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Victoria's Secret Complaints & Reviews

Victoria's Secret / False advertising

jennifer jimenez on Nov 29, 2016
on 11/28/16 I purchased over $125 worth of clothing/fragrances from the website, part of the cyber Monday sale was a free vs bag. When I went to check out the offer wasn't listed. on 11/29/16 I contacted customer service who stated that they had run out of the bags and that they weren't...

Victoria's Secret / Product quality

Michelle Julian on Nov 15, 2016
I have been a loyal VS customer for years, in fact so much that until now I have only wear bras from VS. which is why I am sad to say that because of the last 4 bras I have purchased I will not be buying from you anymore. I Within the first 3 weeks of having purchased my bras the middle...

Victoria's Secret / My bank card was cloned in your store

Gemfrid on Nov 14, 2016
Hi I went to New York last week for 5 days I went in to your New York store on 5 the Ave and spent over £200 to come home and find that my bank account had been cloned and over £700 was taken from my account !!! I only used my bank card in your store and it's the only account that was cloned...

Victoria's Secret / Employee

Cat32569 on Sep 28, 2016
Victoria's Secret store located in Santa Rosa Mall, Mary Esther, Florida has hired a male employee that has been arrested for Domestic Abuse and has been admitted into the Psychiatric Hospital twice. He also has a trespass Warrant from another store located in the mall. It is obvious you...

Victoria's Secret / Terrible!!

Alison on Aug 22, 2016
Ordered some lingerie from Victoria's Secret website! I always went to their stores but this time I decided to order online and the whole thing was a nightmare! I received an incorrect size order and when I contacted customer service they said that there was nothing they could do and said...

Victoria's Secret / Body Mist

Noah2015 on Jun 18, 2016
The Victoria Secret at Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York are really racist and discrimanated against me at the store while I was looking to make a exchange earlier today. I received a set of Victoria Secret sprays and lotions for mothers day, which I did not like ( love spell). I...

Victoria's Secret / Beauty Exchange thru Mail

AmandaJL1 on May 9, 2016
I love this company and I am devastated. I easily spend 1000s of dollars here every year. That is going to end permanently if this problem is not resolved. I got a bunch of secret rewards cards for myself and my family. We got beauty items that ended up causing a bad skin reaction on me...

Victoria's Secret / Poor quality clothing

Ilona on Mar 11, 2016
When you go to the Victoria's Secret website, you see really cool pictures, beautiful clothes and models. They are actually putting all their money into this, to make you waste your money. I also fell for it. I've ordered several items from this website and when my order arrived I wa...

Victoria's Secret / Avoid this company !

Augustine on Feb 25, 2016
I purchased over $150 worth of merchandise from Victoria's Secret about a month ago and received nothing yet. Called the company numerous times and never received any explanations. When I ordered I used their tracking system, but then something went wrong and I cannot use it anymore, and I...

Victoria's Secret / Don't buy gift cards from this company!

Pamellla9 on Jan 5, 2016
I purchased a gift card as a Christmas present for my sister. When my sister tried to use it, the cashier told her there was nothing on the gift card. We contacted the customer service and they told that card already had been used. We claimed that we never used it before, but they said...

Victoria Secret / ID REQUIRED even with a receipt!!

MaddiHope on Jan 5, 2016
I went to return some sweat bottoms I received from my aunt for Christmas. Fortunately, she always includes the receipts with gifts just in case they don't fit. So I hand the receipt to the clerk at VS/Palmdale CA mall and he tells me I need an id to return. Well I'm a teen with...

Victoria's Secret / Horrible attitude!

Angela on Dec 15, 2015
I decided to buy some goodies from Victoria's Secret for my trip. But I couldn't buy anything for myself, because they don't have any items above size 3! They only have products for skinny girls. So, if you are size 0 you can find there something pretty. Well, I came to the store, but...

Victoria Secret / poor treatment

fckytardoch on Jul 11, 2015
I was being fitted and was wanted my step mother and my father to make sure it was correct on me, the next thing I know my dad was being told to leave the store because a lady was uncomfortable. The lady said if he didn't leave the fitting room he would be kicked out of the store, and...

Victoria's Secret / $15 gift card when getting card

Carri_F on Jul 1, 2015
Having gone on the VS website, I saw that if you ordered a credit card through them you'd receive a $15 coupon. So I thought this was a great deal so I ordered the credit card and was told I'd get the $15 coupon in the mail with my card. When I received the card there was no...

Victoria's Secret / Won't return my item with receipt/tags attached (1 week)

Monika81 on Jun 16, 2015
I recently had a baby and as you know, your body is different afterwards. Also, it is hard to try hints on in the stir for size. Often I will buy things but try them on at home. If they don't work, I'll return them but have saved the department store the stress of a crying baby...

Victoria Secret / Defective sport bra front zipper

Sandra dutchin on Jun 14, 2015
New line sport bra zipper deceive - zip head came off zipper - tried to exchange it and mgr at west Edmonton mall says must have receipt that they don't do life time warranty - it is their new line n currently in stock in store - she need to know how much paid well not asking for...

Victoria's Secret / Manager

Nos816 on Jan 17, 2015
Date : January 17 2015 Hello, first off i would like to say I am a frequent shopper at my local V.S. store, online as well. But today was not satisfactory at all. The manager of this particular store which I have included the address and phone number, the manager currently as of January 17...

Victoria's Secret / Terrible Service

QueenRhiannon on Dec 23, 2014
The Email I sent: I am beyond dissatisfied with my Victoria’s Secret interactions as of late. Firstly, I ordered a Kiss of Cashmere Double V-neck Tunic Sweater on December 7th and received a confirmation email shortly thereafter. I did not get a tracking email for about a week...

Victoria Secret / Even exchange

Hazineh on Sep 20, 2014
I was visiting my daughter in buffalo and exited to provide her with 500+ in purchases I had made on Long Island . When I got there my daughter informed me she was a size small not medium. We took a ride to exchange sizes and because I didn't have my receipt they made me pay an extra...

Victoria Secret / credit

ghn on Feb 10, 2014
My husband purchased Christmas gifts for me from Victoria Secret, he used his credit card, When I wanted to return the items they would not credit the card because it was not the one used for the purchase. the original one was replaced because of the Target breach. I explained this to them...

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