cases for my grandma. I wanted to make her a Christmas present. Well, this site is not cheap. I paid 70$ and extra money for safe and fast shipping. The next day...

Zazzle.com - Georgia, Warner Robins / Order processed incorrectly and liars about delivery

Chrys Williams on 2015-11-29
I placed an order Nov 20th for graduation invitations for my daughters college graduation. I paid for the express and was assured they would be delivered to my door on Nov 24th. I didn't get the order and I called and they said they were sorry but it should have been there but they would...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Scam

Reviewer35133 on 2015-09-24
Ordered one t-shirt. Nothing unusual, nothing custom. The order was to be produced in 2-3 days. I paid extra for expedited delivery. Three business days later (technically 4 but not going to count the day of the order) I checked the status and it simply said "in process". Waited 1 more day...

Zazzle - California, Redwood City / Zazzle Black

jordandesu on 2015-09-05
Ordering ~$10 worth of stickers led to an extra ~$10 charge via Zazzle, over a month later. No reminder, no transparency. Apparently their prominent "If you don't like it, we'll take it back, %100 satisfaction guaranteed" does not apply to this Zazzle black (SCAM). Even if you don't use...

Zazzle.com / Tried to order

Reviewer52338 on 2015-09-03
used there website to design a t-shirt wanted to pay for my order they needed my e-mail and I got a message stating my e-mail was invalid tried several times so I called and no answer for 10 minutes called a different number same thing no answer so I emailed and sent my email but no answer read there complaints too many unhappy coustomers

Zazzle.com / royalty payment

jpal on 2015-07-16
Royalty Payment 7 Months Past Due. I am an artist that has been designing items for zazzle for over 4 years. All of a sudden my payments have been put on hold, the reason I have been given is that I have not filled out there payment form correctly. All of a sudden I have to prove who I am...

Zazzle / Poir quality and customer service

joannzanghi@gmail.com on 2015-07-03
I ordered invitations. I emailed the company to ask them to check the appearance of the layout before printing because I didn't want them printed wrong. Well they printed them anyway and they were wrong. I returned them and the company refused to credit me any portion of the return...

Zazzle / Poor Customer Service, Slow Shipping

ilPadrino on 2015-04-09
Upon each of several attempts to contact customer service, a recording indicated that, "Due to an excessive call volume your..." In other words, you are going to wait longer than expected-much longer. For me, I waited 32 minutes before I spoke to a customer service representative regarding...

Zazzle - California, Torrance / Zazzle will not answer phones and will not provide return authorization

Upset Customer No 200 on 2015-01-05
Zazzle will not answer phones and will not provide return authorization number to allow return. If you purchase from this company you are on your own. I have notified the Attorney General's Office. I do not file complaints like this...this is a first. The shirt sent to me for...

www.zazzle.com.au / They confirmed my new address, but sent my order to wrong address

Krl on 2014-12-19
I ordered t-shirt from the website www.zazzle.com.au. I recently updated my address, so the address was new and they confirmed this info, but I have no idea why, but they sent my order to the previous address. WTF? I called to their customer services, but they couldn’t explain how...

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