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AT&T Complaints & Reviews

Gophone AT&T / Asus zenfone 2 free if you refill your account of 45 or more

Art Morris on Aug 24, 2016
I got a text from gophone saying, "get a free lte asus zenfone 2e smartphone with purchase of a $45 or greater refill. Only available to select at&t customers. Call 1 - 888 - 881 - 9533. Before 8 / 31 / 16 to redeem. Valid for this account only. Phone limited to gophone service for 6...

ATT - Florida, New Smyrna Beach / My bill was only supposed to be 20. 00 a month.

marie goiriena on Aug 21, 2016
Yes that is right. . . They disconnected my whole internet and home phone for 3 days because. Thay made a mistake. It was someone else. . . So I suffered. . . Snd my business and had a panic attack. . I was switched from one person to another and they would say every few hours today today...

AT&T - Georgia, Lilburn / AT&T~Uverse,South East STD/Sedgewick

bkieth on Aug 6, 2016
Hello, I live in Lilburn GA. I am being turned down for short term disability on a back injury and I am looking for help! This is going on from California to Florida! They are ripping us off and creating a nightmare for what we have paying for!!! I am also union and receiving little help!, Thank you Brian Hunt

AT&T - Florida, Hollywood / U-Verse

Marilyn Moss on Aug 6, 2016
During the month of April AT&T left a notice on my door stating that "Please Excuse Us", , , stating that some digging will be done on my property and I need not worry because they would repair disrupted area(s) as quickly as possible. I was given a call number 954-446-0799 and a email of...

AT&T Uverse / Billing

Terry Simpson on Aug 4, 2016
Att scamming its clients. (Chicago area) I am really angry because of AT&T's lies I call AT&T in May to get their special 2 yr plan for 89.95 per month. It included Uverse (phone and internet) and Directv. There was a $99.00 installation fee, . which is supposed to be paid over the following three...

AT&T - Alabama, Birmingham / Telephone truck damaged my mailbox

Nancy Holland on Aug 2, 2016
on July 28th AT&T came to bury cable. Truck was parked in front of my mailbox. after they left and I went to mailbox, the mailbox had been damaged as well as the glass globe light above the mailbox. no one came to my door to tell me. I am sure the truck is damaged. I called Christopher...

AT&T / AT&T + DirecTV Bundle

thetexpat on Jul 29, 2016
Just less than two (2) weeks ago we moved 6miles to a house in Cleburne TX. Prior to that we were in an unincorporated part of the county near Cleburne. We had AT&T Uverse installed at the first house and wanted to retain when we moved into the town. Well, according to AT&T we are 'SOL'...

AT&T - Florida, Hollywood / Tasha Richards Rep for AT&T Business Solutions problem

Lawrence Bigdaddys on Jul 28, 2016
On Tuesday July 26, 2016. Tasha Richards came into our business with an ATT flyer and a business card representing that she works for ATT. She proceeded to tell us that there would be techs in the area switching to new upgraded types of Internet and phone lines, that the copper wiring that...

AT&T - Minnesota, Winsted / Switcher Reward

Kathy12345678 on Jul 25, 2016
On March 31 I switched 4 phones from Verizon to AT&T. I sent 2 phones back to AT&T since the local store was a franchaise and the Baybrook Mall store said they wouldn't take the 2 phones I was trading in (iphone4s and Moto RAZR). I was assured by the AT&T phone...

AT&T - Texas, Dallas / Credit Management Fee $449

AT&T Poor Service on Jul 17, 2016
AT&T charged me a "Credit Management Fee" under their contract which they refer to customers on the phone as a deposit. They are making customers feel that this is refundable due to a low credit score or just moving to the country and justifying this charge. I moved with a credit score in...

AT&T - California, Corona / Phone and internet service

SB1757 on Jul 12, 2016
I have had service with AT&T for 16 years. We live in an area where my only option is AT&T or I would change service. I have been very patient with them all these years, but now I am at my wits end! I started a business in my home which requires heavy internet usage and VOIP phones. I...

AT&T / Customer Service

Shekia S. on Jun 29, 2016
7/24/16 is when the incident started. It continues until today 7/29/16. i live in Vicksburg Mississippi. Don't know where i was calling but the numbers are 1-888-957-3714, 1-855-367-9381, and im sure it's about 3 more. I am so tired of talking to uverse about the order i made. I...

AT&T / U Verse Internet, U Verse Phone and Wireless Support

Terry Maupin on Jun 22, 2016
I would have directed this locally, but I don't think there is anyone locally who can address my concerns, and I hope that someone reads this and directs it to the appropriate people. I had been carrying a flip phone for years with service from Sprint, and that served me well. One of my...

AT&T - Florida, Oviedo / Have trouble with billing since nov. 2015,,,,,,,help

Franklin & Joan Stephens on Jun 4, 2016
We signed up with at&t last nov. When a rep came into our home and gave us a price of $122.14 monthly which sounded great to us. We are senior citizens with a very, very low income and it was a better price that we were paying to bright house. Since then every month the billing is way...

AT&T / Uverse

Debby12 on May 31, 2016
Over 6 months ago (November 2015) I called for help with my answering services. First of all, when we have a caller, when I answer the call, there is no sound for at least 5 seconds when finally there is a connection with the caller. If I am not home, the phone goes to voicemail, but the...

AT&T - California, Santa Ana / Uverse Internet

Brian Mazakas on May 24, 2016
I had DSL for years. Back in 2014 I was sent a letter that my DSL service was not going to provide the 1.5 speeds so they were changing my account to be a lower rate account. They did that and I paid about $30 a month for a yr then it went to $32 then to $34 then to $36 then to $41 when I...

AT&T / Credit Management Fee

John Jones144 on May 17, 2016
AT&T took my deposit as a Credit Management Fee. This was $449. I originally spoke with Alicia who had worked in their customer service over 10 years and i confirmed this was a deposit. It was never confirmed to me it was a Credit Management Fee that was non-refundable. I spoke with her on...

AT&T - California, Los Angeles / Customer Service, AT&T U-Verse

horrified1 on May 11, 2016
We have AT&T U-Verse as our internet supplier and over the past six months since I moved in to the apartment wireless service has been questionable and dropped out often. After a few disgruntled calls to AT&T we were finally able to get a technician to come and test our...

AT&T / Uverse TV

Gigi Abrogina on Apr 29, 2016
I am very frustrated with the AT&T Uverse customer support. On Monday, April 25th, my internet service was cut off. I came to realize that I was month behind my bill, and the amount of total due was $390 something dollars. I was very shocked because, I was only supposed to pay for...

AT&T - Georgia, Buford / U Verse

Tamanna Hasin on Apr 28, 2016
I did request for uverse TV for my home on January 29th, 2016, after several attempt because of connection issue they were able to do the installation on February 18th 2016. After I receive service I wasn't happy with it at all. It was getting frozen every 2 min, I was surviving. I...

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